So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (Part 9)

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Let’s just agree from the outset that Asher Keddie plays a superb drunk Nina. I felt woozy just watching her and nearly peed myself when she decided to hide behind the pot plant.

I also noted to self that should I ever find said self in a similar situation again on the rare occasion that I am having a big night, that I’m actually a) not funny and definitely b) in desperate need of Panadol and a good like down.

I’m going to talk about scarves this week – and specifically how Nina has worked certain types of scarves into her signature look – but before we do, let’s discuss the things we thought we’d never see Nina wearing in public:

Nina Proudman

1. A green sheet wrapped like a strapless gown: sorry, too, too funny … waking up in a strange apartment and then walking downstairs to a crowded cafe. So Nina.

2. A trucker cap. But you’ll be pleased to know, thanks to Twitter and sports nut Mr Styling You, we have an exact match on the trucker cap. Yep, knew you’d want that 😉

We’ll just put these style departures down to a few too many at Tuff Muff, shall we?

But talk about a style bounce back.

Didn’t you just love how Nina had her “uniform” of taupe boots, skinny jeans, cami, white flowy top and scarf at the ready in her locker at work? Nina’s not silly. She knows her style and what works for her so has these go-to pieces at the ready. You can too.

I’ve covered this look in other posts so I thought it was timely today to talk about scarves.

This week I received a couple of emails pointing me in the direction of some new scarf sources … this excites me. And I thought it might excite you.

We’ve got a splurge and a budget option because I like that my scarf wardrobe contains a mix of budget and designer.

The designer ones are more likely to be hand created, of a limited print and in a fancier fabric. Something very special. Because they’re timeless – and an accessory – I allow my budget to occasionally stretch a bit further on them. Other times, I’m all about the budget find. Especially the budget find that doesn’t look like a budget find.

Scarf splurge

Bay & Fyfe scarves ($169 each) feature art from ex-Sneaky Sound System’s Daimon Downey.  They are made from a super fine wool with a slouchy, casual look to them that dresses up a winter outfit and keeps you warm. Only 400 of each is produced and they’ve been seen on the likes of Miranda Kerr, Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman.

Buy here

Scarf budget buy

Styling You reader Kel wrote to me this week to say she’d fallen in love with Hug Me Harry and had just ordered a scarf as it looked Nina-ish and was very much suited to Kel’s budget. Hug Me Harry sources local and international products and works directly with artists and artisans to bring handcrafted pieces not available anywhere else in Australia.

I was also in Witchery this afternoon at Sydney airport and saw some beautiful, single-colour lightweight scarves for $20. Definitely worth a look and try.
Nina typically wears her scarves one of two ways – just slung around her neck; or the quick wrap around the neck once, then let hang at the front. I wrote this post last year about how to wear a scarf, if you’re looking for more pointers.
Do you wear your scarves the same? Or do you try something different?


Want to play Nina catch-up?


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      1. Thanks babe for trying if you do stumble across it please post what it is I can feel I will be on this site very often. Have a good one xx

  1. Nina hiding behind the pot plant was the funniest bit. And while I know it’s a show, knowing the characters go from bed/home to work to somewhere else without having a shower or brushing their teeth is a bit gross.

  2. She does have a way of throwing things together. A fabulous wardrobe even after a fire in her home!

    1. Hahaha! Yes, the fire … long forgotten. I think that if she were real, her ability at putting outfits together comes from knowing her style and what works. Something for us all to note!

  3. I am OBSESSED with scarves, I love them!!! I normally go just plain ones but last year my mum gave me a really pretty printed one she picked up in an op shop. It had a peach base which is a colour I’d normally avoid but the print is divine & it’s now one of my faves. I’m going to check out that site & see what I can find. Thanks Nikki xx

  4. Those wool scarves look stunning – I love limited edition stuff like that, it’s like an art piece. I am trying to be more creative with my scarves but generally speaking I tend to wear them double wrapped around my neck like a snood. I am a huge fan of the Saba jersey scarves, I think the style name is ‘Emma’. I have them in a few colours and totally love them! My chambray blue one flew around the world with me last year and made a perfect wrap, sarong and scarf! 

    I have to say, I have no idea about this Nina Proudman character is because apparently I have been living under a rock when it comes to Australian television. I think I need to watch it! I loved Asher Keddie in the Cosmo telemovie (forgotten the name of it) so I guess I better get the DVDs! 

  5. These wool scarves pictured look amazing.
    I love scarves too, and have more than I care to admit, although they do get lots of love. When travelling they are my go to for different looks as well as being light to pack and keeping me warm.

    I have a very large knit scarf from Witchery hat I bought on sale about 4 years ago. It wraps around on the plane for a light knee blanket, but also looks great around my shoulders or with the double over and thread through. And people regularly ask me where I got it from…score!

    1. Oh, I like the sound of that scarf, Johanne. And you’re so right about them making very good travelling companions. Think I need to start my NYC wardrobe planning now around good basics and scarves!

  6. I do love a beautiful scarf & I’ve bought them by the armful while on overseas trips in China, Morocco & Bali! They’re such an easy way to try out new trends or bring back a bit of fashion culture from overseas.

    Not sure if you’ve seen this previously, but there’s a fabulous YouTube clip that shows you how to wear a scarf in 25 different ways! I discovered how to do an infinity scarf on it.

  7. Pot plant = CLASSIC Nina! LOL
    When I saw the ‘Nina-form’ come out of her locker last night, I thought “Geee I love Nina’s scarves…bet Nikki’s going to write about that tomorrow” – HAH!

    Thanks for another brilliant Nina post my dear… And that sky blue scarf is right up my alley! Now, where’s that credit card…

      1. I’m not ashamed to say that literally half of my wardrobe is taken up by scarves… It’s like my thing. I went to an accessories party AGES ago and haven’t looked back since. I’m the Scarf – Master! 

  8. I’m not a Nina watcher (not by choice – more by who has control of the remote on those nights) but I AM loving your Nina posts.  Thankyou.  I am a scarf wearer.  Both summer and winter.  In winter by necessity – it is so so so so so so cold here and a scarf means that I can wear pretty much the same outfit all winter (shhhhh, don’t tell my friends) but with a different scarf each day.  I change how I wear them.  I love the double over and thread through style but I also do the double wrap and drape style too.

  9. I nearly peed myself too,when Nina did the drunken walk to get food and to wake upin strange apartment and when she walked into the cafe,she is so funny But I do think jimy deserves a mention this week for his contraption he made to put around his doodle shall we say ,I wished My husband had one of those when I had my babies lol(not that he would of used it).
    I love scarves I think that is a tad understated I collect them,I have all fabrics from soft cottons to silks to wool and viscose and blends and I love them all,I do wear some more than others though,and I have one like the blue one pictured Katies I think?I must own 50 or so but that’s ok they have their new scarf hanger from ikea and are very much loved.
    One thing you can help me with is this Nikki I am a bit scared of clashing my scarf with my knit ,I see them in mags and I love the look but not sure how to do it ,is there a trick??maybe ,ooh and I got a mustard one on Tuesday from prices plus a cheapie shop and it looks pretty luxe for the pricely sum of $6.99 :},I usually wear them either  just hanging or the loop and knot look or the around your neck and hanging I like those options best.Love your Nina posts please keep them coming and you are turning into a jetsetter Nikki Sydney again lucky you,Did you buy a scarf from Witchery and No thanks to the trucker cap and the thongs were yuck too….!!

    1. I nearly bought a Witchery scarf but resisted! I’m not so good on the clashing – think I’m too anal for it. To work your mindset needs to ok with it but then start by clashing prints but in similar shades.

      1. Yep maybe I am too that’s why I can’t do it on myself ,maybe just admire from afar!!and Good girl resisting a Witchery Scarf.

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