So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 7)

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 7)

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Oh boy. I has the sads. I know the characters on Offspring are not real people but I feel like my husband would feel had QLD lost the first round of the State of Origin last night.

Patrick. You dufus. Just because the script said you had to go into your shell and cause Nina to break up with you, doesn’t mean you had to accept it. Really?

Nina, I really think you shouldn’t have walked out but if you’re having a wee moment (after finishing that box of Curly Wurly chocolate bars), think back to seeing Patrick in Crocs. He’s a grown man, FFS. Umm, but don’t remember how his bum looked in his scrubs. No, don’t remember that. That would be no good in a break-up situation. At all.

On a more positive note … before the breakup, I got a tad excited to see Nina sporting my signature colour. Orange. (Well, it looked like orange on my TV screen … not so orange on the website)

Yep, Nina and I we’re like this (*insert crossed fingers here*).

We’re talking her first outfit here … before the I’m-in-bed-and-I’m-staying-here-in-my-pyjamas-and-crying scenes.

Nina Proudman Offspring

It was a classic Nina outfit. And one that I’m more like to follow as slim jeans do a lot more for my body shape than the maxi boho skirts!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

  • Tank top. Check
  • Cute cardi. Check
  • Thin, long scarf. Check.
  • Dark denim, skinny jeans (pretty sure they’re True Religion). Check.
  • Long, taupe coloured boots. Check
  • Double necklace. Check.
  • Arm party of gold bangles. Check.

So without further ado, bring on the shopping suggestions:

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 7)1. True Religion jeans @ Birdsnest $219 | 2. ASOS singlet $20.40 | 3. Living Doll cardi @ Birdsnest $39.95 | 4. I Love Billy Pria tan boots @ Style Tread | 5. Colette Hayman necklace $19.95 | 6. Katies scarf @ Westfield $12.48 | 7. Witchery bracelet set $39.95

There really is something about orange. Or is that just me? The key to making it pop? Working it back with neutrals and let the orange do the talking.

Is this a Nina Proudman-inspired outfit you could do?


Want to play Nina catch-up?


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  1. I have just started getting into orange and love it, I also wore a similar look a couple of times in the last week, boots with jeans and little cardi- very cute!

  2. All I remember is Patrick in his tight brown top and pink scubs on the balcony. Damn that man has a fine arse! The camera really should have stayed on it longer so we could all imagine grabbing it and digging our nails in…..*whistles* getting carried away with myself.

    I thought the hotel door scenes were hilarious. Anytime the show wants to get Matthew naked is fine by me. I only started watching it this year coz I FINALLY realised how hot he is!

  3. Funny cos after watching last night I went to the bag of clothes bundled up for Vinnie’s and took back a cardi and scarf that would make my version of Nina’s outfit complete.  Husby was saying ‘I thought the rules were that we can’t take stuff out of the Vinnie’s bag once it goes in?’  Stupid husby 🙂 

  4. Just bought the boots! Love them…. I have only just started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago and already I have purchased the Dove Hair Oil, Garnier BB cream, Garnier Night Cream and now the boots…. loving though how you promote realistic items that are within budget (my budget… not my husby’s!!)

  5. Yes  indeedy I would do last nights outfit for sure ,I do in fact all the time,love boots ,love scarves(got my new ikea scarf thingy and it’s great, fits all my scarves and has room for more:)I am so sad to say I missed the very important break up part as my husband invited  all his soccer team over(17 of them) to watch the state of origin and I had to feed them at half time so will have to watch that bit again,but I was so sad for Nina when she was talking to him on her bed.She even looks good in PJs !
    I must say I liked how she handled going in to work ,she looked really Stunning and not sad ,good on her ,hopefully he changes his mind and they get back together.
    Your very clever doing your nails on the bus and nail art too ,you shall have to teach US.
    Nikki you picked a horrible day to come to Sydney ,it’s so cold ,hope you have on something warm and you have your oroton umbrella with you.Thanks for another great Nina post,you make us all want to go shopping!!!  

  6. I am loving this look. Thanks for the breakdown Nicky!
    I also find myself examining her apartment. Love!!
    I am a bit over Patrick. Bring back the hunky Dr Chris I say.
    He was always my favourite!!

    1. Sorry Nikki. I have another friend Nicky and have accidently spelt your name the same way she does. Oops!

  7. Used this as inspiration for my school drop off, with a few swaps (flat boots instead of heel, slightly warner cardi etc) – felt great.Loving the  “Classic Nina” style. 

  8. This is fab! My favourite dress like Nina Proudman post.. mostly because it is more accessible.. the others I don’t have the flare or maybe neurotic tendencies to pull it off! This one.. I am really going to try and maybe, just maybe it will work for me! 
    Love it! (even though the show was devastating last night!)  Love the blog xx

  9. I love this blog- I came across it because I googled Nina Proudman style.
    I am a doctor too….. Not quite…ok….every bit as neurotic as Nina! But alas, no hot, brooding anesthetist.
    Love yer work, Nikki. xo
    I second the idea of a Nina- make over.

    1. Me too Cilla – that’s how I discovered Nikky’s great blog too! My only problem is that we Kiwis have a long wait for the next season of Offspring, so I have to quickly scroll down to the fashion tips!

  10. Hey Nikki, do you think you could talk to some of your designer friends and as the season of Offspring wraps up you could do a ‘win a Nina makeover thanks to let’s say… Westfield?’ on some real ladies who may not necessarily be built like Nina but LOVE her style and your coverage of it… Just a little cheeky/wishful thinking x Kel

  11. I just want to know why Patrick felt he had to have time apart??? Nina never gave him the chance to explain! (loved her outfit this week too!)

  12. Yes I like this outfit. Orange or apricot, I have a couple of tops in my wardrobe to give an injection of colour. Great accessories. Lust,want DrMarten boots..eyed off a pair yesterday..$279 ouch!

  13. Hate to be a party pooper but all those bangles are a health hazard for an obstetrician who has to wash her hands 100 times a day and long scarves drag germs from patient to patient. I love her style but it’s not docotr friendly.

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