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So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 2)

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Oh Nina. I’m so glad you’re back. I’m really sorry about your apartment and all and I’ve shed a tear over you and Darcy and I can’t wait to see more of you and Dr Patrick (good choice by the way).

But you know why I’m here, don’t you?

I’m here because you left me hanging last year in a fashion sense … see I’ve been waiting with baited breath to see what you’ve been wearing. I’ll admit it. It’s become impossible for me to just watch you on Offspring* without wanting to dissect all of your outfits. Even that lovely green bedsheet at the start of the first scene *blushes*.

Don’t worry, I don’t dissect in a judgey, judgey I can’t believe she’s wearing that kind of way. More in a, OMG, she’s totally nailed it again kind of way.

See, I totally believe that we could learn a lot from you, Nina. How to dress to our personality. How to take basics and add a couple of statement pieces to make us stand out a bit (in a good way). How to get that whole hippy luxe look without looking hippy hobo. You get the picture.

So let’s look at a picture of you, shall we?

Nina Proudman Offspring

And break that outfit down …

Maxi-midi skirt. Check.

Long-sleeve tee. Check.

Tan skinny belt. Check.

Draped scarf. Check.

Denim jacket. Check.

Gold earrings and necklace. Check and check.

Now, the frustrating thing for me and a lot of your followers – and WOWZERS, there’s a lot of those – if we were able to ask you where you bought your gear from, you’d be able to tell us but those exact, said items would be long gone from the store.

It gets confusing, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not for you. We’re all getting set for winter and Nina’s all summer time in Melbourne.

So, as a little community service … I hope you don’t mind … I’ve put together a little buy-now guide of similar pieces from your wardrobe. Things you can just go clickety, click with that computer mouse and buy.

Dress like Nina Proudman

1. Sussan boat-neck top $29.95 | 2. Levis denim jacket @ Birdsnest $109.05 |  3. Design Studio earrings $11.21 | 4. Gorman necklace $89 | 5. Zetta boots @ Spendless Shoes $49.95 | 6. Sportsgirl hippy belt $24.95 | 7. Seed scarf $99.95 | 8. Minkpink maxi skirt @ ASOS $140.85

Of course, I can’t sign off on this post without mention of the sparkly waistcoat you wore out to dinner in a very Nina kind of way … Love how you just pop something uber-fabulous like this over classic black pants and a white tank top.

Nina Proudman Offspring

To. Die. For.

I believe this baby is by Australia’s kaftan queen, Camilla, but online it seems the coloured one is no longer with us 🙁 You can check out some alternatives here though. This one would be my pick:

camilla medusa sequin waistcoat

Camilla Medusa sequin waistcoat $299

Just one more question? Can we really have too much of Dr Patrick? I think not.

Dr Patrick Reid Offspring

* Season 3 of Offspring screens Wednesday nights at 8.30am on TEN. Asher Keddie stars as the lead character, Nina Proudman. You can catch up on missed episodes or watch again (just because you can’t get enough) here.

Are you an Offspring fan? Are you obsessed by Nina’s style? Shall we not even mention Dr Chris?

Want to play Nina catch-up?


Comments 54

  1. I must admit I have not been a committed Offspring follower, but Nina’s styling has pulled me in and nowvhaving read your blog I am going to have to go online & watch the whole season 🙂 Shame the kids will have to fend for themselves this weekend lol 😉 Love her style & love that you break it down for us!

  2. Oh Nina! How I wish I was as stylish as thee! Is it wrong that I think you are real?

    Nikki thank you for doing this post – I came here wondering whether you’d updated the ‘Nina’ post because of the new series! Love that waistcoat xx

  3. Not into Offspring, but would love to get my jewellery on her. As for waistcoats, the op shop is a great place to find all sorts, I got all of mine there. Even if you pick up a plain one and then glue studs, rhinstones, pearls or whatever all over it, it would still be way cheaper than some designer ones.

  4. I’m SO HAPPY Offspring is back too… it was the first Australian TV show I connected with and in some small way it made me feel like I’d be able to fit in in this country after all. 

    Nina’s style is different from my own, but I’m with you Nikki, I love that it’s her’s. Great style is about making the most of our best assets, and Nina does just that. But even more than her clothes, I loved the decor of her apartment, and I kinda feel like they killed off my favourite character there, right in this season’s first episode!

    x Catherine at  The Spring 

  5. I especially loved that opening outfit that you’ve dissected for me, thank you! I don’t know if I could pull off the whole look, but I can definitely try for a few bits and pieces.

  6. Love Nina’s style.  I used to be very “Boho No No” but I think she does this look so well – the waistcoat is stunning.  And really could there have been a more plausible reason for burning down the apartment – that man is very distracting 😉

  7. I love Nina’s style ,but I think that being brought up as a child in the 70s makes me more prone to liking her stylish take on luxe boho,well that’s my story anyway,I do not have Asher’s figure either I have no waist and a belly from babies but ho hum they are not going to change ,I love maxi skirts with boots and it’s funny when you wear something like Nina would you have a pic in your head that your her until you look in the mirror lol.
    I do love Dr Patrick, very easy on the eye that man is ,even if I am old enough to be his mother ,but I’m only looking so that’s ok Right ?
    I do hope Nina”s owls did not get burnt and all her lovely things so sad ,that apartment was gorgeous ,but in TV land I’m sure she will have something even more fab when it gets fixed.
    Thank you for this post Nikki ,i really enjoyed it.I love camilla’s kaftans and they are on my lust have wish list,if I ever get rich:)
    P.S i don’t like those green sheets much,though i could learn to live with them if needed !!

  8. As soon as Darcy mentioned Nina’s need to shop for a new wardrobe I imagined her shopping with Billie putting in her two cents to try and change Nina’s style as she has done with the date dressing in the past. 
    I look forward to seeing what she wears this series in response to what’s happening in her life, but it also made me think about what I’d replace exactly and what I’d never buy again if I had to replace my entire wardrobe.

  9. I LOVE LOVE Nina’s style ,and her unit,so nice and all her owls I wonder did they get burnt in the fire ,I SO Hope NOT<And No Nikki we cannot get enough of Dr Patrick ,he is gorgeous even if I am old enough to be his mother lol.
    One thing about Nina is that she has a lovely bod to pull of all those skinny belt and cute maxi's in style and I alas do not ,not that I"m complaining much ,i just have no waist and a little tummy from having children which no amount of sit ups will make it go away "Sigh".
    But when you break it down like you have done ,it does seem a tad easier to wear what Nina wears,I have the maxi skirts and the boots and 5 million scarves but I'm afraid just a few things are missing ,her style and her wardrobe people and her makeup artist.
    I do love that chic boho hippy style ,must have something to do with being a child in the 70s .
    Lose this post about Nina i could read all day about her ,she is stunning but in an natural I just threw this on kinda way.
    P.S  I actually commented to my daughter about those green sheets ,so not a nice colour ,not fond of green bed linen are you.
    P.S.S I love those Camilla clothes I think her Kaftans are beautiful ,I think that will be on my lust have list for summer .

  10. Thanks Nikki! I loved this outfit, I often wonder how maxis really sit on my 5ft 2 frame though. I love what you’ve put together.
    And how fabulous is Her hair looking in this series! So lovely!

    1. Love the hair! This style of maxi doesn’t suit me – the tube style works best – and would for you too – keeping it streamlined and hemmed to your hem length would still work, particularly with a wedge or small-heeled boot.

  11. I don’t watch the show any more (stopped after S1), but loved Nina’s look (though I think she should have lost the constant scarfing! I was like… what’s she hiding…?)

    I agree that her clothes really reflect who she is – which is kind of interesting and I hadn’t thought about it until you pointed that out!

  12. Have never watched the show but do love the fashion breakdown – just might pop out at lunch at grab me a pair of those tan ankle boots!  Have a helluva time buying boots for my curvy calves so am thinking ankle boots this winter is the way to go. 

    BTW today I’m wearing my black military-inspired high heeled ankle boots, bought a couple of years ago from Emerge (through Ezibuy) and still loving.  And I have solved my curvy calf problem this winter by grabbing a great pair of biker-style flat knee high boots from TS14+ 🙂 

    Keep giving us great fashion Nikki – you’ve inspired my own little blog (on Simple Savings as it’s geared towards clearing out my wardrobe in an effort to save money (and time!)). 

    1. Damn – just checked the Spendless website and they’re not in ACT 🙁  The closest store to me is Wagga, and I was really hoping to grab those boots to wear to a party and then another drinks do tomorrow – had planned the outfit in my head while looking at them on your site (see, you really ARE inspiring me!). 

      Any suggestions for similar styles by other brands, that I might find in ACT (eg through David Jones, Myer, Betts or Payless Shoes)? 

        1. Not sure if I can post a blog link Nikki – it’s part of the Simple Savings website and you need to be a member to access blogs and other member stuff.  But who knows, I may broaden my horizons if people seem interested in what I have to say 🙂
          You’re right about the boots – just picked up a great looking pair at Betts for $62.99 (30% off!  I plan to wear them to tomorrow’s social events with a short sleeve navy maxi dress (Emerson by Big W, from 2011), tan belt (came with the dress), gold hoop earrings, maybe a long gold chain if I can find the one I think is hiding in the bottom of my jewellery box and either my denim blazer or chocolate leather blazer (did I mention on your jacket post that I’m also a bit obsessed with jackets?!) in case it’s chilly here in Canberra, which is likely. 
          And because I’ve decided you’re my enabler – in a strictly fashionable sense – I also stopped by Jacqui E to pick up the PERFECT everyday black dress (the Ponte Flare Dress) that has been on my wishlist since they first advertised it earlier this year.  In a case of perfect timing it turned out to be on sale ($89.95 down from $129.95).  So of course that justified a new piece of leopard print in the form of a 3/4 sleeve very cute cardi – and yes, it also turned out to be 30% off ( 
          It really is my shopping day 🙂 

  13. Major Offspring fan….because of Dr. Patrick, Nina and her wardrobe & owl collection (which sadly must have gone up in flames). I love her style…but I also don’t have her body type and some of it wont work on me…..but she has inspired a few shopping adventures after a viewing….

    1. LOL Holly, no … and it did have me wondering after writing this … she really only has her black pants, white tank and sequinned waistcoat left … will she have to go shopping for a new wardrobe? Will we see a post-fire new style?

  14. Love her character and her style! and thank you Nikki for always including a range of pieces at different price points – my biggest issue with fashion/women’s magazines is that they seem to think everyone has $400 to spend on a jacket or dress.  While they might inspire me with ideas there is little offered that is practical or affordable.

  15. Thanks…that makes it seem doable… I LOVED the vest too…C’est la Vie  I am loving Ashers hair longer.

      1. RE: the layers, I love them to. I can’t help but think of the army of stylists, brushing and re-spraying and tonging that “natural” look in between each scene (being one of the fine fair haired types myself). I know in my hair thats what it would require…

  16. Completely obsessed!  And I would love to add more Nina to my wardrobe.  She is simply adorable, and manages to make a carefully put together outfit look so effortless (ok, so her wardrobe chick does, but whatever!)

  17. I do love Nina’s style, but I’m always worried that I need to have Asha Keddie gorgeous figure to pull it off. Which, I sadly, do not have! But your break down does make this look very simple! I promise I will give it a go!

    1. Yes and no – there are definitely complete looks I couldn’t do but there are elements in here outfits that I can adopt. The sparkly vest? Too little for me but Camilla has some longer, more flowy styles that would suit (if my budget allowed!).

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