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So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 11)

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Is it just me or do you get to the end of an episode of Offspring and wish you could reach for a Bex and have a little lie down?

Last week I may have been riding the roller coaster, albeit while holding on to the rails tightly. This week I feel like I’ve been run over by the damn roller coaster.

We had Billie back in fine form, insisting that she have it out with Patrick over his breaking up with Nina because “I’ve had to delay by reaction”. Having it out with Patrick did involve more classic Billie … let’s all add the phrase “Man Space Up” to our repertoire, shall we? I can see that one coming in very handy

And then, as one clever Tweet announced, we had “50 Shades of Offspring” involving a smokin’ Patrick, a wall in his sister’s apartment and a Nina romp between his orange and green sheets. Hello Christmas!

… all was super glowy until Nina answered her phone and left him. Naked. In. Said. Sheets. Why? Why?

It basically snowballed from there, didn’t it? Angry Patrick, stubborn Nina, dislocated shoulder Patrick and Billie left talking it over with Adam. In Nina’s kitchen.

Meanwhile back at the ICU, Jimmy’s being more grown up than anyone in the family … leading to last night’s tissue-reaching moment: Zara visiting their son for the first time.

Is it any wonder I like to focus on what Nina’s wearing?

I need the distraction.

Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Nina wears hands on hips, maxi skirt, teal-coloured tank, grey belt, long necklace and those D.Co taupe boots. Denim jacket upstairs in her bedroom! Photo: Channel Ten

According to In Style magazine, the denim jacket was by Gucci … not my budget but so, so lovely all the same. This is Nina’s signature maxi skirt look.

Some shopping inspiration for you:

Then we had Nina working her other signature wardrobe manoeuvre – the skinny jeans tucked into boots look. We’ve seen this outfit earlier in the season, which pleases me as she really does shop from her wardrobe. Just like us.

Those D.Co boots tucked into skinnies, neon tank under a flowy top and lightweight jacket. Photo: Channel Ten

More shopping inspiration:

Are you feeling more confident about creating a Nina Proudman look for yourself? Need to debrief about last night’s episode? Leave a comment below.

PPS. Have you seen our Keeping It Real: Nina Proudman outfit gallery? This gallery will remain open until the end of this season of Offspring. If you’re inspired to dress like Nina, email me a photo of you ([email protected]) and I’ll pop it in. If you’re a blogger or have a business website, I’ll include a link back to that. We’ve done this style of gallery before and they are always so well received because we feature everyday women. And, as everyday women, we love to see other everyday women in accessible outfits that we can so imagine ourselves in.

PPS. Head on over to Petit Pixel Design where they’ve created this Nina wallpaper you might want for your phone.


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