Offspring Season 3 Episode 13 - Cherie, Billie and Nina

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 14)

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There was a moment in last night’s Offspring finale where I was ready to share a few unsavoury words with the writers. Surely they weren’t going to leave us hanging.

Offspring Season 3 Episode 13 - Cherie, Billie and Nina

And then they didn’t, did they?

Everyone’s ok. Alfie. Zara and Jimmy. Cherie and Clegg. Billie and Mick. Geraldine in her love triangle.

And Nina and Patrick. Finally. And pregnant.

Stop thinking you know what I’m thinking. Mostly you’re wrong. I want to be with you no matter what. Dr Patrick


I’m sorry for so many short sentences but it was one of “those” episodes, wasn’t it? Where each scene brought with it a vat of emotion – from angst to tears to smiles.

Speaking of smiles … I want the soundtrack to Nina’s birthday party. Yes, Baby It’s You!

I just hope against all hope that all these tied-up, loose ends doesn’t mean that we won’t see a Season 4. Say it isn’t so, Channel Ten!

Nina fashion-wise? Not much new to report.

We had the same outfit from last week’s episode and a re-hash of the pinky-redy-orangey cardi from episode 6. I don’t know about you but I very much like that she’s a wardrobe “shopper”. It kind of reinforces that she is just a bit like us in that way too.

Seriously, what is to become of Wednesday night viewing and the Thursday downloads?

Should I start speculating on what Nina’s pregnancy wardrobe will look like?

Should we all get excited that with the spring drops of clothes hitting the stores that we’ll actually be able to hunt down more Nina-inspired pieces?

That’s a big YES on that one.

See, part of the frustration of trying to shop Nina’s wardrobe while the series was screening was that they featured summer clothes (albeit a Melbourne summer). Finding similar pieces will be much easier over the next few months.

Keep an eye out for releases from these labels (all have featured in Nina’s wardrobe at some stage):

  • D.Co Copenhagen boots
  • Nancybird – the designer was even asked to create the quilt cover for Nina and Patrick’s apartment this series.
  • Vintage Scanlan and Theodore
  • Acne jeans
  • Rare
  • Country Road
  • Zara
  • Beaumax
  • Kachel
  • Mimosa
  • Fossil
  • True Religion jeans
  • Little Joe
  • Samantha Wills
  • Wheels and Doll Baby
  • Violet & I
  • Camilla

If any of these fit into your budget, start stalking their websites or stockists’ websites now. Then you’ll be first in the know when something that fits the classic Nina look (maxi or jeans) and you’ll be able to make it your own.

The big thing I want you to take away from this series of posts is that, yes, it’s possible to be inspired by someone else’s style (even if that someone is a fictional character!) but – and it’s a big but – try and take that inspiration and make it work for YOUR style.

… and if in doubt, just add a scarf and boots 😉

Enjoy this gallery of Nina fashion inspiration from Offspring Season 3 (all photos are from Channel Ten):

What was your favourite Nina outfit this series? Any other TV characters whose style you’d like me to analyse? 

Thank YOU my lovely readers – the old ones and the new ones – for making these posts so much fun to write. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have shared my Nina love so publicly! Fingers crossed there’ll be a Season 4.

And if you’re more Rosanna than Nina, head on over to my bloggie friend Wee Birdy. Rebecca’s blogged about how to steal Rosanna’s vintage style.

Want to play Nina catch-up?


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  1. Can you tell me the name or designer of Nina’s dress in Season 2 episode 1 at the pub. It’s a white eyelet long sleeved dress that was belted?

  2. Hello and thanks for all the wonderful info. Can you tell me the name of Nina’s long sleeved white or off white eyelet dress worn at the pub on Season 2 episode 1? I think she wore it with a belt. I’m in love with this dress!

    1. Post
  3. Hi Nikki,
    I love offsrping and your website and blog!! I was wondering if you know where Nina got her silver necklace worn in the show tonight? (12/6/13) She wears it with the lovely blue dress?? Thanks

    1. I tracked it down a couple of weeks ago to a jewellery store in Melbourne that is now closed down … and couldn’t get any further, sorry. Samantha Wills had some similar that were on an Oz Sale sale yesterday … not sure if still available.

  4. LOVE Nina, love offspring, love the clothes…but I have to say I find the yellow jacket (which I can’t remember seeing her wear at all in ‘real’ Nina life) with no accessories (scarf, necklaces…) on the front of the DVD covers not Nina at all…anyone else thrown by that corporate looking jacket?

  5. I’ve only recently fallen in love with Offspring…and these posts. As you said Nikki – it’s not about copying Nina. It’s about taking the elements of her outfits that you love and you know will work for you. I’m happy to know I’ve got another 2 seasons to enjoy the fun with you! xx

  6. This season of Offspring seemed to go by so quickly, I am going to miss my wednesday evenings on the couch. I have loved going on your blog afterwards for inspiration. Slowly my wardrobe has been coming together.

    After seeing Ninas quilt cover earlier in the season I fell in with nancybird but dont think I wil be able to afford $600+ for it just yet.
    Also I am just the same as Reannon, Ive always stuck to longer jackets and cardigans but am interested in the shorter jackets and waist coats nina wears but wouldnt know hw to wear them.

    1. I know – I would LOVE that quilt cover. It is worth a try with the shorter jackets. For me if they come in right on my waist they can work – I then may wear a longer floaty top underneath but the jacket is giving me the shape I’m after.

  7. I was so glad it all tied up nicely- I couldn’t have stood it if they hadn’t have got back together! But I think it will be like last season where they tied it all up nicely and then they will put some twists in at the start of the next season.

  8. Love Offspring. Love Nina. Love these posts. Am already depressed that ‘my’ show is over. Long live Offspring!

  9. Hi there, Sorry but I am new to your site, and was wondering if you specifically knew what brand and style the taupe knee high boots are that Nina wore throughout this season? I’m sure you have mentioned it before, but I couldn’t find it and need to run off to cook dinner!

    1. They are DC Co Copenhagen Boots Wendy,but I’m sure you could find some that are like it,hope that helps and if you go through some of the old offspring posts there are stockists.

      1. Thanks Lisa and Nikki, I have looked at a few sites and I just couldn’t see the exact D.Co boots in the same style, so that is why! THe ones she wears are much softer and paler looking. Her ones are really great!

  10. *sigh* – I just wish I had her figure! But seriously, have loved your posts and will miss the show (and ogling Dr Patrick) very much. x

  11. Yes,Nikki I am going to miss Your Nina Posts dreadfully ,I love offspring and all the quirky characters in the show, I am so glad Nina and Patrick are back together and I really was on the edge of my seat last night willing them back together “Sigh”I was actually watching it with daughter in my bed and I was playing with her hair (she likes that )and I pulled her hair when Patrick found the heartbeat of the baby and Got into trouble!
    I really hope they do a 4th season ,but they did wrap up the show very well,Hopefully we will get to see Nina and the gang next year.I might have to get the dvds and play catch up!!

  12. I’m with Helen – I’ve been following all your fabulous Nina posts Nikki and keep realising I have a lot of these sorts of things already, I just never had the confidence to put them together the way Nina does. I’ve gone from feeling really blah and unsure of what to do with my changing (post-babies) body shape to feeling really good. And I can’t wait for the weather to warm up a few degrees so I can get away with thin cardies and light jackets! Bit depressing that we won’t have any Offspring to dissect each week though… sigh… will have to rely on the DVDs of seasons 1&2. Thanks Nikki, your blog is great – so nice to have real life advice that the average busy girl can work with!

  13. I’m a big fan of the maxi with singlets, I love that look. I also adore a scarf. What I do want to try is shorter jackets. I love how Nina has lots of smaller, waist length jackets. I tend to do longer ones but I think I’ll try this. Is it doable on shorter gals with a small waist & rather round hips & butt do you thnk Nikki?
    One thing that kinda bugged me last night was what happened to Adam? Is he just gone now? I know they had that conversation a week or two ago but I was kinda hoping he would reappear….I’m worried about next season because everything was tied up so nicely, everyone got their happy ending. This show doesn’t work like that so I am expecting upsets next year…
    I’ll miss you Nina posts Nikki. I was only thinking I wish that Gilmore Girls was still around now because Lauralie wore some amazing outfits on that show & it would have been fun to break her wardrobe down too.

    1. Reannon, I think it can work because it will draw eyes to your waist – not your hips and but – also adding a scarf adds a vertical illusion too. I will miss my posts but plenty more to blog about and I’ll be back next season!

      1. Soooooo much more to blog about Nikki !! Like, what’s your thoughts on all the stripes I’m seeing in shops. I’ve seen lots of maxi skirts & dresses with stripes but they scare me because I was always told that stripes will make you look wider than you are…agree or disagree?

  14. Only discovered your blog recently, but LOVE it! Didn’t realise how many ‘Nina’ type clothes already had and since putting them together have received so many complements! Even the husband commented how hot looked! So thanks for making this coveted look accessible and workable for us all 🙂 I am really going to miss these posts (and offspring!). Keep up the great work!

  15. At the end, when they were doing the ultrasound and Patrick was all gooey, it just reinforced how dreamy Matthew Le Nevez is, especially his eyes. Damn I could stare into those eyes for hours! And his smile makes me melt into a puddle of goo!

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