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So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 5)

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Apologies for my tardiness in bringing you this week’s Nina* update. It will be worth it. Promise ūüėČ

See, I was a bit taken by all three of her outfits. Four if you count the one where she slips under the covers of her and Patrick’s¬†Nancybird quilt. Five if you count the one where she is featured wearing a free-standing bath and a candle-lit Patrick. Oops, did I really write that out loud.

Or share this photo with you …

Patrick Nina bath Offspring

I’d be smiling too …

Now, where was I?

Outfit number one

Nina opened the show wearing the same neon yellow tank from the week before (I do approve of shopping from your wardrobe), a loose white tunic/kaftan-style top, thin scarf and jeans tucked into heeled tan leather boots.

Nina Proudman Offspring Episode 4 outfit 1

… where did the man in the bath go?

Shopping suggestions

Nina Proudman Offspring outfit inspiration

1. Samantha Wills earrings $59 | 2. Witchery tank (on sale $19.95) | 3. All for Kat shirt $139 | 4. Nancybird scarf $49 | 5. Samantha Wills necklace $115 | 6. RMK boots $219.95 | 7. Mavi jeans $149.95

Outfit number two

Time for work and out comes a classic Nina outfit, featuring a maxi peasant skirt. Now, like the one last week, it seems EVERYONE is mad for these skirts. They’re not for me as I’ll look like a bulbous¬†babushka¬†doll should I even attempt this Nina look. But since they might just work for you, I’ve¬†trawled the shopping interwebs and have found two substitutes¬†that fit the look – they’re definitely from last summer so snap them up if you like what you see.

Nina Proudman Offspring outfit apartment

… must say got distracted by the new apartment’s kitchen when checking out this outfit moment

Shopping suggestions

Nina Proudman fashion Offspring

1. Katies top (on sale $35.97) | 2. Just Jeans skirt (on sale $39.95) | 3. Little Joe Woman skirt (on sale $249) | 4. Jeanswest belt $29.99

Outfit number three

This is dressy Nina. She does it so well. Jeans plus a top with interest. In this case it was a sheer black cropped top over a cami. She tried to put a printed scarf around her neck but I’m happy it didn’t work out as the simplicity of the top and the fine gold jewellery suited this moment.

Nina Proudman offspring outfit

… if we had any doubt about Nina’s biological link to Dr Noonan, they disappeared in this scene

Shopping suggestion

Shona Joy blouse Australian Flavour

Now this Shona Joy top at Australian Flavour is actually navy but the styling is a variation on Nina’s dinner look and I like it. A. Lot.

There you go Nina fans … let me know which outfit you liked best?

PS. The line that cracked me up the most in this episode: Nina trying to talk to Patrick about the incident at the hospital. He’s not keen to chat. At. All. Says he’s going for a run. And then Nina says into her wine glass, “Is that why people run?” before having a swig. Gold.

PPS. It occurred to me that there are people who read my blog who may have no idea who Nina is. I apologise for my¬†my readers’ TV style obsession. Nina is a fictional character in Australian TV series, Offspring.¬†

Want to play Nina catch-up?


Comments 36

  1. Hi – just found this site –¬†

    I am searching everywhere to find out what brand and where to get the dress Nina wore in the latest episode (May 30) where she and the nurses went out to the bar and Nina was begging the DJ to play 90’s music?¬†I must find this dress! ¬†Hopefully you can help?CheersCait

    1. Cait, I have no idea sorry – the TV show doesn’t help me with these posts. Someone on Facebook suggested it could be Megan Park. The dress itself would not longer be available as it would have been last season.

  2. I just love that sheer black top she wears in the restaurant scene.  Do you know where you can get a long sleeve version like hers?  Thanks.

  3. Love Nina….she just cracks me up!¬† She has the quirkiest of facial expressions.¬† Love her outfits…love your alternatives!¬† Need to buy a yellow top…love how it just pops out!

    1. There will be lots of this neon yellow colour around for spring – it’s everywhere in the northern hemisphere at the moment so that’s why we’re seeing it creep in early here in a Australia.

  4. Loved outfit number one Рpulled it together from my own waredrobe the next day.  Would never have come up with it myself!

  5. Hi Nikki,  the long thin scarf (outfit 1) part 5 Рwhere can I get it from and who is it by?  Thanks.

  6. Thank you for feeding my Nina addiction. I adore Nina & love Offspring and often am inspired by her as I get dressed each day. Cheers!

  7. I myself LOVED her first outfit and the one in the bath and the one as she slipped under the covers with the hot hot Dr Patrick (but they don’t count ).
    Even though I’m slim I ¬†prefer a column shaped skirt I would feel to ¬†girlish in one of those pretty peasant skirts and they make me look taller I think,Nikki I’m sure you would not look like a Babuska doll lol ,But we all know what suits us so I’m sure your right about it not being your thing.
    I prefer a longer top over my tummy anyway as I do have a mummy tummy ( little pot gut)   
    something that never goes away,I’m afraid !!!
    Love how you do all the searching for us ,thank you I always enjoy your Nina posts even though I am probably old enough to be Geraldine ,Maybe you could do a post of her look ,it’s pretty cool too!

  8. Hi Nikki, I love that Shona Joy top too, but sadly can only locate sizes 6,8 and 10 on-line. It does like it may be quite loose so tossing up whether to risk the 10, or search for something similar in the shops, as I have some time for leisure shopping tomorrow.

  9. Love your updates and good to know I’m not the only one who is Nina obsessed! I’m glad to see she can wear the same thing twice though (even if it was just a singlet). The whole fire is slightly confusing with her gorgeous painting above bed suddenly reappearing in their new apartment (Good on Jimmy for saving that!) and finally good to actually see her out shopping. I also love your mum school run advice- after forgetting to put on my tinted invisible zinc the other morning and not washing or doing my hair (as was off to hairdresser later that day) had a friend comment “you look how I feel” thank god I saw your blog & note to self it’s ok to make some effort (not really for others but to make you feel better about yourself), felt much better by time she saw me (& commented on my fab hair) at pick up time!

  10. I so love that Nina wears jeans often. ¬†They are my wardrobe staple, and it’s nice to know that you can be classy even if you wear jeans almost every day ūüėČ

  11. Nikki, do you know of anywhere else that Little Joe Woman skirt is available? The Westfield link is only offering size small… (sadly, not a small.)

        1. Oh, I’d never advise that … you need to feel good in your clothes now … not the next 5, 10 kgs! There will be more of this style out next summer. Another great label to look for is Mimosa.

  12. Surely the whole world must know about Nina by now! I push the show onto everyone I know. Love the styling posts, Nikki. I am glad that the wide legged culottes burnt in the apartment fire – never a fan. The sheer top – casually glamorous.

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