Offspring: Billy Proudman and Nina Proudman in military leather jacket

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 3)

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Did you catch Offspring last night? Oh, silly me. Of COURSE you did.

Are you still reeling from seeing lead character Nina Proudman actually wear scrubs and Crocs?

I’ve given her a lot of style leeway and I think you should do the same.

If my flat had burned down and I’d found out that my dad was not my dad, I wouldn’t care two hoots what I was wearing. Actually, not sure why she showed up to work …

So apart from the scrubs, the only new outfit on the show last night actually came out of Nina sister Billie’s wardrobe. Which is why it’s quite a departure from what we’re used to seeing Nina in.

Offspring: Billie Proudman and Nina Proudman in military leather jacket

Offspring’s Billie and Nina Proudman, with Nina wearing an outfit borrowed from Billie

My Twitter feed still loved it … especially the black leather military-style jacket.

Here’s how you can re-create the look with pieces available now:

Nina Proudman Season 3 Episode 2

1. Viparo jacket $279.95 (on sale) | 2. Project D for Witchery shirt $149.95 (part of Witchery’s 2012 White Shirt Campaign) | 3. True Religion jegging $129 | 4. Wittner “Locky” boots $249.95

So, what did you think of Nina’s borrowed look?

Want to play Nina catch-up?


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  1. can we talk about the apartments she has been “shopping around for”???  seiously GORGEOUS!  would even love a pic or two so I can analyze…take notes… 😀

  2. Omigod!! I bought that jacket online and it didn’t fit and I cant get the size I want! Is there a similar jacket I could buy?!

  3. Can you help with something Billie was wearing on Ep 2 of season 3 (last week)????? 
    The black coat – who’s it by and where can I get one?

  4. it is just not the same look!. in design details is EVERYTHING!!. i would like the jacket and top do you know where i can get them from pls? (im in new zealand) so i cant physically go to australia or anything!.

  5. HOT HOT HOT! Thats the reason i’m on this page to find out if anyone knows the jacket brand.  But i’ll keep looking.  Nina has awesome style.

  6. II want to get this jacket for my wife but it might just b the guy in me but the Viparo jacket has different buttons to the one the smokin’ Nina is wearing or is it just my bloke eyes?

  7. Hey Nikki loving this style..groovy girl!
     Hey do you know of any fashion apps that are good for helping you out with styling? For android. Apparently there is one for iphone; “Carrrie’s Closet” but only available in the US.

  8. I missed Offspring (going to buy the DVDs) but I’ve been following your fashion posts about her! In fact, they’re how I discovered the show!

    Love the jacket. LOVE the jacket. But Have to say that, sorry, I’m not a fan of high heeled boots and skinnies. Looks a wee bit slutty to me. And I do feel awful for being Judgey McJudgey!

    I like wedge boots with jeans, or a wider, looser pull on “Three Musketeers” type heeled boot with jeans. Fitted, pointy, heeled boots look best with dresses and skirts in my opinion. Unless they’re booties where you see a flash of ankle and then I love it!

    1. I agree with you on the boots and skinnies, not my look – but I know it’s one others can pull off. It’s actually very much the look that Nina’s sister would wear (not Nina) so makes sense in context!

  9. My inner rock chick wants this outfit NOW! Oh wait, I have a similar jacket and boots (albeit low heeled) and slim fit black jeans that could sub for the indigo skinnies… get me to Witchery for the shirt stat! 

    Still haven’t watched the show but continue to love the fashion breakdowns Nikki 🙂

  10. Love the post !!!!!
    the outfit was hot! I wonder if I can find a cheaper option for a black leather jacket if anyone has any ideas let me know! also the viparo one is limited in available sizes. Can’t wait for next week !!! 

    1. Not sure if it’s still available Hannah – and also depends on your size/fit – but I got a biker style one from City Chic last year that is pretty similar.  It’s ‘pleather’ but no one seems to notice the difference… and at just over $100 from memory it’s definitely a more affordable option, though I do love the look of the Viparo.

  11. I was horrified by Nina’s crocs but loved her in Billie’s jacket and shirt. 

    Typical Billie to then comment on how good Nina looked in Billie’s clothes, but also great that Geraldine was distracted enough to ask what Nina was wearing during her own meltdown. 

    Nana Nina Noonan…bahahahah

  12. I love Nina Proudman!  I think her usual look is gorgeous and she looked absoulutely smoking hot in Billie’s wardrobe last night…no wonder that man of hers asked her to move in, nice touch on the sexy smile he gave her when she came out wearing the frills and military.  Hot hot hot!

    1. Oh and as for crocs….oh well…. she was at work and let’s face it there’s very little glamour in baby delivering!

  13. I hate crocs with a vengence but I will forgive Nina that fashion crime ,she  had scrubs on so she must have had to do an op between swanning around the hospital .Last nights fashion was more suited to Billie she has a more sexy way of dressing ,but yep Nina looked pretty good in her sisters clothes I reckon.
    But boy she must have missed wearing a scarf!!

  14. I normally don’t watch the show but saw bits last night while waiting for that stupid Titanic finale. I did love this outfit and wished I had it. But I have found that short/crop/bomber jackets don’t work well with big hips. And I certainly don’t have the skinny legs to be wearing skinny jeans.

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