Keeping it Real: Nina Proudman outfit

Keeping it Real: the Nina Proudman outfit

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We talk a lot about Nina Proudman here on Styling You. I love that so many of you are wanting to embrace aspects of this Offspring character’s style.

In a nutshell, Nina rocks a boho luxe style. At first glance you might think that you have to have Nina’s shape to suit her look but there are so many elements of this style that you can “borrow” and interpret for yourself.

I can’t do her flowing maxi skirt looks because there is just enough gathering in her favourite skirts to make me look even more hip-py (pun intended) than I need to look.

Her skinny leg jean looks? That’s another thing altogether. I can adapt this look for my own. And I do. Often.

When you break down her jeans look it really is possible to drawn inspiration from it and use items you already have in your wardrobe.

Which is what I did on Friday.

Friday, where I live here on the Sunshine Coast, was a public holiday for the local show. Now, if I were a good parent I would have taken my six-year-old to the show. But I’m not. I’m scarred from too many years covering that show and other country shows as a journalist … where I had to write exciting copy – and type up pages and pages of results – about the standard of the bantam hens this year compared with last.

So, we I decided we would go to the movies instead to see Brave (BTW, LOVED this movie … kudos Disney for making a young girl with a whole lot of spunk the hero). And since I asked you all to send in photos of your in Nina-inspired outfits, I thought I’d style it up the same.

Nina Proudman-inspired outfit: a few flicks of the hair … not quite Nina’s style but on the way to it. Lip colour: Eles Mineral Makeup


My take on Nina Proudman’s style: Uberkate | Emu Australia | wYse bodywear | Seed | Nancybird | sass & bide | NYDJ | Country Road

Apart from the neon sass & bide tank which was a birthday gift from Mr Styling You, everything else has been in my wardrobe at least three months … more! The boots date back three winters and only get better with age.

But you don’t just have to see how I style it up Nina-style … Styling You readers have started to email me photos of them in Nina-esque outfits. And I love it.

{I lost a week’s worth of posts and am still loading them back on – will put up this gallery again as soon as possible}

This gallery will remain open until the end of this season of Offspring. If you’re inspired to dress like Nina, email me a photo of you ([email protected]) and I’ll pop it in. If you’re a blogger or have a business website, I’ll include a link back to that. We’ve done this style of gallery before and they are always so well received because we feature everyday women. And, as everyday women, we love to see other everyday women in accessible outfits that we can so imagine ourselves in. Don’t we?


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