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Non-Boring Wardrobe Basics

It's our mission to get you excited about getting dressed each day because our Australian-made pieces make it so easy.

"Styling You is professional from start to finish. I don't often online shop but it was made easy. From the sizing guide to the different sized models on the website, it was so helpful and gave me confidence I'd selected the right style and size. Thank you Styling You, amazing service and beautiful clothing."
- Donna

2020 Annual Styling You Swimsuit Edition

You have a body. It IS beach-ready!

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“Nikki is very pragmatic in her approach. She throws out the rulebook when it comes to body shape, weight and colours etc. As someone trying to learn to like the body they’re in, Nikki’s book goes a long way to promoting self-acceptance and positive body image. No matter what.” ~ Deborah Cook, debbish.com

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I got many great tips about how I can update my outfits with items I wouldn't normally choose. Nikki does a wonderful job explaining her tips and everyone who is in a style rut should read this.” ~ Kimberley