So you want to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman?

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I’m addicted to Australian TV show Offspring. Can’t get enough of Nina’s internal chatter, hot boyfriends, uber-cool apartment and effortless boho-luxe wardrobe.

And it seems that you can’t either.

Nina’s look has a ’70s-inspired vibe about it. It’s fresh, there are bursts of colour and she incorporates layering and accessories well. She looks and feels like she’s just thrown it all together … and it just works.

Right about now is when we all need to remember that Nina isn’t actually real. Sorry. The actor Asher Keddie is playing Nina in the hit series and she has a wardrobing department (thank-you costume designer Michael Chisholm, you are genius) to make it all “work” and look effortless.

The reality about creating an effortless look is that it actually takes, well, effort. If you or I were to just throw a few similar pieces on before running out the door, there’s a fair chance we’d look more hobo than boho. Not quite the effect I suggest anyone aim for.

To give you a bit of a Nina-style lesson, let’s deconstruct some of the outfits we’ve seen Nina in this season (photos and product details are courtesy of Offspring on Ten).

Nina wears Mimosa skirt.

Nina wears Mimosa skirt.

The skirt is the stand-out piece in this outfit. Then note the layers: the green red bra strap under a green singlet and beige top. Bringing this Nina look home are the belt, bracelet and long necklace.

Nina wears Scanlan and Theodore cardigan, vintage camisole, Fossil belt, hand made scarf, Fossil wristband, True Religion jeans.

Nina wears Scanlan and Theodore cardigan, vintage camisole, Fossil belt, handmade scarf, Fossil wristband, True Religion jeans.

Most of us would slap on a pair of jeans and a tee or tank. See how you can make a whole lot more impact with bright layers and accessories? Nina’s signature accessory (apart from the iPhone!) is a long skinny scarf. I suggest you adopt this signature as your own as it has the effect of not only bringing an outfit together but also creating a nice long visual line (and you know what those nice, long visual lines do, don’t you? They elongate and give the illusion that you are actually longer and leaner than you are. Tell me you don’t want that!). The belt here also packs a powerful statement.

Nina wears Little Joe camisole, silk chiffon overshirt by Indigo, Nancy Bird scarf and bag and True Religion jeans. She also wears D.Co boots (for the record).

Nina wears Little Joe camisole, silk chiffon overshirt by Indigo, Nancy Bird scarf and bag and True Religion jeans. She also wears D.Co boots (for the record).

I blogged about the Nancy Bird bag when this season of Offspring kicked off. At first glance it’s a tan bag, at second glance it’s offset by the kind of Nina-detailing we’ve come to know and love. Take away these details and accessories and it’s just a ho-hum top and jeans look. Are you getting the Nina 101 accessories’ lesson yet?

Nina wears Rodeo pants/top and Samantha Wills jewellery.

Nina wears Rodeo pants/top and Samantha Wills jewellery.

In this outfit, Nina’s a little more dressed up. She’s out of work and off on a date. The look is one step above jeans but we’re still seeing the hints of Nina’s style through the layered tops and layered, long necklaces. Her jacket, even though it’s casually slung over her hand, brings a retro-patterned garment in to complete the outfit.

Nina wears Wheels & Dollbaby dress, Emporio Armani stilletos and Elle Macpherson intimates spotty bra (seen through dress). The black jacket/bolero that she wore at the ball was by Alberta Ferretti.

Nina wears Wheels & Doll Baby dress, Emporio Armani stilletos and Elle Macpherson intimates spotty bra (seen through dress). The black jacket/bolero that she wore at the ball was by Alberta Ferretti.

We’re now up about six notches. Here Nina is more 1950s’ siren than 1970s’ grown-up flower child. What I love here is that she contrasts the structure and the “done-up” look of the dress with her typically casually styled hair. We still see a long necklace but it’s finer and the bracelet manages to make a statement even though it’s a more classic style.

Now, if you’re going to try and track down some of the pieces included in the images above, then good luck. This series was shot some time ago and most styles would be long gone from retail outlets. Even styles that were available when first seen on air – like this grey top by Palma Australia – don’t last long.

The show’s official Facebook page and the Nina Proudman page (yes, I KNOW!) are filled with questions from viewers wanting Nina’s clothing details. There are also some great tip-offs from fans about where to shop for similar clothes.

Here are some suggestions from me

nina proudman style offspring

1. Country Road smock print shirt $99

2. Little Joe Woman Hitch Hiker scarf $129

3. Sportsgirl Heart of Glass kimono $129.95

4. True Religion billy natural super t medium drifter jeans $416.25

5. Zimmerman plaited denim belt $150

6. Samantha Wills The Odyssey necklace $110

7. Lydia Jewels Ciara earrings $39

8. Mimco flora diviner stretch wrist $99

9. Wittner Dare boots $229.95

10. Luisa Clare Persia bow bag $389

So, are you a big Nina fan? Want to move into her apartment and her wardrobe? Or just get cozy with Patrick (oops, did I write that out loud?)?


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Want to play Nina catch-up?


  • Debbie

    Hi Nikki, thanks for doing this website. Very cool. Yes I am an Asher Keddie fan. Basically when I hit my 40’s I found it hard to know how to dress. I am a small person who can wear the younger outfits so was torn between looking too young and too old. Nina fixed all that for me. I have scoured your site for ideas but find it hard to come across those little casual cardi type tops she wears. I am going to Melboure in Sept and wondered if you could tell me where to look. Thanks heaps,

  • K-nic

    Think Nina and Billy look fab on the show, but I know a few chicks who think they’re Nina….. Man it pisses me off!!! THEY ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS PEOPLE!!!! Get your own identities….
    Not having a go at people who love their fashion and want to know where to get this and that they’ve seen on the show…nothing wrong with that!!

  • Cate Hearn

    Can you help with something Billie was wearing on Ep 2 of season 3 (last week)????? 

    The black coat – who’s it by and where can I get one? xxxxx

  • Catherine

    I know its late in posting as the picture has been around a while but I dont suppose you know the label of the black high waisted pants Nina is wearing with that bright yellow blazer. The pic is used alot in promotions for this amazing show.

    • I don’t sorry – best bet is via the show’s facebook page!

  • Hey fellow nina fans 🙂
    Be sure to check out the Wolfram & York custom tailored prairie skirt, inspired by the gorgeous Nina Proudman.

  • natalie

    This may sound like a random question but in season 1 of Offspring, Nina wore a wedding dress during a fzntasy scene when she was imagining her wedding to Chris. It had silver sequence on the back and the white fabric was all gathered at the front on the bust. i have looled everywhere for the details of the dress but no luck. Any suggestions ?
    Thanks, Nat

    • Sorry, Natalie … your best bet would be the Facebook pages linked to above! And it would be long gone from stores, so if any were still around, ebay would be your friend.

  • joanne

    Julia from Love my Way is my favorite character Asher plays

  • Eve

    I am looking for a skirt Nina wore. It was long and chiffon with purple spots on a green background I think.
    I saw it in a shop long before Nina wore it on TV. Now I can’t remember where.
    Hope you can help me.

    • Hi Eve, the reason you saw it in the shops long before Nina wore it was that the series was filmed long before we saw it, sorry that skirt is probably long gone. You could always put a shout out on the official Facebook page or the Nina Proudman page to see if someone has it or it’s on ebay?

      • Eve

        Hi Nikki,

        Thanks. I thought it may be Country Road. I went off to DFO as I don’t think it was a good seller. But not there. Must have been another label. I believe I saw it in Myer originally. Oh well there are plenty of beautiful clothes out there!

  • Virginia Waugh

    Oh Nikki… I’m a sad case in desperate need of therapy!!! I went into Jeans West and fell in love with a sweet dress and short denim top (I thought to myself,”that’s soooo Nina”). I knew I was too old for it so before the shop assistant could laugh at me…. I said it was for my daughter!!! Now I’ve hidden the bag..argh!

  • Virginia Waugh

    Wow!!! Great blog… glad I stumbled into you… and all because of a dress off Offspring!

  • Louie

    Can you tell me the brand of nina’s crop leather jacket worn in this weeks episode when she saw Chris for the first time. Where can I find it??????

    • Your best bet is to post a question on the Nina Proudman or Offspring on Ten Facebook pages (links are in the post above).

      • Skye

        I would also like to find out where the crop leather jacket is from

        • Hi Skye, Facebook’s the way to go – they won’t answer my individual questions but the questions get answered on the official Facebook pages.

  • Di

    Woohoo, Perks Accessories team LOVE Offspring and can’t wait for tonight. Nancybird, Nina style earrings and Nina style scarves are right here at Perks and ready to share with you!

  • Ha! I walked past right as they filmed the scene with the older dude. I live near that pub that they go to.

    Asher is stunning in real life BTW.

  • Thanks for the link love & love your post, the detail is gorgeous, seems it’s not so cheap to look like Nina, love all the designers she applies to her style. Have a gorgeous weekend, love Posie

  • Love how Nina dresses! Couldn’t pull it off myself, but love admiring it. And for the record – Team Can’t Decide!!!

    • See if you can come up with a team after next week’s episode!

  • WOW! I love this post! I constantly admire Nina’s wardrobe, I especially love her maxi skirts, but im struggling to find one I like. Nina Proudman is practically my idol. And for the record, team Patrick all the way!! haha.

    • Welcome to the team. And look out in your fave stores in the next month as the new-season styles arrive. I’m sure you’ll find your perfect maxi skirt.

  • fleur

    I love that fossil belt, is current stock, as i checked the fossil website and couldn’t see it. I just love her style.

    • I don’t think it would be current stock it was filmed some time ago, sorry.

  • kerf

    Yeah,LOVE the show.And pleeeeeeze bring back Dr Chris.

  • NOW I understand your Instagram comment! I had no idea who you were talking about and just imagined it was a designer or something, then came for a little Styling You fix and I recognized the name!!! I saw the first few episodes and then my TV packed it in… never got round to watching it again when it was fixed. I’m a massive skinny scarf fan, adds a bit of length to my wide-ish frame.

    • Oh, I love being cryptic and I forget that not everyone is as Offspring-obsessed as me! I’m all for adding a bit of length too x

  • Amy

    Oh that Mimosa skirt, I covet the so much!!! I have been trying to find who its by since I saw the episode. 🙁 They dont sell it anymore. Heartbreak.

    Unfortunatley, Offsprings new timeslot isnt good for me. 🙁 Mondays are my relax day! I dont go to the gym, I have an easy dinner etc etc… Sodding channel 10!

    • It’s a gorgeous skirt – have a hunt for something similar as the new season designs arrive in store!

  • I love Asher, and although at times I think the show tries a little too hard and she’s a bit too neurotic, I still love it! It’s the best Aussie series I think in a long time. I would love to dress like Nina, but I think I’d have to have her figure first. Still … maybe a scarf will work wonders!

    • Scarf, long necklace and a bracelet, Bron … that’s what I take from it! I also wear a loose top layered over a fitted one with slim fit jeans.

  • I struggle with doing layers without making myself look bigger, especially around the tummy!

    • The layering I opt for is in longer length open cardis – sleeved or sleeveless – and often with a draped front. Together with a scarf or necklace, that helps create that vertical illusion we all want!

  • I like this style and have similar pieces. Thanks for sharing some more perfect casual looks!

  • Deb

    Great article, Nikki! I have only recently started watching Offspring, but I love, love, love the show & Nina’s clothes/bags/accessories & her fabulous apartment. Also love Patrick…he is gorgeous. Thinking I will have to hire the dvd boxed set to check out Dr Chris from earlier comments here though! Last week I watched Asher in Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo – wow, she was brilliant in that too – I’m sure you have seen this. PS. A huge congratulations on all of your recent awards – very well deserved x

    • Thanks so much, Deb, and yes, I’ve seen Paper Giants. Have blogged about that style too! Maybe I’m just obsessed with Asher?!

  • I have been wondering where all her clothes come from?! Love the way she dresses! Especially loved that blue top she is pictured in above with the matching pants…. *love* !

    • It’s a great look for you, Tara … and one that you can make your own through key accessories.

  • Hi Nikki

    Thank you so much for this post! I love the Offspring girls’ clothes.

    SSG xxx

  • Paula

    This style is just not me but I can appreciate it looks great on some people.

    I have never watched Offspring, obviously I am missing something!!

    • Get thee to a DVD store now … and catch up. It’s quirky, funny and the characters are as dysfunctional as your own family. What’s not to love. I can’t do the full Nina look either but I do love my scarves and long necklaces!

  • Great post! Thanks for deconstructing and sharing your style tips! I know lots of our members would love this blog, I will share it on our FB page too! Delia from ‘What Should I’

    • Thanks Delia. When you deconstruct her looks, it’s easy to see how you can add one or two things to create a similar one for yourself.

  • I love Nina’s style… but it’s Nina’s. A character. I follow along on facebook – but if anything it’s made me less inclined to emulate her. I love the clothes, love the show, but I try to remember she is a character and even if she was real, I need to stay true to myself! I get worried that there are going to be hundreds of Nina look a likes everywhere, me included!
    What the show and Nina’s character have done, is get me out of my all black Melbourne Winter slump! I have been inspired to buy some more colourful clothes this Winter.
    As for accessories, my own rule of thumb is to wear 2 out of 4 -necklace, rings, earrings, bracelet/bangles. It’s just what works for me.

    • Love that you have your own sense of style and agree, that a whole tribe of “Nina’s” will never work. And not everyone’s personality is suited to this style. What I like is that I can grab one or two accessories – scarves and necklaces – and make this TV trend my own.

  • dianne

    The top outfit was the inspiration for my latest shopping spree. The pieces I bought all came from Target (except the necklace) & all u would walk past on the rack but when u bring them all together they look fabulous. Thanks Nikki for giving me the confidence to try a new look.

    • Fantastic, Dianne … love to hear stories when it’s all come together … and on a budget!

  • I miss Dr Chris. He was way hotter.

    I am a Nina fan. I love her internal chatter.
    I love the black dress, any idea where to find something like that? Even if it’s coloured? (I like the style!)

    • I’m on Team Patrick 😉 And re the dress, keep a look out for new season styles landing in store in the next month or so. Review or Cue might have something similar.

  • Holly Barlow

    Thanks Nikki for this great post! I love Nina’s seemingly effortless style. I actually have quite a few things in my own wardrobe which could be used to create (copy) her style. Just need a few more accessories to make it all work!

    • That’s a good starting position to be in. And you can never have too many accessories!

  • I love her style and one day when I am not on a spending freeze I will go and find some cool pieces to add to my wardrobe. Except I think I have accessories fear because whenever I put them on I feel silly and take them off. Then I look boring. Ho hum x

    • My rule is: what’s the ONE thing I can add to my outfit before I walk out the door. If you don’t get caught up in the stress of coordinating three or four things then it will work for you – and one extra piece can lift your outfit to the next level.

  • Great post – thanks for this!

  • Catherine Forbes

    Great article Nikki – if only I could pull it off …

    • You can! We can all pull off elements of Nina’s look … the accessories are what makes it.

  • Sorry, was off at the Sportgirl site contemplating that awesome kimono.

    • Haha … can you imagine how sidetracked I get doing these posts? I also make sure my credit card is in another room.

  • Jan

    Love Nina’s style, love Patrick. Love Patrick too much. Can you give us some info on the tattoo?

    • Hi Jan … agree, and agree. With regards the tattoo, I’d head to the Facebook page and post a question there. They seem to be answering things like this!

  • I love Nina’s style and I introduced my mum to offspring while visiting last week and we went shopping the next day to achieve it. Oh, and the doctor is like the love of my life.

    • haha, yes … he’s more dreamy and steamy than both those docs on Grey’s Anatomy combined! How did you go with the shopping?

  • Cosy with Patrick yes please! I LOVE Nina’s style, especially that skirt! I am still on the hunt for the perfect maxi skirt that doesn’t make my hips a million miles wide though

    • Haha!! There will be more maxi skirts out for summer. Look for tubular styles.

  • I love her in that mimosa skirt & the effortless look that is created with everything she wears, even if lots of thought has gone into it! I also love Nancy Bird & have a wallet I bought 2 years ago that is still one of my favourite things!

    • I can imagine that your Nancy Bird wallet is still a favourite thing. Love everything from that label!