Nina Proudman dancing at Tuff Muff #offspring

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 8)

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Oh Nina. Oh Patrick. Oh Mick. Oh Rocket.

What an episode?! Seriously, if they hadn’t added in a drunken Nina dancing (even worse than me) at Tuff Muff, I’d be crying into my laptop right now. (Catch Offspring online here if you missed it)

Let’s get down to it and talk through some of Nina’s looks. Because I know you want to 😉

There were three main outfits (aside from the montage at the beginning):

  • The peasant maxi skirt and top
  • The white kimono and jeans
  • The printed party dress

In each Nina was wearing her signature long taupe, heeled boots.

Let’s talk about the silk peasant maxi skirt first because excitement of excitement, Anna, the designer behind Violet & I tweeted that it was from the label’s summer 11-12 collection. Here it is in an alternate colour as well as the green in a maxi dress.

Violet & I Spring-Summer '11-'12

Violet & I Spring-Summer ’11-’12

If you’re a size 8 or 10 and like the skirt in this colourway, it’s available on sale for an almighty bargain at The Indigo Prairie.

I do love discovering another Australian fashion designer through Nina’s wardrobe. Below is just a snippet about the label. I’m already in love.

Since launching her first collection entitled ‘Open Road’ in Spring 2009, (Violet & I’s) Anna has continued to design beautiful, vintage inspired garments, each with a touch of bohemian elegance. Little wonder, as her studio walls are plastered with pages torn from 70’s Vogue magazines and photographs of fresh faced beauties.

Check out the stockists page as well as the lookbook for this season. There are a number of pieces that would sit very well in Nina’s wardrobe. Here are just two.

Violet & I Autumn-Winter 2012

Violet & I Autumn-Winter 2012

Nina worked her Violet & I skirt back with a tucked in white gypsy top with a black bra on show. Mr Styling You texted me (I’m in Sydney overnight for work) to say he very much liked this look. I informed him if I attempted it, I would not look Nina sexy, more Nikki trampy. It’s a fine line, Stylers.

I also want to talk about the kimono tops that Nina is fond of. I LOVE this look. It’s layering at its most stylish, with a coloured tank-top underneath and a brightly coloured scarf slung around the neck. LOVE.  Just the right balance between casual and effortless style.  Something we could all take on board.

Let’s get down to some shopping suggestions*:

Nina Proudman fashion part 8

1. Prophecy Kimono at ASOS $64.60 | 2. Villa vest @ ASOS $17 | 3. Samantha Wills Patty necklace $125 | 4. Indy C scarf @ The Iconic | 5. Minkpink bag $99 | 6. Nine West boots $279.95

I did love also seeing Nina in a frock. It’s been a while. Did you like? Did you cry and laugh through this episode?

Nina Proudman dancing at Tuff Muff #offspring

Nina Proudman dancing at Tuff Muff #offspring

Photo credits from best scene ever: Channel TEN

* These are not the actual garments and accessories featured in the show, purely shopping suggestions based on the look featured.



Want to play Nina catch-up?


Comments 29

  1. Loved the dancing scene. I’ve definitely been there, doing all the right moves in my head then accidentally seeing myself in a mirror and dying right in the middle of the floor.
    Would love to dress like Nina but when I try to put it all together something’s just not right – think it’s the lack of height, and not blond – oh and about 15 years older, yeah that could be it.

  2. Hi Nikki, Love the mink pink bag.  Looks like it would fit an Iphone and keys in there all snug.  May I be so rude as to ask what Tuff Muff is? I have mustardy coloured boots arriving soon. Would love to know what would rock the boots. In the way of what coloured jeans or look I should I go for. Grabbed a mi-gear power station the other day stoked with the results and Thank You for showcasing it. Your blog is the answer to our prayers. Cheers for you taking the time to reply to our queries.  Sharon

    1. Oh, thanks Sharon – the mi-gear is a godsend for when I’m away from a wall charger for a day! And Tuff Muff was the name of the lesbian dance club they went to at the end of last night’s episode!
      Re your boots, you can do any denim, black, teal, burgundy, rust … go for it!

      1. Thank you Nikki, Love how you manage to answer everyones questions. Looks like I’ll be playing catchup watching Offspring over the next few weeks. I’ll rummage through the wardrobe for those colours and mish mash it up. Cheers xoxo

  3. It is almost embarrassing how much I cried while watching last night’s episode. PICK UP THE PHONE BILLIE!
    On another note, I thought the bra strap was quite sexy, but at the same time, I was wondering how on earth she would get away with wearing that at work as a doctor!

  4. Does any know where I could get the printed party dress Nina wore on last nights episode 30/05/12?


  5. It’s always sad when an animal dies, tv show or not. My sister recently lost her dog and then got another one, so we’ve had animals die on us for years.

    Patrick still needs a good slap. And how dare he speak French and then talk about Nina in french with the patient. HOW RUDE! I hate it when you’re standing there and you just KNOW they are talking about you but because you don’t understand it infuriates you.

    I’m only watching this show because of Matthew Le Nevez, I’m slow to the party about realising how hot he is, and the rest of the show still irritates me. I’m so over paranoid people and people who feel the need to patronise and insult you behind your back, or to your face. The nurses annoy me. Nina annoys me. The singing chick and her kid annoys me. And so does Nina assuming her father is Dr Noonan simple because he is as paranoid as her. Get a blood test already! Funny if it was that other bloke who’s her father.

  6. Yes I cried when Rocket died and  when Mick was crying and when he Skyped Billie,I was told by my daughter “it’s only a show MUM” yes I know that but it was so sad ,I don’t think I like that Roseanna woman she is after Mick ,and Patrick’s turning into a not nice man. The funny part at the Tuff Muff bar when Nina is imagining herself dancing was really good, it cracked me up,soo funny and so Nina….loved the Party dress she wore,the kimono top ,but no I don’t think I  could pull off the black bra either ,would look like an old TART lol,love all her jeans looks but couldn’t carry off the skirt with a short top.I love ALL her scarves too,she must have a better collection than me!!!

  7. I spent a lot of time scowling at my husband with regard to Patrick’s behavoiur, to the point where he reminded me that just because he’s the same sex as Patrick, he’s not responsible for Patrick’s behaviour. Ialso  really thought Mick was going to do something very silly with Clare Bowditch (Roseanna), given Billie’s been stuck in NZ forever. Which set me thinking that all the men in this show seem to do dumb stuff- a lot- if not currently, then in their character’s past.
    Anywho I loved Nina’s dress and boots outfit and her dreamy in her head dancing. I think we’ve all been there 😉

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