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So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 6)

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I’m so glad that Nina and Patrick took that rollercoaster ride in last night’s Offspring episode. I know it was only a dream but it may have given them a sense of the ups and downs they’re now putting us through.

Yikes. What’s up with Patrick? I don’t get his need to spend a night by himself in a dodgy motel. He’s an anaesthetist for goodness sake. Surely you’d choose the Westin. Or is that just me?

I really hope they don’t now have it all angsty between Nina and Dr Pat. I know I go on about Nina’s clothes here but, truly, just look back on that bath scene from last week. He’s her best accessory ever 😉

… oops. Back to the clothes.

Only one outfit this week – and very much a Nina “uniform”.  You’d be hard pressed finding skirts like that now as stores have embraced winter but if you’re lucky enough to have bought one over summer, then boho style it up with clunky light tan boots; a long-sleeve tee worn out and belted around the waist with a thin belt; and a light coloured denim jacket.

I love that Nina keeps her accessories quite simple but with a twist. Two gold pendant necklaces instead of one, for instance. And her watch? While the rest of us are wearing as big a watch face as we possibly can without our left arms falling off from the weight, Nina’s wearing a older-style gold feminine chain watch. My guess? Probably a university graduation gift from Darcy.

There was something that Nina wore that did stand out for me this episode. Something we hadn’t seen her in before when an outdoors conversation with the complex Dr Pat warranted a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Nina Proudman sunglasses

Not unlike these ones.

Karen Walker Crazy Tort Sunglasses at HoneyHoney

Karen Walker Crazy Tort Sunglasses at HoneyHoney

Mr Styling You immediately poo-pooed them from his vantage point at the kitchen table. That only made me love them more.

What about you? Did you love them or did you think they weren’t quite Nina? What kind of sunglasses did you imagine her wearing?

PS. Nina’s original apartment – the one that was in the fire (but not really because we all know this is fiction, right?) – it’s for sale. Shall we all chip in and make it a time share?

Nina Proudman's apartment for sale


Want to play Nina catch-up?


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  1. Hi Offspring :Season 6 Episode 3 Nina’s White Fringe Jacket I love and want but when I went to the website Flannel, I couldn’t find it.
    Any help please???? Even something that looks like it?

  2. Does anyone know what brand Nina’s gold watch is? She wears it’s all the time, I’ve searched through various blogs and photos but no luck..

  3. As soon as I saw them I immediately jumped on the KW website to grab a pair, my 3G is shoddy at times so the page wouldn’t load, glad my instincts were right though.
    Gotta love Nina AND Karen Walker.

  4. I thought Nina’s sunglasses were very her but not very me,but I thought they looked too small or something maybe the shape aren’t your sunglasses supposed to cover your brows?? ?I read that somewhere .Yes I was thinking about the watch too,I’m sure it was a gift ,shall we ask her ??it is very pretty and feminine,dainty like her.
    I think Dr Patrick is upset because she asked him if he wanted children,after his sad time with his baby dying I should hope he would want some thinking time ,but in that cheap hotel NO WAY ,that’s men for you!
    Yes, Yes, lets buy that apartment ,I could see myself happily living there or just popping to Melbourne for a spot of shopping,lets all put in and buy it…………….

  5. I saw those glasses and thought, God, how 80s!

    As for Patrick, GOR.GE.OUS but seriously needs to pull his head out. I kept wanting Nina to yell at him for being so selfish and stupid.

    HE’S the one who said let’s live together, they work together, they ARE a couple but he just got all childish on her and ran away from his problems, and for some reason she just couldn’t tell him to pull his head out and get over himself. Although from the small look at next weeks ep she does to an extent.

    Someone needs to have a “word” with Patrick, maybe….”punish” him for his bad behaviour….cuffs and whip maybe…..

  6. I adore those glasses and knew you’d write about them this morning!  I loved her outfit too, but I fear it looks much better on her willowy body than it would on my slightly more curvy figure!  

    1. Hahaha, you’re on to me Tam … and yes, the outfits she does with the skirts would not suit me at all. I can do a variation of her jeans outfits and take elements from her others but it would look at an hobo rather than boho if I attempted this one.

  7. I imagined Nina in lighter metallic aviators, but I like these because they’re kind of kooky like Nina.

    I loved those pendants last night though. One of them reminded me of a little shield that someone I worked with always wore on a long chain- I’m feeling I might go looking for something similar myself.

    1. Yes, I had thought aviators too but maybe that would have been too obvious? These are an edgier choice. Loved the pendants – double necklace wearing works well with her open v-neck tops.

  8. I didn’t like the glasses either… It was like she was hiding but so obviously… If that makes any sense.

    And Patrick is definitely her best accessory… Yummy!!

  9. Oh the bath scene. Most definitely her best accessory yet!
    The sunglasses didn’t do it for me. I’ve never thought about it because we’ve never seen her in them, but those tortoiseshell weren’t quite right for her.

      1. Well I liked the sunnies, the shape and colour was right for Nina’s face, and they were sort of bohemian chic.
        I’d like a pair too Nikki!

        1. Yes, a kind of edgy bohemian chic. I think because they’re not the ’70s-style that she wears in her clothes that some people are not loving them as much as we are. For me, it’s the difference that I like. They’ve gone straight to the wishlist!

          1. I do remember all the trendy (older) people wearing Rayban’s in that shape.  I was a surfy chic from Cronulla in those day’s so they weren’t in my budget. 😉

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