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So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 10)

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You know that Luna Park roller coaster that featured in an Offspring episode a few weeks back? Geez. Louise.

They really could have included it in every episode since. And not just in relation to Nina and Patrick’s emotional ride (which BTW might be back on next week if the preview of them pashing serves us correctly … it had better not be a damn dream sequence).

No, the emotional ride has been all ours.

Take last night’s episode … we had the HILARIOUS scene whereby Nina enters her mother’s house via the bathroom, declaring that she’s “just mixing it up a bit … sometimes I like to come in the front door, sometimes through the window. I like coming in that way”. Classic Nina.

We had her getting her scarves and necklaces all tangled with the strap of her shoulder bag when arriving for her non-date with Adam.

We had Patrick in tears looking at the album his former wife and mother of his dead baby had put together.

We had the emergency caesar birth scene where we held our collective breath waiting for Jimmy and Zara’s very premmy baby to take his first breath (I suggest it’s no coincidence that a tissue advertisement popped up on screen just after this).

We had Billie back. Thank goodness. We needed her light relief … which she willingly provided by whacking someone with her bag to snare a waiting cab to the hospital.


It was all a bit too much, really.

But I’ll stop going on now. Just needed to de-brief for myself, really. I had banished Mr Styling You to the other room to watch the State of Origin so was left with my Twitter friends to discuss these important developments.

And the fashion.

Nina Proudman Offspring Episode 9

Nina meeting Patrick’s ex-wife and her husband. Can you believe he introduced her as his colleague? Photo: ten

My favourite outfit was the first one (pictured in this scene above) – it’s classic Nina. I really loved the emerald green and the coloured scarf and belt. The below shopping suggestions are not the actual pieces featured on the show … merely a bit of inspiration for recreating Nina’s style with garments actually available right now.

Nina Proudman fashion inspiration

1. Witchery tank $29.95 | 2. Vigorella cardi @ Birdsnest $59.95 | 3. Witchery earrings $14.95 | 4. Diva necklace $14.99 | 5. Katherine belt @ The Iconic $59.95 | 6. Vince Camuto boots @ The Iconic $299.95| 7. D-Lux scarf @ Style Tread $110 | 8. Jeanswest jeans $69.99

Is this a Nina Proudman look that you could adapt for yourself?

PS. If you have been dressing Nina style, would you like to share a photo of your outfit with us? If I get enough of a response I’ll create a gallery of photos like the one I did here. Seeing lots of different shapes and sizes adapting a look for themselves really does help to inspire others. Email me: [email protected]

Want to play Nina catch-up?


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  1. Nikki what about that gorgeous red cropped coat she wore to the non-date with adam – I want to know where and how I can get one please?

  2. I just watched last week’s episode online last night and I laughed and cried throughout (as usual!).
    I also found some behind the scenes episodes on the website which are hosted by a different actor each week – worth watching for sure!
    I think I need that green Witchery tank, but it’s my husband’s birthday weekend and I don’t know if I’ll be able to sneak in a quick shopping trip. Hopefully they don’t sell out!

  3. Oh these posts just make my love of Offspring that much bigger! Now every time I go past a shop I look at taupe boots. I already have a tank that colour so I’m ahead on this one. Yay!

  4. Love these posts as usual Nikki! Don’t actually let myself read them since I have to wait for Offspring to return to our screens here, so I lap up the pics and your shopping guides instead x

  5. Brilliant post as always Nikki… & loved the outfits… got a little overwhelmed by all the action then the promo at the end… Ahhhh… love your debrief. Thanks

  6. Had to skip through this post Nikki as I am playing catch up with Offsping online, Just putting it out there, if any of your sponsors actually want to dress me like Nina, I would be very willing 😉
    Cheekily waves xx

  7. Nikki – I can’t believe you didn’t mention her… was it…. ROWING?? in the bath tub… as she fell in from the window! ROFL Oh Lordy!

    Can I just say that Offspring’s wardrobe dept has got it all right for Nina. I love love love her style so much, and If I wasn’t looking like a woman that has just shoved a fit-ball down her front (33 weeks preggo) then I would be out there flashing my credit-card and buying every single piece of that outfit right now!

    Must say, also loving Patrick’s classic man style… I swear that man-god could wear anything! And as for Adam, well – he’s just all about Melbourne isn’t he.

    Lovin the Nina Posts Nik xx Nice work.

  8. Well, I’ve got nipped out in my lunch break and bought the earrings and green top (Witchery have buy 2, get 1 free on these tops). I’m almost there! Thanks for the super quick posts, Nikki!

  9. I have a tank that colour and it’s my most favourite thing at the moment. I’m going to pair it with my flow-y ivory cardi, jeans and boots now! It’s fair to say I’m in serious lust with Nina’s wardrobe!

  10. She got upset at being called a colleague and I would have been too, but when they were walking down the corridor, as he said, she is, and what else was he going to call her? They aren’t together so she’s not his girlfriend, she is his colleague.
    I wish he’d stop playing games. He played games with the key and now he’s played games with that email. What a joke! That email was NOT meant for his sister. What a liar! And then to get his sister to call Nina, bah!
    That baby book, awwww, clearly it’s going to be what Patrick needs to get over himself, which is why they SEEM to get back together next week for a roll in the hay, although that looked like his old apartment bed. Did he give it up or keep that place in case he needed a place to stay if he and Nina broke up?
    Won’t know till next week and God knows what she’s doing with Adam. Why does it seem everytime she just gets settled with a guy issues pop up, they break up, and suddenly there’s a new guy in her life. She DOES NOT need the complications of ANOTHER guy for God’s sake.
    This show’s nuts!

  11. Yes I loved the green cami on her and the coloured belt, thought the show was very full on last night,It cracked me up that Nina got her scarf and necklaces tangled in her bag I thought that only happened to me ,,,and I do hope the Patrick and Nina pash scene is not a dream either I think they are gorgeous together ,Patrick is so Yummy!!Keep the offspring fashion coming Nikki,Love it.

  12. Love this post Nikki. Yes Offspring was an emotional roller coaster last night. Boy do I hope that pash is real and they get back together but hey they need to keep us guessing and wanting for more. Love the fashion spread and will email you my Nina style which I featured on my blog last week. Have a lovely day.

  13. I’m someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about clothes and fashion (ahem, sorry!) – but even I’ve noticed Nina’s wardrobe! I loved your debrief about the show. I love getting on Twitter and Facebook and dropping the kids off at school the next morning and laughing (and crying) with the other mums about our favourite scenes. The show is genius for all the reasons you’ve set out above.

    1. The de-brief is essential isn’t it. The mix of characters and the way the script takes us through highs and lows in one episode is what keeps me coming back! … and the wardrobe, of course!

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