Nancybird nougat grevillea clutch Offspring Nina Proudman

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 4)

Nikki Parkinson Nina Proudman 27 Comments

We interrupt our Fashion Week coverage to quickly talk Offspring … and Nina Proudman … or is that Nana Nina Noonan?

Loved both her outfits on last night’s show.

The first – a combo of the long tiered skirt, grandpa-buttoned tee, thin belt, draped leather jacket, light tan ankle boots and gold jewellery is similar styling to this one.

In short, it’s very Nina. And she’s clearly had a chance to go shopping for new clothes following the fire in her apartment.

The second – when she went to visit the doctor who just might be her father – is one based around the same boots, dark denim jeans and the layering of two tops (bright yellow underneath a beaded top) under a draped white jacket.

This is more my kind of Nina look.

Oh, and you might have noticed the small bag slung across Nina’s chest or the wallet she opened to get out her Medicare card?

They’re by one of my favourite accessory designers, Emily Wright, at Nancybird.

I checked in with Emily today to confirm and yes, I was on the money.

Nancybird nougat grevillea clutch Offspring Nina Proudman

Buy online here

Nancybird Chocolate Grevillea Pearl Wallet Nina Proudman Offspring

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Stay tuned for more Nancybird in future episodes … including a custom-made bedspread for Nina and Patrick’s new apartment.

What did you think of Nina’s outfits last night? Or her possible father?

Want to play Nina catch-up?


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  1. when she walked into the doctor’s room & we saw her back view, her bum looked BIG with the layers of white/yellow etc. did anyone else notice that? Nancy bird isnt my best brand – too much fabric and they they very dirty very easily, but nice to look at. someone mentioned about being rich, its just about prioritising – figure out what you really want & forgo other things in order to get them. & I wouldnt be surprised if NB put quilt covers into production soon….

  2. Loved her outfits as usual I really loved that white jacket, I have one similar so i might have a play with it and as you say go shopping in my wardrobe.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Nancy bird they have such unique beautiful bags and wallets ,but not only for the little lambs some nice things for the older lambs too.That’s one thing I pay attention to since I turned 40, a very good handbag and wallet and sunnies I think they complete your look, no cheapies anymore I prefer to have 3 or 4 really nice bags on roation than 20 cheap ones ,I love Madame Mooi and I have a black Marnie bag.
    I think Dr Noonan looks like a sweetie and I think Nina Nana Noonan lol does too.
    I would be so jealous of a quilt cover made by Nancy bird for the apartment It will be fab I just know,Oh to be rich and buy everything you want that would be nice!

  3. Yay, I love Nina clothes! I got lost half way through the post to Nancybird…( it’s my birthday next week and sooooo I emailed my mum the link, just a little hint. ) I love the grevillea bag. Perfect!

    Thanks Nikki! X

    1. I was looking around last night and found this one at sass & bide: – sorry not a lot of time for hunting this week as tied up with Fashion Week stuff.

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