Fab Friday: four ways to wear a scarf

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Are you sick of me telling you that the scarf is your go-to accessory for winter – and increasingly – all year round?  To bad. So sad.

I’m going to tell you again.  So many people tell me they find accessorising tricky.  It’s not.  Really.  It can be as simple as adding a scarf to your outfit.

If you don’t believe me, stand in front of a mirror with a plain t-shirt or top on.  Take a note of your reflection.  Now, throw a scarf around your neck.  Notice the difference?

Uh-huh.  Massive.

I don’t get too fancy with how I wear my scarves.  Check out the vlog for the four main styles you’ll see me sporting.  Nothing tricky and definitely something you can try at home.  Or better still each time you walk out the door of your home!

Shopping suggestions

1.  Sara Michael Daphne silk and velvet hand-painted scarf $93.50 at HoneyHoney

2.  Mimco Frida scarf $59.95

3.  Trenery fine net scarf $59.95

4.  Oroton decorative O scarf $145

5.  Witchery Summer Soft scarf $19.95

6.  Country Road woven linen scarf $39.95

7.  Sportsgirl pretty tiger scarf $29.95

8.  Nancy Bird long scarf $95

Like anything you see?  Are you as obsessed about scarves as I am?  Do you have a favourite scarf?

And, lastly, check out this link … all I need is an Hermes or two!

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  1. Maybe a post on accessorising is the way to go? I struggle immensely with accessorising, what I should be adding, if I’m adding too much or the wrong type of accessory. This means I just don’t bother trying because I feel like I ruin a nice outfit by getting it wrong, but I’d still love to try because I know the right accessories will take that nice outfit to the next level making it a WOW outfit.

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  2. Hi Dina, you can actually apply many of the above ways to a Pashmina, simply by folding the pashmina in half length ways. You have a lovely weekend. When you master the knots, please let me know.

  3. Love the simple ways to wear a scarf. I actually have had several Pashmina’s given to me and I would love some tips on how to wear those!

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      Hi Dina, you can actually apply many of the above ways to a Pashmina, simply by folding the pashmina in half length ways. I’ll have a hunt around and see if I can find some links for you.

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  4. I have so many scarves I have a special scarf holder in my wardrobe 🙂

    It holds 30 scarves!!

    Anyway, along with the ones you have posted, Nikki, if it is a bit chillier and the scarf is more of a necessity I will fold it in half, pop it round my neck and thread to two loose ends through the halfway loop. Depending on how long the scarf is you still get the length, but doubled up is just that little bit warmer! You can also pull it tight or leave it loose.

    Have fun!

      1. Reverse Garbage at Wooloongabba currently has things that look like baby gates/cot sides for sale @ just 20c a rod. They’re made up in sections so could easily be hung inside a wardrobe/back of a door to hold scarves or a multitude of other things.

        Probably a bit far for you to come…but some others might be interested. RG has a FB page also.

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  5. I love scarves and it’s such an essential accessory in Winter to brighten up those dreary dark clothes we often wear. My absolute favourite is this pink scarf I have on most of the time. It’s great for adding that bit of colour to what I wear and compliments my red jacket too!

  6. Love a scarf! I do the same knots as you, also do one where you wrap it around your neck and then loop the long bits through each side at the front (works with silk/thinner fabric scarves), gives a little twist at each side.
    I am always trying to perfect the Elle MacPherson looks-effortless pashmina knot!

  7. I love scarves too, Nikki! They dress up tried and true basics like nothing else and are timeless yet also allow you to try new colours or trends without too much risk.

    I wear them in all sorts of ways too. Trying to master knots at the moment.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    SSG xxx

  8. Hi style queen

    I luuuurrve scarfs.

    I think I need to go to Scarf-a-holics anonymous! I invested in quite a few new ones this season (like I needed them!).

    I was going to do a blog post one day on all my scarfs….. think it would take too long to photograph!

    have a lovely day


  9. Love your red scarf. have been looking for a red one for a while – unsuccessfully.

    Have you head of Leigh and Luca? http://leighluca.com/index2.asp

    She was one of the twins in Nieghbours a billion years ago. Has gone on to bigger and better things.

    I regularly look at their scarves and lust after them.

    1. Hi Vicky, I got this red one at Trenery earlier this year. I love it. The colour, the fabric and the weight of it (very light). Heading over to check out Leigh and Luca. Thanks for the tip!

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