Nina Proudman Offspring fashion inspiration | Season 3 | Episode 12

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 13)

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You just know that you’re in for a classic Offspring episode when early in Nina lets out a clanger like this.

There’s a calendar on the wall

For those not in the picture, this was her phone response to Dr Patrick asking how she was. Peachy … and look, there’s a calendar. So it’s all good.

Except it’s not.

She’s maybe pregnant and carrying the good doctor’s baby.

And Billy’s worried about Mick and Rosanna … and poor, poor Zara, Jimmy and baby Alfie. Heartbreaking.

… enter stage left Clegg, his passionate proposal to Cherie, her equally passionate expletive in response and the abrupt end to his squash game and I’m in hysterics hoping we’ll see more of Clegg next season. Please.

Right, let’s get down to it. Nina’s outfit.

Channel TEN tells me that she was wearing an Antik Batik chiffon top, Acne jeans and those D.Co Copenhagen boots.

Here’s a little shopping inspiration for you:

Nina Proudman Offspring fashion inspiration | Season 3 | Episode 12

1. Leaves of Grass top £162.50 @ The Outnet | 2.  Country Road seamfree tank $29.95 | 3.  Indy C scarf $39.95 @ The Iconic | 4. Jeanswest skinny jeans $69.99 | 5. Lucky Star Jewels earrings $45 @ Marley Rose | 6. Florsheim Tina boots $149 @ The Iconic | 7. Low Luv by Erin Wasson necklace $159 at Style Tread 

These aqua blue colours will be everywhere this spring so this look will be easier to shop for once the new-season designs start dropping in store.

I know these posts are dedicated to Nina but do you mind if I pause to talk about Billie’s outfits in this episode? I was a little bit taken with them. You?

Billie Proudman - Offspring - Season Three, Episode 12: wears Kate Moss for Top Shop jacket

I very much like this jacket – it was bought in London, a Kate Moss for Top Shop piece.

Billie Proudman | Offspring | Season 3 | Episode 12 | Wearing vintage Isabella Toledo dress and Stella McCartney jacket

I LOVE this vintage Isabella Toledo print dress – yes, the pattern’s bold but when you work it back with a neutral jacket like this one from Stella McCartney, it works and suits Billie’s work personality. I wish I knew the brand of shoes … very much my colour 😉

Tell me, what are we going to do? There is only one more episode to go …

Want to play Nina catch-up?


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  1. Loved the little white/cream jacket Nina had on last nights episode, Wednesday 19th July. Any idea where thats from??

  2. Hi Nikki,
    I have just retrawled through your Offsprings posts and loving them all over again. I have been on the lookout for some Nina boots , but I am a size 10 and can not find any in my size! Do you have any other ideas?

    1. Hi Liz, as the winter fashion season has finished in Australia, you’ll probably have to either wait until March next year (when new drop of boots arrives … get in quick to get size 10s as they will have only ordered a minimum amount of these) or shop online now from overseas at or the like as they are just starting their autumn-winter collections.

  3. I have just found your blog and am loving it. I am a devoted Offspring fan…my hubby just shakes his head every time my phone rings her ring hehehehe. I have just bought a blue scarf the same as Nina’s in this ep at Just Jeans for $20.

  4. Great post Nikki – thank you! I am quite sure that I am going to go into a deep decline after next Wednesday. My 15 year old son is even a little interested – although would never admit it! Loving the fashion updates – now just need to work on the figure to go with it! Cheers Alex xx

  5. I would absolutely LOVE to know where I can buy the blue chifon Antik Batik top any ideas where this may be available? I have searched google no end 🙂
    Thanks so much

      1. Oh sob! LOL Thank you so much. I’m about to sit down with a cuppa and read through your back posts 🙂

  6. You’ve nailed it as always! I sat there last night after it finished and though, man they are good. I’ve never felt so emotionally connected to a tv series. The highs and the lows and everything in between. Love it! I’ve got a few of these items on my birthday wish list. Any idea where Nina’s bed linen may have come from? The scene where she was imagining Geraldine talking to her. Loved it! x

  7. That little chiffon jacket Nina wore?! I would kill for one! So. Damn. Pretty!!!! Also that shift dress that Billie wore=heaven!

    But really Nikki what will we do without Offspring? First The Voice, then The Block & now Offspring…I doubt I’ll watch any tv now 🙁

      1. Yes! Man, I loved that book when I was younger….”bit ya bum ya mole” still gets used by me & my BFF after all these years 🙂

      2. Oh! I loved seeing your piece on Mamamia today too! When I read the headline for the article I thought “Seriously, are they ripping Nikki’s ideas?!” and was all ready to write a comment about how you have been doing Nina articles for ages but there was no need 🙂

  8. Yes It was a good show last night funny when Clegg ran off being a slly man and so sad when baby Alfie got sick and Nina poor silly Nina,at her age you would think she had her birth control sorted ? I loved the turquoise colour she was wearing ,I will so be wearing that colour and Yes Billies wardrobe was stunning last night I also lusted after her jacket and that dress” gorgeous ‘,I would happily wear both.Those shoes were stunning too,I love Billies style as well,so sophisticated and chic,Yes Nikki I was very taken with her outfits last night LOVE !

  9. Clegg ending the squash game and running off like a nutter was hilarious.

    I thought Cherie’s response to the proposal was a bit forced and too overboard.

    And why, for the love of God, did everyone take one look at Nina and automatically assume she was pregnant. If she is, it’s only a couple of weeks and there would be no change to her boobs, talk about rubbish. That annoyed me.

    Did love her blouse, but then I love pretty much anything in the shade of blue.

  10. thank you so much for commenting on Billie’s outfit – watching it last night and and i was sending you brain waves – “please write about billie’s green/ black dress with the orange details” love love love it!! never since sex & the city has fashion taken up as much interest as the plot! thanks Nikki!!

  11. I loved Billie’s shoes- almost as much as Clegg’s phone call to call off the squash game- brilliant! In someways Clegg is like a male Nina blundering his way through his personal life, while holding down the job of a doctor. I think Cherie needs to marry him!

  12. I am not sure what I will do when it all ends- I will have to see about getting series one on dvd I think cause I only saw bits and pieces of it!
    Love the colour I have a shirt and scarf those colours in my wardrobe already so I am all set!

  13. Wow your good! Only my second week following u but I’m loving it! I don’t want it to end next week 🙁 waaaaaaa!! Anyway love the outfits tonight, better get me some aqua in my wardrobe 🙂

  14. After Red, and burnt orange this is my next favourite shade … aqua through to turquoise… Seeing those colours reminds me that its not going to stay cold forever … thank god!

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