The complete Styling You 2017 summer style guide

The complete Styling You 2017 summer style guide

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Editor’s note: The Styling You team is breaking from December 21 until, Monday January 15. I’ll still be popping in on Facebook and Instagram during this time. We wish you a beautiful and safe festive season. I’m spending Christmas at home but then we’re heading away for a two-week beach holiday. Bring that on. Thanks so much for being the best community on the internet. Your support for this space – and one another is mind-blowing. In 2018, Styling You celebrates 10 years on the internet. If you’d like to join us for that party, please keep Saturday, July 28 free (and plan a girls’ weekend in Brisbane!).

You know the feeling. You’ve barely been out of the (cold) shower for five minutes and the sweat has started to flow down your body in river-like proportions.

The thought of doing anything with your hair or putting makeup or clothes on has you sweating even more. 

Which is fine, if you don’t need to leave the house or pool or beach. Not so fine, if you need to pony up and head out anywhere in public. 

Summer is the trickiest of seasons to feel dressed up but I’m here to help with the complete Styling You 2017-2018 summer style guide. 

Bookmark this post and come back to it during the long, hot summer for inspiration, tips and tricks. 

2017 Styling You summer style guide

The complete Styling You 2017 summer style guide


Beauty maintenance takes on a whole new level of pain during summer. They key is to keep things minimal if you can. The only thing you shouldn’t cut back on? Sunscreen. No ramp that situation up. It’s hot out there.

THIS POST has all my tips and tricks for the summer season.

25 spring-summer beauty hacks to tackle the season in style Hair and Makeup by Jacqui Hutton


Accessories are very much a part of my minimalist summer beauty routine as they are powerful weapons of distraction. I’m a statement earring and slicked back hair kind of girl with a few fine jewellery pieces thrown in for good measure.

The IT bag of summer | 20 woven bags for fun summer outfitsMy bags are more relaxed in summer and once the party season is over I’m mostly wearing a comfortable flat. 

The below posts have a tonne of ideas for you on how to find the right mix of accessories for your summer wardrobe.

8 Australian fine jewellery brands I’m loving right now

20 woven bags for fun summer outfits

Summer’s 3 key accessories

Get your feet into shoes that support them this summer


We’re almost done for the party season but there will be a last blast over the next couple of weeks until the sun rises on January 1. If you’re still looking for outfits, then check out these post for suggestions on how to make that party purchase go the distance – long after the even it was bought for is over.

To read:

How to plan your summer event wardrobe

How to get smarter about what clothes you buy for the party season

Styling You x Motto | How to get smarter about what clothes you buy this festive season

Everyday Style

Even if you’re working through summer, what you wear every day takes on a more relaxed style. That’s very ok. The posts below will help you feel relaxed but also dressed for the day.

The off-the-shoulder trend is still alive and kicking. I know that many of you cannot wait to see it disappear. Me? I’ll mourn the hiding of my shoulders. It’s like having your arms covered but with nature’s air conditioning cooling you down via the top of your body. I’m asked almost daily about a strapless bra for wearing with off-the-shoulder anything and I answer it in THIS POST.

3 ways to wear shorts this summer: work, casual and eveningAnother clothing garment that can be polarising is the humble pair of shorts. I LOVE them and this is how I wear them. It’s just too damn hot most of summer to have anything longer on my legs. My legs are not perfect but they get me from A to B so I just stop the internal chatter and put them on.

Extra reading:

9-piece summer holiday capsule wardrobe

How to travel and lounge in style


The Acqua Brand long-sleeve rashguard | The Acqua Brand triangle bikini top and side tie pant | 15 swimsuit confidence commandments {SY Swimsuit Edition 2017}

Most women’s internal chatter is at fever pitch when it comes to throwing on a swimsuit and getting into the water. My annual swimsuit edition is something I spend a lot of time prepping for every year. I don’t mean prepping my body. I mean prepping my own mindset for photographing myself in a bunch of different swimsuits.

Swimsuits, rashies and cover-ups are what you’ll find me in over the next few weeks as I position myself pool or beachside.


Modibodi sensual brief

Summer is indeed a sticky situation. Keep as cool as you can from your underwear up.


Lucky enough to be heading away somewhere this summer? These tips and tricks and my Confessions of a Reformed Packer e-book will help.

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What to wear on a road trip 

15-piece summer cruising travel capsule wardrobe | what to pack for a cruise

So, tell me, how do you adapt your style for the summer months? What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without when the heat is on?

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  1. Thank you for the styling guide. I love to look stylish and different. Your tips are surely very useful for me. Women start preparing as the Summer approaches. Accessories have become an essential part of gaining more style and look. Many women buy ladies sunglasses and latest trend swimwear from Dollboxx. All these products enhance a women’s beauty. A women can look stylish by choosing these accessories.

  2. Having just found your blog, I’m so looking forward to being part of 2018’s SY community. Safe holidays, bring on the New Year

  3. I have written the girls weekend in my diary. Thanks for the extended notice. Merry Christmas Nikki and team, thanks for all you do

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  4. Merry Christmas! I love reading your posts because I too live in Queensland ( though quite a bit North from Brisbane) and I admire your style. Thank you! Hope you have a relaxing break xx

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  5. Wishing you and your family and beautiful Christmas Nikki and have a lovely beach break.Thank you for all you do for the blog and your everydaystyle community Xx

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  6. Happy and safe Christmas to you and your family Nikki! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this year and am loving the Facebook questions and comments! We’re all different shapes, sizes and ages but we all want to express ourselves to our friends and families as best as we can. My mum always said be true to yourself, be comfortable in your skin, always be polite and dress appropriately for the occasion. Looking forward to what 2018 brings for “Styling You”. Cheers

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  7. The one thing I can’t live without in summer is my custom blend foundation by Melli Cosmetics. I have added sunscreen to the blend and it makes all the difference when under the hot Australian sun. I also add sunscreen to the backs of my hands as I’m starting to notice sun spots. Thanks for all the advice this year – I’ve discovered a range of new brands to add to my wardrobe. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Merry Christmas Nikki, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Thank you for all the inspiration, entertainment and helping me improve my wardrobe. The one thing I can’t do without in summer is a hat, oh and sunnies! x

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