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Meet Modibodi: the underwear that’s changing women’s lives for the better

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We’re all friends here, yes? We can chat about just about anything, yes? Good. Glad we’re on the same page.

I’m a big believer in talking about all the things that affect us as women. I believe so-called unmentionables, women’s unmentionables, should be not only mentioned, they should be talked about loudly and often.

Why? Because women get periods. It’s a fact. It’s also a fact that our pelvic floors don’t always do the job they were designed to do. And we might also experience discharge. Fact. 

There is a substantial section of each supermarket dedicated to disposable products created to deal with each of those three female facts. But what if there was an alternative? A fashionable and sustainable alternative that helped women skip that supermarket aisle altogether, or at the very least, buy fewer items from that aisle?

That was just the thought that Modibodi creator Kristy Chong had when she experienced light bladder leakage following the birth of her second child. She thought, what if there was an underwear range that could absorb any leakage and draw it away without the need for a pad. 

Lucky for us, not only did she just not think about it, she acted on those thoughts and Modibodi began about this time four years ago.

Modibodi sensual brief

The product continues to be refined and improved. And the range continues to grow, and even includes period-and-leak-proof swimwear, perfect for the Aussie summer.

Modibodi Swim One Piece

Modibodi Swim One Piece (I’m in size 16)

In this post, I’m going to share some of my favourite Modibodi pieces, how they work, as well as some personal “unmentionable” stories, in the hope that if we all start mentioning our “lady leak” stories more often, it will normalise what is common in a women’s life.

The unmentionable mentioned

I may be 50 but my periods still come thick and fast every month. Like really thick and really fast. On Day 2, there isn’t a tampon out there that will keep me dry. I need reinforcement and insurance because all it takes is going from standing to sitting for there to be an almighty gush. According to my GP, this fast and furious flow situation is normal. As we get older, apparently our uterus sheds at a faster rate. Thanks uterus. 

Pre-Modibodi, I’d pad the problem, particularly on that day and overnight on Day 1 and Day 2. To be frank, wearing a pad is not comfortable. Wearing a light-moderate or heavy absorbency pair of Modibodi pants in black has been a superior option. I’ve saved money and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a pad. Comfort levels are high and they work a treat.

My other unmentionable? Bladder leakage.

This one came as a bit of a surprise to me as I thought I had it under control through some pretty consistent kegel work. But then, I started to learn to run, didn’t I? It was like I was back to square one.

There I was, shuffling along on my first run training session. About half-way in, I went up a very slight incline and low and behold, a sneaky wee came out. Wowzers, way to make a girl feel out of control. 

The leakage situation has improved as my running has improved but I don’t risk it any longer. I wear the active brief light-moderate absorbency. They feel really comfortable on, sit well under my tights or shorts and I just relax a bit more, knowing that if the unmentionable that I’ve just mentioned happens, I’ll be dry.

Modibodi Active Brief

Modibodi Active Brief (I’m in size 14)

How it works

There are two types of technology behind the Modibodi range.

The first is Modifier technology, which features a super-slim, 3mm-thick liner in the gusset of the pants. The three layers in the liner work together to keep you dry. The top layer wicks away the moisture, fights bacteria and stops smells; the middle layer safely absorbs fluid (2.5-15mls) and locks it away; the bottom layer is extra waterproof protection.

The second is Modifier Air technology. The underwear in this collection feature the moisture-wicking layer, which combined with moisture-wicking fabrics, keeps you feeling fresh and sweat-free all day.

Deciding which Modibodi underwear is right for you comes down to what absorbency you require.

If you’re simply looking for breathability, then the Modifier Air technology brief are for you. If you’re looking for full support in a period or bladder leakage situations, then go for light-moderate or heavy absorbency. For period backup to a tampon, then super light or light-moderate absorbency will work for you. 

Whatever the absorbency, the brilliant thing is how they feel when they’re on. It doesn’t feel like there is a massive, thick pad between your legs. You know the ones? The ones you need in hospital after giving birth? The ones that feel like there’s a mattress between your legs? URRGHH.

They don’t even feel like a regular, ultra-thin pad. They feel like a panty liner but more comfortable because the liner is built into the underwear.

All Modibodi underwear is made from either bamboo, sports merino or microfibre fabrics – these antimicrobobial fibres offer a soft, comfortable fit as well as breathability.

Modibodi Classic brief

Modibodi Classic brief (I’m in size 14)

The range

You can shop either by collection or by protection, with underwear suitable for wearing under any outfit. Choose from seam-free, classic, lace and activewear styles. I love that practical and useful does not have to mean boring.

Black is the most predominant colour and what you’d be looking for in a period-proof underpant but a nude and other fashion colours (new colours have just been released) make up the rest of the collection for non-period days.

Sizing ranges from pre-teens through to women’s size 8-26 in some styles. Sizing is true to size.

You can buy singly but I love the option of buying in a bundle pack – a great way to get started on the Modibodi train.

There are maternity options and even packs for teen girls. I wish I’d had access to something like this as a teenager. Or had been able to pass on to my own daughter.

Modibodi sensual brief

Modibodi sensual brief (I’m in size 14)


Modibodi has 2 x $125 prize pack to give away.

To enter, head on over to the Modibodi Facebook page.  Look for the link to this blog post on the Modibodi page. Comment on your favourite style for a chance to win.

Entries for Australia only. Ends Friday, November 17.

 Modibodi sensual brief

Modibodi classic full brief

So, tell me, have you tried Modibodi underwear? Have you got an “unmentionable” story that really should be mentioned to make a sister feel “normal”? Share in the comments below.


New to Modibodi? Save 10% off your first purchase (excludes clearance items and bundle packs).

Enter: nikkilovesmodibodi at checkout. Offer ends November 30, 2017.

Comments 29

  1. The swimwear looks awesome but so do the sensual range. I detest being a nearly 40 year old who is scared to run and jump since having my bubs. I’m a physio and recommend ModiBodi to lots of clients- maybe it’s time I took the plunge myself!

  2. I’ve been wondering about Modibodi for a while now. They sound miraculous. Are there any special washing requirements? I would find them fantastic with my menstrual cup because sometimes I just can’t get it in right.

    An initiative like this could really change the lives of women in developing countries too!

    1. Hi Emmi,
      Even though Modibodi undies are special ( we think they are!), They wash just like regular underwear. We actively support a wide range of organisations and have our own campaign to help women in need as well. All information can be found on our website.

  3. I haven’t tried Modibodi knickers as yet, I love the look of the sensual hi-waist bikini in the heavy-overnight range. The ‘sneaky wee’, had to have a laugh and if I laugh or sneeze or cough too much, well you get the drift!

  4. Such a great idea and I will give them a go. I’m 53 and beyond periods (HOORAY!!! I never complain about menopause) but have always had a bit of discharge. For years I’ve worn knicker liners but stopped this year as I felt terrible at all those liners going into landfill. So just change knickers a bit more often… will definitely try these.

    Great to read your full and frank account and trial – we need to be loud and unashamed about our bodies, for our daughters sake.

  5. I haven’t tried Modibodi but have been desperate to try after two babies.

    But, really I’d love to win for my mother. She is seriously ill in hospital with abdominal issues – just had major surgery with 176cm of intestines removed due to complications with Crohn’s disease – and not having to worry about changing pads so regularly for the bladder issues she has suffered for 30 years after three babies would make me so happy. Just to ease a little bit of her discomfort would be so wonderful.

  6. Not yet tried modibodi, but very keen to try a more environmentally friendly option!

    My ‘unmentionable’ story was when i was pregnant with baby no. 2, and toilet training baby no. 1. Baby no. 1 was running around sans-nappy when a sneaky poop escaped, and was lost in the knotty patina of our pine floorboards. When my husbands bare foot came into contact with the rogue poop, i collapsed into a fit of laughter… and a puddle of my own urine. Thankyou pelvic floor. And thankyou husband who cleaned up after us both 🙂

  7. Thanks Nikki – a supportive and necessary blog about an issue that affects so many women. So impressed was I that I headed over to MB’s website and updated my undies collection! Just like that! too easy and so much more enjoyable that trawling through racks and racks at the shops.

  8. Great post and wonderful to see people responding. I think Modibodi undies will be so handy for when I next travel. I rarely get colds but on a recent overseas bus tour, I struggled to manage after I got a persistent cough. Very stressful worrying about LBL on top of annoying everyone with my cough. This is a much better solution than trying to find supplies in a foreign country when your bus is leaving early the next morning. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sara,

      Modibodi is perfect for traveling.
      Easy to wash and wear while on the run! We’ve even heard Modibodi has made it all the way to Mount Everest on an expedition!

  9. I have not tried Modibodi but would love the opportunity – even after bladder adjustment surgery those sneaky wee moments happen usually at the gym Thank you Nikki for your honesty and huge thanks to Modibodi for your generosity

  10. Thank you Nikki, I utilised the sale code.
    Just ordered a few pairs to trial pre my Xmas trip to Europe for the menopausal sneaky wee issue.
    Love the above comment by Belinda, that these female inventions alter quality of life for the better so many women across the age spectrum about issues that our normal body functions that unfortunately can embarrass us.

  11. My periods aren’t as committed to the calendar as I am, so I’ve been using these for a while and love them. I also feel much more confident in my yoga poses that if my concentration on the pelvic floor slips while I negotiate Warrior Two, my Modibodi’s have got me covered. 🙂

  12. I just thought these were for dealing with periods, not really an issue for me now, but I didnt even think of the “sneaky wee” issue, & after 4 kids thats an issue! Regardless of kegals, the odd leak can slip out with the help of an unexpected sneeze or fit of laughter! I might have to invest.
    Thanks Nikki.

  13. Hi Nikki
    I’m glad you have found Modibodi! I have a 14 year old daughter with an intellectual disability. She has always had little issues with timing when it comes to toileting. She then hit puberty!!! I found Modibodi undies for her over 12 months ago and it has completely transformed her life and mine! We now have a safe guard knowing that her Modibodi undies take care of a little bladder leakage. Periods use to be a stressful time with me trying to insist on her keeping her pad in normal undies. No more stess and anxiety. Even her toileting as improved because she is not giving herself a hard time over a little accident!
    I’m converted! I also wear them on a regular basis and for periods! They are so comfortable.
    I’m so glad I found Kristy Chong and her Modibodi Undies!

  14. Nikki, I just love this post and the idea behind these pants. Despite three years of Pilates and countless Kegals I can only run first thing in the morning or the ‘sneaky wee’ does its sneaky thing. I love the idea of a pair of pants that will make running at the end of the day, when I most want to unwind, something both possible and comfortable for me. Thanks so much for mentioning the unmentionables!

    1. Post
  15. Hi Nikki, what a great idea. I had a giggle at ‘sneaky wee’ I know just how you feel! Will check the range out. Happy Friday x

    1. Post
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