25 spring-summer beauty hacks to tackle the season in style

25 spring-summer beauty hacks to tackle the season in style

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I don’t know about you but winter is a whole lot easier on the beauty maintenance front. I mean EVERYTHING is pretty much covered up, yes? Out of sight; out of mind and all that.


Then spring arrives. The layers come off. And with that de-layering comes the realisation that they’re not going back on in a hurry. 


We talk a lot here about style and clothing and accessory choices for a new season but our skin, hair and nails go to making up the complete outfit. 

Now, I know, everyone’s level of beauty maintenance differs from the next person. Someone’s version of high maintenance is another’s low. For some of us (new mums I’m looking at you because I’ve been there three times), getting a daily shower is as about as high maintenance as it gets.

Some of us are skilled DIYers. Me? I’m not afraid to outsource maintenance to someone who is going to do a way better job than I could ever hope to do.

The below 25 spring-summer beauty hacks are not going to be for everyone. What it is is a list of beauty ideas and tips I employ to feel stylish when the heat is on, as well as ideas for getting your beauty routine and products sorted at home.

Let’s get stuck in, shall we? This is a long post with lots of links to summer beauty posts I’ve previously written – you may want to bookmark it and come back to it often throughout the season.

25 spring-summer beauty hacks to tackle the season in style

25 spring-summer beauty hacks

1. Take stock of your current skincare products. Have you got half-full tubs and tubes of products you haven’t used for a year? Chances are you’re not going to in the next six months. Only keep what you’re using and if you’re not happy with your current regime, consider swapping it out. Our skin changes over the years. Advice from a salon professional is always a great idea.

2. Book yourself in for a facial. Or start hinting strongly to all possible Christmas gift buyers that this is what you’d like under the tree on December 25. They are good for your skin and for your sanity. And if you choose a skin therapist who knows her stuff, you’ll get amazing results and advice on improving your skin. This is my favourite facial treatment combination.

Styling You - Dermalogica IonActive Power

3. Ditch last year’s opened sunscreens. Yes, sunscreen formulas include preservatives to keep them active but if your sunscreens spend their time in the sun at the beach or on the deck by the pool, chances are they are not going to be as effective as they should be. 

4. Find a sunscreen you’re happy to apply every day under makeup and with dressed up outfits. I find the lighter formulations are ideal for this. They still have the SPF you need but don’t feel icky and sticky. These are the ones I’m more likely to splurge on. My faves: Dermalogica AGE smart dynamic skin recovery SPF50; Dermalogica protection 50 sport spf50

Hamilton Sensitive SPF50+ | Dermalogica protection 50 sport SPF50

5. For outdoor activities, find a sunscreen that your budget allows you to buy in bulk. I’m talking pump pack near the pool or multiple spray applicators for the beach bag. My fave: Hamilton Sensitive SPF50+

6. Have an after-sun product on hand should your best sun-safe intentions let you down. My fave: Hamilton Sunburn Relief and Repair

7. Edit your makeup kit. Makeup has use by dates and it’s especially important to turn over products like eyeliner and mascara every few months to avoid potential irritation or infection. Consider how you store your makeup. Is it easy to see what you have so you use those products more frequently?

8. On non-event or work days, keep your makeup to a minimum. For many this means not applying a thing and that’s ok. Me? I like a little evening out of the complexion with a CC or BB cream, an illuminator on the cheeks, a slick of mascara and a lip gloss on the lips. Quick and super easy but makes me feel fresh for the start of the day. Here’s one of my simple, summer makeup routines (I’ve updated that post to include links to the products I’m using now).

9. For event and work, it might be a full face of makeup you want. In these cases apply in a cool, non-humid environment, opt for a long-stay foundation, start with a primer (this goes on after your moisturiser and before your foundation, acting like velcro between your skin and foundation) and end with a setting powder (in Dim Light) and makeup setting spray. This combines to give your makeup its best possible chance at lasting the day.

25 spring-summer beauty hacks to tackle the season in style Hair and Makeup by Jacqui Hutton

Hair and Makeup by Jacqui Hutton | Lipstick colour: ModelRock Liquid to Matte Lipstick in Major Betsy (new summer fun fave!)

10. Master the art of applying false eyelashes. I LOVE false eyelashes – and the effect they have on a makeup look for events or photography. But I also love someone else putting them on. I used to sucked at doing them myself. Not any more. Sarah Baker (aka the woman behind Sarah Jean Lasheschallenged me to give her kit a go. Now, I’ve always got a set on hand for when I’m doing my own makeup for an event or occasion.

11. Get colour matched for your foundation. Skin tones can change and foundations are improving their formulas all the time. Try a new foundation and get help matching to your skin tone. You want it to look like you’re not wearing anything, that it just presents a more even image of what your natural skin looks like. Hot tip: if you get regular spray tans through summer, get colour matched to when you have your tan on. I’ve got two foundations from the same brand – one colour for non-spray tan days; another for spray tan days.

12. Buy a new lippie. Nothing cheers you up more in the makeup department that a fresh lip colour. Try something new – something that offers a pop of colour. Then wear it often. Faves: I’m in love with ModelRock liquid lipstick in Major Betsy, introduced to me by my one of my makeup artists, Dale Dorning (Hair Beauty Guru) for a fun orange/red pop. For an everyday nude gloss, I’ve been in mourning ever since Mecca Cosmetica stopped stocking the Bare Minerals Marvellous Moxie lipgloss range (specifically Spark Plug – my eternal fave shade). But rejoice! I’ve found a way to stock up. Also, I haven’t minded Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminiser for its colour but Marvellous Moxie has a yummier formula.

13. Create your own glow. I’m not talking of the perspiring kind, I’m talking with illuminators. I cannot get enough of them. I’m no Kim Kardashian in anything but particularly the contouring front but I do always finish the top of my cheekbone with a swish of illuminating goodness. Faves: Glindawand Cosmetica cheek colour (pictured below in Ophelia – the perfect combo of blush and illuminator in one product, great for streamlining your makeup routine) and Erin Bigg Cosmetics Illuminating Powder in 24K Peach; and this limited edition palette which I hope and pray will come back this Christmas.

Glindawand Cosmetica Cheek Colour in Ophelia

Glindawand Cosmetica Cheek Colour in Ophelia (how amazing are these 24CT gold-plated brushes?!!)

14. Frame your face with perfect brows. There is nothing like a good brow tidy and tint to make your face come to life. My new brow queen is Georgia at G&Co Beauty Boutique. Her work is AMAZING. For filling and taming my brows in between, my current fave product is this one.

15. Book a makeup consultation. There is always something new to learn. Either choose your favourite makeup counter or book in with a professional makeup artist for a one-on-one lesson. Time it for a day that you have a special occasion or event. If booking at a makeup counter, time it for when you need a new foundation as often the fee is redeemable on product. 

25 spring-summer beauty hacks to tackle the season in style hair and makeup by Dale Dorning (Hair Beauty Guru) at Arc Creative

16. Try a spray tan. I’m a regular in this department. I feel more confident in spring/summer clothes with a tan. If trying for the first time, don’t do it just before an event – do it as a trial when the pressure is not there for it to look perfect. All my tips on the subject are here (this post has been updated with what I’m doing now).

17. Switch out your body moisturiser for gradual tan. Don’t want to go down the salon route when it comes to fake tanning? Gradual tan is pretty much fool proof. Apply every day and exfoliate it all off every couple of weeks. Fave: The Bronzer Gradual Tan 

18. Need colour in a hurry? Opt for an instant tan formula. These are genius and can give just the right amount of colour you need. They won’t come off until you shower. Fave: The Bronzer Instant Tan (also coming soon to the Styling You Shop)

19. Consider a new cut or colour. Many people choose to make radical changes to their hair with a fresh season. I’m all for change but do think it over and talk to your hairdresser about it. Trust their input. A good hairdresser will encourage change but will guide you gently towards it. After a year of being short on one side, I’m enjoying a slightly longer length and being “even” again!

20. Embrace the professional blow dry. Our nanas were on to something with their weekly “sets” at the hair dressers. Get a blow dry for an occasion, treat your investment carefully and you’ll get up to a week out of your ‘do (I’ve updated this post with what I’m doing now). You’ll need one of these.

Louvelle Shower Turban | Styling You Shop

Louvelle Shower Turban

21. Tame the mane. A keratin smoothing treatment will save you so much time in the hair styling department – and keep your hair in fabulous non-bouffy condition all season long. I’ve just had my first one in a while – as my hair was short last year – and have been reminded why I love them! Best hair time saver ever. 

22. Treat your feet with a pedicure. Get all the gear to do it at home or book in with the professionals. I find I can get about a month out of a pedicure during the open-toed shoe season. Fave new nail polish: FRANKiE4 Nail Polish – a 7-free, cruelty-free formula that lets your nails breathe

FRANKiE4 Nail Polish - 7-free, cruelty-free, breathable

23. Give your nails a holiday. This one is for me – it might be for you too. I’m a shocker at getting back-to-back Shellacs with my manicures but I try and time in rest, rehabilitation and Revitanail.

24. Commit to getting more sleep on a regular basis. I know it’s a tough one for most of us but the we do wear it on our face when the sleep bank is in deficit. If you have an iPhone, then enlist the help of the Bedtime function in your Timer app. It gives you a gentle reminder to go to bed 30 minutes before the bed time you’ve set and then a gentle alarm wakes you at the time you’ve set. You can set it to only apply Monday to Friday. YAY. I love to top up my sleep bank on a weekend.

25. Too much water will not be enough. Your skin, lips, hair needs this even more in the summer months – not to mention the post-seasonal-Champagne hydration. Keep a water bottle or jug and glass on hand at all times. 

PHEWW. That’s some list. I’m even tired and I attend to most this list across a season. Now, of course, none of the above is in any way compulsory but maybe there are one or two things on this spring-summer beauty list that you’d like to embrace or change up this season?

Do you have any more tips to add? Found a beauty product of late that you just have to share with us.

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  1. Great post Nikki. As a busy Mum to 3 living in a rural area I am going to use this list as a fun thing to check off (when I can throughout summer). One day I will have my beauty game on point, but it will be slow and fun this year. Thanks Xxx

  2. Hey Nikki, do those turbans protect your hair for a quick dip in the pool (head out of water)? We are filling our new pool as we speak and all I can think of is how much more hair styling/washing I will have to do

    1. Post
  3. Some great tips here. Funnily enough, I’m off for a blow-dry today for an event I’m going to tomorrow! I’ve just discovered the power of a brow tint recently & I think it’ll be something I’ll be getting done on a semi-regular basis as without it I look like I have half-brows. It’s taken a bit of getting used to (I felt like Cara Delevingne at first – or Groucho Marx), but I like the effect. Next stops on the beauty train: popping my fake tan & highlighter wearing cherries…

  4. Love your beauty tips, Nikki always a good excuse to try something new. This year I’ve discovered the power of the brow tattoo and eyelash extensions. Absolutely love both of these and in the area of skincare I’ve had three microdermabrasion treatments that I’ve really really liked and will definitely book in for regular treatments at my local salon. The beauty therapist recommended a 30+ mineral tint by Ocosmedics that I’m looking forward to trialing. Now all we need is sun in Melbourne!

  5. Hi Nikki, personally I can’t wait for this year to be over. With the mad run up to the end of the year I am waiting to breathe a huge sigh of relief. I would like to do absolutely every single thing on this list! I’ve had a horror six months, my brother passed away in June, plus my Mum has been in hospital three times over the last month and a half. I haven’t had time for a hair cut or brow wax, would love to sit down somewhere quiet and have a pedicure! I was supposed to go to Bali last week, but opted to stay home with Mum and Dad. So I had a brand new Mecca To Save Face ready to take, opened it yesterday and slathered myself in it. Great post x

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      Oh Kathryn, I knew something must have been up. I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss and your mum’s ill health. You are a beautiful woman and I hope that you find that huge breath soon. Sending you the biggest of virtual hugs xx

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