Styling You X Birdsnest summer holiday capsule wardrobe | Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Styling You X birdsnest 9-piece summer holiday capsule wardrobe

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Whenever I talk about a capsule wardrobe (and we do talk about a capsule wardrobe A LOT around here), I do so not to limit what pieces you might have in your wardrobe but to offer up a little structure.

Why structure? With a little structure, thought and mindfulness, it’s so much easier to build a wardrobe that works for you – for the everyday, special occasions and travel.

The lovely Wardrobe Wingbirds at birdsnest know their way around a lifestyle capsule or two (check out the birdsnest capsule wardrobes HERE)

They know that mastering the capsule wardrobe concept is about simplifying the “what to wear” question. Birdsnest capsules are shoppable by style personality and lifestyle.

The birdnest Wardrobe Wingbirds set me a challenge to create a 9-piece summer holiday capsule wardrobe, a mix of pieces that can be packed for just about any holiday escape this season.

This challenge could not have come at a more perfect time for me. We’re heading away after Christmas for two weeks at the beach – in two different locations, one of which includes a road trip. 

Space will be at a premium – and that’s when a travel capsule wardrobe really comes into its own. With a little forethought and planning, you can use that tight packing space to your advantage.

In this post, I’ll talk you through how I create a capsule wardrobe. I’ll share why I’ve chosen these nine pieces – all from birdsnest’s own labels – and I’ll give you the opportunity to win $250 towards a summer holiday capsule wardrobe of your own.

9-piece summer holiday capsule

Whether you’re holidaying at the beach, in a city or in a regional part of Australia, effortless and relaxed are key to our summer holiday style.

The hot weather usually dictates this but it’s also that feeling that (almost) everyone is taking a break. It’s like we get to take a collective sigh and let out the breath we didn’t know we were holding all year.

Easy-care; easy-wear garments are key. It’s all about the loose and lovely with a little bit of relaxed structure for shape. 

Styling You X Birdsnest 9-piece summer holiday capsule wardrobe

1. bird keepers The Mid Length Tee dress $69.95 (I’m in 12 – for a less streamlined look stick to your regular size)

2. that bird label Theresa Off The Shoulder dress Magnolia $149.95 (I’m in 14)

3. bird keepers The Pintuck Back tank $39.95 (I’m in 14 but could have worn 12)

4. boho bird Cruising Cotton shorts $69.95 (I’m in 14)

5. boho bird Secret Garden blouse $129.95 (I’m in 14)

6. bird keepers The Drawstring Chambray skirt $79.95 (I’m in 14)

7. bird keepers The Waist Tie pant $79.95 (I’m in 14)

8. boho bird Runaway top $39.95 (I’m in 14)

9. boho bird Crazy About You kimono $139.95 (I’m in 14) 

How to create a capsule wardrobe

Whenever I’m creating a travel capsule wardrobe, I start with my tried-and-true formula of:

  • 2 x dresses
  • 3 x tops
  • 3 x bottoms
  • 1 x outer layer

Then, I add in accessories, shoes (for summer, I suggest a slide, a pair of sneakers and a sandal/wedge) and destination-specific items (like a swimsuit) to work back with those pieces.

Any capsule clothing selection I make is not random. It’s a finely tuned jigsaw puzzle. It’s usually based on a neutral colour palette, with one or two accent colours. The foundation pieces are wardrobe basics but I always include a show-pony piece or two for interest.

The key to having those nine pieces all work for you – especially when away from home – is that they all should work with each other. Another key to having a capsule wardrobe go the distance for you is choosing pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the shoe or accessory choice. 

All the tops need to work back with all the bottoms. This in itself gives you nine different outfit combinations. Add in the dresses and you’ve got a multitude of combinations to work with. I’m sharing six of those looks below.

6 outfits for your summer holiday

A summer holiday calls for basics that keep you cool. This striped tank and cotton shorts outfit does just that. I love that each of these pieces can also be dressed up. Add the kimono jacket and swap the sneaker for sandals for an out-to-lunch look.

Outfit 1: Styling You X Birdsnest summer holiday capsule wardrobe | Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

I’m loving this show-pony piece below. It’s a clever top that will work back with all my chosen “bottoms” but it brings colour and interest to the capsule, thanks to the embroidery. I’ve shown it here with the skirt but add it to the shorts or navy pant with a sandal and it’s immediately dressed up.

Outfit 2: Styling You X Birdsnest summer holiday capsule wardrobe | Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

I love a cami/kimono combo for summer. The kimono offers both outfit interest and a little sun protection without the sweat factor. I’ve worked the combo back here with my fave pant style from bird keepers. I’ve got these pants in white and the cut is just so flattering. They work with sneakers or heels/wedges too.

Outfit 3: Styling You X Birdsnest summer holiday capsule wardrobe | Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

I do love heading out for dinner or a long lunch when on holidays and that calls for a show-pony dress. A maxi-style works for me on holidays, as it looks as dressed up without heels as it does with them. Undo the tie on this beauty and add a slide and you’re set for a relaxed but stylish lunch.

Outfit 4: Styling You X Birdsnest summer holiday capsule wardrobe | Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

A t-shirt dress is always there for you. Throw it on over your swimsuit. Dress it up with a statement necklace or earrings for dinner. Pop it on with sneakers to do a coffee run. I tell you, the tee dress is a trooper.

Outfit 5: Styling You X Birdsnest summer holiday capsule wardrobe | Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

You can even take it out for evening cocktails. Add a kimono and heels and you’re good to go. Or use it as a skirt with the embroidered top worn over it (see extra looks below).

Outfit 6: Styling You X Birdsnest summer holiday capsule wardrobe | Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Here’s a look at a few more outfits I created from my nine-piece summer holiday capsule wardrobe. 

Birdsnest X Styling You Capsule Wardrobe



Birdsnest has one $250 gift card to give away to one Styling You reader to put towards her own summer capsule. To enter, leave an answer to the following question in the comments’s section below:

Tell us what would be in a capsule wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and personality? What would you call that capsule?

Entries open on Friday, November 24, 2017 at 5am (AEST) and close on Friday, December 8, 2017 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. The winners will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

Photography: The Photo Pitch; Hair and Makeup: Dale Dorning/Arc Creative

Comments 111

  1. For my casual existence by wardrobe would be:
    Jeans – black and blue
    Pants – formal black
    Tee – 1 nautical blue/white, 1 silky cream, 1 digitally printed with a colourful graphic
    Dress – one wrap-around in black.
    Jacket – black and classical

    With a plain backdrop, the action is then all in my bold, colourful shoes, bags, pendants and scarves!

  2. I’d love the versatility of the kimono. Something stunning with a dress for dinner but equally chic with shorts for lunch!

  3. I am terrible when it comes to shopping for myself. I can not seem to master any style and often will buy something cheap to see me through because I hate clothes shopping. I definitely need a capsule and would call it “My Safety Net” because with the help from Birdnest clothes surely I can’t go wrong!

  4. My capsule would be called creative corporate. I love vintage and boho looks, colour and pattern but need to reign it in for the office and have things that actually go together!
    My capsule would find some balance between the two. I’d leave the exact content to the experts!

  5. “Go With The Flow”
    I’d choose a long soft colourful kaftan that I could style in many different ways
    Capri pants
    Mid-length denim shorts
    Long flowy skirt
    Tank top
    Short colourful kaftan
    Wide-brimmed floppy hat
    Soft wrap that can double as a sarong.

  6. My capsule wardrobe
    Beach boho
    1 x t shirt dress maxi black
    1 wrap dress blue
    1 x peasant top white
    1 x singlet top blue
    1 x t shirt top blue/white
    1 x 3/4 pants black/blue
    1 x gypsy skirt blue/white/purple
    1 x shorts chambry in blue
    1 x compression jogging pants
    1 x fullpiece swimmers
    1x sarong
    1 x joggers
    1 x slides
    1 x wedges
    Statement necklace
    Gold chain belt
    Gypsy scarf
    Hoop earrings
    White wrap kimono jacket

  7. YaYa for Birdnest. I’ve started to create my capsule wardrobe so I’ve got the basics done and dusted. However, it’s time to add some of Ruby Yaya items I’ve bookmarked to add some creativity and colour.

  8. Everyone’s capsules sound great!
    I need comfortable outfits that can get me from work to home and make me feel great that includes:
    2 dresses
    1 wide loose pants
    1 long pant
    2 skirts
    3 tops
    1 jacket or ‘throw’
    My capsule is a ‘Get the job done’ but isn’t too formal as I’m on my feet a lot and meeting people. Mixes foundation black and white pieces with ‘colour and movement’. Clothes arent too tight or restrictive but comfortable. I juggle being a mum and being a worker and I can still be fun right?

  9. Work to Fun
    3 dresses
    2 pants
    3 shirts
    1 shirt
    1relaxed jacket
    I work in our business and do not need to wear formal work wear to work and I would love to have more pieces that would be good for work but also transfer then to after school with the kids in town for tennis or swimming etc!

  10. Gym to Gin capsule!

    Activewear essentials.
    Skinny jeans
    2 x tees
    2 x singlets/tanks
    A white boho style top
    T-shirt dress
    Maxi dress
    Chambray shorts and skirt

    Basically I finish at the gym at 7am then need outfits that keep me presentable and practical until I declare gin o’clock!

  11. I would call my capsule the “Boho Blue Space”: A place where I can go to relax, reflect and be creative and being a coastie, reflects my love of enjoying relaxing and indeed volunteering in and around the ocean as a “clubbie” and with Marine Rescue. My wardrobe to escape to the Blue Space to chillax would naturally enough, feature a lot blue and include the following key pieces:
    My Tops
    1. “Essence of Love” Blouse by Boho Bird
    2. “Shoulder to Shoulder” Top By Boho Bird
    3. “Hamptons@ Top by Brave and True
    My Bottoms
    1. “Always there for me” Boyfriend Jean by Boho Bird
    2. “True to you” denim skirt by Boho Bird
    3. “White waterfront” pant by Brave & True
    My frocks
    1. “Rhapsody” Maxi by Lula Soul
    2. “Suzi” White dress by Lazybones
    My layer/s
    “Brooke” Jacket by Lazybones
    or a Boho Bird denim jacket

  12. I would call it “A stitch in time saves 9”

    I am a work from home mum of 4. I like casual clothing that is plain in colour with a little feature such as detailing on a sleeve or a frill.

    jeans/jeggings so 2-3 pairs of different colours. These are my go to item that I wear 90% of the time

    A black and a white plain tee

    2-3 blouses – 1 with pattern and the others plain with detailing

    1 wrap dress
    1 pair of denim shorts
    1 midi summer dress

    Ballet flats or detailed sandal for shoes and a pair of sandshoes.

    I am not a fan of jewellery

  13. Oh dear!!!
    If I could ever possibly create a capsule… bahaaa *spits drink out*… I would call it ‘The Sanity Saver Capsule’.
    If I were to be able to use it for holidays also it may be renamed ‘The Husbands Back Saving Capsule’. (Think he’d greatly appreciate it after I packed 3 full size suitcases for our road trip around half of Australia… eeek… did I just admit that?!

    Here goes… my ideal capsule should hopefully make me feel comfortable & confident for a multitude of occasions & consist of:
    1 x Jeans
    1 x Shorts
    1 x Black Pants
    1 x Sleeveless Top
    1 x Boho Top
    1 x T-Shirt
    1 x Cover Up
    1 x Dress
    1 x Jacket

    Oh, how simple life could be… 🙂

  14. “Mumma in a flash!” by the time I’ve dressed my oldest for school, made sure lunches are packed, sunscreen is on, teeth are brushed, wees are done, I have to whizz around like a flash getting myself ready. My capsule would include lots of dresses as there is only one step to throwing them on. Maxis are the best as they cover my legs which probably haven’t been de-haired since before my second boy was born 18 months ago!

  15. Love your capsule Nikki and Am happy to say you ignited in me a love of kimonos. My capsule would definitely include one And my capsule would be called ‘40 something & fabulous’

  16. Era unknown. Due to an inability to throw things out, a slight obsession with op shops and a propensity for costume parties, mine world be hard to define. Featuring 80s shorts, tie dye shirts and a Tintin outfit.

  17. We’re doing something a little different these holidays. We’ll be spending XMas at sea and island hopping in the South Pacific. This will be so hard to take: poolside cocktails, sublime beaches, going out for ‘dinner and a show’ every night as well as lots of fun at dress-up parties. My cruise holiday capsule needs to be extremely flexible; any dresses, skirts, shorts and tops I’ll take need to work hard for me to be dressed down and up for multiple occasions. Oh yes, and then there will be the Chrissy celebrations on board as well… Nikki’s formula is a great starting point with additional sparkle and pizazz pieces, bathers, sarongs and lots of accessories. Oh and the name for my capsule: “Adventures on the high seas capsule” of course!

  18. My capsule ’rounding up the troops’ would be full of very light airy items with lots of bright colours. Perfect for chasing around my 6 kids and the dreaded Qld summer.

  19. My capsule, called “Visiting the kids- one hot mumma”, for when we travel from 4-seasons SA to Brisbane to visit our children (who moved there), where I inevitably swelter!! (One reason not to move there…)
    I would use exactly your 6 outfits holiday capsule (thank you soooo much!!) though exchanging the skirt for navy 3/4 pants.(My legs will stand only so much scrutiny in public!!)
    Being in my late 60s,and still VERY interested in clothes…and shoes…and bags…and earrings…and bracelets, I struggle to find comfortable clothes that excite me and go well together. Your site is amazing!!

  20. Something for nights out like a black dress
    Something for days in like a denim skirt and cotton top
    Something for work like a floral semiformal dress
    Something to keep me warm like a cardigan that matches all outfits
    Something like what you show on your site!

  21. My capsule would be called ‘Fake it ‘Til You Make It’ and would contain bright colours and vibrant prints to distract people from my tired eyes and messy hair. The other title for it would be ‘Five Kids Is A Lot Please Shout Me A Coffee’

  22. My Capsule Wardrobe would be the “Up and Go Office Mum” I’m a working Mum of two, so I need to get up and get moving out the door to get school drop off sorted and to work on time. It would definitely have a pair of stretch straight leg black pants, grey trousers and a navy pencil skirt. A simple white shirt, a gingham blouse (most likely navy and white) and a solid navy flowy blouse. A black blazer and a simple black pinafore dress that I could wear alone or with the tops underneath would complete my “up and go office Mum” capsule wardrobe

  23. I would want a capsule that encompassed a season. So for summer I would want a capsule that had everything from bathers to summer cardies. The pieces would be elegant, easy to wear with quality fabrics that made me feel properly dressed, no matter what the occasion.
    I would call my capsule for summer “Simply Summer”.

  24. What a great post & I love your suggestions Nikki! Birdsnest is my go-to fashion site, I particularly love their use of models of a range of sizes 🙂

    My capsule would be called “California Girl” and would go something like this (to the tune of The Beach Boys’ song):

    “Well Fee is really struggling
    She ain’t got a thing to wear
    She’s shed the baby weight after six long years
    Done her nails & cut her hair.

    But a family trip is looming to the land of red, white & blue
    She wants to knock ’em out with her new style
    She knows just what she needs to do …

    I wish for 3 dresses for California
    I wish for sexy bathers for California
    I wish to fit right in with California girls

    Fee wants to look back on this trip
    With a great big sense of pride
    She wants the photos to show how far she’s come
    She wants to dress how she feels inside.

    I wish for floaty tops for California
    I wish for Birkenstocks for California
    I wish to fit right in with California girls”

  25. I’d like to win a capsule for my friend Colleen. Colleen is blind and does not have the luxury of looking through her wardrobe to decide which item goes with what. She relies on her guide dog Freeman to give her the independence she loves. Her capsule would be a “Freeman’s capsule” that allows her to choose any relaxed style bottom, to go with any bohemian style top, to take her to the shops, to the gym, to a friends house and to dinner, giving her the confidence to go out, knowing she’s looking great.

  26. “Re-heady to Rock” the Tarzan call that occurs with my toddler when we get ourselves ready in 3 minutes or less. This amazing ‘ready to rock’ capsule would include an essential maternity bra tank so that I can lift and feed my recent family addition, a 3 month old at any bat-time and any bat-channel with a smidge of my remaining dignity and decorum. This tank would hide the postpartum wobble belly, but mean I could still wear the lovely top over the top. The lovely top over the tank is another essential item as long as it’s got enough swing to lift easily for a feed as then it doubles as a breastfeeding cover. Luckily my little dude is a good breastfeeder so my other Tarzan call is ‘have boobs, can travel’ We’ve gotta make these items work baby!!
    Then bring on life! Throw it at me in all it’s messy, sunny, funny, glory – I’ll be ready!

  27. My capsule is called “Invitation Accepted!”. I want to say yes to more invitations and know I have something appropriate to wear.
    Earlier this year I’d turned down invitations to coffee, invitations to mums night drinks and a kids sports night dinner. Am I really missing out just because my wardrobe is unorganised and incomplete? If I have a capsule I could go anywhere! I’m very tall and I’ve even thrown out all my heels to stop myself from standing out.
    In my capsule I’ll need 2 pairs of flat sandals. I’ve seen a pair of flat sandals that are a wonderful rose gold colour – they could replace my heels. I’d like long cuffed pants for when I haven’t shaved my legs and a short denim skirt for when I have. I feel my wide shoulders are exposed in a singlet but a flutter sleeve top makes me feel feminine. I have too many black cardigans and they don’t look good with anything. I’d like to find a jacket or a kimono for a change. A black jersey dress and a striped jersey dress would be easy for errands and weekends. A pair of slip on joggers, a floral wrap dress, a swing t-shirt, casual shorts and a fun necklace would complete my capsule.
    I’d love to accept more invitations.

  28. “I’m a mum… get me out of here”
    It would have
    7 x long gym pants (because I have no time to shave my legs or wash more often than once a week)
    4 x singlets
    3 x t-shirts (these should be interchangeable between day wear and sleep attire)
    1 x sexy dress (because I still hope for the miracle of leaving the house after 5pm)

  29. My capsule wardrobe would be called: “Melbourne woman” and would include 1pr black skinny jeans
    1pr linen shorts natural
    1 denim skirt
    1 black t-shirt dress
    2 swing t-shirts
    1 stripe singlet
    1 linen shirt white
    1 linen jacket natural
    2 voile or silk scarfs multi coloured.
    Then I could mix and match and add jewellery, shoes and extras to make the wardrobe work for a multitude of occasions.

  30. I would call my capsule wardrobe – backyard babe. I am forever attending kids parties or going to bbqs with friends.

    This would include
    1x white tee
    1x skinny jeans
    1x cuffed blazer
    1x pleated skirt
    1x Denim dress
    1x sunburst orange shift dress (I love colour)
    1x silk tee
    1x button up blouse-easy to the at the bottom for a casual look or dress up the jeans

  31. My capsule would be called “The Everyday Mum”. Being a Mum to a two year old and 3 month old means that my wardrobe is out with the corporate and in with the practical but hopefully stylish. Also, trying to adjust with the “new shape” since having number two is interesting. My capsule would include
    2 x denim shorts (one black and one white)
    1 x 3/4 pants (white as I feel it’s more fresh than blue or black in the lead up to summer)
    A couple of tops
    ALWAYS a scarf. Even in summer. Call me crazy.
    1 x Maxi that can be dressed up or down (I’m yet to find one that fits my new found mummy shape sadly)
    Shoes are also very Mummy practical – birkenstocks, espadrilles (flats) and a small wedge (Mummy practical but for when daddy’s around so I don’t have to chase the 2yr old in heels)
    Oh and a Kaftan just because it’s summer and why not.

  32. In my capsule would be beautiful pieces. Something that when you wake in the morning and drink a cup of tea you know that whatever you are going to wear is going to make you feel beautiful, I think that is a great way to start the day. I love the boho style. The colours and lightweight fabrics in summer are a beautiful staple, the patterns and the way each colour combines that leaves a lasting impression however it’s the brightness of each print that combines summer with colour. The florals, a blouse or a top that makes you feel light and fresh all the way over your shoulders. A maxi dress, easy, comfortable and a summer essential, lightweight and perfect for those summer days! A kimono is a personal favourite something beautiful layered over a tank top is simple yet comfortable yet brightens any outfit! A Something light and sun protective, the fabric blowing in the wind on a hot day leaves it easy and comfortable to wear.
    Comfortable shorts! An absolute favourite! Whether it be gardening or out with friends, this is a summer staple! Teamed with wedges and worn with a simple t-shirt is a must have in the warmer days! Lastly, a wide brimed hat, worn with a dress or shorts is a summer must have! Love birds nest and love everything so it’s a hard decision however my capsule world be called “summer haven”

  33. ‘Slacker’…a capsule of retro,laid back and ultra comfy gear for me…Maxi Tshirt dresses that I can wear bra-less..slippy tops,loose pants and floppy hats..heaven in a summer wardrobe.

  34. Pyjama’s, Pyjama’s and more Pyjama’s!!!!! Shortie pj’s, nighties, flannelette, baby doll sheer (for those special times), oversized shirts, silk, tank, spaghetti strap, boyleg, 3/4, even one piece polar fleece that zip up at the front and include built in booties. SLACK ATTACK by name, my choice of attire, or lack thereof.

  35. Classic and Easy that would be mine and to actually win a capsule would be divine. Outfits for work and play to make life easier at the start of the day. Not having to stand in front of my wardrobe wondering what to wear, then maybe I will be able to dress with flair!

  36. Hi Nicki love your style its so classic and classy. My wardrobe would be called ‘ bohemian quo’ because I love feminine floaty dresses but also love colour. When Im not in dresses Im in boyfriend ripped jeans and shorts because I love my denim but I love bohemian floaty tops to dress it up. I have big boobs so I tend to go for anything with a v neck and blue is my favourite colour. So in my wardrobe I would have my denim three quarteries, 2 v neck t shirts, ( one plain and one striped) , denim shorts, two blousy tops, a pair of white linen pants and a pretty boheme dress to make me feel like a woman

  37. My capsule would be called Cool Nanny. It would be similar to yours but no off the shoulder tops/dresses. Love skirts, dresses and three quarter pants. Blues would be my base colour and would include at least a couple of statement pieces (I just love colour). I’m pretty hopeless at coordinating clothes and would love to simplify my wardrobe so that when I travel I am not being confused by what to pack. I am frustrated at times trying to find clothing that is young at heart for the “slightly” older woman.

  38. My capsule would be called “Calm and Casual” 2x elastic waist shorts 2x tees 3x tshirt dresses. Everything must n
    Be able to be worn over togs at the beach and then to the causal Country club for dinner.

  39. Classroom sheik:

    Classic jeans
    Tailored pants & shorts
    Midi skirts
    Floaty blouses
    Day to night dresses

    Casual tailored teacher by day to sophistical classic by night.

  40. Bomb Proof Wardrobe – just right for summer camping…..
    2 x shorts
    2 x shirts
    1 x jeans
    1 x dress (maybe, just maybe we might get a chance to “go out somewhere nice”
    1 x outer layer
    1 x swimmers and active ware
    All darker colours to hide sticky kids hand prints and in fabrics that will survive camp washing machines!!!

  41. I love the casual look as this is the lifestyle I lead . Something stylish but easy to look after. When life is so busy birds nest comes up with the look . The capsule essentials are a great way to have a new summer wardrobe . I would call my capsule “Summer essentials “

  42. I’d call mine Travel Bunny for all the holidays that I love to take and overpack for My capsule would include breathable fabrics that travel well. Definitely a dress for dining out or dressing down, shorts, boho style tops and things that don’t need special care. A navy or blue theme would be great.

  43. Thanks for the post Nikki. I love your suggestions. My capsule would be called Hand Luggage because it would involve an aeroplane and a sunny destination. Included with light pants, reversible skirt, 2 t shirts, a casual dress and a more dressy dress, swimmers and sandals, would be my favourite cricket green and white sarong because it’s so versatile and can be used as a scarf or wrap to dress up an outfit, a towel or cover up for swimming or a carry all for a trip to the markets.

  44. I’d probably call it Kaz has no clue! I’m very challenged when it comes to coordinating clothes. My 25 year old daughter despairs. Theory is it skips a generation haha!
    But! I’d definitely have two shorts, one cotton pant. Two tshirts and a buttoned top. Loose fitting jersey dresses. I’d probably panic pack about five if I was travelling and only use three. And most likely an embarrassing rain coat my kids would hate but it doubles up as a jacket. Or perhaps a large warm scarf that can wrap me up.
    Colours would be hit and miss as usual haha! I’m improving but have a way to go. Clearly.

  45. My capsule would be called Completed, totally hopeless at putting a look together and seeing what you did I’d be copying your advice as you created some stunning looks for all occasions.

    2 x dresses
    3 x tops
    3 x bottoms
    1 x outer layer

  46. Oh I love these pieces! My capsule wardrobe would be called “That Comfy Life” because every outfit I wear is picked with style AND comfort in mind! I would have 1x lightweight slouchy pants (technically called joggers, shorts, a tee dress and I love that embroidered top you’ve included! Shoe wise I would favour flat sandals and maybe a low heeled sandal.

  47. My capsule would be called Finding My Mojo because I feel like I’m only just starting to work out what really suits me. I would probably go with 1 x shorts 2 x pants (one soft and comfy and one more structured pair) one dress, a shirt, a top and a t-shirt, and a light jacket. I love light bright colours. Thanks for the article!

  48. I would call my capsule Life Saver! My wardrobe is so dis-functional at the moment. I have a lot of clothes but not much that I really like/love or that I feel represent who I am. Every morning I start the day stressing out about what to wear. I find it is such a drain spending 30 minutes trying to choose my outfit for the day. I think I would have 2 knit dresses a black and navy that could be dressed up or down, 3 skirts – 2 suitable for work and leisure and a maxi for relaxing and social events, 3 tops I could wear over both of my dress and with the skirts and that kimono jacket that would work with the other pieces.

  49. My capsule wardrobe would definitely be called “Busy Mum”. With 3 boys (one of which is a toddler!) I need clothes that I can take from dance concerts -yes my boys do dancing- to vacation swimming lessons and everywhere between. A favourite piece for me is the mid length tee dress from birdsnest- it’s my go to dress as it’s a true chameleon- it goes from errand running to Christmas party with only a change of accessories! When I’m putting together a capsule wardrobe I always add a big scarf- it acts as a light layer for night events, a pool side wrap/ cover up or even a sheet for our toddler sleeping under a table at a Christmas party! In my capsule wardrobe would be:
    a pair of shorts, a skirt and a pair of jeans
    a nice sleeveless top, a light long sleeve shirt and smart casual t-shirt,
    a mid length dress
    a kimono and a light scarf/ wrap and maybe a denim jacket
    Plus bonus items of bathers, wide brimmed hat, rose gold slides, and white lace-less sneakers
    I’m ready for summer holidays!

  50. ‘Casual and stylish’ because I love being comfortable in what I wear but at the same time I don’t want to look like a tracksuited slob!

  51. I am beginning a new phase in my life so my capsule wardrobe would represent that – The New Me – Classic and confident.

    One black and one white body on dress.
    One tailored jacket – say black
    One dark denim jean
    One white tee
    Two flowing silk capes – pop colour of the season
    Accessorise with jewels and scarves of pop colour of the season

  52. My capsule would be named: Rustic Comfort… (that will mix-match with my new sandals!)

    Short sleeved, knee length, waist skimming dress – cotton blend – dark blue
    Wrap styled maxi dress (patterned with a rusty red/khaki and mid to darker blue back ground)

    Light blue swing tee
    Printed floral top dark Peach/khaki/blue colour palette (kaftan style)
    Dark peach or cream singlet top (swing style)

    Khaki mid length shorts
    Straight leg jean
    mid blue maxi skirt

    Over layer:
    Light weight free flowing cardigan (beige)

    And just for fun I’d add in a flexible wide brimmed straw hat with a rusty red coloured band for a fun pop of colour…

  53. cotton shorts and a tee
    3/4 pants look good on me
    a dress for day and one for night
    for cooler evenings jacket that’s light
    ballet flats for my feet
    a hat and sunnies to be protected and discrete

  54. School’s Out For Summer! Two pairs of shorts to chase the kids in. Three coordinating tops – one statement for cafes and movies. Two dresses – one to throw on over swimmers or to do groceries and one for dinner. A broad brimmed sunhat and some big dark sunglasses because when you’re dealing with three kids sometimes there just isn’t enough coffee!

  55. I’d call my capsule wardrobe ‘Be cool, be free’. Shorts or skirts are too restricting for me in hot weather; I find loose dresses more comfortable. So, my capsule contains 6 dresses and a maxi- dress. Tee dresses are ideal. A couple of these should be black or navy and suitable to dress up or down. The Hunt & Kelly black Lola dress is good example. Add lightweight denim jacket. Shoes = sneakers, wedges and slides or thongs. Handbag is a crossbody, with detachable strap so it can be carried as a clutch as well.
    I pack like this when I visit family in New York every July. On the plane I wear soft pants over bamboo leggings, a tee and a soft merino cardi. If it gets chilly in NY, I wear the leggings under a dress with the cardi on top or the soft pants with tee and cardi. I never check luggage. I do laundry weekly and nothing needs ironing. With a few pieces of jewellery and perhaps a scarf I am set, whether I’m going for a week or a month.

  56. In my Capsule l would always have a plain coloured dress that can be dressed up or worn casual , I definitely have to have my 3/4 length pants as I absolutely live in them!! I would take a pair of denim jeans as they can be worn with just about anything ,and great if going out in the evening if its a little cooler. Ahh bathers cant forget them as I love to go to the beach. As my 3/4 length pants ans jeans are a plain colour I would definitly put some nice multi-coloured /floral shirts in to give me some colour. I only travel lighty with shoes a pair of wedges to dress my outfit up and a pair of converse (yes I love my white converse ) for just getting around in . I with have a long cardi too . My capsule would be called Slick Chick

  57. Dance-Mum-chic: skinny jeans, relaxed fit t-shirt, travel mug of coffee, and large tote to carry water, bobby pins, hairspray red lippy, baby wipes, and little snacks to shove into little mouths!

  58. I’d call my capsule Nicole’s summer essentials. I’d have a navy and white stripe tshirt like the Vigorella striped boxy tee as a key piece as you could pair it with white shorts, pants &skirts or team it with denim or black or pop it over bathers for a cover up.

  59. Feminine, flowing, floral, girly dresses, elegant and timeless, because I love them and they are my signature look, short, long mid-length, I’ve got one for each and every occasion. My capsule would be called, ‘Utterly Alluring’.

  60. In my Capsule is Shorts Short sleeve tops and anything else that is less material as we dont have any airconditioning

  61. My capsule would be ‘Glam Jam’ with a sparkly red top, black mini-skirt, head turning high heels and lots of red lippy.

  62. My capsule would be the Happy Suburban Chick capsule, casual everyday where, 1 x dress, 2x long denim pants, 4 x t-shirt tops, 1 x denim shirt, denim jacket, 1x dressy top, and cardigan. My colours are mauve, pink and floral and style everyday casual.

  63. My capsule would be ‘Simple & Comfortable’ because I like the simple things in life and wearing comfortable clothing. It would include an item of each: denim shorts, shirt, sleeveless shirt, black dress, long black slacks, long tights, cardigan, nightie, one piece swimsuit, kaftan, socks, thongs, sneakers and sandals.

  64. My capsule would be called Mumma Style, which includes lots of comfy cotton shorts and vest tops with cute sandals, casual but feminine outfits for an everyday busy mum.

  65. I’d love a capsule that includes everything you have there Nikki! My summer this year will include a couple of weeks of work and Christmas preparation, followed by a couple of weeks helping my Mum pack up her house and then a few weeks of work and keeping kids amused. There will be time by the beach and time back here in hot South Australia. 3 floaty tops (to hide the effects of winter), 1 pair of shorts, 1 skirt and a loose pair of pants that can be dressed up or down. A t-shirt dress for everyday and a great maxi dress for all the festive occasions. Topped off with a kimono or a white denim jacket (to replace the favourite I’ve lost) and I would be a happy girl!

  66. Mine would be called ‘It’s a struggle’ which would contain a mismatch of jeans, checked shirt, high heels and a fedora.

  67. Mine would be called Mountain Magic, as I live in a mountain range where summer days are warm but the nights cool down – a couple of long dresses, with casual loose trousers and tees or long sleeveless shirts for the day and loose sleeve jackets at night to cover up

  68. I find this question has made me do some major introspection on my wardrobe and what I really do need. I have suffered with a debilitating health condition for the past decade or more. My body’s thermometer stopped working and my body no longer is able to cool me down, so I find 98% of my life is spent with blood boiling in my veins and feeling as if I will spontaneously combust.
    All I ever wear, Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn….is sleeveless tops and shorts/pants that go no longer than my knees. My capsule would need to contain at least 5 x sleeveless tops and 5 x pants/shorts. I’d have to choose the colours and patterns strategically so I can do plenty of mixing n matching. And stock up on a heap of accessories to change up or down the look of my outfits. I’d call my capsule the ‘Stay Cool & Comfy’ Capsule. ([email protected])

  69. Livin is Easy, how I like my holidays to be, comfy clothes and shoes to go with the mood. Shorts, singlet or ts, maxi dress, light weight pants and sandals .

  70. My capsule would called Summer Chic! It would be full of smart casual clothes that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Some great Frankie 4 sandles and wedges to round out the capsule….oh of course there would lots of pink highlights throughout as pink is my favorite colour….

  71. Serendipity would be the renaming of the Natural Birds capsule for me. I am off to Africa in April next year and just like Serendipity you have come along and provided a solution. I normally do capsule travel but needed more inspiration. Thank you.

  72. Seeing that my family and I are about to make a move from Melbourne city lights to The Great Ocean Road, I’m moving from corporate to seaside. More relaxed clothing, less heels and formal cuts to relaxed fit. I think I would call my capsule, The Seachange Wardrobe!

  73. My capsule wardrobe would be called ‘real life Mum’ and would include 1 x denim shorts, 1 x black 3/4 pants, one long pair dark linen pants – all good for bending over to pick toys up and crawl on the floor after the kids. 1 x dark coloured tee and 2 x patterned tops/ blouses all to disguise any hand prints of food from the kids. A long scarf to act as ‘bib’ when eating, and again cover any marks caused by young children. 1 x flat sandals for chasing kids in comfort and 1 x pumps for same when nails not done 🙂

  74. I’d call my capsule “Get up and Go”. I’m a no fuss, no frills person and love good quality dresses that can take me from day to night. Add a couple pairs of shorts and comfy tees and I’m happy.

  75. My capsule wardrobe would be called Cool Mama! (Not that I AM cool, more that I want to STAY cool in our Brissie summer…)
    – 2 dresses
    – denim skirt
    – 2 shorts
    – 3 tops
    – kimono/wrap
    – flat sandals
    – low heel wedges

    Because summer is hot and I am dressing to stay cool. Chasing around 3 little ones keeps me on my toes.

    3 dresses
    2 shorts
    3 tees
    1 kimono style throw over
    Swimming costume
    Shoes: runners, sandals, thongs

  77. Tell us what would be in a capsule wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and personality? What would you call that capsule?

    My capsule would be called Summer casual work wear. I work in the software vendor space as a project manager so need smart casual work wear that’s both comfortable and allows me to feel confident. It would include co-ordinating tops and skirts, smart yet casual dresses, 7/8 capri pant (to go with the tops) and a light cardigan to co-ordinate when the office air-con kicks in. Matched with a flat sandle, ballet flat and a wedge all in soft neutral tones.

  78. I would call my Summer capsule wardrobe Easy Breezy Summer. It would have:

    One piece swimsuit

    One pair smart casual shorts

    One denim skirt

    One sleeveless dress (above the knee or maxi, depending on your preference)

    One lightweight sheer scarf

    2 handbags-one for day, 1 for night

    1 pair thongs

    1 pair smart casual sandals

    1 short sleeved or 3/4 sleeved light jacket

    1 casual T-shirt

    1 smart casual t-shirt

    1 pair board shorts

    2 hats

    1 set jewellery: earrings, necklace, bracelet & ring



    1 pair comfortable fashion sneakers

  79. Mine would simply be called ‘beach’
    And would be Tees in blues and pink and 3/4 pants in lighter colours but not white. A light jumper or cardi in merino for the cool
    As much linen or bamboo as possible
    And a sun hat.

  80. My capsule would be full of jeggings, high waisted skirts, 3/4 pants with elastic top – everything for that stylish mama with a post baby/[post dessert pot belly.

  81. My capsule wardrobe for Summer would be Tees, denim shorts, maxi dresses and bamboo singlet tops and a kimono. I live in these clothes as soon as the weather warms up when I’m not at work wearing steel cap boots and thick wool socks (yuck)

  82. My capsule wardrobe would be called #mumlyfe and would be full of striped jersey dresses and tops with lots of comfy denim and white sneakers. Easy, comfy, and perfect for park plays, kinder drop offs and catch ups with friends while the baby naps!

  83. Mine would be called the Outback Rack – seeing as I live in Darwin it would consist of:
    2 x shorts
    2 x bathers (we live in these up here)
    2 x loose comfortable shirts
    1 x denim jacket (for dressing up) 🙂
    1 x light summer dress (for going out)

  84. In my summer capsule called “busy but still funky mum”, I would have 2 x floral maxi dresses (my fav!) 1 x denim jacket (being summer maybe white instead of blue), 1 x long flowing skirt (that could be used for day or night) 1x white singlet,
    1 x white with a funky foil print tee, 1 x pair of palazzo pants in navy. I would mix colours of blues and whites for summer for the clothes and pair them with tan heels like the perforated ‘nikki’ (gosh I want those!!) and tan slides for daytime. Oh, and a couple pairs of earrings!

  85. Hi, I would love to have those tie waist pants and the cute shorts in my wardrobe, you wear then so well it makes me want to rush to the Birdsnest site and shop right away 🙂

  86. mi would love the pony maxi dress collection.
    So quick easy to wear looks very stylish for all occasions.
    call it Lisa chic ..

  87. I’m breastfeeding so flowy wrap dresses are my absolute favorite and hide my mum tum. They can be dressed up or down, worn with sandals or boots and layered with a jacket and tights if needed. I’d call my capsule boobs out for the baby

  88. I love summer holidays in Europe so my capsule wardrobe needs to be flexible enough to cover flying out of Canberra in winter, visiting family in the U.K. and Mediterranean hot, sunny days. My capsule includes 11 pieces and three pairs of shoes – a black t-shirt dress (that can be worn casually, dressed up for dinner or worn with a t-shirt or shirt), another dress in a bold colour or perhaps a floral pattern, a floaty skirt (dresses and skirts are cooler than shorts when it’s baking hot), blue jeans (for flying and cooler days), navy shorts, 3 t-shirts (or tanks/sleeveless tops) in different colours, a light-weight long-sleeved shirt (that can be worn as a jacket or layered with a t-shirt and fleece in the cold), a warm fleece and a light, summer cardigan. For shoes I take worn-in walking shoes or runners (for walking miles on cobblestone streets and hotel gyms), a pair of flats and low-heeled tan sandals. Add a scarf and some jewellery and this capsule works for over a month of travel and fits comfortably in international sized carry-on bag with rooms for souvenirs.

  89. My capsule would be “in the navy” & I’d have that gorgeous OTS dress you have featured, navy shorts, navy Capri pants, a striped tee, a lovely floaty white shirt, a kaftan (for over swimmers or wearing out), a yellow or emerald green tee, and a pair of white shorts. I’d have my red converse, a pair of tan wedges & some metallic gold or silver slides, & a raffia style bag.
    Love seeing everyone’s ideas!

  90. My capsule would be very similiar to yours except a kaftan rather than kimono , shorts , T’s and it would be called Styly Casual Bird Capsule. Im off to check out a few of those pieces.

  91. Love the post Nikki. If I was putting together a capsule it would definitely be called “Not Going Back to Black” (yes, I do love Amy Winehouse). I would have a mixture of neutral coloured pants, shorts & a skirt + white and coloured tops, a kimono and one maxi dress. I have the kinomo in this capsule and it is great and I wear it alot. My waist-tie pants (in navy) arrived yesterday – love them to bits.

  92. As a stay at home Mumma with a 1 and 2 year old it would be a basic, comfortable & versatile capsule, it would be called “Just Jules” and it would contain:
    X1 pair of jeans
    X1 pair casual pants
    X1 pair of shorts
    X3 tops (1 sleeveless, 2 t shirts)
    X2 dresses (1 long and 1 short/mid length)
    X1 jacket

    Then I would add in a long length cardi, scarf, a pair of canvas shoes, pair of Sandles and a pair of wedges to finish the look off!

  93. Great Blog Post Izzys 40for40 capsule would have denim draw string shorts, khaki shorts,white shorts, navy white tank,black ots top, white tee, floral ots dress, black jersey knee length dress, one piece swimmers then a navy/patterned kimono type cover up. I would add silver slides, sneakers ( casual) and one pair of espadrille wedges.

  94. Hi Nikki, I would wear everything you have chosen in your travel capsule! Mine would be called Groovy Granny’s Capsule! My style is boho, casual with easy care fabrics! I would include similar pieces to what you have chosen with base colours of navy, grey and white and add some bright colours as accents! Would have to include a colourful kaftan if I am going on a beach holiday! Perfect to throw on and take me from beach/pool to bar!

  95. My capsule would be called ‘KISS!’ As in, ‘keep it simple/sleek’. 🙂 I’m
    a single mum and also a full time teacher, so life can be busy, busy! I would fill my capsule my following ‘Styling You’s’ recommendations with 2 dresses, 3 Shirts, 3 bottoms, an outer layer and of course, destination ready pieces, such as swimming togs, a versatile hat and active wear. All of the pieces in my capsule would be either simple or sleek, as this would best suit my busy, ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle! Some pieces would be simple enough to put on for a morning coffee run or sleek enough to dress up for a wonderful dinner out. It all comes back to my ‘KISS’ rule – ‘keep it simple / sleek’! 🙂

  96. Happy Friday Nikki 🙂 I love everything in this capsule! If I planned a capsule it would contain denim, boho and white. I would call it ‘Kathryn’s casual capsule’ because my lifestyle is usually pretty casual. Must check out these shorts, they look really comfortable. x

  97. In my capsule, Linden’s carefree holiday capsule, I’d have: 1 X shorts, 3 X tops (sleeveless, tshirt & dressy), 1 X active wear outfit, 1 X Capri length jeans, 1 X skirt, 2 X swimsuit, 2 X dress, 1 X jacket, 2 X PJs, a pashmina+ some comfy lounging around clothes.

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