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FRANKiE4 Footwear on mission to save our soles for better foot health

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Let me tell you a little story about me and my feet. To be honest, I think I’ve taken them for granted most of my life. They’re there for me, stepping through each day and then the next.

But it wasn’t until I had a text conversation with the creator of FRANKiE4 Footwear, Caroline McCulloch, that I realised that the taking-for-granted situation had gone next level to neglect.

At the time of our text exchange, I was road-testing a prototype of an upcoming FRANKiE4 shoe. This is something I love doing as I get a little insight into one or two season’s ahead.

I take the job very seriously, taking photos and notes so that Caroline has my honest feedback about how the shoe works on my feet. Caroline is a podiatrist and physiotherapist. She does this testing with a number of women – as well as herself – before a shoe goes into production. We’re all have the same sized feet but our feet are all different in shape (and issues). And that’s how it is for every woman. No two feet are the same.

Anyway, on this particular day and on this particular shoe, my feedback was “super comfortable, just the same numbing and pins and needles under the left ball of my foot I get from wearing my running sneakers”.

Within seconds, Caroline was on the phone. She did not want to talk about the shoe at all. I was informed that numbing and pins and needles were NOT normal and I was firmly encouraged told to get myself into one of the podiatrists at All Podiatry (the podiatry practice Caroline and her husband, Alan, own and operate).

That was about a year ago. I now wear orthotics in my sneakers and that has helped to eliminate the pins and needles caused by bursitis between two of my toes. It only flares up now if I’m walking longer than 10km at a time.

And because, this year, I’ve trained for a 30km walk and have continued to train regularly, as well as taking up running, I’ve made my podiatry visits an essential part of my ongoing health and wellness routine. Even after our trip to Europe (where we walked crazy amounts every day), I knew I needed to come in to have my feet and lower calves worked on because I now had a new normal. I also now know that these regular visits mean that I’ll keep on top of any possible emerging, future problems.

Because I know I’m not the only one out there who is clueless as to what constitutes “normal” and healthy in a foot, I sat down with Caroline and picked her brain about what we should be looking out for. FRANKiE4 Footwear is on a mission to save our soles for better foot health and we should all take note.

I’m also sharing with you some of the fabulous new flats that are available this spring-summer at FRANKiE4 (I covered off on some of the fabulous heels in this post). You are going to love. Read on also for how you can win one of two pairs.

Caroline McCulloch FRANKiE4 Footwear designer talks women's foot health | Styling You

FRANKiE4 Footwear designer Caroline McCulloch

SY: What’s the #1 health issue that women have with their feet?

CM: Several areas of the foot are frequently the cause of pain. At any given time 17–42% of the adult population are suffering foot pain! The medial arch (that’s the main arch of the foot), the big toe joint and the underside of the heel are the main culprits. The development of a bunion on the big toe joint is the MOST complained about foot health issue for women.  

FRANKiE4 Footwear spring-summer 2017 | Styling You | Foot health

FRANKiE4 Footwear NAT in punched blush

SY: What other problems are common in women’s feet? 


  • Plantar fasciitis – pain under the heel or along the arch
  • Osteo-arthritis – can affect any joint of the foot or ankle
  • Achilles tendonosis – pain at your Achilles (behind heel) 
  • Hammer/claw toe – toe deformity
  • Morton’s neuroma – burning, Sal harp pain or numbness under the ball of the foot 
  • Corns and callous – usually over pressure points – often secondary to a combination of shoe irritation over arthritic joints
  • Ingrown toe nails – -ain and inflammation down the side of the toe nails, most often the first toe. Frequently coupled with bacterial infection
  • Fungal nail infections – 0ften after a pedicure at a less reputable salon where sterilisation of instruments is not performed. Also common with ladies and men who spend a lot of time in the garden. 

FRANKiE4 Footwear spring-summer 2017 | Styling You | Foot health

FRANKiE4 Footwear MADDiE in black spot (will be re-stocked in December)

SY: How can each of these major foot problems be treated?

CM: A lot of painful conditions stem from the same underlying cause and therefore treatment can be very similar for different types of foot pain. Painful soft tissue or bony conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonosis, Morton’s neuroma and even osteo-arthritis are most often managed by correcting poor alignment in the foot and improving footwear.

Biomechanical evidence indicates that foot orthotics and certain footwear may change muscle activation and gait patterns to reduce joint loading. This, in-turn, will reduce pain and inflammation in the affected areas.  This is why I made FRANKiE4s. All FRANKiE4s have a functional footbed that I designed. The aim of all my designs is to alleviate or prevent any heel pain or arch pain, plantar fasciitis or forefoot pain. 

Skin and nail conditions such as fungal nail, corns and callous and in-grown toe nails often require mechanical debriding of the skin, removal of affected nail and, in the case of fungal nail, chemical or laser treatment. These treatments should be performed by a podiatrist and may be a one-off treatment or require ongoing care. 

FRANKiE4 Footwear spring-summer 2017 | Styling You | Foot health

FRANKiE4 Foowear Lilli in black

SY: What are some of the warning signs or symptoms that we should be on alert for when it comes to our feet? What shouldn’t we ignore?

CM: Pain of any kind should not be ignored! (including numb feet NiKKi!) Many people have lived with pain in their feet for so long that they consider it normal. However, many people may also show early signs of some of the common foot conditions without feeling any pain. 

With regards to bunions, look for an angular, bony bump on the inside of the foot at the base of the big toe joint. The “bump” may appear before any painful symptoms. Eventually, swelling, redness unusual tenderness and even warmth and shininess of the skin will appear. 

Flat feet (over pronating or prolonged pronating feet) are the underlying cause of many foot problems … and hence the reason FRANKiE4s have arch support. 

FRANKiE4 Footwear spring-summer 2017 | Styling You | Foot health

FRANKiE4 Footwear HiLARY in Champagne

SY: Do you think women just take the soldier-on approach when it comes to caring for their feet? How can that approach impact their feet long term?

CM: Yes, I do! Women often ignore pain until it becomes extreme. Ignoring pain can mean that you are damaging the joints or soft tissue every time you are on your feet! Many foot conditions such as bunions and other forms of arthritis are progressive … meaning they get worse over time.  The longer they are left untreated the more difficult they become to resolve. 

Often just changing your shoes makes a huge difference. Footwear can be a cause of the pain, so changing to the right footwear is generally the best first step to treatment. It really is amazing what a supported pair of shoes can do. Footwear and podiatry treatment can not be separated, so getting the footwear (the foundation) right is critical. 

FRANKiE4 Footwear spring-summer 2017 | Styling You | Foot health

FRANKiE4 PiPER in tan

SY: Just how bad for us are unsupported high heels? 

CM: Bad! The main culprits are ultra-high stilettos or other high heels which do not have any cushioning underneath the ball of the foot or the arch. High heels push your centre of gravity forward, putting lots of pressure through your forefoot.  The ankle is also put in a position that makes it unstable and more prone to damage. 

When designing my heels, I took all of this into account. The functional footbed helps cushion and support the forefoot and mid-foot, while the actual heel is designed to feel stable underfoot. 

SY: And it’s not just high heels, is it? Flat shoes without arch support can be problematic as well, can’t they? 

CM: Yes, there are plenty of shoes out there that are very flat, unsupportive and offer little cushioning. This can put all sorts of strains through the feet. In particular, the development of plantar fasciitis has been linked to poor footwear. The constant pressure going through your arch can trigger the ligament running from your big toe to your heel (your plantar fascia) to become damaged and lead to plantar fasciitis. 

FRANKiE4 Footwear spring-summer 2017 | Styling You | Foot health

FRANKiE4 Footwear ELLiE in tan

SY: You’ve made it a mission to design and create comfortable shoes that look good (thank goodness!), but is every comfortable FRANKiE4 shoe suited to every foot problem?

CM: There are all sorts of shapes and sizes of feet out there. With the customised fit pack included in most FRANKiE4 active flats, the shoes accommodate a wide range of foot types. 

The shoes can be set up to accommodate wider or narrower feet, and are also orthotic friendly. Some feet may require extra support in the shoe, in the form of an orthotic.  If orthotics are part of a patient’s treatment plan, having a shoe to fit these orthotics is important.

Some styles suit certain foot types or “foot shapes” better than others. We have a second-to-none customer service team that can help pre-and post purchase. I design these shoes for women to love, so our team is there to help find the right style and size for our customer’s unique foot. 

I’m also proud that we do design all the components of our shoes. We don’t outsource existing soles to supplement our range. We’re confident that we are actually the only podiatrist designed label that does design our own soles. The soles are so important, ultimately, they are the foundation of the shoe.  I design my soles with biomechanics in mind; with the aim to reduce or alleviate heel, arch and forefoot pain. 

SY: What do we have to consider when buying and wearing shoes if we have one of the common foot problems outlined above?

CM: The fit and function of shoes is very important. The best advice I could give that would be applicable across all foot types and all foot pathologies is, if it doesn’t feel good when you try them on, they aren’t the right shoe or size for you. This is why I invest heavily with customer service.  Some feet are tricky to fit, and advice or recommendation is specific to the customer. We’re here to help women find their sole-mate.

The FRANKiE4 customer service experience

FRANKiE4 Footwear has two beautiful concept stores in Brisbane – at Indooroopilly and Windsor. If you live in south-east Queensland, a visit to either of these stores is a must. They are gorgeous spaces and home to the full range of FRANKiE4 shoes but you also get access to the most experienced fitters in the business.

Don’t live nearby? Do not panic. You can buy online with confidence. The customer service team is beyond amazing. They are there to help you make a decision that works for your feet and your lifestyle. Call them first if you’re unsure about what styles might work for you. Phone 1300 721 898 or email [email protected]. When buying, Australian standard shipping is free, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to exchange or return shoes provided they are in as-new condition and FRANKiE4 Footwear also covers return shipping. This applies to non-sale items only.

Making a difference

FRANKiE4 Footwear believes in giving back to its community. This year it’s developed “hidden” sockettes that not only stay in place on your feet while wearing sneakers but the net proceeds from the sale of each pack of three goes to support Brainchild Foundation, which aims to help children who are affected by brain and spinal cord tumours, and their families. Shop the sockettes HERE.

SHOP the full FRANKiE4 Footwear range HERE.


FRANKiE4 Footwear has one pair of new-season FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes to give away to TWO Styling You readers. Win a pair of FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes of your choice by checking out the full range of new-season shoes HERE and then leave an answer to the following question in the comments below:

Which FRANKiE4 Footwear flat should be re-named to your name because you can see yourself wearing almost every day? We want to hear why your soles needs saving.

Entries open on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 5am (AEST) and close on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. The winners will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

This photoshoot was shot on location at a private home in Paddington, Brisbane. Photography: The Photo Pitch; Hair and Makeup: Dale Dorning/Arc Creative; clothing featured is mostly new-season Mela Purdie from Zambezee Boutique.

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  1. There are so many gorgeous shoes but for everyday wear I love Nat Palms, seriously they really should have my name on them, Eva Palms or 4Eva palms, they look so comfy and cute to boot!

  2. The Kate Tan, should be renamed the “Tan Tan” because I would look fabulous in it and it ticks all the boxes for my summer shoe romance….comfort, good looks and style!

  3. I believe the MARIA Black should be renamed LAUREN, because, like me, they’re sleek, stylish, and very supportive.
    Why do my soles need saving? Well, they say confession is good for the sole, so here goes. All my life they’ve been downtrodden, and ignored even though they’re always under foot. Sometimes I really feel a heel.

  4. Sophie II is my choice,
    The Mandy’s they should be called.
    The go get them jump out of bed and get stuff done shoe,
    The knick to the stores or walk for the paper practical type shoe.
    They can’t be used for work as I need shoes that have the proper papers.
    But when Im not working,
    Im screaming around town,
    I need a shoe I can slip on my feet and won’t let me down.
    I want the comfort for a quick get away
    I want a shoe that sees me being active all through the day.
    I want a shoe that doesn’t pinch my little pinkie or create a callous or squishes …
    I want a shoe that makes the high heeled set envious of my twinkle toes when I set off on a gallop.
    Most of all I want the Mandy’s that give my feet a treat and leaves me with a pair of…

  5. As I get older I prefer flat shoes mainly, that are safe and comfortable to wear around the shopping centre or for going out.

  6. A good sandal is a Brisbane essential. A comfortable, supportive sandal is a fibromyalgia essential (I wore what should be a comfortable sandal today and my lower back is not impressed). I’m a committed flats wearer and think the Brooke nails style and comfort, which for too long have not spent anywhere near enough time together. I’d be happy to wear it daily and share my name with it. Both colourways, of course, to go with everything in my wardrobe.

  7. I am so in love with the Chloe in champagne & this small wedge heel would suit my problematic feet perfectly! It is about as high as my feet can handle these days yet still looks beautifully elegant & would complement all of my summer outfits perfectly. I have been searching for a comfortable pair of shoes in this style & colour for so long. I have had bunions since I was a teenager which have gradually become worse & more painful & now my feet ache pretty much constantly. I have been considering surgery but it seems to be a bit hit & miss as I have heard horror stories which have put me off. I also don’t know how I would cope without going to the gym or walking my dog for several months! I live in runners most of the day at the moment as I find them the most comfortable but obviously need something comfortable apart from ballet flats for when I go out. My other on & off struggle has been with plantar fasciitis which I think would be alleviated by the arch & heel support & cushioning. I especially love the fact that these shoes have their footbed designed by podiatrist & physiotherapist so can be trusted to look after my foot health.

  8. I love the MADDiE Black/Spot – stylish, confident and slightly sassy with her spotty splodges, she should be called Susan.
    When you wear Susan people will wonder why you’re smiling. You’ll delight in telling them it’s because she’s actually good for your feet with arch support for plantar fasciitis and a creamy softness that’s pure pleasure to wear against your skin.
    Comfortable shoes that look fantastic – now you can enjoy staying on your feet all day!

  9. JAZZ Black should be JENNY Noir – with her heel and arch support for my aging feet, she would be comfortable enough to wear ALL DAY with my work pants Monday to Friday and stylish enough for smart casual on the weekends!

  10. Chloe Black would become Christy Black (not in a racist way!). They aren’t too high, so as an already tall person, I won’t be the giraffe in the room. I’m looking forward to the heel support because I have the grace of the aforementioned giraffe, but unfortunately the heel skin of a rhinoceros. It will be nice to not have to apologise for the eye (or heel?) sore that is my feet!

  11. So it’s not normal to feel numb balls of your feet in sneakers??
    LOVE the Maddie!! I have a (large) collection of gorgeous high heels I just can’t wear. I don’t do ‘sore for fashion’ anymore. I’ve had back issues for years, plus now a 10mth old to run after – I literally live in 2 pairs of shoes: $10 black Rubi ballets for work, and havaiana thongs for everything else – even proper ‘walks’ because as mentioned, my sneakers hurt . I’m now 2wks post spinal surgery (lumbar discectomy), so flats are my thing now. The Maddie (um, the Susan) would literally take me from woolies & school runs, to work, 24/7 looking chic & feeling comfy!

  12. ‘Maria’ looks sweeter than chocolate, with a ‘Bounty’ of room for my wide feet.
    I’d take ‘Time Out’ to re-name them ‘Krystal’ …… these delicious shoes won’t generate ‘Snickers’ !

  13. Lilli in black become ‘Adrienne’ that’s me
    Meaning from city of Hadria in Italy
    Anything from Italy is in style
    Therefor gorgeous Italian shoes that make me smile

  14. Lilli is my choice as a everyday flat…slip on to shop, lunch, beach, picnic, picking up the grandies, the list is endless. Lilli could be renamed Rob/Robyn. Lilli would be the ideal slip on as I have a bunion and they would dress up my every day outfit for the said above activities while saving my soul! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all.

  15. Sophie II Silver Star – these are just the shoes I need for quick school drop offs before heading off to do a photo shoot for a client where I need to be comfy yet stylish. I think I could even take these dancing. Lots of living to be had in these!

  16. I think the LiLLi should be renamed ReNee!!

    R – Ready to wear for any beachside party or backyard BBQ with friends
    E – Everyday comfort with a contemporary look
    N – No more sore feet from wearing every North Queenslanders’ go-to footwear…rubber thongs!!
    E – Easy to style with anything this summer from a simple cotton t-shirt dress to a pair of denim shorts
    E – Excellent quality that will see me through the everlasting days of North Queensland sunshine!

  17. Victoria Champagne to Lyn Champagne…..because they are stylish yet functional and woohoo a girl likes to be reminded to drink nice champagne… I right?

  18. Cate black to Cleo black giving me comfort and support throughout the day as a carer , on my feet for hours and still look stylish for when going out at night dressed up with some jeans and a blouse. Impressive and on trend without the pain and cramping toes of high heels that have damaged my feet.

  19. “Hilary ” wanted to crash through the glass ceiling in the USA Presidential elections. I just want to look amazing and support my hard working feet while on Playground duty and on my travels. “Dianne” is the new Hilary!

  20. Make the LiLLi BEC!!

    Chasing 3 children (well, 2 & carrying one…), slip ons are crucial to getting out the door with a minimum of fuss, especially with sunshiny days just round the corner!

    Years of inappropriate footwear led to plantar fasciitis and as a result I now treat my feet to wiser, classier shoe choices; LiLLi (rather BEC 😉 in tan are next on my wish list.

  21. Victoria Black to Belinda Black (BB): a classy flat to hide my not so ready spring heels so I can do my Christmas shopping around town in style and comfort.

  22. Nat Blush Punched would be ideal for me. I have arthritis in both big toes and Achilles tendinitis. A lace up style in this beautiful summer blush colour is perfect for the warmer weather – suitable to wear with pants and dresses.

  23. Great competition. I would suggest that the Alex shoe be renamed after myself – Tracey. After suffering for years with plantar fasciitis in my heels, finding lovely comfortable shoes is difficult, & I don’t always want to wear runners. Perfect colour too – champagne!!!!

  24. After breast cancer surgery and removal of many underarm lymph nodes I’m suffering loss of feeling in my feet. I’d re-label the super shiny silvery ELLiE III Silver Star ANNiE III because of the fantastic, fabulous Arch support and Forefoot cushioning

  25. Sore feet, sore back. On my feet at work. Chasing kids during the week.

    Maddie black/spot would be amazing for these tired feet- especially if they were called Laura (my name).

  26. Nat Black/Black suits me to a tee.
    So super comfy to chase after 2 crazy kiddies but also stylish to wear to work with maxis and skinny jeans!!
    So versatile.
    What an awesome comp!!

  27. Casual, sporty and comfortable being who I am, the Nat should be the Rosemary. With a life that is fast paced and has me walking mostly on grass, sand and gravel the Nat is my style and definitely reflects my colourful personality. Versatile enough to go from country to city with ease these would be my staple shoe. So many shoes hurt my small wide feet. My high arches mean I am better in flats and with my walking style, I need a comfortable, supportive shoe that I can rely on to last as just that. Bring on the Rosemary, with colours for every mood!

  28. ELLiE would be my choice. Would love to know that my soles was being saved while I didn’t act my age on an upcoming overseas trip. ELLiE would become Karen and our saviour while we enjoyed our midlife crisis.

  29. I would love the Piper Tan to be the Amanda Tan! I love heels and flats but at the moment I’m having some issues with my tibialis posterior muscle pulling on my arches so heels can be pretty uncomfortable! Flats without arch support can be just as bad so these babies look like they could save me on the daily! Definitely on my Christmas list!

  30. Nat in black
    Change the name to
    Anna black
    Stylish and comfy suits me perfectly
    From work to weekend super versitile you see
    Work clothes or jeans black or white
    Interchange with my favorite tops
    What an amazing shoe what an amazing sight!

  31. This busy mum with kids totalling three,
    Who are named Ned, Evie and coincidentally Frankie,
    could wear the Maddie flat all day
    for school drop off, work AND play,
    It’s classic but also super fun,
    Just like this busy super mum.

  32. HiLARY should be renamed BELiNDA as I would so love a pair! I can see myself slipping these on daily in Summer. Plus I really hope they will help the numbness/tingling pain I get under the ball of my foot. Like you Nikki I have just tried to ignore it. Thanks for the interview with Caroline, I will now make an appointment and get this sorted out at the podiatrists!

  33. Please save my sole! A 6 months ago I started to get pain in my foot – which now has developed into serious pain. It looks like a combination of bunions/hammer toe/ capsulitis/ neuroma & very possibly surgery to correct it all. Can’t wait until I’m 80!

    I would love to have the Alex (Champagne) named after me – the ‘George’. (Although not sure #whattheteacherwears would be happy!)

    That would mean I could wear my very sexy orthotics and toe splint to work and no one would be the wiser! And I’d still look great. Thanks

  34. After fracturing my foot and it not healing properly, I’ve ended up with arthritis and plantar plantar fasciitis. My days of dancing till dawn in stilettos are over. The Maddie in Black Spot would be renamed Ally – Still wild, just more comfortable

  35. Oh hey there SALLi in black. Remember me? I tried to rename you MELi last season and you didn’t budge… No grudges here, I still love you, want you and actually need you in my wardrobe, but, um… Hey there HiLARY, you and I totally love champagne, summer would be great with you… Feel like a name change…?

  36. LOUiSA (aka Chloe Black) will take me all over my little seaside town. Walking my kids to school, taking my dog with me to a local cafe, and even out to dinner with my husband. The LOUiSA is the ultimate summer sandal for everyday wear to save my soles whilst I stylishly keep active.

  37. My Mum loved shoes and she had lovely narrow feet and could wear any fashionable shoe. I, on the other hand inherited my father’s feet which are wide and I have to wear orthotics. I have finally discovered Frankie 4 shoes which are a god send! I have a pair of Nat shoes in black which I wore everywhere on our overseas trip and they were so comfortable and supportive. Now I wish that the Nat punched blush shoe is renamed Vivien so I can wear the blush and the black and expand my shoe wardrobe!

  38. The Nat can be called the Stacey! I work at a primary school and I can’t go past putting on my Nat’s (Stacey’s) everyday (my pre Frankie 4 shoes are left forlornly in the cupboard!). They take me from the office, the classroom, yard duty even the sandpit! Then the weekend comes and no time for rest for my Nat’s (Stacey’s). Kids netball, football, cricket, shopping and socializing (they may need a retread!). They are the most awesome shoes my feet have every had the pleasure to wear – comfort and style all rolled into one, what more could you want……….more Frankie 4’s!

    1. SALLi Tan should be renamed the Julie Tan for a number of reasons, but mainly because they are the most comfortable, versatile and beautiful boot ever, ever made! Another reason is that Julie (although a very old fashioned name now) is a name synonymous with women of a certain age. And we, of the certain age, require good quality, comfortable and beautiful boots as we roam the world having marvelous adventures!

  39. JAZZ Cognac Navy:
    Heel Support, Arch Support, Forefoot Cushioning – There’s three very good reasons to want to wear these shoes all day long!
    My soles need saving as I spend long hours on my feet and my active ‘rugged’ lifestyle means I need comfort as well as good protection. These flats fit the bill is so many ways. After a day of wearing them my soles would be buying me a diamond ring and asking for my hand in marriage. (Though the thought of feet marrying a hand is kind of freaky 😉 )

  40. The “Nat Palms White” should be called “Margarita”.
    Margarita means “pearl” and daisy flower. The daisy flower was named Margarita because it resembles pearl.
    And yes Margarita also is an alcoholic drink, but Margarita is a cocktail full of warmth, charm and wit! Just like these shoes to keep your feet happy (just like wearing pearls) with these lightweight, floral flat shoes

  41. I love the Cate in Black ❤️
    I wear heels 5 days a week in my position as an EA. I find my feet are weary by the end of each day but flats really are not an option as I find the extra height helps (I’m 157cm working in a School – it helps to be taller than the students sometimes!) and suits just look better with heels!
    The beauty of the Cate… or the Fiona … is that they would look fabulous with every outfit – @ work, going out or casual – providing me with comfort AND style whatever the occasion.

  42. Nat blush- should be renamed AMY,
    After all these shoes saved me.
    Busy Mum, working full-time,
    These shoes save soles- especially mine!
    Rock them out with any clothes,
    With clouds on feet- anything goes!
    Suits my big size 12 hoof,
    Foot pain is gone…like magic- ‘Poof!’

  43. The MARGiE (latte) really needs to be renamed LISA. I foresee them taking me in style from playground to wine bar. They’ll stay on my feet while I sprint across the park after my 2 year old and will later sparkle while I sip wine with the grown ups.
    My feet covet them for their adjustable forefoot straps. I’m sure they will make my broad feet sing!

  44. The Nat Blush Punched
    Will see my flat feet past lunch,
    through school runs
    and playground fun.
    Maybe even date night!
    Too many occasions, that’s my plight!
    The Carol Blush Punched,
    Nice ring to it right?

  45. The Sophie II Silver Star should become the ‘You’ll Never Pry These Off Jane’s Feet’. I love shoes that make a statement and add a bang to an outfit without banging up my feet.

  46. I would love to rename the MADDiE the KiMBA.

    They’re cute, versatile and a lot of fun. A lot like me!

    I have neuropathic pain from degenerative nerve damage and I can’t really feel my feet; whilst also experiencing a lot of foot pain. It’s weird isn’t it?!

    Having a pretty summer sandal that can be dressed up just as easily as it can be dressed down would perfect my summer style! I might even have to get a new spotty cane to match!

  47. I’m so I love with the lilli flats, however they really need to be renamed Annie’s flats. These are my answer to my summer footwear dilemma. In winter I am a boots girl in summer I’m lost and end up wearing thongs, not so good for the old soles or the soul! The “Annie flats” I could dress up or down and they would go with pants, dresses, skirts. These are the most amazing summer flats x

  48. The Nat should become Amalia, slightly different but not odd. The more I read of these comments I realise I’m not as odd as I thought (my feet anyway).

  49. The Victoria should be renamed the Melanie, because I could see me wearing those everyday with everything while ferrying children to and from school and all of their activities! I need something that looks stylish, but is actually supportive and comfortable as well!

  50. Sophie 11 Rouge should definitely be re-named “Libby” because Libby loves walking … bush walking, shopping walking, exercise walking … just walking. Sophie 11 Rouge has everything Libby needs. Style. Comfort. Support.

  51. I think the CHLOE should be renamed the DEE! It’s such a great low wedge that I could and would wear pretty much anywhere. I can already see myself in the new DEE’s at work, at the shops, at the park and out for a night on the town! They would make my foot look so pretty!

  52. Maria altered to Danielle, I have developed big bunions and Morton’s neuromas since pregnancy, and I can see myself wearing these shoes all summer, I struggle with fitting any shoes because of my deformities and the associated pain. Everything has been made worse this year after a broken ankle I don’t think I have been walking straight!

  53. I think the Nat in Cream should definitely be re-named Kutira (I’d settle for ‘Kate’ too – that’s my coffee name. You know when you get a takeaway coffee and they ask you for a name and you use one that’s real easy… 🙂 Anyhoo, the reason I’ve fallen for the Nat in Cream is that living in that pre-retirement space the hubster and I are going to do a lot of travelling and the Nat go with everything (pants, shorts, skirts, dresses) and everywhere and especially when there’s stacks of walking as you do when sight-seeing. So there you go – maybe ‘Kate’ is the right name after all, cause its as easy-going as Nat!

  54. The Sophie II black spot should be re-named Danielle. I get away with wearing these to work, to soccer practice, to the shops and walking around casually! Being a size 12, it was nice to find ladies’ shoes that are funky and comfortable without having to nudge out the trannies to buy them!

  55. The maddi should be renamed the Alison. Although feel bad as my daughter is a Maddie. Flat but stylish would be great for the school run as well as going to all Xmas party functions.

  56. The Hilary is a great looking shoe but a terrible name – now the Carolyn in Champagne sounds much more elegant and refined! I love wearing comfortable flat sandals everyday doing the school drop offs and pick ups, running errands at the shops and just in general around the house. These would be perfect for me.

  57. The Maddie should be renamed the GABBiE! I simply can’t wear heels. Flats are everyone’s best friend and this style is flattering and easy to wear with both long and knee-length skirts and culottes (loving culottes!!)

  58. I think the Chloe should be renamed The Tracy, as I’d love a great looking pair of shoes named after me. After developing plantar fasciitis more than a year ago, I have become a sort of a shoes girl. I need my shoes to be supportive, comfy and stylish and The Chloe, I meant The Tracy is all of that. Black would be perfect please so that I could wear them to work and into the evening.

  59. The LiLLi Black should be renamed to KiM Black. I’m always wearing sandals and thongs in spring/summer but with two different sized feet, one wider and one rolling more than the other, and pinky toes that roll completely to the side, I’m always finding at the end of the day my feet are aching and my heels becoming super dry and cracked and not to mention a constant blister on my pinky toe. With the cushioning and added arch support, the shoe would stop my arches from hurting and with my pinky toe being free, it would give it a chance to actually heal plus with a wide strap over the middle of my foot, my foot won’t be sliding off the shoe all the time, plus its super stylish and will go with everything!

  60. Jenelle

    Champagne on a beer budget! I think the the champagne Alex should be renamed Nellie. Those shoes would make me feel bubbly and special, as I take on my beautiful Prep class each day. They would think I was a Princess dressed in these stunning metallic shoes!

  61. The Nat Palm should be named the Mel Palm so I can give myself a facepalm every time I consider wearing a cheap pair of flat shoes. Mel Palm could be worn nearly every day as I am a casual kinda gal so would work well. My soles need saving coz well sometime I wear cheap flat shoes!!! (ducks for cover).

  62. The NAT WHITE should be renamed the KEZ WHITE. I am the recent recipient of a lovely Morton’s Neuroma, so having that forefoot cushioning is really important to me! I’d wear these trendy flats with everything!

  63. The MADDiE black/spot should be renamed Nicole as my feet seem to hurt especially my heels as soon as the weather heats up and I start wearing sandals. In winter, boots and sneakers give my feet great support but pretty little sandals and heels don’t. Oh to have a nice little shoe to cushion my tired little feet so I can get around looking stylish and comfortable!

  64. There once was a girl named Siobhan
    On whose foot the shoe Lilli lived on.
    While chasing kids all day,
    She kept foot problems away,
    So those shoes would always be worn.

  65. MADDiE could be changed to MARdI quite easily I think and I would wear them every day. They look stylish and comfortable; my feet are so very fussy that wearing these would be like a holiday for my feet – fun and relaxing at the same time!

  66. Sophie II would be called Carol so my feet could feel relief in every different colour to go with any outfit. After having Plantar Fasciatis so painful I couldn’t walk Frankie4 are my new favourite shoes.

  67. The Alex Champagne should be Simone,
    as it’s the only shoe I need ever own,
    Glamorous and stylish with a certain flair,
    oh to feel that I’m walking on air,
    I could kick up my heels and dance all day,
    Looking effortlessly chic the Frankie way,
    No matter the occasion, whatever the miles,
    Celebrating with Champagne never goes out of style

  68. The tan SARA could be re-named Karli: she’s reliable, classic and traditional but a little bit different. Honestly, I’d wear these every day. I bought a pair of Frankie4s at the beginning of the year and have walked miles in them. I love them!

  69. The Ellie III
    In Black Lea
    Really should
    Be named for me!

    I’ve got diabetes
    Wear orthotics, too
    Many foot complaints I’ve had
    It’s true!

    Given the above
    I really would love
    New shoes for my stride
    I can wear with pride!

  70. Oh how I wish! I am so thrilled to have discovered Frankie4. My cream NATs are looking a bit sad after 7 weeks in Europe, as I wore them every single day! And for the first time I didn’t feel like a dowdy tourist. My NATs need to be replaced ready for this Summer and I am thinking the palm trees would be perfect. And TRICIA sounds like a pretty good alternative!

  71. Oh be still my beating heart!! The thought of wearing heels and not crying in pain fills me with excitement!! I have plantar fasciitis and haven’t worn heels in years. With this in mind, I’d have to choose the Nikki to be renamed Nikki. Oh wait, that doesn’t really work does it?? Well can we rename it Nik than??

  72. The black spot Maddie because I have large broad side feet. Size 10 and finding shoes that that fit is a celebration in it self. I am a Carer and you already a shoe name Maria. So please name the Shoe Marina for My Mum whom I care for and would wear the shoes everyday.

  73. Hi I would love to change the shoe called Lilly black to Lisa as they look so very comfortable and you could wear them with many styles and outings and be comfortable yet stylish.

  74. I think Maddie in black spot should be renamed Debbie. They are the perfect shoe for me and my job. I am a teacher and they would look stylish while being comfortable and they would also allow me to get down and up off the floor easily and sit cross legged while I work with the kids without having to take them off.

  75. Oh my aching feet! What an article! Fasciitis tick! Osteo Arthritis tick! Curled up toes (and not in the sexy way!) tick! Oh how I used to love strutting my stuff in my stilettos all those years ago…..but now my feet have revolted! “No more high heels!” they dost protest! My smile faded rapidly, until what’s this? Frankie4. Ooh Black spot Maddie – you’re so beautiful. Alana! You are what dreams are made of! Visions of beauty swirling in my dreams of these on my feet…..and Nat! Your casual sporty look is fab! But seriously Nikki, my days of pretty shoes are over unless Frankie4 can rescue me from my dark depression of pain. .

  76. I turned 60 this month and my feet decided to curl up their toes and retire.
    I love to walk; it is my goto thing for fitness. I also play a lot of golf and love to walk the course but I have been in so much pain that my walking has been curtailed. My podiatrist has helped and passed me on to the Sports Medicine doctor for further scans, anti-inflammatory drugs etc. and hopefully not surgery.
    The worst thing is the very comfortable shoes that I have to wear – black sneakers – not quite the fashion statement but I have got through Melbourne’s Winter in them.
    The Frankie4 range looks so inviting and just what I need coming into summer, so would really appreciate help in selecting a pair to suit.

  77. The Brooke in Black/Spot because these shoes are comfy and stylish at the same time, and good for busy Mums out there like me who can’t wear heels all the time.

  78. I think the Maddie black spot should be renamed Donna as I would wear them everywhere. I work in retail in a ladies fashion store and I’m standing on hard floor all day which make my Moreton Neuroma in both feel painful.

  79. I would change ‘Lilli’ to ‘Michelle’ because like me, it’s casual, fun, a little bit funky and of course super stylish This shoe would be worn every day, in every colour. After admiring FRANKiE4’s from a far for years, I know this shoe would make my days so much more comfortable (I don’t drive, so walk everywhere!) and completely change the way I look at and buy shoes.

  80. I work at a food manufacturing company and we must wear flat closed toe shoes. I’m on my feet all day long, so “Piper” look like the perfect shoe for me as they would allow me to look stylish but also provide support for my feet. I would love to have a shoe named after me, there are not many Barb’s around !!! Could you please rename “Piper” to “Barb”

  81. I work at a food manufacturing company and we must wear flat closed toe shoes. I’m on my feet all day long, so “Piper” look like the perfect shoe for me as they would allow me to look stylish but also provide support for my feet. I would love to have a shoe named after me, there are not many Barb’s around !!! Could you please rename “Piper” to “Barb”

  82. Let’s rename the Brooke to Mel.
    I have never found a pair of summer shoes I like and I’ve just fallen in love with these straight away.
    My feet need these Brooke’s, save them from thongs

  83. Please rename Brooke to Jacky for me. Over the years Nikki’s advice through Styling You has given me the confidence to stop stressing over what I see as embarrassing body defects and to be confident wearing what I feel comfortable in. So nowadays I rock a swimsuit and even wear shorts in public. Now as a petite person it’s time to tackle the “I must wear heels to make me look taller” issue and these beautiful shoes will be just the ticket.

  84. Nikki Blush will go perfectly with all my gorgeous femininely flowing dresses and skirts, giving them maximum wear while looking completely different. Renaming them ‘Diana’ utterly befitting, yes after me but could also be construed as a touch on the Royal side.

  85. The Hilary in black should be renamed Hollie as I love the simple style and comfort look these shoes have. I love easy to slip on shoes as I have limited mobility in my shoulders and I need good foot support for my back

  86. The Sophie II Rouge is definitely a ‘Wendy’ shoe. I need comfortable, flat and ‘sensible’ always as that old man Arthur Itus has taken up residence in my feet. This style ticks all my baxes and is beautiful to boot.

  87. Maddie in black spot has always looked like a Kim to me, I could say it’s easy to be around and great to look at or alternately it’s reliable in its comfort and adapts to many environments and situations – take your pick !

  88. Lilli in Black to be renamed Lucretia in Black . Still staying with the lovely letter L but to be worn by a stylish mum how has got chase about after her children in comfort and style as she takes them to sport and after school events keeping her feet calm and comfortable the whole time

  89. Lucky for me, you’ve already got my name in your range… Ellie!! I’d wear these day in, day out at work if I was lucky enough to nab a pair.

  90. FRANKiE4 Foowear Lilli in Tan , are perfectly named as I get called Lilli because of my last name, and Tan because I am tanned from all the walking and gardening I do.

  91. I think you should rename the Maria to the Rachel. I have just ordered these shoes and know I am going to live in these this Summer. As a person who has suffered from plantar fasciitis for over 20 years (I’m now 40) I am always on the look out for stylish, yet comfortable shoes that support my feet. Summer is one of the worst times for flare ups but not anymore with my Frankie4 Rachel slides.

  92. Ellie, Ellie, Ellie, cute name, cute shoe. This is my go to shoe and the one I would wear always if life was that simple. Red is my favourite colour and these gorgeous leather ‘sneakers’ go with all colours. They have walked the world with me and still look their best. Rename them the TRISH and their journey will continue without limits…

  93. I adore the Lilli, also now known as the Holly. I had a pair last year very similar to this style that I had the throw out as there was no support and every time I wore them I had sore feet and legs.

  94. Black spot Maddie will now be known as black spot helen……versatile day to night,a statement ,stylish & absolute comfort…..just what the doctor ordered for a gal with arthritis in one knee & a replacement in the other!

  95. Oh Nina (Ash Gold) you have served me well,
    But it’s time to move out, you’re over the hill.
    Nat Cream is the one I’m dreaming about,
    we’ll rename her Jo and she’s ready for flight.

  96. Well, I could see my mum in a pair of ELLiE III black (could be renamed Sue). She works full time as a medical courier so does long days, walking and driving all over Brisbane. She is a wonderful mum and grandma to 5 kids. Earlier this year when my feet were aching she made sure I got a pair of Nats, yet when pressed won’t spend the money on herself as she has a mortgage etc. She deserves some comfort for her feet and bunions!

  97. The Chloe should be called the Helen.
    Forget about ‘Hel on Wheels’

    Bring on ‘Hel on Heels’
    This sandal would go anywhere, any place, anytime.

  98. How to choose between the Lilly and Hilary? I love them both! I have just recently began getting foot pain and would love some of these shoes to help try and rectify the problem as I spend a lot of time on my feet running after my 3 boys, youngest 7 months and crawling already!

  99. My choice is Alex! I am about to start my first job in 13 years after being a stay at home mum … I’ll be needing a stylish low shoe which will jazz up my work wardrobe, and of course keep my tootsies comfy all day. And I would probably wear these on the weekend too.

  100. Tanya (Margie) Metallic – a practical gal with lots of class, would love these shoes for a touch of glamour in my casual life!!

  101. The Nikki should be called the Kylie. I am 5 foot nothing so love heels. I have a bunion forming though and osteoarthritis throughout my feet. Please give me some Nikki shoes so I stop having to call for a wheel chair by 9pm!

  102. Christmas 2013 I ruptured my plantar fascia while running on the beach – lesson here is to never ignore heel pain! My Ellies saved my feet! I’ve worn them almost every day since I first stepped in to All Podiatry at Windsor in early 2014. I’ve bought a few pairs because, variety! And you can’t wear silver shoes with everything…. sometimes you need red or black…. Ellie’s are my daily style and it’s only fitting that we rename them Bec’s! Those Bec’s look awesome on you Bec…. it sounds right doesn’t it?

  103. My name is Jan and I’m just newly retired. I have bunions on both feet which is not very neat. I love to walk and exercise and the Nat’s should be named Jan because I’m a big fan and would love some for me.
    If only FRANKiE4 had been around back in the day, my feet would have been saved and comfort would pave the way. The Jan’s would be popular as much as the Nat’s but Jan is an awesome name for your shoes, that’s a fact. So, I hope you will humour me and grant me my wish to see my name on your webpage and my feet feeling delish. Thank you!!

  104. The Salli should be the Kate! I am 6’2″ and find it hard to find feminine, elegant and stylish shoes that don’t have a heel that makes me feel like a giant! These look perfect. I also like an enclosed shoe to wear all year round to keep my feet comfy as they tend to swell and look veiny and bruised due to poor circulation. This shoe, especially the tan, fits the bill as it could still be worn in warmer weather.

  105. Jen Palms (nee Hilary Palms) look amazing. Summery fun in a sassy but smart casual in fun fabric. Just what we need for our Aussie summer.
    I have bunions, low arch, netballers knees…..need I say more? The Jen Palms make my feet melt with comfort. Aghhh lovely……

  106. Jen Palms (nee Hilary Palms) look amazing. Summery fun in a sassy but smart casual in fun fabric. Just what we need for our Aussie summer.
    I have bunions, low arch, netballers knees…..need I say more? The Jen Palms make my feet melt with comfort. Aghhh lovely……

  107. I would commandeer CHLOE for sure! I’m so neglectful to my poor feet & thongs are my everyday go-to. I need shoes that are quick to put on, match pretty much everything I have so I don’t have to think much about it, and bonus points too if I can dress them up & wear them out. The CHLOE *cough Janine cough* shoe in black ticks all of these boxes for me 🙂

  108. SOPHiE II Black Patent Should be renamed :
    M – ichelle the shoe to wear
    I – ncredible support
    C – omfort whether wearing out or at
    H – ome.
    E – xcellent with jeans or shorts.
    L – overly slip-on that’s the
    L – atest fashion so wear with love &
    E – mbrace the style named Michelle.

    Having had 3 back operations & titanium rods in my spine I need a comfortable reliable supportive shoe.

  109. Whilst the Nikki is so aptly named after our wonderful styler, she really should be named after me! I am a mum of two, who needs some new shoes. I run up and down stairs and around and around from early in the morning til late when I get home. My shoes (target heels) they do hurt, but they go with my skirt and my shirt! If I keep wearing them I’ll be bunioned and hurt. So please change Nikki to Leonie I don’t want to be a phony, and we all know FRANKiE 4 pass the test! I need FRANKiE 4’s to treat my feet the best!

  110. That’s EASY – it’s got to be the ViCTORiA in Champagne! She’s all ready for Summer, casual BBQs, shopping, or just relaxing at home, but also needs to do double time and look sophisaticated and stylish for drinks with friends. And for me, in Summer, I also have to work, work, work! It’s everything I’ll be doing in the next 4 months – they need to be called CAMiLLE. Thanks for the opporunity – I LOVE FRANKiE4 footwear.

  111. The Alice Navy would become the MUMMY ALISON!

    My 5 year old calls me MUMMY ALISON and being a mother of 4 I need a go to statement wedge that offers comfort and contemporary styling for a busy Mummy!

  112. Caroline aka Nat Blushed Punched as if you ask my family, this is my favourite casual footwear as it keeps my feet protected and goes well with my jeans.

  113. The JANICE aka Brooke black spot, would hopefully be my go to for summer instead of walking around on hot coals every day. The smell of burning flesh is not a good eau de parfum and a roaring fire in the middle of summer, or at any time, coming from the bottom of your feet does not help my Ladypause symptoms one bit! Please help! Thank you for listening to my woes.

  114. Ellie is my daughter but the Ellie frankie 4 is the mumma of the range and could be re named the Dimity. I have been wearing a charcot boot for 16 months due to avascular necrosis of my talus…in the next few weeks I’m getting a fixed AFO made and need new shoes to wear. I think having a pair of frankies on will draw peoples attention to my feet and they won’t even notice my brace – the boot has made me a stand out in the crowd.

  115. Unfortunately being vertically challenged aka short has it downfalls when it comes to working in a corporate office.
    To ensure that I spend the day above eye level with the photocopier and keeping my dignity I wear high heels every. single day.
    I’ve noticed to the tell-tale signs of bunions as my big toes are starting to bend and arches are achingly sore at the end of each day.
    I’d love to have the Cate changed Kate as it would be perfect accessory for my work outfits.

  116. Shoes are my weakness but many, many years of netball has left me with a very stretched tendon in my left ankle and RA has given me erosion of the bones in my feet so sky high platforms are no longer my go to.
    If ALANA came in Red or Leopard print it would be perfect as Naomi (even as a special edition alter ego perhaps)

  117. The ALYCE or should I say the KATHY in tan look as though they would love to jump on my feet! These platforms would be a great summer shoe for me as I have bunions on both feet, (ugly I know!) and I feel that they would cover them up nicely. I can no longer wear high heels or shoes that cramp my feet because of these bumps on the side of my feet. I would love to try the Frankie4 range because I feel that they would be extremely comfortable, but not only that, they look stylish and modern (unlike some of the other supportive shoes on the market!)

  118. All of my life, I’ve taken for granted my feet
    The skin always pale, the nails never neat
    With a very high arch, and sausage-like toes
    Shoved into pumps, boots, thongs, Stilettos

    But these feet of mine deserve overlooking no more
    All night they’ve kept me on a dance floor
    They take me to work (where I work with Firefighters!!)
    And run like the wind to catch ankle-biters

    So I look down at my feet, now with naught but delight
    They’re my little mates, the left and the right
    They’re always reliable, they perform with finesse,
    So the Alana Blush beauties…..let’s call them “Jess”

  119. Ahhhhh I’d love the Maddie Black Spot as they would look “spot on”.
    I can no longer wear high heels as I developed a stress fracture in my foot from walking too far in a pair of heels. As I ignored the pain, until I couldn’t get up and walk further than 5 steps, I ended up in a moon boot for 3 months! I now have to permanently tape my toes together and wear shoes with a supported arch (or runners with orthodics) and my foot will never be the same again. My narrow, flat feet would benefit from the arch in the Maddie’s and I would feel like a “lady” in nice shoes.I’d change the name to SPoT on NiC 😉

  120. Hillary would be my choice and I Think called the Pammy would be very appropriate. looks so comfy and these old feet are looking for some comfort! On my feet for 30 yrs as a hairdresser I know how important it is to look after your feet, but still those pretty little unsuitable shoes still made there way into my wardrobe, regrets now but never too late to look after those tootsies!
    Thank you I certainly be giving these little ones a run for there money!

  121. I envisage the Piper happily being renamed the ‘Rells’ – for style and comfort whether you’re Roaming, Rushing or Relaxing!

  122. My inner fashionista says “heels” but Alex (Lesley) is the girl for me. Sassy and just right for any occasion with that all important comfort and support factor. When you think of Dianne Keaton you immediately think of brogues and while I do not channel her dress style her confidence and attitude is a great inspiration.

  123. The Lilli could definitely be changed to LuLu (my nickname), these would become my new work shoe 🙂 Since I have started running my feel have been really sore, the heel support and cushioning along with the arch support are exactly what I need to get them on the mend again 🙂

  124. Maria all the way for the Maddie Tan. Perfect in every way for me…..colour goes with everything, I love leather shoes, comfortable, and with the tiniest of heels which offer a little arch support.

  125. I think the Jac aka Brooke is my shoe! I have a connection tissue disorder – Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility type – which means my joints are pretty wobbly, so flat, and supportive shoes are a must for me and my crazy ankles!

  126. The Alex Champagne, because It’s so smart yet casual and can be dressed up and down. Perfect for all occasions and on my feet all the time

  127. The Sara in black would be my choice. SO it would become the Cat, or maybe it could be French and be Le Chat Noir! Though I think that’s been done 😉
    After decades of wearing high shoes everywhere (including stilettos) – as if they were second skin, I am now suffering for my vanity. I hate flat shoes and feel frumpy in them no matter how pretty they are. I even dug up my new front yard back in the 80’s to prepare it for lawn, in a pair of white stilettos! I no longer garden in high heels! Well maybe a bit of watering, but that doesn’t count!
    I now have arthritis in my feet and recently developed a painful ball of my right foot just below my toes, that makes it difficult to walk.
    So I think the Black “Cat’s” would be perfect as they are comfortable, but still have a smallish heel and look stylish to boot!

  128. I love the Frankie4 Brooke Black/spot and could see my name on them! The newly named ”Kathy B”, comfortably flat and support for arch and heel, perfectly beautiful for all day wear or to go out in style.

  129. The Nat Palms should definitely be the Mel Palms. As someone who has grown up with flat feet and dodgy knees (compounded by an ankle reconstruction these days), my feet are happiest in shoes that take care of them like the wonderful Frankie4’s. Every gal needs a pair of shoes with a funky pretty pattern and believe it or not, Melbourne, where I live has its share of gorgeous palm trees!

  130. The Margie should be called the Jodi because I live in thongs but my feet really need to be living in these flats! I have high arches and my feet are always giving me grief, I’m currently recovering from my worst sprained ankle yet. I’m desperately trying to lose baby weight and I can’t afford to be injured like this, especially when I’m chasing a destructive toddler around.

  131. The Alyce Tan would be my go to to dress up a maxi, or wear casual with a pair of shorts too! Perfect as that one pair of shoes to throw in a suitcase for a weekend away at the beach as it would suit any style! The Sarah Tan sounds much better anyway doesn’t it? 😉

  132. The ViCTORiA sandals should be renamed JONI as they would be perfect for me with my cracked heels( cover these up and support them), flat soles ( I am very tall and on my feet all day at work so prefer dressy flats) and the functional footbed cushioning inside would help my plantar fasciitis whilst still showing off my toes and rest of my feet that are surprisingly still in good nick!!

  133. The Lili in black should be renamed the Sharyn and would save my sole and boost my confidence at work.
    After a recent work appraisal where my boss told me I move too slowly around the office of an afternoon. I explained that it’s because by the end of the day my heel spurs are killing me and I’d do anything for you to ask me to do a task that requires me to sit for 5minutes.
    We are required to wear black casual shoes and I am on my feet for up to 12hours.
    So to look and feel stylish and confident would save my sole and my job.

  134. The Sophie ll should be named the Susie! 2 years ago I tore my meniscus on the first day of a 5 week holiday so I limped around Europe trying not to whinge! Since then I have herniated a disc in my back and now have plantar fasciitis. The Susie would give me support, style and my smile back!

  135. The Nat Palms should definitely be the CORiN Palms. I dislocated my toe a few days ago. For real. It was sideways. (ew!) I held my breath, popped it back in place (girl power!) and have been limping on a swollen bruised foot ever since. (wuahhh!) I know it will take a few months to totally heal so I would definitely be wearing these EVERY day to chase my 2 kids under 4yo around. Whew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

  136. Fabulous giveaway! After years of foot trouble the Maria is calling to me! This post has reminded me that I need to get back to the podiatrist, but the Maria looks so simple, stylish and comfortable that perhaps I would not need to! And Maria is a mere letter away from Marie, so seems the obvious choice.

  137. The Maria, should be renamed the SANDY, (suitable for that time heading to the beach), they are slip on, carefree, but then supportive and long lasting. Definately the SANDY

  138. The NAT blush punched should ABSOLUTELY be the Jo (or the iCurvy) because they could easily go from office, to he playground, or a night out even…. Just like me!

  139. The Maddie Black/Spot should be the Zoe from now on, what a perfect summer sandal! I had a recent knee injury and can’t wait to get back into wearing pretty shoes again (don’t get me wrong, my Asics are great for my feet but not so nice to look at). As I’m scared of reinjuring myself, I haven’t been able to wear any of my old sandals yet so the support and style of the Maddie/Zoe would be ideal for me.

  140. The Margie should definitely be renamed the Kim. I broke my foot this year playing netball and had to have surgery. Learning to walk again has been harder than I ever expected.
    It is very difficult to find sandals that have the support in them and are nice and secure on the foot. The Margie looks like it will do all that and looks stylish as well.
    I have always taken my feet for granted, but this recent experience has made me realise how important it is to take care of my feet.

  141. I love them all, so I’d be happy to be in anything than my oversized HOT PINK safety boots that I have to wear at work. Having small narrow feet, I have to wear thick winter wool socks to keep them on my feet, all year round. Doing an average of 10000 steps a day in them, doesn’t help the cause.
    But the CATE in Black would be lovely as a “Lee”, don’t you think, for those occasions when I’m not at work.

  142. The Maria looks like my kind of shoe and should definitely, without a doubt be re-named the Belle. A “beautiful” name for some feet-loving beautiful shoes. Stylish, flat, simple and no fuss is what I want in my everyday, taxi-the-kids-around-town shoes. I want to slip them on as I rush out the door, and then slip them off as I collapse on the couch with a cuppa in my 10 minutes between ballet class drop-off and soccer practice pick-up.

  143. The Nat Cream should be renamed Petra. After reading your story, Nikki, above I realised that I have been putting up with pain when I wear a couple of pairs of my shoes. Not good because it continues even after I take them off. I have made the vow that I need to change over all my shoes to being comfortable and supportive. I need a ‘new normal’!

  144. The MADDiE would be the show for me. A flat sandel is just what I need for work. I’m on my feet a lot and find it difficult to find nice flat shoes hat are comfortable.

  145. Because they look so stylish and comfortable (my arches would love them!) I could live in the NAT shoes everyday.
    They need renaming from NAT to TAN and just a quick letter swap will do it!

  146. Wearing the NAT everyday will hopefully keep my podiatrist at bay!! The NAT should be renamed ‘Rachel’ or ‘Mum’ as I think every Mum can relate to being on their feet all day, chasing after kiddos, and this shoe just says ‘mum comfort uniform’!! Love all my Frankie4’s!!

  147. The LiLLi should definitely now be called the Ali in recognition of a whole pain free day whilst also looking and feeling amazing. Shoes are a nightmare for me. Not anymore however now I’ve found the LiLLi aka the “Ali”. They are so perfect for my foot that I was able to walk to and from work in them and be comfortable being on and of my feet all day. The real bonus was that after all of that my feet were still feeling ok so I was able to walk the dog instead of needing to put my feet up. Love love love them.

  148. The Nat …. They would be called MeAgan … such problematic feet I have. Super narrow and with arch pain and Achilles tendonosis. I live in my black Ellies but would love the MeAgan in punched blush …..

  149. Caroline is so right in highlighting the fact we ignore problems with our feet. I certainly did and the irony of that is I am a personal injuries lawyer! Having worked in high heels for nearly 25 years, I had suffered pain on the pad of my left foot for a coupe of years but persisted with the heels. I never felt dressed up enough for my corporate job unless I was in heels. Well it all came to a head earlier this year. I reached a stage where I could literally not walk. We were going away for a few days and so I went to the doctor before we left to see what was going on. She was not really sure so prescribed pain killers for my weekend away. After returning I went to a podiatrist who scrapped off a massive callous on the pad of my foot and discovered a plantar wart deeply embedded in my foot. And so began excruciatingly painful deriding procedures weekly. Things got worse and it was discovered that I had a stress fracture due to my altered gait – as a result of not walking on the ball of my foot because of the callous which was in fact a wart! So on came the moon boot for 6 weeks and this coincided with my new business’ first birthday function in August! My foot is still causing me intermittent problems as I do not think the stress fracture has completely healed – I had the moon boot on earlier this week.I would love the Chloe Champagne shoes to be re-named Renee Champagne. They still have a tiny heel (yes I still love a heel) and I could wear them every day for work; chasing after my boys and going out. Also love champagne full stop! If I am not lucky enough to win I will be coming in to see Caroline and her team for advice. Thanks Caroline and Nikki.

    1. Post
    2. Oh Caroline – I feel for you. I also developed a stress fracture in my foot from walking too far in a pair of heels. As I ignored the pain, until I couldn’t walk further than 5 steps, I ended up in a moon boot for 3 months! I now have to tape my toes together my foot will never be the same again.

  150. I would change the Victoria to Sarah as I could see myself in them everyday…silver’s a neutral right?! Frankie4s have changed my thoughts on a good shoe after wearing my nikkis I can’t bear to wear any other heels. Especially as I now know that I shouldn’t have numb toes in heels. Mum is also a convert we have opposite foot issues but both of us find shoes that look and feel amazing! Thank you to Caroline for making the perfect shoes for everyone

  151. I would wear the Alex in black every day! I suffer from Morton’s neuroma and these shoes would keep my feet staying comfortable while still looking corporate for work.

  152. Nat in blush, gorgeous, and could be renamed BJ after my dear 81 yr old Beverley Joan, who is startung to reinvent her style in the vein of US doyenne Iris Apfel – think round glasses, chunky jewellery and I don’t give a damn attitude ! the shoes would be for her. I just bought her some Ellie’s in silver and she adores them as does her recently recovered ankle which she broke in June. Definitely brightened her attitude, and she has always had eyes for my FRANKiE4 collection.

  153. I think it would be fitting to rename Brooke to Renelle. I love this style.
    Please save my soul, I only feel comfortable in good quality shoes and have been wanting to try some Frankie shoes ever since I joined Nikki’s Styling you.

  154. Hi I have wiiiiiiiiiide Size 11 feet (doubly cursed) so I really love the flexibility of Frankie4. Maddie have the silhouette of a heel without the heel and are perfect for work but I think I would want to keep them for good (conflicted) Maddie is totally Tanya (just with different letters in it) 🙂

  155. I’d like to rename Victoria as the Ali, especially in the shiny silver metallic. I have to wear flats ALL THE TIME as I literally topple over in heels, because of my knees. Even the lovely Frankie4 team couldn’t fit me in a pair with a heel at the recent Sydney pop up. Therefore I am always on a fabulous flat finding mission!

  156. BROOKE would be even more fabulous if she were dubbed RENEE! As the sole parent to 3 kids, my poor neglected feet are the last thing on the priority list. They would dearly love to kick off the $5 KMart thongs and get some well deserved support to alleviate their aches and pains.

  157. Gorgeous shoes, thank you.
    PiPER is my choice to be renamed as Renee as I am on my feet constantly, assisting with Pre-Primary learning. I need the arch support as I have planta fasciitis. I need to start looking after my feet, and Frankie4 looks like the best place to start…..

  158. The Maddie in black spot should be renamed the Pip – perfect sandal for casual and dressy and work days. Though I’d also love to design a Maggie (or similar) in the same tan shade as last summer’s tan Penni – either in all tan or tan ankle straps with silver front straps

  159. I have been wanting a pair of NATS for the longest time. With my callous, ingrown toe nails and broad feet I find it impossible to find comfortable shoes. After running around after my 7 & 2 year old my feet and my back hurt. I would rename the NAT to LiZ . Thank you.

  160. Having just looked down at my feet, oh the HiLARY would be LEANNE. Corns, callouses, bunions, arch cramps, and a big bruised toenail that will take months to heal ☹ I have it all! HiLARY (aka LEANNE) would be my saviour, and my rubber thongs would be banished forever. Aahhh…

  161. The NAT BLUSH PUNCHED should be renamed OLiViA – they would make my poor feet so much happier when I’m running around after 2 kids (with another on the way!), and they look good too!

  162. The Chloe should be called the Tracy as if I had these shoes, I’d be wearing them to work everyday. I’ve suffered from plantar fasciitis for 1.5 years now and I NEED comfortable supportive shoes. These shoes are perfect as they are not too high but have a big enough he’ll to look professional. Yes, I definitely need The Chloe, renamed as The Tracy in black

  163. Although I already wear my LiLLis ALOT! I couldn’t devestate my friend Lilly, who loves that they already have her name! So I vote HiLARY to be renamed MELiNDA as I can see myself giving a pair of these a good workout over the upcoming summer months too.

  164. Oh, the timing is perfect. I’ve just packed the crutches away after six weeks of undiagnosed sharp, stabbing mid-foot pain (now with a diagnosis, podiatrist, physio and gentle foot exercise program!) and it’s time to stock up on flats while I recover. I’ve had my eye on the ALEX for a veeeeery long time – the black would be perfect for work.
    *cough and I wouldn’t say no to the BROOKE in black/spot either cough* Excuse me. I seem to have developed a cold.

  165. Oh the gorgeous Stephnin black definitely have my name written all over them! After reading your Q&A above with the lovely Caroline above I think I have bunions! One on each foot. Explains the red lumps that have appeared at the base of each big toe and why my big toes are numb most of the day! And Steph in black would be the most perfect work day accessory!

  166. After years of shopping for quantity rather than quality, I decided to invest in a great looking, comfortable pair of shoes. I purchased the Sara heels in tan for the summer, and have worn them everyday since receiving them. Sara should be changed to ‘Lauren’, because I’m so glad I made the investment!

  167. My flat feet are certainly are a curse
    So heels that I wear definitely hurt
    I have pain in my arches and ankles as well
    But to look elegant I try not to dwell.
    A pair of Nikki’s in the tan punch
    Would help me out when I go out for lunch
    With my friends by my side and champagne in hand
    I would toast my new Frankie’s the best in the land
    And then I would rename them ……….Jan-Maree
    After the name my mother gave me!

  168. The HiLARY needs to be renamed the Mel – I just want to do the school run on a hot summer’s day in an open shoe so my feet don’t end up in a puddle of sweat, but I need something more stylish than thongs. The HiLARY looks versatile enough for casual and a little dressed up.

  169. Hi Nikki, I have 5 pairs of Frankie4’s thanks to you (and Afterpay). Now they are the only shoes I wear, years of wearing Haiviannas and flat sandals have damaged my feet. My ankles turn in a bit, arthritis and damaged toes. I think the Maria should be renamed Kathryn, perfect for my lifestyle on weekends, especially in 2018 when I am moving to Brisbane to care for my parents, I will be super busy. I want to stay in the loop with style! Thanks for another wonderful competition, and inspiration! x

  170. The MADDIE black spot should be renamed the KATiE. I am a primary school teacher and always on my feet. I like to look both professional and stylish. Now that I am in my mid 30s I am finding I need good quality shoes with great support. Trying to find those that look amazing is hard to find. Frankie’s certainly do that!!

  171. The NAT should be renamed ADELIA after my daughter because that’s who I run after all day! I get tired feet and hate when my heel isn’t raised enough. I also get ingrown toe nails. Would love a pair of the Hilary’s in the limited edition print for hot days.

  172. The Alyce navy are gorgeous and should be renamed Zoë. I’m on a mission to wear shoes other than sneakers but every time I try to look more ladylike I only last an hour or so and sneak back into my usual sneakers. After 2 years suffering from plantar fasciitis and tendonitis I’m soooo happy that orthotics and physio have finally worked so I don’t want to risk reinjuring myself by wearing bad quality shoes but I’d love to look like a grown up!

  173. As I sit here with with a very sore bunion and read about Frankie4 and this competition I dream of owning a pair of Frankie4 !!!
    Any flat in the range could very easily be suited to me and therefore be called “Glenda”
    The Sophie 11 Silver Star should be Fantastic for everyday wear or a lovely sandal to hide my bunion would also work .
    Thanks for the great comp !

  174. Oh my goodness, this is popular! But I know why so here goes….

    They should be called the Annab-ELLiE III Silver Star because I could wear them every day, and with everything. I’m on my feet a lot for work and, as I usually run early in the morning before work, my tootsies always ache at the end of the day unless I wear super supportive shoes. And, in my experience, sore feet lead to a grumpy outlook so supportive shoes are the go.

    Designs like the Ellie (I actually have a similar style in gold which I think is the JENNI) are perfect for work and play. I wear them with trousers or shorts for weekend shopping, walks or get-togethers. Then, in the week, I team them with a smart jacket and skirt or a pretty floral dress. I like to think the Silver Ellies, like my gold Jennis add a modern, fun touch to more formal dressing as well as being totes practical.

    Thank you Nikki and Frankie4 🙂

  175. I am a sheep farmer and occasional roustabout. I spend all day on my feet in either rubber boots or big heavy leather boots. I have a bunion, corn and some heel pain and would love to come home and slip into a pair of Nats (preferably black & white) each night. I’d look so fashionable and feel so good after a long, tough day in the sheep yards or in the shearing shed.
    Perhaps rename the Nats to the Sheree’s (After-Sheepwear)!!

  176. Well where do I start…September 2014 my active life was turned upside down after training and running a Half Marathon when I was floored with injury. Fast forward 3 years, 3 cortisone injections, 2 foot surgeries after, 18 months in total in a moon boot or plaster and thousands of dollars at the physio, podiatrist and Frankie4 I’m slowly on the mend and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    I would rename Ellie to Tennille…it was Ellie that was worn (one shoe) as I was recovering from surgeries and it was the silver in this style that allowed me to start to see my sparkle again.
    Whilst I have 6 pairs of Frankie’s now for every occasion, a girl can never have a enough x

  177. I spend the day on my feet
    Checking people’s heartbeat
    As a nurse
    Your soles can be a curse
    Nats in white
    I tell ya they’re alright ..maybe even saved my life
    Change the name
    As long as the comfort stays the same
    Nursey Nat
    To Sassy Cass !!

  178. Save my soles! Oh FRANKiE4!
    My feet are tired, achy and sore.
    I have a case of Plantar Fasciitis
    Your FRANKiE4’s can help to right this
    I love your NATS in milky cream
    and I have them in black. Can you see the theme?
    At Pearl Harbor I met a fellow Aussie
    She said, “You must be part of the FRANKiE4 POSSE!”
    I’d love your ALYCE (Kelly) in the tan
    Can you tell that I’m a huge FRANKiE4 fan?

  179. I already wear my SOPHiE’s everyday – which used to be just the Silver. But they need to be named CATHERiNE, because when she saw me arrive at work in my new Black Patents, she had to check them out – and when I told her they were designed by a podiatrist, she was thrilled! Turns out that Catherine’s feet have needed saving for a while now, and I hope you can send some SOPHiE, umm, I mean CATHERiNE love her way 🙂

  180. MADDiE would do well named SAMi, suffering with platar fascitis and mortons neuroma for many years now, the comfort but stylish Frankie’s would be very welcomed into my home and into my everyday life to be worn with any outfit!

  181. I think it’s time to rename the Brooke to Anita! With biomechanical issues, two Morton’s neuromas, plantar fibromas and rheumatoid arthritis mostly affecting my feet, a new pair of summer flats would take the sting out of the cost of my upcoming MRIs on both feet. Plus my endless search for the perfect sandal could be complete!

  182. I would love to have HiLARY in my life. I spend a lot of time everyday walking around my home and up and down the stairs. I think HiLARY would make the perfect house ‘slipper’ for me. She would save my soles from being walked on without much comfort. The champagne colour would take me right through to the end of each week when I would look forward to celebrating with her for all of the love and support she has given me every day of every week. This is why I believe HiLARY should be renamed SARA.

  183. Brooke should be renamed in my own name as I would love to wear these daily. Unfortunately I lucked out when it comes to foot genetics. I have MS, which causes weaknesses and affects my walking. But more recently I was diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis- which have a big impact on my back, knees and feet causing painful swollen toes and problems with a number of the nails. I see a podiatrist every 6 weeks to help manage and use lots of meds, lotions and potions but it’s still a challenge. As a result I can only wear open toed shoes and need something that is comfortable while still supportive. These would be a welcome comfort!

  184. Well the classic Ellie III in tan is what I could wear on a daily basis. So it would be renamed The Kathryn Having arch pain when walking which leads to pain in my calves and shin splints I need a shoe that accommodates this. Having said that, I’m also eying off The Alana in blush and The Hilary in silver so I will have all occasions covered!

  185. I love my Nat sneakers in cream. They’re on my feet all the time. I think the LiLLi in navy is DiViNE!! If they were renamed the MARiANNE, I’d be smiling like the cat that got the cream. I currently only have one pair of FRANKiE4 shoes, but it is my intention to grow my shoedrobe and fill it with FRANKiE4 over the next couple of seasons. Soooo many great styles to choose from.

  186. For me the MADDIE Black spot – I cannot wear thongs, closed shoes make my feet sweat, but these will be kind to my bunions and ball of the feet that suffer uncontrollably! I have one pair of FRANKIE 4 – Sophie and I love them, but cannot wear in summer. After a broken ankle I am limited now to lower shoes and the MADDIE is so on trend for summer – they will make me feel like a million $’s. Even my podiatrist is in agreeance of me getting into FRANKIE 4’s – having Diabetes also will not treat my feet too well into the future! Oh the joys of getting old!!

  187. NAT should be called CiERA. I have a pair of white Converse that I wear all the time. I love them as I can wear them with my jeans/shorts for a casual everyday look or I can team them up with a trendy skirt or dress for a little bit more than just a casual look. The only downside – Converse are not good for your feet! They have very little support, especially in the arch area of the foot.

  188. The Sophie’s should be renamed The Becky’s because I’d love to bring positive attention to my feet with beautiful and comfortable shoes rather than people only noticing my ugly bunions.

  189. The NAT should renamed the TIFF!! I do wear a pair every day! I have the black for work (nurse who works in theatre) and the cream for wearing to and from work. And I have a pair of the peach in the way!!

  190. Such a wonderful range of styles to suit every taste and occasion. If you can’t find a Frankie4 style for every situation then you’re not looking hard enough! I love the heels but sadly am unable to wear them any more. The slides and sneakers all look fabulous and very laid back yet refined in their styling. The Maddie would be perfect for me as I love an ankle strap and the black/spot variant is very jaunty. It would be perfect with dresses, jeans or trousers and shorts….heck, even with a swimsuit! Do you think you could bear to rename her Nadine?

  191. I think the Hilary should definitely be renamed after me. I love nothing better than coming home from work, kicking off my heels and slipping on a comfy pair of flats. They’re often preferable to my slippers, especially in Queensland summers and I would love a pair that would take me from “after work at home”/ back-up slippers to out and about on the weekends.

  192. JAZZ should be DENISE! Stylish yet flat and wide enough to allow my painful not-yet-ready-for-surgery bunion to not ruin my day!

  193. Nat definitely needs to be changed to Michelle. My mum uniform consists of me wearing sneakers to death! Sounds like they would be so much better for my feet running around after my kids than my current kicks too!

  194. OMG!!!!
    TIme and time again I have bought Sandles that never last similar to this design and never have enough support .
    These are beautiful and stylish and will support my on going planter faciitis , heal spurs and back pain too that I’ve had for a good year and 1/2 .
    Good Shoes = Good Support
    my chiro says and whom I’m seeing twice a week which is costing me an absolute fortune . Anyhow thank you for the chance to win a pair and good luck to all those suffering ailments .

  195. I think it’s time to rename the Brooke to Anita! With biomechanical issues, two Morton’s neuromas, plantar fibromas and rheumatoid arthritis mostly affecting my feet, a new pair of summer flats would balance the cost of my upcoming MRIs on both feet. Plus my endless search for the perfect sandal could be complete!

  196. Name Ellie to “COMFY CONIE” as perfect for work environment for covered in shoes with the added comfort for your feet. Not to forget the continuous support for our feet. They can go from Work to casual to night and still have super comfy feet. Thanks FRANKiE4.

  197. I think the Nat Blush Punched should be renamed Nicole (different than Nikki!).
    These shoes look so cute and comfy at the same time.
    I am struggling with peripheral neuropathy due to 4 months of chemotherapy earlier this year. The quality of my shoes makes a huge difference to how I cope with the day. Thank you!

  198. I just love the Ellie in tan and think it should be the Michelle. I have bunions but need the full shoe for working at school. The tan will take me through the seasons and goes with everything.

  199. I’ve seen the Frankie4 shoes since following Styling You but I never realised they were suitable for orthotics! Having had osteo artithis resulting in a hip replacement, I really have to take care of the type of shoes I buy but unfortunately, the choice is limited, especially since I sitll want to dress my age. I think you can imagine how excited I was to discover the story behind Frankie4 and now I’m hooked!
    With my narrow feet, I generally cannot wear slipons or ballet type shoes but I would love to so I go for the SophieII to be renamed to ‘ARINA’ as I can see myself walking in this oh so comfortable looking shoe all day chasing my two young kids without any issues!

  200. The Nat should be renamed the SHELLiE as they are the cutest and comfiest shoe I have ever tried on. I attended the Sydney pop up shop to see and try on all of the shoes I have been lusting after for so long online. It was so great to be able to touch and try the shoes in person. I am desperately waiting for the white Nat’s (SHELLiE) to come back in stock in size 8.5

  201. Oh I can see Jan 111 Silver Star (aka Ellie) as being a very popular flat for everyone . I was in the store & I bought a pair of Maddie Tan (love love ❤️) & tried on Ellie but sadly I couldn’t afford them at the time. I have a very high arch & have lots of trouble plus bad knees so no heels for me. Ellie (Jan) would be perfect for our boat trip on the canals in France next year . Ahh yes Jan has a nice ring to it

  202. NAT to JULIE for me please. Just took a new pair of black/white NATs with me on my first trip to Europe. Suffering plantar fasciitis meant I needed a great shoe to give support, comfort and no pain as we’d be doing so much walking each day. Plus it had to look good too of course! Did not have one problem with them. So comfy. I’d even taken a stash of band aids in case of blisters – didn’t need them. Lots of compliments on them too. Also took my metallic MARGIEs for our stopovers in Singapore and Dubai. No problems there either and the colour went with all my outfits. Now for some sandals for work!

  203. I have been struggling with a couple of bulging discs in my lower back and after purchasing a pair of Frankie4 Nat’s it has changed my life. I really needed to walk more and I have been able to achieve that. I have the luxury of working from home and have worn my Nat’s everyday since I bought them. I did struggle to put on “other” shoes to go to dinner the other night and I will need a pair of dressier Frankie4’s for those occasions. As my Nat’s are now a part of me they should be called Catherine.

  204. The Brooke, should definitely be renamed the Kate! As a 25 year old diabetic I am very careful to take good care of my soles, and this shoe is both practical AND stylish, something I aim for every time I get dressed 🙂 This shoe is the ideal style to be able to wear in every aspect of my life, from running errands for my blog, to working a full time job, to heading out for drinks or going on a dinner date! The cross over mutli patterned straps at the front appear slightly chaotic at first glance, but actually work so perfectly together, story of my life! x

  205. The Maddie (black spot) could be aptly renamed the Nicole! Stylish, supportive and a little bit cheeky, just like me! After years of foot issues – owing to a lot of sport & ill fitting heels, my poor little feet suffer with developing bunions, misaligned little toes and flat painful arches. As a work from home Mum, the Nicoles would see me through meeting with clients and sales reps, whipping around the house with the vacuum cleaner & the after school pick up. Thanks for your generosity Nikki & FRANKiE4.

  206. Oh wow how convenient that the FRANKIE4 Footwear that I love is already named after me! I’m loving the Nat range, particularly the Nat white, lets call it the Nat_urally divine range! I work as a cleaner so I’m on my feet a lot, and I love adventuring around town with my camera so good shoes are essential. I have a thing for shoes, I want all the shoes, all the time, but not everything fits my rather large and flat feet with comfort or support. I just want fashion and comfort to grace my tootsies on a daily basis!

  207. The Brooke in tan/champagne has always wanted to change her name to Vanessa❤️ This flat sandal is perfect for my Sunshine Coast lifestyle where on any one day I might be walking along the esplanade feeling super confident and stylish in my “Vanessa’s , or running around ticking off my list of mundane chores, or enjoying a coffee/lunch/vino date with friends. Knowing that my fallen arches are being supported by Frankie4’s amazing footbed allows me to forget my foot woes and literally gives me a spring in my step. Love my Frankie4’s ❤️ (I have both ELLiE and Jazz in my shoe robe and they are both much loved)

  208. The Hilary slide looks SO comfortable! Please rename it Sue. I would wear them all summer. I can only wear flat shoes these days as a result of broken bones in my feet because of osteoporosis ten years ago and osteo arthritis in my big toes. My bone health is much better now, and I see a podiatrist and wear orthotics in my runners. I know that I have to look after my feet these days! A hard lesson learnt.

  209. Wow I was just thinking this morning I need to look at Frankie 4s for summer!
    The Chloe Champagne is just a perfect for for a rebrand to Julia… I love the champagne colour as it’s closer to my natural skin tone (and my drink of choice!), and the height is the perfect dressy casual look for someone who is 5’11” and needs no additional lift! We are off on a holiday to Asia in December and I can see this shoe matching back to most of the capsule wardrobe I’m planning to take. In addition, I’m developing a bump on my big toe on the right foot, so this is a timely prompt to get to the podiatrist for a check up and advice. Thanks for such great shoes… it’s a relief!

  210. The Ellie III Tan could be renamed the Lisa! I see these beauties in my life, supporting my role as a Homeschooling Mum of two extremely active boys. They’d be perfect as we skipped from surfing lessons at the beach in the morning to a ‘design your own app’ workshop in town, to harvesting our homegrown veggies and cooking up a storm in the kitchen, to a cameo role in one of their YouTube videos.
    The complete all rounder shoe! One that not only looks fabulous, but keeps me feeling fabulous as I try to keep up with my boys!

  211. I think the Lilli slide should be renamed the Brenda. Being a busy work from home Mum of two teenage girls, they’re the perfect stylish easy to wear shoe to get me from drop off to pick up and all things in between

  212. The Maria should be renamed to The Lauren!!! I am Seven months pregnant and my feet are killing me!!! I can see myself wearing these comfortable sandles all summer long!! A true lifesaver on my sore and swollen feet!!

  213. Maddie Black/Spot should be renamed Janelle. I could not only wear these to the office, but when attending outings too. The elegance of the shoe takes away the need for me to wear a heel which my torn calf muscle does not appreciate! I like style, I love heels but I have to consider the pain I experience when wearing heels, these Maddie Black Spot AKA Janelle would be ideal. Thanks for the opportunity.

  214. Oh I would love a pair of the super cool Ellie 111 in Tan to be renamed to Sue 111 Tan. They’re such an awesome color that I would be wearing them everyday!

  215. The Maria should be renamed the Debbie. This is the type of shoe i would wear everyday to get me through the necessities of life to relax & to socialise with my friends.

  216. Definitely the Lily tan should be renamed the Bec tan. I love that you can just skip the lily on. No buckle, no laces and no fuss. Just what I need with three little ones under four who all require me to put their shoes on too. Add a pram and nappy bag and my hands are full. And tan because well tan has to be the best colour around, it goes with everything. I only discovered Frankie4 earlier this year and will now only buy from them. I have never been so comfy or received so many compliments while wearing my Frankie4 boots.

  217. KELLY Champagne has a great ring to it! Formerly HILARY Champagne, this would be the perfect FRANKIE4 everyday shoe choice for me. Suede soles help with comfort for excessive feet sweating and arch support for my achy high arches. Bare feet is not an option for me, even at home. KELLY everyday. Thanks SY & F4.

  218. Great article! I would call the Nat ‘Gaby’ for one day, it sure has my name on it.. For longer walks, shopping, sightseeing or just plain being on my feet all day, I need to wear orthotics (also slight bunion, hip problems and wide fit). But the shoes need to be fashionable as well, don’t they…? The Nat would fit the bill perfectly and I would love to win a pair, thank you!

  219. ALEX Black….can be renamed as SALLY Black!
    I purchased my first pair of Frankie4’s at Grundies after an Achilles repair. They have been a stable in my wardrobe for a few years now. I absolutely love wearing them.
    The ALEX Black is definitely a trans seasonal shoe for Melbourne weather. A pair of these would be wonderful addition to my wardrobe and greatly appreciated.
    Thanking you!

  220. The champagne Chloe! As a pregnant mama with a little babe running around, my days are full of walks, errands, play dates and coffee trips! I love to look stylish but also need to find a balance between comfort and design so I don’t hurt myself and can stay active for my little ones!

  221. Hi Nikki, I would like the Ellie 111 to be named the Rosie 111 as my feet would welcome the relief it would give it. I have been having sore feet for a number of years with plantar fasciitis and metarsalgia and the ball of my left foot is unstable so I cannot really wear heels. I really need new shoes and winning this competition would be awesome!! Thank you for keeping us informed of how healthy feet should feel and look.
    Rose Leak

  222. Definitely the Nat, because like me they are casual, relaxed and versatile. They would let me wear my different hats while not having to change my shoes! Suitable for my roles as Mum, midwife, photographer, I could wear them no matter what I was doing, in a birth, in the studio, being a taxi driver, or just going to coffee (wine) with the girls!

  223. I have wide feet with developing bunions – eek I said it BUNIONS! I spend my weekends at cricket or hockey for hours on end and love my red Sophie’s they have truely saved my feet! However I would love silver Ellie’s to be renamed Lisa! I love my Frankie4!

  224. I would say the navy Ellie’s- but having said that, I wear my black Ellie’s to work every single day. So that might hurt their little feelings! The Alex in champagne would be another thought, but given who they are named after, I don’t dare step on those fashionable toes… maybe the Sophies? Too many choices!!

  225. Maddie to Paula ❤️
    What stylish flats! They’d be perfect for my busy days – where I’m on my feet – a lot!
    I’ve got terrible plantar fasciitis in my right foot. Causes me so much grief. I’ve had acupuncture, which gives me some relief, but as soon as I start walking it flares up. I’m seriously considering buying the blush heels. They’re so lovely. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair of these gorgeous shoes xo

  226. Hi Nikki, I think the Maria should be renamed Fiona. I purchased a pair at the recent pop up in Sydney as I’m about to have corrective bunion surgery on both feet and can see these being very useful over summer.

  227. I love my Nats. They are so comfortable with the right amount of room and support. After recently having a broken ankle and then having 2 toe nails removed on my left foot my Nats were what I chose to wear. Great to wear with jeans, chinos & dresses. A wonderfully comfortable casual shoe – I would call the “Sue”.

    And please Frankie4 don’t forget SA when thinking about pop up stores. Xx

  228. What stunning shoes! Thank you so much Nikki for sharing such awesome brands, let’s hope this plummets this to the next level so they are stocked everywhere! If I could wear the Maddie every day and call Mezzie I would be on cloud 9. Back, arch and sciatic problems plague me and I’ve paid fortunes on shoes that are just ok! I’ll be directing my hubby to Frankie4 website for Christmas!

    My poor feet are sore & tired from wearing cheap flat shoes. Being a teacher I’m on my feet all day and kids would love the spotty pair (and so would I!). It would be great to start 2018, my first year back full time after my third child with a new pair of Frankie’s

  230. I would love the Hilary to be re-named Sue, just for one day. I can see myself NEVER taking these off in Summer. Thanks for the giveaway Nikki.

  231. MADDiE to LEONiE please. I also was a nurse for 30 years – 30 years of essentially wearing sensible shoes, but was arch support a thing back then? I still ended up with foot problems. I have had orthotics for ages but summer is always a problem as there are few sandals out there for problem feet that are in any way stylish – step in Frankie4 (pun intended ) and finally there are pretty shoes in great styles and colours. I especially love the MADDiE in black spot. Oh and I have just had to retreat to my orthotics because I wore non special flats around for a couple of days and my feet were far from happy.

  232. Morning, I would be forever grateful with any shoe in the range…..I can only wear Frankie 4s….having been through multiple foot surgeries, due to osteoarthritis, I have unbelievable trouble walking in other shoes…..Frankie 4s enable me to live a somewhat normal ambulant lifestyle….Thankyou.

  233. The Lilli should be renamed the Annie as suffering with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis these lovely flats would make my feet sing as I wouldn’t have Annie pain in my feet due to these wonderful ,stylish and comfortable flats ,that I can wear day in day out .

  234. It would perhaps be selfish to rename a shoe when there’s already one in my honour (Nat) but I’d love Alex in Black to be renamed Nat II. I’m a nurse and on my feet all day. I’ve had 6 surgeries on my feet over the last 10 years. Frankie 4 is the first unmodified shoe I’ve been able to wear in that time. Love them long time.

  235. The Lilli to be renamed the Jo,
    After being on my feet all day I can slip on and relax and show off my feet after bunion surgery. Like never before . Love my Franki4 shoes .

  236. The Lilli should be called the Kristen. Not only does this comfortable flat support my arches, and in turn alleviate my lower back pain, the angles of the leather compliment my “sturdy” calves, making them a very stylish choice. I need them in every colour!

  237. It would have to be the Lilli’s renamed to Kim – they look lovely and also comfortable and of course super stylish for everyday wear for all the school runs and running around after my 4 children (incl a new baby). After working out every morning my tired feet will enjoy the comfort of these for the rest of the day, sounds like bliss.

  238. Piper to Anna. I just love that these are ballet flats that are not too flat (really flat hard ballet flats kill my feet) in awsome tan that I could wear with everything.

  239. Sophie ll black spot should be named Jen’s black spot!! After 2 PRP injection procedures for ligament inflammation/bursitis in my right ankle/heel, my foot looked very similar with the black pen dotted where I get pain for injections to be inserted!!
    I would wear these shoes every day with their gorgeous black & white spots in comfort & style!! I do love spots!! ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️

  240. Ellie would become Anne and save my soles! After working all my life on hard floors I now have pain in my feet every morning and dream of walking on cushioned comfort, I live in jeans and shorts and Ellie would be a perfect shoe to help me chase 3 very active grandchildren around.

  241. The Ellie 111 should be renamed the Sandy – this shoe is perfect for my fused right ankle and soon to be fused left ankle! Ladies – do not ignore the painful signs of osteoarthritis (I I’d for 20 years and am paying the price! Thank god for Frankie 4 – I can still wear stylish shoes !

  242. The “Jazz” would be renamed the “Lisa”- I hardly ever wear flat shoes as I am very short! However, as a teacher and trainer I am on my feet all day; not to mention my dancing at music festivals where I can easily click up 21000 steps on my Fitbit
    My feet need help- I have sought the illusive magic shoe that combines comfort and and fashion for my whole life.
    The “holy grail” of shoes!

  243. The Maria should be called, “Arianne”. Wore them to work (Kindergarten teacher) for the first time yesterday and wow were my feet thankful after a 9hr day. After almost 4 years of feet/leg pain I’m hoping my new Frankie4’s will be the answer I’m looking for. Thank you

  244. Nikki tan could be my every day work shoe. I’d feel every outfit would have that ‘dressed up’ feeling without even trying! Orthotics have saved my feet and my visit to the podiatrist is an annual visit just like my visit to the dentist and GP. We’ve got to be on these feet for many years so it’s important to look after them.

  245. The “Alex” should be called “Kylie” – after a recent visit to a podiatrist I’ve learnt it’s time to be kinder to my feet … after years of wearing high heels whilst working in offices it’s preferable to take easier on my feet (& my bunion) and wear a good supportive shoe – FRANKIE4 was actually one of the brands recommended and when I visited our local supplier I feel in love with the Alex … and it was sooooo comfortable!!

  246. Chloe’s are now called ‘Ange’s’ ! With Plantar fasciitis, mixed in with a good dose of tendonitis, this poor relief teacher used to be in agony at the end of the day. Thanks to my Chloe’s I now look the part and my feet live to work another day. I have worn through two pairs already !

  247. What a great comp! I’d love the Nikki in punched tan to be renamed “Miranda”! They’re stylish & fun – but comfy to wear for long periods at a time – perfect for me to wear to work & out at night! I also love the heel – the perfect size!

  248. Angela. It will be a sandal like Brooke but with a splash of leopard or black and white , and like Angela it will be suitable for chasing( keeping upwith) puppy around .

  249. The Hilary could be called Lisa! I have very hard floors,slate over a concrete slab and about 200 square meters of it in my house.Its not so much my feet that suffer,though I do have bunions from wearing pointy stiletto heels in the 80-90s it’s my knees from all that walking on a hard surface.
    Great info thank you Caroline and Nikki x

  250. Steph would be perfect for me. I’ve developed a heel spur in my extreme 40’s and spending so much time on my feet recruiting between corporate clients & industrial the new “Justine” would suit both the pencil skirt & pants. Thanks for the opportunity!

  251. Steph Nude could be my new go to shoe. I’ve recetky started working in the city which means I do a lot more walking and have found 4 out of 5 pairs of my shoes simply don’t cut it nor are supportive or functional enough for every day wear and city walking. All of what CM said had me taking notice. Would love to upgrade to Frankie4 to save my soul

  252. So generous, thank you.
    Piper is my choice, I run around seeing clients in their homes all day in my role as a community health nurse. Piper is stylish and look like they would protect my arches. They’s be called Cath, practical but smart and on the run and enduring!

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