8 Australian fine jewellery brands I'm loving right now

8 Australian fine jewellery brands I’m loving right now

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I could blame Nina Proudman but, to be truthful, it’s an addiction that’s been brewing for a while now.

Not so long ago, I was all about the statement necklace and statement earring. Oh, go on, you’ve got me. I’m STILL about those fabulous things. It’s just that, for the every day, I find myself reaching more and more for a combination of fine jewellery pieces.

They feel like the surprise “icing” on my outfit cake. While not big and bold, they still offer interest. I’m not afraid to layer a couple of necklaces; mix my metals and look for quirky designs that are fun to wear.

You don’t have to look too far either. This year’s season of Offspring fuelled my addiction by introducing us to more Australian fine jewellery brands that are doing great things with fine jewellery.

As a community service announcement, I thought I’d share my 8 favourites with you here. Perfect time to start dropping well-placed hints for Christmas gifts, I say.

8 Australian fine jewellery brands I'm loving right now

1. Uberkate

Whenever I wear a piece of Uberkate, it’s like being wrapped in a piece filled with love. I personally know Kate and love how she continues to expand and delight with her jewellery range. Oh, and she designed my re-designed wedding/engagement rings. More HERE

2. Royal Haman

We fell hard for the Royal Haman earrings worn in Season 7, episode 4. The lightweight, distinctive design is Nina’s version of the statement earring. More HERE.

3. Love Hate 

The Great Heights necklace and earrings featured a couple of times on Nina in Season 7 of Offspring. Love the delicate statement that these pieces make. More HERE

4. Rock Finders Keepers

I bought a pair of RFK earrings last year after Neens wore them and GASP, HORROR, I lost one of them on a work/hotel stay. These were my go-to rose-gold filagree earrings, so what was a girl to do? Buy another pair. More HERE

5. Highlands Jewellery

I fell in love with New South Wales’ Southern Highlands’ district thanks to my friend and local, BabyMac. I fell in love with this jewellery brand, based in the highlands, thanks to its simple, elegant designs from the two designers who have since become life-long friends. More HERE.

6. Fairley Jewellery

This brand was another favourite of the Offspring Season 7 costume designers. Hardly an episode went by without a pair of earrings, bracelet, ring or necklace being featured. More HERE.

7. Nicole Fendel

NF was my first Offspring love and addiction. Particularly the earrings. I love that even the large earrings I own are light, lovely and not over-bearing. More HERE

8. Linda Tahija Jewellery

Linda’s sister proudly told our Styling You Everyday Style Facebook group (join HERE) about Linda’s jewellery collection being included in Season 7 of Offspring. I love the warrior-like motifs included in her designs – wearing them feels like your own super powers are enhanced. More HERE

So tell me, do you love a fine jewellery piece? Are you already a fan of any of these brands? What pieces do you already have or have on your wishlist?

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  1. I’m a fan Nikki I actually own a lot of fine jewellery that I’ve been layering as I inherited all Mums as well.so pretty and so very special but I could fit another pair of earrings in my collection Xx

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