Styling You x Motto | How to get smarter about what clothes you buy this festive season

How to get smarter about what clothes you buy this festive season

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Here at Styling You I’m all about giving you tips for how to get smarter about what clothes you buy because I truly want you to LOVE every piece that is in your wardrobe.

This is the key to always having something to wear that makes you feel your most comfortable and confident. This simple formula for confidence may appear superficial to some but, to most of us, our clothes provide a daily armour for getting up and getting on with whatever life is throwing at us.

I’m also a big believer of making the most of what’s in your existing wardrobe of fabulousness. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing something over and over again if it works for you and makes you feel all kinds of amazing. In fact, I encourage it. 

And when it comes to buying new pieces to work back with your existing wardrobe, I like you to put on your woo-woo hat and get a bit mindful about what you’re buying.

Taking a deep breath before you add to cart or hand over your hard-earned cash is part of that mindfulness but crucial to the success of that purchase is knowing that that clothing piece or pieces will work with what you already own – and your lifestyle.

This time of year, when we’re being seduced by ALL the things, our minds might be on clothing pieces for Christmas parties but, in reality, we need clothes that will work for us long after the decorations have been put away.

Read on for my smarter-shopping tips.

Plus, I’ve also got some great dress-up/dress-down options from Australian label, Motto. You could win your pick of one of the featured hero pieces. There are five prizes up for grabs.

5 tips for how to get smarter about what clothes you buy

1. Think … does it fit, flatter and fabulous you? Oh, I know that fabulous is not a verb but you get the gist. You should look at it and know that it’s going to send your confidence into the stratosphere.

2. If it’s a separate piece, do you have more than one option to wear back with it in your wardrobe? I used to be so guilty of buying ALL the sparkly, printed and colour tops but had zero bottoms to wear with them. So, because I’m not a fan of heading out just in my undies, they’d stay hanging in my wardrobe, teasing me with all the fun I could have had with them, had I concentrated on finding a good pair of jeans.

3. Before buying, think of at least two occasions or types of days on which you’d wear that piece. I’m a diehard outfit planner but you don’t have to be to make this tip work for you. Think of it like you’re taking out an insurance policy on that purchase. Thinking of the first time you’ll wear a piece is usually pretty easy. It’s the second and third times that might have you scratching your head but it’s those times that will cement in your mind that the purchase is indeed a very good one.

4. Spend more money on the types of pieces you wear more often. Think about it, if you wear smart casual clothes or work/office clothes most days of the week, you really need to spend more on those pieces so they wash well and serve you time and again.

5. Buy more pieces that come with dress-up/dress-down super powers. You might need a festive or party outfit this month but think about whether that outfit can be transformed into an everyday or casual outfit and serve you throughout summer and beyond?

5 heroes; 10 different outfits

Together, with Motto, I’ve taken the dress-up/dress-down concept for festive dressing and below I’m showing you how to take a hero piece and transform the look from party to smart casual, using different separates pieces. 

Styling You x Motto | How to get smarter about what clothes you buy this festive season

Hero piece: black and white chiffon layer cami (I’m in size 14)

Dress up (left): black chiffon palazzo pant (size 16) + lace trench (size 12)

Dress down (right): black jersey pintuck skirt (size 14) + chambray Sophie distressed denim jacket (size 12)

Styling You x Motto | How to get smarter about what clothes you buy this festive season

Hero piece: blue luxury cotton ankle jean (size 14)

Dress up (left): black jersey 85cm cami low back (size 14) + black net odyssey tunic (size 14)

Dress down (right): ivory luxury chic cami (size 14) + ivory goddess shirt (size 14)

Styling You x Motto | How to get smarter about what clothes you buy this festive season

Hero pieces: Ophelia shirt (size 14) + black luxury layer cami (size 14)

Dress up (left): black jersey shaper tube skirt (size 14)

Dress down (right): Sophie dark denim lace insert jean (size 12)

Styling You x Motto | How to get smarter about what clothes you buy this festive season

Hero pieces: green/blue embroidered boho jacket (size 14) + ivory luxury layer cami (size 14)

Dress up (left): ivory crepe ring culotte (size 14)

Dress down (right): Sophie chambray denim raw hem jeans (size 12)

Styling You x Motto | How to get smarter about what clothes you buy this festive season

Hero: stripe luxury cotton ankle jean (size 14)

Dress up (left): black luxury waterfall jacket (size 14) + black luxury lace cami (size 14) + necklaces

Dress down (right): tangello nano trinity top (size 12)

The unsung hero foundation pieces

The flagged hero pieces above are what I call show-pony pieces. They’re the fun garments that make a statement in an outfit and give your basics a fresh look.

But I want to give a big shout-out to the unsung heroes in the outfits above because, without them, there is no outfit. 

What I love about Motto is that they back up their show ponies with fabulous basics in quality fabrics that wash and wear so well. Motto has long offered jersey basics. This year I’ve fallen hard for the brand’s denim range and the new summer luxury fabric collection.

The Sophie jean (in all its varieties) is incredibly comfortable to wear and flattering on. Many of the styles have been reduced, so do yourself and your legs a favour.

The summer luxury fabric collection features camis, jackets and tops made from a lightweight nano polyester – a high quality fabrication that is designed to mimic the look and feel of cotton but, with the added benefit of longevity, it will hold colour and shape brilliantly. The fibres are also woven in a new way that allows the garment to breathe naturally.

These kinds of technical fabrics are a win-win in my wardrobe, particularly when I’m travelling. They feel SO incredible on too.


Get excited. Motto has a prize to give away to five Styling You readers. Each winner will receive their favourite hero piece from the five featured above. Follow the steps below to enter.

  1. Head over to Motto HERE. Fill in the form.
  2. Once filled in, you’ll be directed back here to answer this question in the comments below: Which Motto hero piece/s do you love from the five featured outfits above and how would you style it/them?

Entries open on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 5am (AEST) and close on Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The five winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. Both steps of the competition need to be fulfilled to be judged a winner. The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

This photoshoot was shot on location at a private home in Paddington, Brisbane. Photography: The Photo Pitch; Hair and Makeup: Dale Dorning/Arc Creative

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  1. The Tangelo Nano Trinity Top is stunning & every so sophisticated… It screams class & cocktails on a Summer evening with Family…
    Just Heavenly…

  2. I adore the green/ blue embroidered boho jacket & would definitely style it with that gorgeous ivory layer cami & the denim raw hem jeans, such a great relaxed but put together look.

  3. I am some what of a challenge to dress, I never speak up about it but one of my goals next year is to open up and just speak what is so why not start now. Having dwarfism I am not one that can wear what most “average” size as in length can wear so I would have to work out what which one of these gorgeous outfits would alter the best for me to wear, I would be happy with any of them as they are all so lovely and elegant! 🙂

  4. I adore the Motto floral Ophelia shirt and green/blue embroidered Boho jacket. The both ooze easy wearability for all of life’s pursuits: shopping, lunch with friends, dinner with my husband, and the most important of all – taking my first grandchild (due any day!) for a walk.

  5. When I discovered Motto years ago, I fell in Love and have been collecting their pieces ever since, so the hero outfit I love the most is the gorgeous Boho Jacket, Luxury layer cami and Sophie chambray jeans, I can team these with my other Motto pieces the Boho jacket would dress up or down any outfit and it would be great on a cool night out, light and breezy and when not needed would fit easily into your handbag, another convenience of Motto pieces (it won’t crease either) and who doesn’t need another Cami always versatile on their own or with a jacket and the in look Sophie jeans, so comfy dress them up with heals and dress down with flats, these will go with all my Motto pieces. I can can definitely vouch for Motto.

  6. I love the floral Ophelia shirt! It looks as though it would be a great travel piece and a perfect multi tasker as it is light, doesn’t crush and can be dressed up or down. And it would go with quite a few basic travel pieces.
    Also for at home in Qld where we don’t need too much warm clothing but sometimes you want your arms covered, particularly if you are a bit older like me.
    I love all things floral but because of the ruffles, I probably wouldn’t have considered it myself unless I had seen it on you!
    And best of all, it is long enough to cover any bits I might want covered!

  7. I love the stripe luxury ankle pants. They are absolutely beautiful and I would feel amazing wearing them. All the clothes were just gorgeous so it’s a hard choice to make. ❤️

  8. Nikki
    I really love the green/blue embroidered boho jacket and ivory luxury layer cami. I think this suits my figure and lifestyle the best.

    I would style it similar to what you have already done as I love your style and I think that would suit me too.

  9. I love the green go to jacket! I would wear with a white camo, ankle jeans and sandals. Then again with a tube skirt and white top!!

  10. I love the black and white chiffon layer cami. It’s so light and breezy for a Brisbane summer and would go so well with black capris, white jeans or half-tucked into the front of tailored shorts.

  11. I love the Stripe Luxury Cotton Ankle Jean. For the evening I would dress them up with black heels and a white top with flowing sleeves. During the day I would wear them with my silver Vans and a simple black scooped neckline t-shirt.

  12. Love the Boho Jacket……I would take it on holidays with me and during the day wear over black bathers by the pool for a glam look. For a casual lunch I would wear it with faded blue jeans and a white tee-shirt and then for dinner over a plain longer line white dress. It is so versatile!

  13. Hero pieces: green/blue embroidered boho jacket + ivory luxury layer cami
    Dress up (left): ivory crepe ring culotte
    Dress down (right): Sophie chambray denim raw hem jeans
    Such a great look

  14. The sophie chambray distressed denim jacket. I’d wear it with a long flowy boho style skirt, a singlet/knotted tshirt, cool necklace and leather sandals.

  15. I love the boho jacket. I would wear it with a crisp white cami, jeans, long necklace, wedges and a wide straw hat(to protect my skin) for daytime. At night I would team it with a darker blue stretchy dress, pin the jacket in under the bust and add some sparkly earrings, great high heels and a dash of lippy. Both ways I would still be my fun and flirty self and looking fabulous!

  16. I love the stripe luxury jeans. They would be so versatile, as you could pop on any top in your favorite color and material! They can be worn morning, noon, or night, just add the right accessories and shoes! I can see myself wearing them in winter as well with my favorite black boots and black polo neck jumper. I already own a pair of Motto pants, and whenever I wear them I always receive such beautiful compliments about them. Did I also mention how comfortable they are to wear? Thanks Nikki for making them “hero pieces”, as everyone should know about them!

  17. I enjoy wearing mostly neutrals so the black and white chiffon layer cami is perfect for me. Having now retired from work I have gradually minimised my wardrobe ( Thanks for the tips Nikki! ) and kept only what I feel great in – two favourite dresses, my basic black pants, black jersey skirt, black chiffon skirt, white denim skirt, blue jeans, white shirt and silver grey jacket. I have refreshed my tees and singlet tops and am organised with colourful scarves / shawls but was in the process of planning what I needed to add to see me through most occasions. I had never heard the term “hero piece” till now, but I knew straight away that the Motto cami is exactly that!

  18. Black luxury waterfall jacket as you have shown above this jacket can go with so many things and also day or night outfits.

  19. I love the embroidered boho jacket I would wear it with a pair of babby pants and top coat goes over .Bit like the model .So relaxing to wear looks very comfortable.

  20. Hi Nikki

    Your advice is so inspirational! Thank you for the commonsense and money saving tips.

    My one hero piece would have to be the Stripe Luxury Cotton Ankle Jean. They look stunning on you.
    It really is so hard to choose as Motto have a beautiful selection of clothes.

    Thank you for the valuable information.

  21. Love the “green print embroidered boho jacket” and I think I’d be styling it with my faded cut-off distressed denim shorts, a white tank, neutral wedges and a few long necklaces and tassled earrings.

    Very cool look for a few afternoon drinks at the beach. Love this ❤️


  22. The green/blue embroidered boho jacket. Suits my eclectic taste in clothes. Will go with my black , white and blue jeans as well as pants. Dress up or down with heels or flats, camis and jewellery. Thanks Motto and styling you for the chance to win a great addition to the wardrobe. ✌

  23. It was a tough choice for a favourite piece, but I have decided to go with the Ophelia shirt + black luxury layer cami, One can never go wrong with black. I would probably wear a shorter skirt (more knee length) luckily I have nice legs or black skinny jeans/capri length black pants. Black sandals with a shorter length skirt would look great, but skip the thongs and go for a canvas sneaker. It’s Sydney after all!!

  24. The Ophelia shirt
    Work: done up, tucked in to a black pencil skirt with blazer
    Casual: open over a black maxi dress with comfy kicks
    Dinner date: done up, loose over wet-look jeans with pointy heels
    And no doubt a Nikki #pinspired look – love the jeans look!

  25. Hi Nikki, I absolutely love the green/blue boho jacket and love both of the ways you’ve styled it- up and down! I’d definitely wear it with a pair of jeans or pants, depending on the occasion. Love the cami with it too. I’d love to win it because it’s so versatile and is the colours of the ocean – perfect!
    Congratulations on your daughter’s results too. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Jane xx

    1. Post
  26. Love the blue/green boho jacket, I would dress it up very similar to how Nikki has with a white top and white pants, culottes, wide leg or skinny. And dress it down with demin jeans/skirt and a t shirt.

    Have a great time at the party

  27. Hello Nikki, what a fabulous piece you have written this week! It came at a time when I was looking at my wardrobe thinking I really need to simplify and organise. The hero piece/s I love are the green/blue embroidered boho jacket + ivory luxury layer cami. I would also pair them with denim, with black or white palazzo pants… Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones xx

    1. Post
  28. If I won this thing at motto
    Wouldn’t it be just like winning lotto?
    I would pick the tangello nano trinity
    Because i have an affinity
    ….for it
    It would give me the ability
    To look smashing for infinity
    Like a giant orange

  29. I absolutely love the Black Net Odyssey Tunic. I would style it with black pants, a black top similar to what you have on in your picture above, simple jewellery, and then maybe go a bit whacky with some rainbow pom pom sandles for a pop of colour!

  30. I love the Ophelia shirt, so versatile. I’d wear it with a black t-shirt dress if casual, or skinny jeans a cami and heels. But I really should say the Sophie jeans as I am very guilty of buying pretty tops without thinking about the bottoms to go with them 🙁

    and too many favourites hehe. However I LOVE Dress down look of the
    Hero piece: blue luxury cotton ankle jean coupled with the ivory luxury chic cami and ivory goddess shirt.

    I would keep it simple yet a lil BOLD with a POP of colour adding a necklace in CANDY RED or SUMMER YELLOW <3

  32. I love the style of the Black Luxury Lace Cami and after some thought and creative brainstorming; the best ways I would style this piece would be:
    Style Up: Wear the Lace Cami with a simple pencil skirt or some Luxe Slim line black pants for a night out. Style it with some colourful accessories to make the outfit really pop.
    Style Down: I would love the wear this Cami tucked into my favourite pair of denim short; snazzy sneakers and a cute jacket for a lunch date.

  33. The stripe luxury cotton ankle Jean. I love a pant that I can just wear basic t-shirt or singlet top with and flats, or dress up little with my heel boots. Also basic colours but not basic look! All the outfits look great Nikki.

  34. The stripe luxury cotton ankle Jean. I love a pant that I can just wear basic t-shirt or singlet top with and flats, or dress up little with my heel boots. Also basic colours but not basic look! All the outfits look great Nicki.

  35. I love the Ophelia shirt! I’d wear it with my black long skirt and my black boots and silver accessories for a dinner party.
    Or I’d dress it down with long white shirts and a black cami and my black and white sandals.
    So hard to choose one piece. They’re all really lovely!

  36. love the blue luxury cotton ankle jean – casual with a black band tshirt for a night out at a gig, or dressed up with lace & sheers for dinner.

  37. I’d love the black and white chiffon layered cami. It’s such lux look and could easily be dressed up and down as you have shown. I’d wear it with almost anything – especially a smile. But one look I think would work would be a floaty red sheer chiffon skirt with a straight tube knee length skirt underneath with some flat sparkly thongs.

  38. Hi Nickki, I love all the hero pieces, especially the green blue boho jacket & the ivory goddess shirt. I wear way too much black and both hero pieces will enable me to add some much needed colour!

  39. I love the (hero piece) stripe luxury cotton ankle jeans and the motto black chiffon rita top (not shown above) would look great with them. Thanks for the great styling tips for the casual and the dressy look.

  40. I love the embroidered boho jacket and cami that would look great dressed down with denim shorts or skirt and to dress it up with some nice pants or flowy skirt. The way you have dressed it down looks great.

  41. I’d love the stripe luxury cotton ankle jean! Such a versatile, classic piece that I could dress up with a black shirt and heels for work or a floaty white shirt, tan wedges and colourful scarf for weekends. And living in Tasmania these outfits would be suitable all year!

  42. I’m loving both the Ophelia shirt with black cami teamed with some leather/shiny pants, but I also love the boho jacket teamed with white cami and pants and some rose jewellery. Love them both

  43. Tangelo nano Trinity top with black pants and large drop earrings, some wedges or heels to dance the night away at a party! This top brings a smile to my face I love it!

  44. I absolutely love the blue green boho jacket. I would style it with my Bohemian trader stepped hem jeans, my white Hunt and Kelly (purchased from SY of course!), my Frankie4 Sara tans, cult Gaia clutch and of course my Jimena Alejandra earrings for dress down and dress up I would style it with my Frankie4 Alana Blush, ivory luxury cami, white Bennie pants, wicker tote Rattan cross body bag and my Linda Tahija necklace for a flattering fabulous feeling me!

  45. I would like the Stripped luxury cotton ankle jean. I would style this with mr geat viscose sleeveless top for a smart casual look that is comfortable and stylish. I will accessorise it with my taos sandals and my denim jacket or my woolen bolero jacket depending on the occasion. I love Motto fashion.

  46. Oooh, I LOVE the Striped luxury cotton ankle jean and it’s just the thing kind of versatile item I need! I travel a lot (always lacking light) and so every single piece I have needs to work with others – your dress up/dress down tips are invaluable, Nikki. I can see these jeans being the perfect. They will go with so many things I’ve got and look really stylish. I’m off to Bangkok and Sydney soon and they can work for both trips for sure.

  47. I would love blue luxury cotton ankle jeans. You can always wear jeans with killers heels and bling that would take you from day to night.

  48. I love the black & white stripe jeans. They are a touch funky and yet practical enough to become this season’s hero piece for summer fun!

  49. I love love love the boho jacket. Would team with big earrings, white singlet top and blue jeans. Most important part is that its ME wearing it. My wardrobe is in desperate need of an overhaul. As a single mum I rarely buy clothing that isn’t kmart

  50. I’m going with the Stripe Luxury Cotton Ankle Jean, because they don’t look like a jean, so are fabulous for work + casual. I’m thinking black 3/4 sleeve chiffon rouched blouse I’ve had in my wardrobe for years, black wedge heels for work, and for casual any of my life Dec Juba luxe T-shirts and gold/tan leather thong shoes.

  51. I love the Stripe Luxury Cotton Ankle Jean, they are so cute. I can see me wearing them with a crisp white linen shirt, black espadrille wedges and statement necklace or a bright t-shirt and sneakers.

  52. I love the stripe cotton ankle jean as it speaks to my love of casual items. The stripe is so unexpected and I love it. Plus black and white is idiot proof for me to style!

  53. I love the the green/blue embroidered boho jacket. For my dress down I would pair it with my bohemian jeans and white cami, and for a Dress up I would wear with my white wide leg sailor pants and white cami, or might change it up with a very pale green/blue cami. Do love the the black chiffon palazzo pants on you as well. Enjoy your week.

  54. I really like the black and white chiffon layer cami. As a mum to three small humans, I play it safe and comfortable with jeans and tees (mostly black!) every day. Putting on my woo-woo hat, I think the cami would give my wardrobe a shake up and would go nicely with my favourite pair of Esprit jeans and my Birdsnest red everyday blazer.

  55. I love the boho jacket and cream cami. I could wear them together or separately with many things. The jacket over a simple black dress would look fabulous and the cami with skirts and pants.

  56. I love the green/blue embroidered boho jacket (size 14) + ivory luxury layer cami (size 14) hero pieces

    I would style the Boho jacket with a blue dress underneath and neutral heels for dressing up and with jeans, a floppy hat and flat sandles for casual wear.

  57. I do love the green embroidered boho piece and ivory cami as heroes. Would like to put them with a floaty long skirt for summer evenings with a silver sandal. Also can see myself wearing that combo a lot with white or paler blue denim jeans for an everday festive season solution.

  58. LOVE all of the Motto pieces. However, to choose just one I would choose the black waterfall jacket. This has a timeless look about it and also versatile in that I could dress it up with a nice skirt or dress it casually with some jeans.
    I would love to add this jacket to my wardrobe.

  59. I absolutely love all the outfits, but I love the blue luxury cotton ankle jeans would look amazing with the Black luxury cami. Perfect for my wardrobe easy to dress up or wear casual. The tube shaper skirt would be a fantastic addition too, add sneakers in the day and geeks st the night

  60. Def the boho jacket casual style with a cream cami and a light jean with my new silver flats and for evening would style with a my silver sequin dress and a strappy heel

  61. The tangello nano trinity top would definitely fit, flatter and fabulous me. It also takes my fancy, would take me on my first date in years, make my dates heart flutter and fill me with much needed positive vibes (or should that be fibes!)

  62. Love everything Motto! I would choose though the green/ blue lace boho jacket. It could be worn over a straight stretchy black dress, with blue jeans, black jeans then just add heels or flats depending on the occasion!

  63. Hi Nikki,

    I love the blue/green embroidered boho jacket hero piece.

    I am just about to have no. 4 and adding this jacket to a white cami, fitted jeans and some tassel earrings would lift a functional outfit into the flattering and fabulous department which post baby is a rarity….well at least for me!

  64. I love the black and white cami. I would style it for a night out with a black fitted skirt, black heels and black statement earring. Gorgeous piece

  65. I love the black and white striped cotton pants because they not only look good they are versatile and can be worn over all seasons…. I also love bright colours and to team these pants with orange (as in the pic) or bright yellow which would be my fave options would be sensational – I think it enables the wearer to stand out in a good way! Look out – here I come!

  66. I love the black and white chiffon cami, this is a very versatile piece. It can also be teamed with shorts and jeans. It particular white jeans, and the denim jacket and either espadriles or heels, add some jewelry and you good to go. Thank you for such great advice and showing how clothes can be dressed up and down

  67. Loving the black luxury waterfall jacket & cami and tangelo nano top with those gorgeous print jeans.
    Having children I’ve seemed to have forgotten about myself with fashion until now. My children being 15 & 19 are very fashion conscious & letting me know that it’s time to throw out my 30 yr old tshirts & bring myself up to trend. All the clothing shown in these photos are just beautiful and really hard to choose just one.

  68. I got lost in looking at all the pretty things in Motto shop!

    Since embracing being flat and fabulous in September this year I have culled my wardrobe dramatically. If I don’t feel fantastic when I’m wearing something, out it goes. A lot of my friends have been receiving my “old” clothes, much to their delight.

    I dress to distract. And there are a lot of Motto clothes that fit that requirement. Of the 5 hero pieces I love the Blue Luxury Cotton Ankle Jean and the green-print-embroidered-boho-jacket.

    From a practical perspective it would have to be the jeans. I would style them up with an off white flowy off the shoulder top I have, long necklace, and strappy heels.

    Down, I would cuff the jeans, wear a white off the shoulder top, similar to the orange one featured, a pair of white converse and a red bandanna in my hair.

  69. The embroidered boho jacket. I could wear it over a jersey tunic dress for movie or coffee dates. Then dress is up over a more formal dress for dinner dates. I could also wear it with my blue jeans, white jeans or wide legged black pants. The perfect thing for this time of year when it is nippy or the air conditioning is just too cold.

  70. Gorgeous outfits love them all but if I had only one choice for a hero piece it would be the stripe luxury cotton ankle jean with the black net odyssey tunic + black luxury lace cami wearing flats for day time and heels for night.

    But my personal favourite of a hero piece would be the tangello nano trinity top with the black chiffon palazzo pant ….. love those pants!

    Thanks Nikki & Motto xx

  71. Hi Nikki,
    This was a very hard decision, but I have to say that I could see myself dressing up and dressing down the black and white chiffon later cami from Motto. I would dress it up by wearing the cami with a nice leather skirt and heels. I could also see myself wearing this piece work, so I could dress it down by adding piece black work pants. Either way, this cami by Motto seems like a winner! 🙂

  72. So hard as I love most of the gorgeous outfits you have showcased, but if I have to select one hero piece it is the Ophelia shirt with the luxury black cami. I could style this in so many ways, either dressed up with soft black pants for an upcoming 60th birthday party or white jeans for a more casual look. Would love to win this prize!

  73. The jersey shaper skirt and luxury cami. This would be a hero with a kimono , cover winter on the gc with a denim jacket and a loud necklace to wear with just the skirt and cami. All seasons covered here!

  74. Very hard choice! I think I’ll go with the blue/ green boho jacket and white cami top. So versatile! I would wear it with white jeans, blue jeans, black work pants, shorts…. the possibilities seem endless!

  75. Hi Nikki, I love the Ophelia shirt with the luxury black cami. You could wear that in so many different ways.

    As a side note, the Tangelo Nano Trinity top looks stunning on you. Such a nice colour and I like that the decorative / fold down piece is that bit lower.

  76. Thank you Nikki for the great tips – they are always so practical and helpful.
    I am loving the green/blue embroidered boho jacket – would give my wardrobe a lift for the festive season.
    I have a fridge magnet that sums up me ….. “I have been shopping for over 20 years and don’t have a thing to wear”!

  77. My heroe piece would be The stripe luxury cotton ankle jean as I need pants that I can dress up and dress down if I were to win I would most likely need to buy a top to style my hero piece as im currently in the process of starting over in the wardrobe department after returning to work from being a stay at home mum to three kids. It’s a work in progress.

  78. Well this was a difficult decision – I love every single piece in the article, not just the heroes! I think though my pick would be the embroidered boho jacket – I love how it’s styled here, but I’d also wear it with shorts! Nicoll xx [email protected]

  79. Am loving the green/blue embroider boho jacket. This is the perfect day/night piece and has summer written all over it!

  80. The Ophelia shirt exactly as you have style, I can see me wearing over a black dress or with a black cami and jeans or black skirt..your tips are priceless for the upcoming task of decluttering my wardrobe..

  81. Great tips and looks Nikki as I get older and maybe wiser I buy less but wear my clothes more and nothing that feels less than fabulous goes on my body.Life is too short to wear things we don’t love!

  82. Hi Nikki, after finding my woo woo hat (thanks for the early morning giggle) I have decided I would love to win the Ivory Goddess Shirt please. Love the black chiffon palazzo pants on you, the sheer panel is really glam. Happy Wednesday! Kathryn x ([email protected]

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