More on BB Cream

More on BB cream

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It’s been a little long between BB cream chats here hasn’t it?

I was concerned that you may have been under the impression that I had dropped them from my lazy-girl beauty routine altogether … when that is far from the case. It’s really going to take something insanely amazing on the foundation/tinted moisturiser front to cause that to happen.

I do stress that BB cream is my everyday foundation-type-product but when I need to put forward my face for an occasion, event or even a day’s travelling to Sydney for work, then I do call in the big guns and work a regular foundation like nobody’s business. Mind you that foundation’s formula is based on the BB cream premise so I’m not straying that far at all. (For the record that foundation is Illamasqua Skin Base. Have been using for two years now and love that it’s even cheaper than when I first sourced it … available at selected Myer stores.) 

If your skin does not fall into the mature category – as mine does – then maybe BB is all you need. Case in point? At this year’s fashion week, Maybelline NY’s makeup director Nigel Stanislaus used mainly Dream Fresh BB Cream for shows, highlighting a big trend in minimalist makeup.

Now, if you’re new here or just new to the concept of BB Cream, let me give you a brief history lesson, because I reckon right now you’re scratching your head and wondering what the heck I’m banging on about.

The BB stands for Beauty or Blemish Balm. The concept of this formula, which was designed to lighten and brighten skin, originated in Asia. There are plenty of beauty bloggers around who swear by their favourite Asian product. Me? I only jumped on the bandwagon when BB cream first became available for sale in Australia. That was with Garnier BB Cream – one that I know is loved and used by many SY readers to this day.

I’ve since tried a BB from Korea (thanks Miss Amy for swinging me that stash) and I’ve worked my way through more than a dozen BB creams as they’ve arrived on Australian counters and shelves.

Obsessed? Most definitely.

The reason for my obsession harks back to that lazy-girl part of my beauty personality. BB cream is a multi-functioning product. A BB cream is more than a tinted moisturiser because they offer complexion-enhancing goodness immediately on application AND over time. So you get cosmetic benefits plus ongoing skin benefits.

The upshot? A BB can make you look all glowy when your skin is far from glowy. Winning.

In summer, apart from an eye moisturiser, I use a BB as my only day moisturiser. In winter, I find my skin needs a bit more oomph in the hydration department.

All year round you’ll most likely find me dusting over the top of my BB cream a mineral powder for a bit of added coverage and a matte finish (I was asked recently which mineral powder I use … at the moment I swing between Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover and Bare Minerals Mineral Veil).

Speaking of coverage, this really does vary between each BB cream. The ones with formulations more like the Asian BB creams are thicker and offer more coverage. Some people don’t want that and there are just as many in a more sheer formulation available. It’s really a personal preference thing and now there are so many out there to try, I do suggest trialling a few in order to find your perfect BB match.

Which leads me to my current BB offerings …

More on BB Cream

1. 4. & 5. Physicians Formula Super BB has a cream ($25.95), a powder ($27.95) and concealer ($22.95), which is a pretty good combo if you think about it and especially if you’re a girl after a bit of coverage and someone like me who always needs concealer in their life. The cream itself offers decent coverage and the powder could be used by itself (wouldn’t advise doing so in winter) but together they offer a powerful combo. If using the concealer add on after the foundation and before the powder. Shhh … these are 40% off at Priceline.

2. Shut the front door as this is my new fave: Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25 ($50). Oh, yes it is. It’s on the heavier side of the coverage equation but is super easy to apply with your fingers and feels hydrating. Triple win there. Yes, you’ll pay a bit more so budget factors are the only downside. The reason I know it’s my new fave? It’s the one I reach for most mornings when I’m still half asleep and yet to down my first long black. Scientific evidence from the Styling You Institute for sure. Available at department stores, selected pharmacies and salons.

3. I do like this one, I do. It’s a lovely light cream with an amazing SPF 30+ which has Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream ($36) firmly on my holiday must-pack list. I’ve also been grabbing it and popping it on should I be heading out for a bike ride in the winter sunshine. It’s fragrance and paraben free and like the Clarins and Physicians Formula products has bonus Vitamin C for lots of skin goodness. You can pick a tube up here or in store at Kiehl’s stores and selected Myer and David Jones.

Tell me … are you BB obsessed? Yet to jump on the BB train? Share your BB finds in the comments below.

PS. I saw on Instagram yesterday that Modelco is about to release a BB too. Stay tuned.

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  1. I’m still loving BB creams too Nikki. I’m currently using Garnier’s oil-free formulation, which is lighter than the original version but still gives me the coverage I need for every day. The only downside is the runnier texture means I have to be careful not to squeeze the tube – it literally just flows out. As long as I remember that, there’s no waste and the feel and look on my skin is great.
    I also like Garnier’s original formulation and Rimmel’s BB cream for light but effective coverage at a budget price.

  2. I love Skin79 BB cream though they are usually sold in Asian countries. I have bought from a pretty reliable eBay seller before and it is the same product, and for much cheaper too! Their newest orange line has SPF50+

  3. Thanks Nikki for the BB Cream info….now I understand! I’ll have to check if these brands are available in Canada. I first saw a BB cream in Hong Kong about 8 years ago…and couldn’t imagine why I would want it…it was marketed as a ‘whitening’ product…not so appealing to winter white Canadian skin! lol

  4. I had heard about BB cream but had no idea that it was that much of a phenomenon. Now just to figure out which one to buy! 😮 I tend to like Kiehls as their products aren’t perfumed.

  5. Not sure if you have covered it before Nikki, but does the BB cream come for darker skin types?? I’ve only seen light skin colours but have been wanting to try it, given my beauty routine is pretty much nil these days 🙂

  6. Ooh excited to hear about the Clarins one Nikki, I will try that next as I have been very happy with Garnier ever since you recommended it, however I would like a higher SPF year round, thanks for the update! xx

      1. That sounds like me Nikki, I’d like a little bit more coverage. Will let you know how it goes once budget allows xx

  7. I’ve only tried one so far, the good old Garnier BB cream, and I am totally on the bandwagon now! I’m in my third trimester and keep getting comments about how I’m “glowing” – nope, that’s just the BB cream!
    I especially love that the coverage is nice and light, so it evens out my skin tone without looking too heavy. Whenever I wear foundation I find I look naked without a full face of makeup, but with BB cream I can wear it with a bit of pawpaw cream on my lips and eyelids for a fresh, glowy look. It’s so nice and simple in the mornings!

    1. I’ve got semi-sensitive skin, as has my daughter, and we’ve never had any problems with the BBs we’ve tried. That doesn’t mean they won’t affect your skin, though. I’d maybe start with something like the Kiehl’s one above as it’s fragrance and paraben free.

  8. I am still on the L’Oreal one and have been really happy with that however would like something a little thicker and with a bit more coverage for those days I need a bit more but not keen to do a “full face”. Thanks for the update.

  9. Big fan of BB creams for all reasons you’ve mentioned. I use a Clinique BB cream that in 1st bought duty free in Bali (count on friends + family holidaying to pick it up for me). It’s formulated for Asian skins but is SPF 30 + works for my super pale complexion. Clarins BB looks fab – will try that next! What do you think of CC creams, Nikki?

  10. I love BB creams. I’ve always been a tinted moisuriser kind of gal so they’re totally perfect for me. I love using primer underneath too. Gives the perfect finish!

  11. Yep I am still loving BB creams I am still on my Asian ones as I like the coverage and the hydrating factor as I have mature skin,and it’s still on the dry side and I usually use a minerals powder or a Mattifying powder over the top.Mine are called Skin 79 BB creams but I just won a foundation pack from Kimbalikes and I can’t wait to try that out as it is a The Catalina Geo skin Perfecting foundation set.I have read wonderful reviews from them. I think Nikki you did a post on Catalina Geo ?I like the sound of the Physisans Formula one and the Clarins as well.Thank You Nikki for updating us on the BB creams there is so many out there now!

  12. I have a L’Oreal BB that changes colour on contact which has a nice sheer finish, but Bobbi Brown BB is my current workday favourite. I wear it with an Ultraceuticals hydrating serum and SPF moisturiser underneath and a Bobbi Brown powder on top.
    I only get out the Laura Mercier foundation now for client presentations and big nights out!

  13. I’m loving Garnier BB. Found the best colour for my skin – light and sensitive. It covers well and calms the slight rosacea my mature skin has developed. I do start with Olay Regenerist on my throat though to avoid makeup stains on my shirt collars etc.

  14. Hi I have found bobbi brown bb best I’ve tried, especially the 30spf . Its one of the few that doesn’t slide off my face when playing tennis. In winter I also add Trilogy hydrating cream before the bb cream., and sometimes on top Jane Iredale mineral powder ( tried a few and this is the best for me) .

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