ghd air $199

5 for Friday: lust-have beauty products you need right now

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I’m going to be upfront here. The first of my five lust-have beauty things for this glorious Friday is not at the budget end of the beauty scale.

It’s a hairdryer. And it’s $199. I know. GASP.

Gasp again, because I’m here to tell you that this hairdryer – the new ghd air – is worth every cent. Even those 5 cent pieces they still insist on making. I have a super thick head of hair (despite losing great chunks about twice a year due to my dodgy thyroid) so when I come across anything that promises to help me style my hair faster, I’m there.

Why pay $199? There is one powerful salon-strength motor behind this baby and it uses advanced ionic technology to dry hair fast while minimising the frizzies. Remember this post? Yep, that’s my hair just blow dried with the air, no irons applied.  And, umm, no styling brushes either. And from 60% wet to dry in 10 minutes!

If your hair is hard work, start saving now … the air is worth it.

ghd air $199

ghd air $199

I have teeny ridiculous obsession with lip products.  If I’m not nourishing with a lip balm or ointment, I’m wanting to create an impact. Preferably an impact I don’t have to keep re-applying. This one from Yves Saint Laurent (in Pourpre Preview – a stunning fuchsia) ticks the statement and the staying-power boxes. The colour is intense and the flat applicator is genius for achieving a precise outline. The first time I wore this was on this day. I applied it before the school run and it lasted for the trip to Sydney, two meetings, several coffees and was still in place for my arrival at Mrs Woog’s later that afternoon.

YSL rouge pur couture glossy stain

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain $50

I do love a bathroom treat or two. My reasoning is that sometimes those few minutes in the bathroom are the only ones you get to yourself all day.  And I do love chocolate. It’s my one sweet tooth vice. So imagine my delight at adding The Body Shop’s new Chocomania Shower Cream to the shower shelf. Hands off kids. This one’s all mine. (And no, I have not attempted to drink it …)

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream $13.95 and Body Butter $29.95

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream $13.95 and Body Butter $29.95

Still in my bathroom … my sink is looking a little bit posh at the moment with this Rok Mint Hand Duo from Molton Brown taking pride of place opposite the toothpastes and toothbrushes. The handwash has a natural anti-bacterial protection thanks to rok-radish root and my hands want to marry this hand lotion. It’s luxe but not greasy so I can get back to the keyboard without slipping my fingers all over the place.

Molton Brown Rok Mint Hand Duo

Molton Brown Rok Mint Hand Duo. Liquid hand wash $39; Soothing Hand Lotion $39

Last, but most definitely not least for your Friday lust-haves: there’s a new BB Cream in town. Yes, there is. Hello L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique, sister of my favourite 2011 beauty product, Garnier BB Miracle Cream Skin Perfector. It’s about $10 more than Garnier and it works a little bit differently. You don’t have the tint that the Garnier as as such. What you do have is a formulation that contains little bead-like complexion enhancers. At first it feels like your applying an exfoliator, which is a little bit on the strange side. Then the beads dissolve into your face to a matte-like finish and … HUZZAH … you have an instantly improved complexion and the strangeness is forgotten. Just as I wear the Garnier BB, I’m still popping some mineral makeup on top but this new BB does provide an incredible base. For the purpose of these photos below, I left the base off. Apologies for those who I might scare.

L'Oreal Nude Magique $26.95. Available this month at selected pharmacies, department and variety stores, and supermarkets

L’Oreal Nude Magique $26.95. Available this month at selected pharmacies, department and variety stores, and supermarkets

There you have it, Stylers … me without makeup and five beauty lust-haves to get you thinking this weekend.

Would love to hear your thoughts on any of these … and if you have any more questions, just pop them in the comments below.

Disclosure: the above products were sent to me for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.
  • imo windle

    I finally got around to trying the L’oreal BB cream. Verdict…I love it! I have oily/acne-prone skin and found the garnier BB cream left my face like an oil slick by lunchtime. So far so good with the l’oreal, im always going to be oily but that matte finish holds things back for as long as possible Like you Nikki I layer some powder foundation lightly over. I love reading your blog for tips and tricks and word on the new products out there

  • Your skin is beautiful, so I am going to buy whatever you recommend. Your new stalker, Rachel

    • Oh, thanks Rachel – I’m always conscious that it’s what I like not necessary right for everyone else!

  • The BB cream would be good for those who didn’t want the colour of the Garnier. And for those whose complexion isn’t so bad. Mine’s all over the place.

  • As always, great advice and handy tips – thanks Nikki

  • robyn ziino

    HI Nikki – great idea to re-post these at the end of the week. I missed all three. Ooops. Love the beauty products you have suggested, can you recommend anywhere on-line to buy L’oreal & also on the link you gave for the YSL, I can see fuchsia as a colour to buy but on the website it looks really purple, whereas the colour in your pic, not so much purple….? Can you just clarify the colour? Many thx Robyn

  • Ill definitely be trying the bb cream 😀

  • Paula

    Oops, just dropped my hair dryer….. Need a new one.

  • OK the GHD Air is going on my wish list. As Nikki knows, I have a ridiculous amount of hair and I hate blowdrying my hair more than hanging out the washing AND putting it away. Yes. That much.

    I am definitely going to buy the L’Oreal BB Cream. I have yet to find a tinted moisturiser to suit me, so this would be a great alternative.

    Happy weekend to you all!!

    • You need your girlfriends to buy it for you as a year-till-my-wedding gift 😉 It’s definitely a lazy girl’s hair’s best friend.
      The L’Oreal BB cream isn’t tinted but it blends with your natural skin colour to even out the complexion which is probably better?!

      • Haha, great idea – I wish!!

        I have an oily T-zone, and when I use tinted moisturisers it makes my face like an oil slick. I wonder if the L’Oreal BB cream will be any better for it?

        I prefer not to wear a full face of makeup during the day on weekends.

        • Yes, this has a matte finish, almost like a primer – could very well work!

  • Ok I need that hair dryer, and the magnique. Like NEED them NOW.
    I hate using heating elements on my hair because of the damage it causes (and on already heavily coloured hair which has caused a lot of it’s own damage, it’s not ideal), but a hairdryer is a must before I can use the other elements. BFF says my hairdryer I have is crap, so maybe it’s a sign I need the GHD one?
    I think so.

    The magnique? Yes please! My skin is just crap right now. Has been for a few months. It’s really getting me down because I’m avoiding using my makeup to try and let it breathe and heal but it’s just not healing up properly. Then when I put makeup on, it gets really angry, flakey and sore. I just can’t win!

    • I think it’s a sign, Miss Pink … new hairdryer for you!
      And the magique – be careful with anything new you add on your skin xx

  • wow amazing how good it looks in the after…not of course that you looked bad in the before 😉

    I am debating this one Nikki, I love my Garnier and can’t see how it can be beaten but at that price it hardly breaks the bank so will give it a go

    • Oh, you’re too kind … it’s quite different from the Garnier one in that it’s a white liquid with the beads in and goes on to airbrush you if you like. It has more of a mattifying finish than the Garnier one too. I still love my Garnier BB too!

  • Seriously, you’re making me want to leave work, run out in the ran and buy a GHD hairdryer RIGHT NOW. It looks amazing. I’ve loved my GHD straightener for so many years, I can only imagine their hairdryers are such as fabulous.

    • LOL – just as fabulous I mean. Waaay too excited about the hairdryer to type 😉

  • Eva

    I used to be a hairdresser, and I still have my professional dryer. It has lasted for over 10 years, including using it on numerous clients every day for years. A good dryer is ALWAYS worth the money, because it will last at least 7 or 8 years. Now if only mine would just hurry up and break so I can buy one of the GHDs!!

    • I see a dropping incident in your near future, Eva? And yes, a professional one is worth the $ – they’re made to withstand constant salon use which doesn’t come close to home use.

  • I have been LuSTINg after the YSL rouge pur Couture glossy stain, and the GHD air… I didn’t realise that tthe L’Oreal Bb cream was coming to Australia, but I’m looking forward to trying it!

    • The L’Oreal BB cream has just arrived (in stores this month) – you will love Sara-May!

  • I had a civil ceremony with my GHD hair dryer and straightener… I may have to get them a sister wife.

    As for the Nude Magique, can I pop some EL foundation over the top? I, sadly, are one of the few it seems that did not like the Garnier product (gave it to Moo and she adores it) so clearly I need a little extra coverage.

    • Sister wives are the best! And I need extra coverage too. I only do the Garnier BB by itself if no-one except the postie needs to see me, otherwise I add on top a mineral powder – as I’m doing with the L’Oreal one because I’m not a spring chicken 😉

  • Hi Nikki! I’m off to Hawaii on Monday and had been compiling a list of beauty buys to take advantage of the cheap prices and exchange rate while I’m there. The new YSL glossy stain is now officially on the list, have only heard good things. I’ve been using the Garnier BB cream, quite happily I might add but I’m thinking I’ll give the Loreal version a go when that tube runs out. Your skin looks glowing and naturally beautiful!!
    What do you think are must-have style investments? I’m thinking of looking for a Marc Jacobs bag, something in a statement colour. Maybe a good trench coat… but what else should be in my wardrobe?! I’ve spent years not thinking properly about my fashion choices and consequently have a closet bursting with options, none of which I favour for more than a few months!

    • Hi Tess … wow, not JEALOUS. At all! Seriously, have a ball and yes think about investment pieces. A bag and a trench are a good start. If you have a fave jeans designer then stock up. Designer sunglasses will also be a steal.

      • Thanks Nikki, funnily hadn’t even thought of sunnies, great idea!! I’ve got a good vintage collection, but none of any real value. Ooooh the possibilities 🙂 *twiddles fingers with delight*

  • dianne

    I love that you can be real and bear your un-made-up self to us. Thank u & yes it certainly makes a difference. Now dreaming about the GHD range…

    • Oh, thanks Dianne … was good for me to be able to compare the difference straight up too. Sometimes you THINK it’s making a difference but it’s not really. The camera never lies (well, not unless you photoshop!).

  • WOW! you look pretty good sans make up but you look air brushed after the BB cream. Absolutely incredible. To the Bat Cave – I mean pharmacy!!!