How to create a minimalist face

How to create a minimalist face

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You know how I’m a big fan of BB cream, don’t you?

Jumped on that bandwagon way back in 2011 when the first Australian release happened with Garnier.

The beauty market has now gone BB mad.

The appeal of the BB for me is its lazy-girl beauty qualities. In one quick move I can quickly add some product to my face and it’s moisturised, sunscreened and made to look *relatively* flawless. I say relatively because I can only work with what I’ve got, right?

So, I totally understand why it’s fabulous for using at home but what’s blown me away this week is seeing it used so successfully on models in lieu of regular foundation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia*.

Catwalk to sidewalk tip

Maybelline NY makeup director Nigel Stanislaus describes the look as “wearing your skin” and he used the Maybelline NY Dream Fresh BB Cream as the base for models in today’s Haryono Setiadi show.

How to create a minimalist face

Granted, these models are YOUNG. And their faces are pretty damn flawless without makeup. But Nigel did say the rest of us weren’t lost causes either. A minimalist face is possible and it starts with a minimalist canvas.

Apply Dream Fresh BB Cream with a foundation brush (you can use your fingers but this way will give a more flawless finish). Then take an illuminator – Color Tattoo in Too Cool – and add it using your fingertips to the points on your face where light would normally hit. 

The fashion

In this case the minimalist, fresh face was the perfect contrast to the androgynous structure of Haryono Setiadi’s spring-summer 13-14 collection.

Formerly known as An Ode to No One, Haryono’s silhouettes are dramatic, yet wearable. The digital prints used in some of the pieces only working to enhance this.

Harryono Setiadi | MBFWA 2013 | Makeup by Maybelline NY

How are you going with your BB Cream? Have you completely switched from regular foundation or do you use both?


* Maybelline NY has engaged me as its official blogger for MBFWA 2013.

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    1. Same here Vicky … and not sure if your daughter has tried this one from Maybelline but my daughter won’t wear anything else now. She loves it as it passes the “no makeup” regulations at school!

  1. I’ve completely switched to BB. The only prob I have is getting the colour right so I mix 2 of the Garnier ones, one for oily skin & the other original one in two shades & that seems to work ok. I think it’s time to try a new brand just to see…what do you recommend Nikki?

    1. I would wait until after you’ve had the baby and the hormones have settled a little before switching and playing with a new one, Reannon. Otherwise you might have a switch again. The Dream Fresh BB from Maybelline might be worth a try when you’re ready.

  2. Completely switched. Anything heavier and I just can’t handle it…. neither can my skin. I do wear a finishing powder over the top though.

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