8 steps to help your face through winter | winter skincare tips

Do you need to change your skincare for winter?

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I’ve got some more BB creams to share with you on the blog soon (yes, it’s a popular bandwagon that one) but this question from SY reader Olivia prompted me to think that you might be wondering the same thing too.

I’m a convert to the Garnier BB cream thanks to you but I’m finding that the cooler weather here in Melbourne is starting to dry my skin out and the BB cream alone isn’t cutting it. What are your tips for the best moisturising creams and/or best cream cleansers etc for this winter?

I’m very much in love with this question because it leads me into the broader question of whether we need to change our skincare for winter.

Winter did actually arrive early this week and my skin and my lips are a little in shock.

One minute they’re all, isn’t this nice we can play out in the sun, get a bit of Vitamin D without getting fried because it’s not mid-summer? The next they’re running for cover and wishing they could pop on the face equivalent of ugg boots.

Hello dryness with a side of scaly lips. I see you’re here to remind me to amp up my skincare routine as apparently hibernation is only for bears. And my legs, which will now not be exposed to the outside world until September.

So, to quickly answer your question, Olivia, I’m still very much wearing BB Cream as my everyday foundation substitute (with a dusting of mineral powder on top) but in winter I rely on it less as my moisturiser and more as the complexion even-outer.

Whereas in high summer for a morning routine I can kind of get away with a cleanse, some eye cream and BB, once it cools down, I bring in some extra products – a serum and a moisturiser – to give my skin that little boost along that it seems to need.  I use these kind of boosters at night all year round. I just ease off in summer as my skin doesn’t seem to need them as much.

Just like a bi-annual wardrobe edit, I also take a good, hard look at the skincare products in my beauty cabinet and check-in with my skin to see if they’re right for me – right now. If that makes sense. So, it’s not just about the BB, it’s about my overall regime.

I find that in winter that my lazy-girl ways get a serious kick up the bum … but that’s ok the season is short ;).

8 steps to help your face through winter | winter skincare tips

1. Make sure your cleanser is a moisturising one and not stripping your skin of valuable oils as you cleanse. Typically cream or oil-based cleansers are the go here. We need to get over this need to have squeaky-clean skin. Skin can be clean without emitting any strange noises.

Recommended products: NIVEA Pure & Natural Cleansing Lotion ($9.97, 200ml); La Roche-Posay Lipikar Cleansing Oil ($32.95, 400ml)

2. Give your twice-daily cleansing routine a twice-weekly boost using an exfoliation cleanser or a peel. Once we rocket out of our 20s and into our 30s and, ahhem, beyond, the natural turnover of skin cells does not happen as often as we would like. Not only can this leave your skin looking a little dull but it can also reduce the effectiveness of what you put on your skin after cleansing. Fresh skin cells are better able to absorb products, giving you more bang for your skincare buck.

Recommended products: Garnier Gentle Exfoliating Scrub ($10.75, 150ml);  Cosima Flawless Active Enzyme Peel ($69, 30ml)

3. Add in a serum or booster step before you moisturise. Do not be scared of over-moisturising. Instead feel how your skin laps up these power products – particularly if you’ve been doing step 2 above. Wanting to really regenerate those skin cells? Look for a booster or serum that is designed to shift cells while it’s on your skin.

Recommended products: Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil ($21.95, 20ml); Twenty8 Organic Facelift Serum ($87, 30ml)

4. Moisturise with intent. This doesn’t mean using huge tubs or bottles of the stuff but really looking for products that are designed to envelope your face, to hydrate and protect, without it feeling like you’re wearing a mask.

Recommended products:  Olay Total Effects Moisturiser + Serum Duo ($32.49, 40g); Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream ($90, 50ml)

5. Speaking of masks, use one. A hydrating mask once a week – especially after you’ve done a peel – will have your skin doing a little winter jig.

Recommended products: Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask ($39.95); Thalgo Melt-Away Mask ($59, 50ml)

6. Use an eye cream. This area of our face – and the lips – is the first to scream out for hydration at the best of times. In winter, we’re not doing it any favours at all if we ignore them.

Recommended products:  Lanolips Golden Ointment ($28.95, 50g); Twenty8 Firming Eye and Lip Cream ($67, 15ml)

7. Don’t drop the sunscreen. We can be lulled in a sense of false security when it comes to winter and sunscreen. Sure it generally will take longer for our skin to burn and we’re more covered up but if you spend even part of your day outside then slap it on … before your moisturiser.

Recommended products: NIVEA Sun Light Feel Daily Face Veil ($9.99, 50ml); Invisible Zinc Environmental Protector SPF 30+ ($29.75, 50ml)

8. Call in the professionals. This isn’t for everyone but I wholeheartedly endorse getting advice from a beauty therapist, skin specialist or cosmetician if your skin is just refusing to behave. It could be that a few professional treatments and/or products are needed. If that’s the case, getting good advice and not just a sales job is the go. Ask around for recommendations in your area. And if you have a great therapist you see for your skin, feel free to give them a plug below. You never know when a reader living near you might be looking.

What’s your winter skincare secret weapon? Share in the comments below so we can all embrace it.  

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  1. Since the weather cooled down I have started to use coconut oil on my face…I began with a tiny amount at night cause I was worried I would breakout. But quite the opposite has happened, even though it feels rich, my skin tone, hydration and texture has all improved. Now I am tentatively using it during the day too under BB cream. It smells amazing too. Now I am slapping it on the kids, hubby, dry hands, elbows….

  2. Rose hip oil is an absolute essential! I’ve just come off a long haul flight to NYC and my beauty therapist suggested I take it on the plane and apply every 2 hrs. My skin feels amazing, even after 20 hours in the air.

    Your NYC posts have been super helpful Nikki!

  3. I change from my moisteriser with suncream in it, to one without to give my skin a bit of a break. I also use hand cream more in winter as my skin seems to be a bit dryer.

  4. Hi Nikki,
    I am new to your blog and love the content. Can you please tell me what concealer you use? I have dark circles and slight puffiness under my eyes and would like to reduce their appearance. (Probably due to working night duty and in my mid 50’s—eek!). I look forward to catching up on the old posts and can’t wait to see what you present in the future.

  5. I noticed my extremely dry skin send out a distress call about 3 weeks ago. My summer skin cocktail was not playing ball so I turned to the big guns…Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair morning and night underneath EL Resilience Lift Extreme – seems to be doing the trick. I’m still using BB over the top of these in the daytime (I alternate between Garnier and the new Revlon one) but for evenings I have returned to my old faithful Chanel Vitalumiere foundation. I use my Clarisonic Mia most days and a scrub and mask a couple of times a week.
    I still adore Triology advanced formula rosehip oil though – so many products, no time to use them all 🙂
    ps. delightful to at last meet both you and your gorgeous girl on Saturday x

  6. I use my Skin79 BB cream with caviar in winter for everyday with some minerals powder over the top and for going out I am using Maybelline Age Rewind cream foundation All Day Hydration with Avocado in light and it has SPF 18 with a dusting of Stilla sheer dusting powder over the top.I always use an eye cream I am not that fussy on the brand but. I use Dermalogica barrier repair and also their daily microfoliant because it is gentle on my dry skin and not scatchy I also double cleanse once with oil I make, just sweet almond and rosehip oil and then ultracalming cleanser and their intensive moisture masque2 or 3 times a week and I leave it on overnight it is that good! Lips it is lanolips for just home or before bed and in the day if I am staying home it is Burts Bees lip balm with pomegranate,love that stuff.I am going to be using my “prize ” I won from Veggie Mama,The Cosima flawless range and I have tried the serum,which is lovely and I also have a enzyme peel which I am a little scared of and cleanser and day cream ,I have a little bit of barrier repair left and then I will be giving that a go.I also like to give my body a treat once a week or so with a oil and sugar scrub and lashings of intensive dry body balm,your skin feels so soft after I just have to remember and not be lazy.
    I go to the Salon every month or so for a facial they use Dermalogica produts on me and they don’t just do your face,your shoulders arms hands and décolletage gets some loving too! The place I go to is called Cosmetic Beauty and Laser in St Clair,and I highly recommend them, I have it as late as possible so I don’t have to wear makeup and I’m ready for bed,I always walk out of there dazed and nearly asleep it is heaven.Thanks for this post Nikki my skin does not like winter so much as it dries out more

  7. I find BB cream too foundation-like for my sensitive (dry) skin, so I’ve always mixed it with my L’Occitane day cream to tone it down a bit and give it more moisture.

    But like you Nikki, in this past fortnight I’ve been contending with dry skin around the lips so I’m now slapping this cocktail on my face: BB cream + moisturiser + pea size of coconut oil. Does the trick!

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