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Three new BB Creams on the beauty block

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Just when you thought it was safe to come to this blog and NOT find me yapping on about BB Creams, I’m sorry. I just had to.

It’s more than a year since I first wrapped my face around a BB (how clever were Garnier to bring them to Australia first?).

It was pretty much love at first wear. Something you don’t need me telling you if you too discovered Garnier BB Cream around the same time.

In the past 12 months, the beauty market has been well and truly playing BB catch up.

(BTW, if you’re still scratching your head about the whole BB thing, what it stands for and what it does, have a read here and here.)

Much of the appeal of the BB is in its skin-perfecting characteristics – both immediately and over time for evening skintone.

While strengths of active ingredients are much lower than in Asia where BB creams originated, what’s available here is still effective.

Probably more importantly for busy women, the greatest effectiveness of BB creams lies in their ability to cut down time spent in front of the makeup mirror.

Whether you choose to go BB-only or use BB as a base to a powder or liquid foundation, you will be saving time and fuss in creating a flawless look.

And in my lazy-girl beauty books, that’s an absolute winner.

So, the reason for me re-visiting BBs so soon?

There are three more available on the beauty block, that’s why.

And each of them deserves its place in the BB line-up.

BB Creams | Rimmel London, Palmer's, Stila

Before I get into a bit of a chat about each of these, let’s just have a look at the writing on each of these tubes.

9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup

Stay all day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm

All-in-one Beauty Balm

Look, I know I’m a marketers’ dream and these kind of multi-use products suck me in every time but right there in plain English is the reason why BB Creams have gone completely gangbusters.

The truth is, I don’t want to be pfaffing around on a day-t0-day basis. BUT I do want my skin to give the illusion that I did indeed get a good night’s sleep when the reality is often far from it.

Are you with me? Thought so.

Now, let’s get down to it. In each of the photos below, I’m wearing nothing but BB … on my face.

(I have, of course, got clothes on ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t want to frighten the neighbours. Frightening enough doing all these selfies.)

Rimmel London BB Cream $12.95

(available from November 1, 2012 at Kmart, Target, Big W, Priceline, Woolworths, David Jones and selected pharmacies)

Rimmel London BB Cream

If you’ve been following along with my BB tales, you’ll know that there are two types of BB – the colour match and the one-tint-fits all. Both varieties do blend of their own accord but when there are three shades to choose from – in this case Light, Medium and Medium/Dark – then I think it does help a bit more to get that even-out-skin tone look. Loving the SPF 25. Big, big plus there. And the coverage is pretty damn good – in these photos it shows up the other two. The fragrance is subtle and the feeling on your skin is one of hydration plus smoothing, matte finish. I’m wearing the Light shade.

stila all day HD Beauty Balm $65

(Available now at Mecca Cosmetica)

stila all day HD Beauty Balm

Ok, so we’re taking a bit more of your beauty budget for this one. Fans of the stila makeup brand will need little encouraging to give this one a go. It offers a subtle fragrance and is an excellent makeup primer. What you’re paying for here is it’s long-term, work-horse-like skincare powers. Thanks to being infused with skin protectingย emollients and enriched with bamboo and pea extracts as well as some of those super duper peptides, it quietly works away on ย minimising those little things we affectionately call fine lines … all the while keeping you looking fresh as. It’s oil and paraben-free. Only down side? No SPF, so slap on some sunscreen underneath please. This is a one-tone-fits all product – it blends beautifully into my skin.

Palmer’s Eventone BB Cream $9.99

(Available now exclusively from Chemist Warehouse and My Chemist; elsewhere from January 2013)

Palmer's Eventone BB Cream

Hello, retail price under $10. That’s a winner. Yes, you can regularly pick up Garnier BB Cream for under $10 on sale but to have an equivalent at this price point all the time? Winning. And yes, it’s got an SPF15+ (better than nothing but if spending longer than incidental time outdoors, I’d be adding a sunscreen underneath). Coverage is good and it’s oil-free too so good staying power and great if you’ve got a side of zits served up with your mains of wrinkles. What didn’t work for me was the fragrance. A little too over-powering. This won’t affect many of you but for me if I’m run down or exhausted my skin and my sinuses do not behave so well when confronted with a strong scent. This one comes in two shades Fair/Light and Medium/Dark. I’m wearing Fair/Light.

How do these new BB creams compare?

Playing favourites isn’t really my thing but if I had to, the Jane Iredale Glow Time is still a front runner (when there’s no budget involved) – mainly because I very much like the full coverage it gives. This isn’t something everyone wants from their BB. Many people are very happy to have a “tinted moisturiser” look.

On a budget? It’s a tie for me between the new one from Rimmel and the oil-free Garnier BB Cream. Rimmel could win on the SPF 25 alone.

Do you BB? Have you tried something other than the Garnier BB or is your skin very happy, thank-you very much?

* These creams were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. hi, im 16 and ive hear about these bbcreams non stop so am thinking of trying it. im not a big make up wearer but i guess am looking for something i can put on quickly that wont look overdone and will look natural. your review makes it sounds good so am definately going to try it. only one question. Garnier or rimmel? im undecided and dont want to by both. i have pretty clear skin but my tzone gets oily if i dont look after it. im not sure which would be better? suggestion? thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Inspired by this, and your other posts on bb creams, I finally got on board today and went to Chemist Warehouse to buy the Rimmel 9 in 1 as I have really oily fair skin but burn easily so the SPF 25 was really attractive to me. I usually wear Estee Lauder Double Wear so will be interested to see how it compares. I ended up getting both the Fair and Medium and intend to mix them to make the perfect shade. However they were on sale for $8.69 each instead of $12.95 so I hope that encourages other to give it a go too.

  3. After discovering your site/blog a couple of months ago, I bought the Garnier BB. I have only used it a few times as I tend to not wear any makeup at all except on extra special occasions (no time!). I was happy with it each time I’ve worn it though.

  4. great post – you just did all the leg work for me girlfriend, will be picking up the Rimmel product and giving it a go next time I am shopping x

  5. OK, OK, you’ve sparked my interest in BB creams! I’m what you’d call a “late adopter”. I don’t easily jump on new bandwagons or embrace revolutions but I’m keen to try a BB cream now thanks to your feedback. I was wondering how they “deal” with dark circles under the eyes? If I could get away with a BB cream and a powder that’d be great. Currently I have to use concealer on top of my foundation for blemishes and dark circles. Do you think BB creams will work with pressed powder? I bought mineral makeup probably a year a go but never got around to opening the box – yep, I stick with what I know!!

  6. I’ve been a Garnier BB gal for a while now, and just recently received the oil free version which I’ll use once the weather warms up. I was interested in the Palmers as well, but it takes me so long to get through them that it will probably be redundant by then! Thanks again for a great round up ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thanks for the round up! Definitely going to look for the Rimmel one tomorrow. My first BB was about two years ago (MAC; I got it in Singapore at the airport) which is still my fave. And I just want to say how pretty you look ‘fresh faced.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Thank you for the round up, Nikki! I’m a huge fan of BBs and when my Loreal one runs out, I’m going to try one of these.

    SSG xxx

  9. I liked the original Garnier BB over last winter but as the weather got warmer my skin wasn’t so into it so I ditched it. I tried the L’Oreal one but wasn’t a massive fan. I have just won a tube of the new Garnier BB and I am in LOVE. It is perfect for me and I am so thrilled! I was keen to give the Palmers a go but I don’t think I will now.

  10. Still loving my Garnier thanks to you Nikki, but will try the Rimmel next for the extra SPF – it’s 25degC here today! – thanks for the tip xx

  11. I am a Garnier BB girl but might have to give the Rimmel a go. I have been using Garnier for around six months and wouldn’t go back to a traditional foundation for ay use now. I just use it with a dusting of mineral powder.

    1. I do still use a traditional foundation (not surprisingly one based on the BB principles!) for special occasions where I need the makeup look to stay in place all day or night but everyday? Yes, a BB and a powder.

  12. Funny as I was only thinking last night of giving you a nudge to ask how the BB’s were comparing now you’d had time to get to know each of them better… and then you throw 3 more into the mix! Still not loving any of them, colourwise and too pink for my light yellow tones. JI is probably the go but the price for a wrong shade choice puts me off. One day I may come across a local stockist.

  13. I’m still a Garnier girl. I use the original BB during winter, but have switched to the oil-free now that the weather is warming up. I’m not sure how my morning survived before BB? The routine is SO much faster now

  14. Hi Nikki,
    thanks for the update! I love hearing about all the new products, and especially products that save time!! I have now got my mum and M-I-L onto these and they love them. Mum loves the Garnier oil free and M-I-L loves the nude by nature. I have been happy with the Garnier oil free, but just wanted a little more SPF, so have also started using the Bobbi Brown one with SPF 35+, which I use more often than not now. It is a completely different texture to the Garnier oil free, but seems to last really well, and the colour is a nice match. I just dust a little Bobbi Brown bronzer over and am out the door! Having said that, I will def give the Rimmel one a try, as I like that it has a higher SPF than the Garnier BB. For me, I don’t want to have to apply a separate sunscreen under the BB cream, so the higher SPF ones will be my choice more often than not.
    You mention that the BB creams in Asia have higher active ingredient levels – I am going to asia shortly so wondered if you know of any ones to try/buy while I am there?

    1. Hi Peta, I’m not an expert on the Asian ones … Lisa in the comments below has found one that works for her – Skin79. The active ingredients in the Asian ones may be too strong for your skin – it became a cult product in Asia because of the whitening/brightening properties.

  15. OK Nikki, it’s time for me to try one. But here’s why I have held out so long: My skin is sensitive and looks oily at the drop of a hat (or a drip of sunscreen) and pimples up in 20 seconds when touched by certain things. I’m also PALE AS. My absolute most hated product? Tinted moisturising sunscreens.

    I find Steam Cream is one of the only moisturisers my skin likes, apart from that I normally have to use things like Moisture Surge by Clinique that’s meant to be used in conjunction with moisturiser.

    With all that in mind – Do you apply your BB cream over a moisturiser or in stead of? Is it heavy? Which would you recommend for sensitive skin? Sorry for all the questions!

    1. My skin is a total high maintenance Princess Tamsin, so I understand. I use Moo Goo Full Cream. You can get it from health food stores. Yes, really. My skin isn’t thrilled about Garnier, but I am because my skin looks so amazing. So far, so good, but I fear the rashes will start up as the weather warms up. My skin is ultra sensitive, so you might actually be ok. Jane Iredale should be absolutely fine for your skin. Fingers crossed!

  16. So exciting to have more bb’s to try!! And I hadn’t thought of using it for a base under my foundation…thanks for the tip!! xx

    1. It cuts down on the amount of foundation you need as it’s laying down a flawless base for you. If I want it to super stick, I’ll use a primer, then BB, then foundation, then powder. Obviously not an everyday but for occasions where my face needs to go the distance ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Will definitely give the Rimmel a try; didn’t like the Garnier one until I got my hands on the oil-free version; Changed. My. Life. thanks Nikki!

  18. Thanks Nikki!!! You have such a knack for posting about just the things im pondering!! Just about to finish my Garnier BB which i have loved but in true girl fashion, dont want to miss some other fab product. Think i will get both the Rimmel and the Palmers given their prices, and try both!!

  19. Hi Nikki. I have happily been using L’Oreal Nude Magique which has also got a couple of shades. After checking the SPF and finding out it is only 12, I think I am going to have to try another one for summer. I am aware that another step of sun cream pushes my lazy girl limits! Thanks for checking these out for us.

  20. I’ve switched to the garnier oil free one, and so has my 16yo daughter. Liking this one even more then the original, because of the matt finish. So does my daughter. Since I’ve been using BB cream, along with some other garnier products my skin is looking the best it has in years. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Oooh yeah I bb! I love the garnier one, not the oil free but I might as it heats up, but not just yet! I was desperate to get the Jane iredale one until I read that it has Aloe vera in it which I am allergic to, I am very sad about that. I love all their other makeup range and use them daily!

  22. Love my BB cream ! I think the only problem is colour matching. I can’t seem to get it just right but in all honesty I’ve only tried the garnier ones.

  23. I love the new Garnier BB Cream for oily & combination skin (medium colour) but yesterday I got an order from Nude by Nature so giving their BB Cream a go. I wear BB Cream daily with just a little gloss and LOVE it! I also use it as a base for my foundation. I’m a fan of BB Cream!!!!

  24. Yes as you know Nikki,I am now a fan of the BB cream,I didn’t like the first batch the Garnier one,but I have an asian brand Skin79 and love it ,and I love what it has done to my skin over time,more hydrated and no more dry patches ,which is a big plus as I was so over my skin,of course it didn’t do it on it’s own I changed to Dermalogica products and am now using an oil cleanser at night and you know what else I can’t use ,”I am very sad about this one” makeup wipes ,maybe on the odd occasion it would be ok but not everyday,by trial and error I have found out they dry out my skin big time.
    Sorry got off topic there ,I like my BB cream with mineral foundation over the top and it’s great to see there is a matte one in your newbie pile,thank you for keeping us updated Nikki and you really do have lovely skin.

      1. No they are probably the only ones I haven’t tried,Yes it is devastating not to be able to use them anymore,so I will get a pack of the Yes to Bluberries ones next week ,even if I just use them occasionally,Thanks Nikki.

  25. Thank you do much for the reviews upon reading your previous comments I promptly went out and bought the ghttp://www.garnier one and I love it … I love waking up every morning to your blog it’s like a breath of fresh air ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  26. Thank you Nikki! I’ve been seeing all these ‘BB’ creams and had no idea what the ‘BB’ stood for! They sound definitely like the type of cream I would use, as I’m a big tinted moisturiser fan just for everyday. I’m lucky in that I very rarely get blemishes, however I do have quite dry skin. Which one do you recommend I try first?

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