I heart BB Creams

Let’s talk BB Cream. Again

Nikki Parkinson Beauty 34 Comments

If you’re a regular around these parts, I don’t need to sell you the benefits of a BB Cream as part of your skincare and makeup arsenal, do I?

Put simply, for crazy busy women this skincare plus sunscreen plus makeup three-in-product is GOLD.

I blogged only last month about the BB Creams I bought while in the US … would you believe that there are even more on the market here in Australia since that post?

With more BB Creams available to us, how DO you choose one that’s perfect for you, your skin and your lifestyle?

How to choose a BB Cream?

1. Consider how important the SPF is for you? Those offering a higher SPF have swayed me.  You might be ok with a lower SPF because you wear a particular sunscreen every day.

2. Do you like a matte or a dewy finish? Me, I like a matte finish.

3. Do you like a light, medium or full coverage? There is now a BB cream for you but you can also add mineral powder over the top to create a look with more coverage.

4. Will you still need concealer? That depends on what you’re dealing with. Me? Concealer has been my constant under-eye makeup companion since first giving birth 17 years ago. I can’t see that changing any time soon.

I heart BB Creams

Head on over to The Hoopla to find out which BB Creams are sitting in my current top 5 – PLUS find out why I’m more than happy to fork out $72 for the latest BB cream to hit the Australian skincare and makeup market. True.

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  • Does anyone know of a BB cream that has 30+ spf? I find 15 is not appropriate for our Perth sunshine. Currently using Actinica which is 30+ and then Garnier BB 15 over that.

  • The Catalina Geo is the best one I’ve ever used. I team it with an under eye concealer and Illamasqua Skin Base. Love it!

    • Great combination, Kim-Marie … have you seen that Ilamasqua’s Skin Base is now so cheap!!

  • karen

    OK, I’ve taken your advice and purchased the garnier oil-fre and it is great but I am confused, do i use it instead of moisturiser ir over the top? Help. I neverwear foundation or powder or anything so not sure what to do.

    • Yay! Wear it as your day time moisturizer – I would just had a 30+ sunscreen underneath if spending a lot of time outside as this is only 15+

  • Kerri

    Thanks Nikki. What SPF is the L’Oreal? I recently had a melanoma removed (scary experience but all fine thankfully) so definitely want to try to get as high an SPF as possible!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I wasn’t a fan when they first came out,but now I am converted,I have been using the Skin79 BB cream in the gold container and it has changed my skin,I had really bad dry patches and now my skin finally looks good I I.love how it has made a HUGE difference,I do prefer a matte finish as well and use a mineral foundation over the top,but won’t be going back to normal plain foundation,especially as summer is on the way,truly a wonder cream in my opinion.

  • Julie

    Hi Nikki. I’m still using Garnier thanks to you. My supermarket had it for NZ$13.99 this week – woohoo! The light is perfect colour for me and it doesn’t make my skin oilier. Will be interesting to see if that changes in summer, but I could always look out for the oilfree one hopefully coming here soon xx

    • Score!!! Yes, if you find it’s not working for you, just give the other a try.

  • I love BB creams. I haven’t tried the Bobbi Brown one, but I will. Rachel x

  • Kelly Isaacs

    I love the L’Oreal one – it has been perfect and colour matches beautifully. It is so light and perfect especially on the weekend or more casual days with a bit of mineral powder over the top. I must say though, I am not sure about the SPF … I probably should have checked that.

    • Yes, the SPF is not high enough for being outside all the time everyday but I think for incidental it’s ok. If I know I’m going to be outside for extended periods I’ll add another sunscreen as well.

  • Hi Nikki – do you know which BB is best for very fair skin? I tried the Garnier, but the light shade was too dark for my skin tone.

    • Stacy, I think you’d have to look at either the Bobbi Brown or Jane Iredale because they offer a great range of shades. Some BB Creams, however, (like the Catalina) one go on with a mask-like colour but then disappear into the skin so the shade range is not required. It blends in with your skin tone.

  • Dizzy

    I bought the Garnier one for my daughter – she dilutes the colour with moisturiser – and now I think I will get one for myself. Can’t believe I am still getting pimples in my 40s!

    • It’s really not fair that we have pimples and wrinkles at the same time! And great tip about diluting the colour.

  • Debyl1

    Hi Nikki.I would love to use the Garnier BB cream as I have dark spots and red marks but I have never been able to cover my face in anything due to my face getting very sweaty.Will I be able to use this one?
    I am currently using the Garnier Dark Spot Corrector.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as the need for cover up is increasing with age..xx

    • Deby, the Dark Spot Corrector is probably the go for you … and then I’d add a mineral powder on top of that.

      • Debyl1

        Thankyou Nikki xx

  • Jen

    I haven’t heard of it before. You got me with wrinkles and pimples. Unfortunately I’ve got both.

    • Don’t you just hate that?! What is it with how how skin does that too us at a certain age!

  • AliE

    After using 2 tubes of gamier bb, I recently switched to the l’oreal one & I love it for it’s ability to feel like foundation but much lighter & fresher. And the skin tone evening qualities are the best!

  • Melinda @ Shop Me Chic

    I’ve only tried the Garnier BB cream but I desperately want to try the Bobbi Brown one… just not sure what my fiance will say about the price!! x

    • It’s best that makeup and clothes prices are never discussed with boys … they just don’t understand 😉

  • Nashuagirl

    I like the new oil free Garnier much more than the original which just left an oil slick on my normal skinned face. Unfortunately the light colour is still too dark for me so I can’t imagine how totally fair skinned girls go! To date, my fav is Nude Magique though I’m interested in the JI one …they may have a colour to suit me better. Though at $72 a go, it would be an expensive exercise if the colour is wrong. Unfortunately no stockists in this area.

    • Yes, the colour match with the JI makes all the difference – sorry no stockists near you. The Catalina Geo one is a good option too.

    • Nashuagirl

      Found it for $42 on ebay, from the US of course. Much more do-able!

  • Ever since trying it I haven’t stopped raving about to anyone who will listen. Have converted several of my friends, my daughter and several of her friends. I love the multifunctionality of it, moisteriser, sun screen, light coverage or as a base for foundation. Plus the extra benefit I have found is how good it has been for my skin. I recently got sent the new garnier oil free BB cream which I’m looking forward to trying. I’m a BB convert through and through!!

    • Yes, that extra benefit is a surprise, isn’t it Vicky? I think you’ll like the oil free – well if you like a matte finish.