5 new BB Creams

5 more reasons to jump on the BB Cream beauty train

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Remember back when I first told you about BB Creams?

For me (and I know for a lot of your too) it’s been almost 12 months of enlightened skincare and makeup.

In short, Garnier BB Cream changed my lazy-girl beauty routine forever. I fell hard. Oh, yes I did.

I loved the way that my skin looked instantly better. Fresher, if you like, on application. Then the biggest bonus? Even better looking skin the longer I used it.

Got to love that. Thank-you very much.

5 new BB Creams

From left: Catalina Geo | Too Faced | Dr Jart | Garnier BB Cream (for oily skins) | Bobbi Brown

So, 12 months on, there are more BB Creams entering the makeup market in Australia, Garnier has released a new one for oily skin and I’m also travelling in the US where they have had access to a stack of BB Creams for some time now

In short, I’ve been having a tonne of BB fun.

If you’re new to the whole BB beauty train, then let me fill you in.

BB stands for blemish or beauty balm. The creams are the wunderkind of skincare and makeup.

Not only do they instantly even out complexions, but but over time they’ll also tackle wrinkles and pimples as well as uneven skin tones.

BB creams originated in Asia where women love using them for their lightening and brightening qualities. If you’re ever travelling to Asia, you’ll find BB creams in way greater strengths than we see in Australia.

This summer we’re going to see more BB creams launch into the market place.

I actually brought three with me on my trip to the US to test drive them in summer conditions.* Plus I’ve been shopping at Sephora.

Yes, this store is everything that everyone ever told me. If you’ve been to Mecca Maxima in Australia, it will give you an idea of what to expect. What you won’t expect, even though every person who’s ever been to the US and shopped at Sephora will tell you, are the prices.

Sephora store, USA

They are budget-girl beauty friendly.

And we like that. Yes we do.

BB Cream options at Sephora

In my little vlog (please excuse the casual look … I’m staying in the dessert outside of LA and it’s hot, damn hot) I do a quick run through of all five BB creams I’ve been using and trialling.

To be honest, they’re all good.

What you choose for you will depend on your skin type, your makeup needs and how important a high SPF is to your daily makeup routine.

For me the 35 and 45SPF+ options are very attractive. The UV meter goes through the roof in my neck of the woods over summer and I love that I can have my daily protection covered with one cream.

I also pop a mineral makeup powder over the top before heading out for the day.

You might be happy with just the cream, which is ok and will definitely work as a light coverage. Me, I like the matte finish of the powder plus it’s a more “made up” look.

Have you jumped on the BB train? If you’re already using the Garnier BB Cream, are you happy with it, or keen to look for something else? Is price still the big winner for you in the BB Cream budget equation?

* The Garnier, Bobbi Brown and Catalina Geo BB Creams were sent to me for editorial consideration, in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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Comments 49

  1. I got the Catalina BB foundation today and looking forward to trying it tomorrow. I hope i can use this by itself without having to use powder as well.

  2. Love the BB creams. Have used the Garnier to start and the medium is a great match for my skin. Nikki, I love the the Too Faced one, better coverage and lasting power. As for Sephora, I believe they are considering opening a store in Australia though, as you would expect, the prices will reflect their new home. I just wish they would deliver to Australia…they would make a mint!

  3. I have recently jumped on the train and I am using garnier.. I love it and everyone has commented on how good my face looks! As a person who doesn’t like a lot of make up I feel I have finally met my match!! I too pop on some Napoleon pressed powder over the top for a Matt finish! Thanks Nikki, I finally took the plunge after picking up the last bit of encouragement I needed to try it right here on your blog! P.s. I have really enjoyed living vicariously through you on your U.S trip 🙂

  4. Love the Garnier BB but will definitely try the oil skin one in summer as I do work up quite a shine. I like a mineral powder over the top too to maintain a natural no make-up make-up look that’s still light, but looks great.

  5. I just picked up my first BB cream when I was at DJs in Melbourne getting my brows done at the Bobbi Brown brow bar. I have only had it for a week, and am really happy

  6. Nikki, I am still loving my Garnier thanks to you 🙂 Great everyday coverage which lasts nearly all day (if I’m going out at night I start again anyway) and covers blemishes well. Dabbed on some of my former fav (City Block) before a walk in the sun and found it much more oily. Will look out for the oil-free version for summer (and hope they increase the SPF – in the meantime, can you suggest a good sunblock to go under it please? A friend has suggested Dermalogica or hissyfit) x

    1. Would love them to increase the SPF, that’s why I’ve been keen to try the others mentioned above. As for the sunscreen, try Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector SPF 30+ or Neutrogena Ultrasheer Daily Face SPF 30+

  7. Can we start a ‘we heart Garnier BB cream’ fan club, ladies? I’m a beauty prod tramp. I flip around, from brand to brand like nobody’s business, and have never fallen quite so head over heals in love with a little tube before.

    Looking forward to the SPF 45+ versions – I currently apply a sunscreen under my BB cream, the 15+ just isn’t enough for me. I’ve also toned down my foundation (for balls, galas and general nights out on the town, I don’t wear it during the day) application – I now mix half foundation/half BB cream for perfect coverage.

  8. Hey Nikki. I was really liking the original garnier bb cream but am REALLY liking the oilfree one now!! I refuse to leave the house without a ‘face’ on but the bb’s feel and look much nicer and natural I think. And loved hearing you chat on your vlog! And how handy is Mr SY?!! x

  9. Yes I was never a fan a BB creams,I tried the Garnier one and it didn’t suit me, But I decided to give them another go,Skin 79 BB cream in fact,I bought 2 bottles off eBay for a bargain price and decided they were worth a try ,they go on very mask like,but even out quickly and you don’t need very much and I also wear a mineral foundation over the top,because on my “mature” skin I need a bit more cover,But because they have moisturizer,SPF, and a light foundation and they even out my skin tone,It is with time helping with my very dry skin,I have been using it instead of my normal foundation,and I am liking it very much in fact,Thanks to you and Your blog.
    I am excited to think with even more use they will help tackle wrinkles,Yay ,I read they are bringing out CC creams,I think Chanel has brought out the first one,and they are called correcting creams from memory.I
    I hope you bought tons of things at Sephora,Yes skincare and makeup is so much cheaper in the US!

  10. Hi Nikki, thanks for the great blog!I have been thinking about trying another BB cream [other than the original Garnier one …thanks for your recommendation!], so this is great to read. I had read some good reviews for the Bobbi Brown BB cream and was going to order it online, but was uncertain of the best shade to get, so I wondered what shade did you find best for you? And also, what shade did you choose for the Too Faced ? Thank you!

    1. Give the Garnier new oily skin one a go or look at the Catalina Geo or Bobbi Brown. I still always use a mineral makeup on top. The shade I have for the Bobbi Brown is Light and Too Faced, Cream Glow. I actually could have gone the lighter shade in the Too Faced, I think it was Vanilla?

  11. Don’t be fooled by the higher SPF! SPF is a logarithmic scale … SPF 30+ offers 97% protection, SPF 50+ gives you 98%. It’s very minimal and not worth the higher price tag (if that is their selling point). Also, higher SPF products have a lot more active chemicals.

    1. 35+ is still a big improvement on 15+ which is what I’ve been using with Garnier and I’m very careful about what reacts with my skin in regards to sunscreen chemicals. Surprisingly I have more problems with natural sunscreens like zinc.

      1. I normally have a problem with sunscreen and fragrance, but so far the Garnier has been fine. I think it’s been sheer willpower because I don’t want to give it up!

  12. i also use the Garnier BB because it’s still a good price and it works great on my skin (tone). feel like a babe, indeed. even get a way with tired eyes and NO eye makeup. thumbs up!

  13. I have never tried BB creams. I will definitely be buying one on my next shopping trip. Now just which one to choose….. Thank you Nikki.

  14. I don’t like the Garnier BB cream at all. I have normal skin but still found it way too greasy for me! I’ve been waiting for this post!!!!! If I could only load the video 🙂

    1. Nikki, I’m keen to know what you think of the Catalina and Too Faced BB creams as they are two I’m considering but more $$ than the Garnier.

  15. I love the Garnier BB cream, it fits very nicely into my routine, so I am extremely happy with it. My skin can be a bit sensitive at times and this cream helps to soothe it as well. I can use my serums and maybe moisturiser then the BB cream before mineral makeup powder to finish it off. I have also been putting it on at night just out of habit. I have my 12 yr old daughter using it mainly for the SPF benefits and to try to minimse some slight freckles- and she loves it too, she does not look at all ‘Made up’ but just a wee bit evened out, I can’t stand young girls with makeup on!
    I just wish it had a higher SPF- that is the only thing I would change. So if Garnier would up that, it would be fantastic. I don’t really care about the pricepoint, it is just a fantastic product.

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