How to style coloured jeans three ways for autumn 2013

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I was asked recently if coloured jeans were still “in” this autumn-winter. The person asking was holding her breath in response for my answer.

She’d dipped her toes – or should that be her legs? – into this trend last year and really wanted to be dipping those legs in colour again.

If you’re in the same trend-dipping boat, relax. Coloured jeans are very much here to stay – this season and at least into spring (judging by what’s coming into stores in the US right now). Printed jeans and pants are giving them a run for your money but block colour is very much here and available in store now.

There are certain colours trending for the season … think purple, cobalt blue, raspberry red … but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the colours of last year.

Yes, if you went down the pastel path, they might be put on ice until spring, but apart from that any of the colours are fair game for a re-style and re-vamp this season.

And if you haven’t jumped on the coloured jeans band wagon yet, let me remind you why it’s a trend wagon for everyone.

Throwing on a pair of coloured jeans is the ultimate in lazy-girl style.

In one swift pants-on movement you have made a fashion statement.


All you have to add is a neutral tee, a scarf, ballet flats or sandals and you’re out the door.

On that note, I’ve put together three outfits below: how to style coloured jeans three ways for autumn 2013.

Coloured jeans: the school run outfit idea

1. Sportsgirl sunnies $39.95| 2. Nouvelle Woman shirt $149.95 @ The Iconic | 3. Sussan scarf $49.95 | 4. Ko Fashion loafers $49.95 @ Style Tread | 5. Virtu Meridian Jean $89.95


Coloured jeans creative office outfit

 1. Country Road top $129 | 2. Mimco bag $450 | 3. Witchery trench $289.95 | 4. Saba boot $199.20 (on sale) | 5. Jeanswest Blackberry Curve Embracer Super Skinny Jeans $69.99


coloured jeans girls night out

1. Colette clutch $39.95 | 2. Bluejuice top $69.95 @ The Iconic | 3. Sportsgirl jacket $129.95 | 4. Samantha Wills earrings $115 | 5. Harry Black by Alias Mae booties $159.95 @ Style Tread | 6. Target coloured skinny jeans $39

Do any of the above outfits suit your lifestyle? Are you topping up your coloured jeans wardrobe this winter? Or re-vamping and re-styling your existing collection?


Outfit posts featuring coloured jeans

Instagram posts featuring coloured jeans


I get lots of outfit inspiration from Pinterest and coloured jean outfit combinations are plentiful. I’ve grouped some of favourites on to my Coloured Jeans board. I’ll continue to update this board as I find more inspiration.

Your style

Check out the beautiful women sharing their coloured jeans style here: Coloured jeans styled YOUR way

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  1. Thanks Nikki great tips to give my coloured jeans longevity as the weather hopefully cools…fantastic to see you showcasing sunny coast retail on tv last weekend. You are a powerhouse xo

  2. You are such an enabler, Nikki! I just ordered the Bluejuice top ($15 off voucher to The Iconic – score). Now I just hope it fits me… Any tips for working out sizing when buying online?

  3. These looks are *gorgeous*. And how amazing are those Samantha Wills earrings?!?! I haven’t dipped into coloured jeans lately although I do recall wearing them, and loving them, in the early/mid 90s! As I don’t really wear jeans anymore, I am really enjoying printed/patterned pants as my casual pants style this season 🙂

    1. I should add, I recently bought my 8yo son a pair of cobalt blue jeans and a pair of tie-died jeans from Bardot Jr. They are FANTASTIC. He says he feels like a rockstar in them.

  4. Haven’t dipped into brights yet… have my burgundy and deep blue pair from last season – have my eyes on some sage green ones atm. Love the Girls Night Out outfit -really need to get myself a basic jacket (as per your previous posts – too many show ponies in my wardrobe – working on the basics!!) love the top as well!! Probably because it is a show pony….sigh!

  5. I’d love to have a say on the colored jean thing. Once upon a time, not many moons ago I was sporting some very expensive maternity wear. Literally $100 for a pair of pants was acceptable back then, mainly because the mainstream stores have very little on trend clothes for mum’s to be. I’m now pregnant with my third baby. I’d like to look nice and even ‘cool’ (even if I am nauseated most of the time). I’ve ordered some colored denim maternity pants from Jeans West, in my favorite color purple. Added bonus is if the trend descends into darkness next year, I won’t feel obligated to wear maternity wear after I have the baby. At 2 for $109, they are fairly reasonable too.

  6. I am usuallly a more neutral girl but am really pleased to see the coloured jean thing carrying through to aut/winter…makes for some fun when weather gets bleak!! xx

  7. Hi Nikki,

    I love the school run look and as I work from home this is the perfect look if you are expecting someone to come over as it’s dressy enough to look dressed yet casual enough to be comfortable. Definitely hunting down those jeans and those cute little loafers thank you!

    Also wanted to say, saw you on the Great South East last night, Well done you!! You looked stunning and are a natural for tele and it was a great story as well, you nailed it!

  8. wish I could find an emerald pair. Jeans West don’t seem to have that many colours – rust and blackberry and electric blue plus what’s left from the summer colours. Its a pain because I know what fits me at Jeans West

  9. I’m loving all of your posts featuring colored denim! Just been through some of the links..I love your birthday outfit one and the orange fashion week one too!!

    I bought one last weekend from Katies.. in a bright red color and am so happy with the fit that I want to own a few different colors now:-) and yes ..I do have a pinterest board with some of the fun colored denim pins too….

  10. I will be bringing out last years ones and also adding a new pair I bought,I have orange,red,cobalt and I bought a rust coloured pair as well ,and all except the orange ones,they are a bit cropped but only a little can do double duty as winter wear as well with boots and knits and a nice scarf ,i do look forward to the weather changing so I can wear my scarves again ,I do love an easy outfit,I am very lazy and with the coloured pants you can have many looks with different knits and scarves.
    I love the look of the plum/purple colour too,So that is a big yes from me,thanks Nikki.

  11. I’m loving these and recently purchased 2 pairs from Sussan (cobalt blue and khaki) on sale for $35 each ($49.95 less 30%). They are straight slim rather than skinny, so a great cut for me and I note there are still some on-line.

    If you are buying on-line the sizing is on the generous side (although I find Sussan always generous), so you probably need to go down a full size.

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