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Keeping it Real: graphic pants, two ways

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I was discussing the important things in life with my mate Mrs Woog last week. You know, like how to tell if someone is suitable-new-friend material by the type of shoes they wear for the school pick-up or the medicinal qualities of a Frosty Fruit iceblock on a summer’s afternoon …

And then she hit me with the Really Big Question: would I wear graphic printed pants?

Now, I had to give some thought to this because until last spring I would have said a flat out “not on these legs”, loveBut something came over me last year and I did add a pair of floral printed pants to my wardrobe, with surprising ease.

Those particular pants were of the slim-fitting capri variety. In my head, that’s what I thought would be the only printed pants option for me. And I informed Mrs Woog of such.

We continued on our merry way, me concentrating on not dripping the aforementioned Frosty Fruit on Sonia {Mrs Woog’s Kluger} and thinking all thoughts around graphic pants would end there … but fate intervened.

I returned home from Sydney, picked up my mail from the post office, only to find that the lovely Lauren from Motto* {disclaimer: Motto is a new advertiser here on Styling You} had sent me some black satin pants and a leatherette cami but also had “thought I’d throw in a pair of animal print ones too just in case you’re feeling adventurous :)”.

GAME ON, Lauren.

Love a fashion challenge. Love being edged out of my fashion comfort zone.

Miss SY immediately approved of the pants. Mr SY’s disapproval was just as immediate. This meant that I fell just a little bit more in love. With the pants.

They are satin and ankle-length. The waist is elasticated at the back, there are pockets and despite not being super slim fitting, they drape easily from the waistband to still offer a more flattering shape than a harem-style pant – a style my hips need to avoid with something bigger than the proverbial barge pole.

I’m wearing the size 16 – I err on the upper size for pants that need to float past my formerly child-bearing hips. These do and as far as the comfort goes, they are up there with tracky pants.

This style of pant – shape and print – is set to stay around for autumn and winter. Most of your favourite stores and labels are offering them. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you’re ready to join me.

WORD: these are definitely show pony pieces.

Style 1: workwear or night out with the girls

My preference for this style of pant is to wear heels, to add a little height. I love that they are a lighter, summer and tran-seasonal alternative to a jean but you could still add a blazer for polish and/or warmth as it cools down.

Motto graphic pants | Motto leatherette cami | Virtu cardi | Country Road heels | Samantha Wills earrings Motto graphic pants $90 | Motto leatherette cami $70 | Virtu cardi {this summer} | Country Road heels {about three summers ago} | Samantha Wills earrings {last summer} | Mimco sunnies {two summers ago}

Style 2: casual lunch or summer barbecue

Flats can work with these pants but keep them strappy. These blinged flats are from Aleeyas, an Australian sandal company that creates jewelled sandals that can be interchanged with other jewels. Essentially you get two pairs of shoes for the price of one. Great concept.

Motto graphic pants | Motto leatherette cami | aleeyas sandals | uberkate necklace | Mimco sunnies

 Motto graphic pants $90 | Motto leatherette cami $70 | aleeyas sandals $180 | uberkate necklace | Mimco sunnies

aleeyas sandals

I can switch the look of the aleeyas sandals should the urge to wear gold flowers instead of dark crystals takes over.

For tips on how to wear printed or graphic pants, head over here to this post. Plus, you’ll find more style inspiration on my Pinterest board.

What say you? Yay or nay to graphic pants?

* The pants, cami and blinged sandals were gifted to me for editorial consideration, in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. I’m a massive fan of a printed pant (your Motos are awesome), they’re the perfect option when the weather is still warm but you haven’t had a chance to shave your legs! And really flattering as well. My friend likes to call them ‘soft casuals’, I call them them genius!

  2. I’ve been tossing up whether or not to brighten up my bottom half (and I’m not talking about a bright yellow merkin), and was checking out Sussan’s graphic pants the other day.
    So going in to try them on RIGHT. NOW.

  3. love those pants, I have an animal print pair in the same type of fabric and cut and they are surprisingly slimming on my not-so-narrow hips! I’d try yours with a printed top – the whole clashing print vibe…? 🙂

  4. Nikki – they are quite flattering. Floaty and delicate but looking super-comfy. I like them best with heels. I’m not sure who I anymore, because I can see myself wearing them!

  5. Until I saw you in this outfit I would have said “he’ll no!” to graphic pants. But…. they look great. Streamlined and polished but still comfortable. Way to go Nikki!

  6. I find myself surprised at saying this but I actually love those pants – in fact the whole outfit rocks… particularly with the chartreuse cardi…. I would have never ever tried those pants on, but I’m tempted to give it a go… in the change rooms at least.

  7. Just so you know Nikki there is a shop in Mooloolaba who has a very good range of Motto – I don’t know what it is called but is on the opposite side of the road to the Surf Club and a few doors down towards the river. I generally have a look in there on our annual pilgrimage up north. You look terrific in the pants – must be in the air as I took my similar pants on an outing yesterday, they are very wearable and so comfy.
    Cindy F

  8. I have been seeing this style in the shops thinking ” can I wear them or not?”. You have at least convinced me to try them on!
    You look great. There’s not much you can’t pull off is there???

  9. Luuurrrrrve these pants! Hot to trot!
    I’ve never stepped foot into a Motto store, having always written them off as ‘old & daggy” – looks like I was wrong (or getting older!!!). Great place to advertise Motto – you’ve just picked up a new customer!!

      1. I can vouch for their on line shopping. Very helpful, great service with access to a live person for assistance. I confess I have been a Motto client for 20 odd years and now in QLD internet shopping is the way to go!

  10. You look gorgeous Nikki – Way to go!
    I love that you’ve paired both looks back with a subtle black tank rather than a lighter shade of top. Gorgeous.

  11. I was expecting to see Versace-esque lion heads & wrought iron swirls, ha! These are understated, just the right amount of floaty & totally versatile. Win! x Ps: anything a daughter approves whilst a husband vetoes = instant YES! 😉

  12. I was with Vicky when I saw ‘animal’…yowzas…I must say I avoid it like the plague plus over the weekend I saw a woman of a certain age, with a rather strange haircut to match, getting animal prints so very wrong…

    …but these look lovely, really digging the cut and the print (better than any I have seen so far at the mall) and thinking these could be my ‘show ponies’ (discovered show ponies are badly lacking in my wardrobe since doing your challenge) to mix in with my neutrals

    thanks for the real-girl fashion, I must say I would never have considered these!!!


  13. They look great on you Nikki! I have bought one pair in a fairly safe pattern but I do feel a bit too hippy (hippy as in love child hippy) in them. But they are so comfortable. I have checked out the Motto site and they have some lovely stuff and lots of good things for layering!

  14. I LOVE these pants on you Nikki and I love how you have teamed the yellow with them.I am with you on this trend as I actually own 3 pairs of graphic pants one satin black and white and one snakeskin print but very subtle and one an ostritch type print in grey and black ,I like them because of the comfort factor and they don’t look like trackpants but feel like it,I think they are better not fitted as they drape better,I have had mine a few seasons though.So a big yes from me on this trend Motto did you a big favour as you look stunning in them and I like that you can wear them casually or dressed up,Good on Mrs Woog she rocks a soft pant and I’m glad you did not drip frosty fruit in Sonia.Those pants would be great with a long sleeve tee as well for your not so cold winter,love this post ,Thankyou Nikki .

  15. Love them on you. I think the fact they are more abstract than a straight animal print helps.

    I have a similar pair from Seed with cobalt tie dye front and back, and side black panels. I wear them with flat sandals but agree a heel really helps with making these work when you’re a bit hippy, like me! Although I love those flat sandals, too.

    As for Mr SY, I think these pants are just man repellers. My husband does not like mine either, but other women have been generous with compliments.

    1. I’m 167cm so about average height, I definitely feel more comfortable in them wearing heels. They would definitely need taking up on a shorter person. They are still streamlined so I think they could still work – would really depend on how the shape sat on you.

  16. I will admit that when I read “animal print pants” I thought ‘oh Nikki, no.’ Then I Saw the pics. They look really cool! Very funky and hip, and a definite ‘oh Nikki, yes’ Love the cami too.

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