Keeping it Real: Fashion Week Day 3

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Another day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and another outfit.

I can tell you that I’m SO glad that I came up with my “uniform” for the week of jeans, tops and jackets.

It’s made the whole getting dressed thing each morning very easy. And easy is what I need after big days of backstage interviews, shows and blogging in between. This is not a complaint. Not. At. All. It just is 😉

Today will be my busiest day – three shows for Maybelline – but I’m also going to check out the Oroton show. Because I’m here. And I can. And I’ve loved Oroton since coveting my Nana’s mesh bags as a little girl.

So, for the day ahead, here’s what I’ve chosen. You’ve seen a variation of this combination before.

Keeping It Real fashion week outfit day 3

BTW, these shoes from Zoe Kratzmann are THE best for a fashionable day on your feet. Think I need them in black too!

And, I’m LOVING that yesterday’s Stevie English blow dry is still looking fabulous. Teamed that with another pair of Renee Blackwell Design earrings and my new Maybelline obsession – the Color Tattoos ($11.95, out in July). Today I’ve used a combo of Audacious Asphalt and Fierce & Tangy on my eyes. On my lips is the new 14 hour Kiss Me Coral. Love.

On a day like today … I need my makeup to last. I think this new Dream Smooth Primer from Maybelline ($15.95 available in July) may just do the trick. It’s incredibly soft and velvety and provided the best grip for my foundation.

Do you use a primer before your foundation? 


Thanks to Maybelline NY Australia, I’m blogging at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia all week. Come back each day for my take on what we’ll be wearing – on our face and ourselves – next spring-summer.

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  1. Nikki…Oroton…I remember when my love of mesh bags transferred onto a love of fake sapphire and pearl clip on Oroton earrings in the 80s a la Bold and the Beautiful…do you remember those days? xxx Lovely outfits by the way – gorgeous you look great

  2. I’ve never used a primer and have never been sure if it was ever neccessary or just something make up companies came up with as a way of making more money. Considering I wear sunscreen and the BB cream, is it still neccessary?

  3. I usually use primer, but recently run out and most brands are out of my price range. The cheaper ones i’ve treid aren’t the best quality. Really looking forward to checking this out though, as its within my budget. High five to maybelline!
    Love the colours in your outfit! I just finialised what i’ll be wearing the next two days, planning ahead certainly helps!

  4. I like the white t shirt under a jacket look and am constantly on a quest for the right top! Is the country road one you are wearing long or short sleeve? Is it available on line?

    1. It’s got short sleeves Alison … but was from the start of autumn so no longer in store. I got a couple of white tops from Seed more recently for this same kind of look.

  5. You look awesome as usual Nikki,yes you do need those shoes in black as well,I think i might get the kidlets to get me a pair for mothers day are they comfy and not too high? ,cause with new knee I don’t do heels well only wedges,anyhoo that’s not important today.
    Yes Yes I always wear primer under my foundation ,I think it helps my skin look not so crinkled lol,Yep it’s good stuff,love primer .
    P.S loving those new eyeshadows your trialing will have to get mesome of themwhen they come out!

          1. There is only taupe and thunder in the online store. I love the ink colour as well. Would love to know where to buy. TVSN have a size 6 only.

  6. Looking great, Nikki. Love the red pants and shoes. Hope to see you around MBFWA over the next couple of days.

  7. You’re so stylish.  Wish I could dress like that everyday but working in the salon you just can’t.  I must check out those jeans, I know where the closest shop is but just haven’t got there.  Love the look again <3

  8. Hi Nikki,

    Are the shoes high?  I am not a huge high heel fan, they hurt my feet.  But I love the look of these shoes and wondering whether I could wear them.  Thanks

  9. Thou art a guru of fab Nikki hehe 😉 Me wants NYDJ jeans! *adds another item to wish list beside boots*

    I just use moisturizer with a mineral silica sunscreen for ‘primer’ 😮

    My problem with making makeup last is facial perspiration. Sigh. Now I rarely if ever put makeup on when I’m walking to town (30 minutes only!) because I just perspire so much, and have to wipe so much, it just isn’t worth it! And this is just on an average Hobart day… much less the warm ones! 

    What does one do with copious amounts of perspiration on the face? 🙁

      1. Yes blotting papers are awesome. I have some purchased from The Body Shop and I took them to the USA when travelling and swear by them.

      2. Oh dear then I’m done for LOL 

        I do use a mineral powder foundation with mineral setting powder AND I use HUGE swabs of tissue paper to blot&blot&blot on top of it all to keep the perspiration in check when I’m out and about… and it’s still the Deluge LOLI may just have to consider a facial antiperspirant eek!

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