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How to wear coloured jeans: part 2

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Remember when I wrote the first How to Wear Coloured Jeans post waaayyy back in February?


Hands up who thought this bright spot on the fashion horizon would be a one-season wonder?

Come on … don’t be shy.

A little part of me thought they would too. A little part of me that was quickly silenced once I actually started regularly wearing coloured jeans.

Honestly, throwing on a pair of coloured jeans is the ultimate in lazy-girl style.

In one swift pants-on movement (except that time I put my back out and realise I’m a tad too old for swift movements of any kind) you have made a fashion statement.


All you have to add is a neutral tee, a scarf, ballet flats or sandals and you’re out the door.

Now, if of late you’ve been anywhere near a fashion retailer – or browsing online at your fave stores – it will not have escaped your attention that the coloured jean is far from disappearing off the fashion radar.

They are EVERYWHERE. And colour? It’s a case of pick a colour, any colour.

It’s veritable rainbow out there.

If you’ve already jumped on the coloured jean bandwagon you will not need a scrap of prompting from me to go forth and add to your collection.

Oh, who am I kidding … you already have, haven’t you?

How to wear coloured jeans this season:

  1. Do not be afraid. There is a colour and a style to suit your shape out there. Try on as many as you can. When you start smiling just by putting on a pair, you’ll know you’re on a winner.
  2. Do not be afraid of the stretchy skinny or slim leg style of jean. Trust me, they are your friend and look much more flattering … and younger. It is what you choose to wear with those skinny or slim leg jeans that is best determined by your body shape.
  3. Do not be afraid of pale colours. They will not necessarily make your bum look bigger. It’s about hunting down the colour of your choice in a denim quality that slides over and smooths out any perceived lumps and bumps.
  4. Do not be afraid to “toughen” up pastel colours. Perhaps the full gelato look is not for you? Easy. Wear pastels back with black, charcoal, grey or tan.
  5. Do not be afraid of the cropped coloured jean. If you are tall, your ankles will look fabbo. If you are of average or shorter height, they will be the perfect summer length jean for you.

Styling inspiration

how to wear coloured jeans

1. Ladakh jacket $79.95 @ The Iconic | 2. Witchery tee $59.95 | 3. Country Road cropped jean $99 |  4. Lipstik sandals $59.95 @ Style Tread | 5. Sussan bangle $19.95 | 6. ROC sunglasses $79.95 @ The Iconic

Shopping inspiration

Click through this gallery for 15 styles of coloured jeans available now. There are styles here for all budgets (I couldn’t source images of the coloured jeans at Big W but they are $18.86 a pair and available in green, cobalt, pink, tangerine, light blue, purple, red, coral and lemon), shapes and sizes. Click on the links for where to buy.

Outfit posts featuring coloured jeans

Instagram posts featuring coloured jeans


I get lots of outfit inspiration from Pinterest and coloured jean outfit combinations are plentiful. I’ve grouped some of favourites on to my Coloured Jeans board. I’ll continue to update this board as I find more inspiration.

Share your style

Are you onboard with coloured jeans? What colours do you own? What brands or styles work best for your body shape and budget? If you’re not onboard yet but want to dip your toes into this trend and still have questions, leave them in the comments below too.

Remember when we showed how to wear the Seed maxi tube condom dress more than 30 ways? And you helped others visualise themselves wearing the dress by sending me your photos? Are you up for sending me photos of your coloured jean style? Email me: [email protected] or tag me (@stylingyou) on Instagram with your photo.

Check out the beautiful women sharing their coloured jeans style here: Coloured jeans styled YOUR way

Coloured jeans styled your way

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  1. Hey I have a sheer navy blue shirt, and i was wondering what color of jeans I should pair with it ??? Any suggestions.
    P.S.: I’m usually not flamboyant in dressing, i go for a more understated look

    Thanks in advance !

  2. I purchased a bright orange pair from Sussan a few months ago and I have been thinking that maybe I need another colour! Thanks for the go ahead!
    PS I had a green pair in the early nineties, and a pale pink pair in the mid 80’s.

  3. Nikki OMG thank you so much for yet another inspiring article. I’m so grateful that you are out there. I’ve steadfastly refused to get coloured jeans, and yet watch wishfully as others strut their stuff in them. I’ve always been paranoid about my shape/size and of course the cost, but reading all of this, I’m going to gather my courage and get into a change room to try some on.

  4. So inspired by this post that I went out to buy a pair of coral coloured skinnies. I sized up though, so they are not super tight on me (my legs/tummy needed extra room). Going to send you some pics as I’ve just had a play in the closet.

  5. This post inspired me. Popped down to KMart earlier to try on their $15 jeans, which are alas, cut for 15 year old (teeny tiny). Then went to Target to try their coloured skinny jeans. Had to size up (am trying to be ok with that by rationalising skinnies are tighter in cut) but have ended up with a nice coral coloured pair. Bonus – they were on sale….

  6. I think I’m ready…. still not at all sure about the whole skinny leg business, especially in hot weather when a top needs to be really light… pedal pusher length. But going to have a try on… and LOVE your idea of teaming with tougher colours.

    1. In QLD I see this as more a trans-seasonal thing Seana, so at the moment I’ll put on my orange ones with a white tee and a lightweight scarf. Mid-summer yes, too hot on our legs but good for now and evenings into December.

  7. I love the Big W coloured jeans, they brighten my mood instantly. I have so much trouble buying jeans that fit well so I was apprehensive about trying on a pair that only cost $18 but they fit perfectly. After buying my first coral pair I now want every colour and I dont have to feel guily about it when they are only $18.
    Thankyou once again for introducing me to Emerson.

  8. LOVE this Nikki. Nothing better than tuity fruity.

    I have a special request. Could you please write about the perfect shorts/ skirt length for different leg shapes? I’m on the short (okayyy, stocky) side and I always struggle with this (and finding great shorts for spring/summer). If you’ve already written about it, I shall uncover it in your archives!

    emailing you coloured jeans pic NOW!

    xo em

    1. Thanks for your photos – love them! I haven’t done the the perfect shorts length post so will add to the summer list. My general rule of thumb is that if you can wear them to just to top of knee that is most flattering on most people. Of course our lovely long legged sisters can go as short as they want.

  9. Oh, I don’t know Nikki… I’m still not convinced, and it doesn’t help that I saw a girl in pale pink jeans this morning and they just looked all wrong. Maybe I need to send her to your blog to help her choose better next time. 🙂

  10. Ha ha, looked at the Seed maxi tube condom dress today, it reminds me of Whitney Houston!!
    With the coloured jeans, they look so great on my children, i love them but not for me. Some of the more fluoro looks are a bit hard to handle second time around, i was in primary school the first time, shudders about doing it again. I did get the Country Road pink ballet flats though, they are super cute!! Love Posie

  11. I LOVE my bright red jeans and plan to buy cobalt blue ones too. I’m a high shool teacher of some fairly opinionated students and was a little nervous about wearing them to school until one of my students yelled across the quad ‘You are ROCKING those jeans Miss!’ gave me a little extra bounce for the day.

  12. Although jeans are my uniform, I haven’t bought coloured ones yet. I tried on some cobalt blue cropped ones and just as you said, they were the perfect length for short little me and I liked the gold zips at the hems (centred on the backs of legs) BUT I didn’t buy them cos I’m trying not to buy anything too similar to what I already own. So there’s nothing else for it, I shall have to hunt out a brighter colour…my question is, should I be concerned with sticking to ‘my colours’? (which are warm)

    1. I don’t believe in people’s “colours” Julie … I believe in trying something on and seeing a spark in my eye or feeling that spark. I think sometimes we can get caught up in so-called a “rules”. From experience working with clients too many rules can be both overwhelming and limiting to process when shopping for clothes. Try on lots and go with what makes you feel amazing. What makes you smile.

  13. After years of dressing to diminish my thighs I can hardly believe I have red straight leg jeans and kelly green skinnies. I resisted for a long time as I kept thinking they’d be very “in” then very “out”, but once I wore my red ones I knew I could go skinnier with my second pair. Now I say look at my green thighs- with envy!

  14. I LOVE my red coloured jeans that I have lived n over winter and would love another pair (or three!) for summer. I’d love a 3/4 length pair though as I have short legs and ‘cropped’ are really just full length on me. Have you seen any nice 3/4 length skinnies around Nikki?

  15. I don’t know Nikki, I’m somewhere between a 16 and 18 in jeans (ok, an 18) and I just can’t see how anything skinny or coloured can be good… I also have a fabulous set of cankles and significant calves and thighs…. is the coloured skinny jean an option???

  16. I just bought a pair of cornflower blue jeans from Asos on sale for $22 & free shipping… Should arrive any day now! Will post a photo…And. I have the perfect pair of nude ballet flats to go with 😀

  17. I lurve my coloured jeans I have only 2 colours blue and orange,does white count??,(last time I wore my white rich and skinnies my son said I looked like I was in CSI Miami ,so I haven’t worn them again yet!)my orange ones are from Rockmans and the blue Suzanne Grae they are cut a bit higher in the crotch to hide a mummy tummy.I wore the orange yesterday with a white top,and a coloured necklace and loafers they were very comfy and look very nice on,and mine are cropped so perfect length on me,love the skinny styles they are the only type I will wear as I have very skinny legs,everyone probably thinks I am lucky ,but I beg to differ I would rather have more padded legs and bum,I think it looks better as we age to have more padding IMO only.Thanks for the gallery I love the idea of the sorbet colours together ,they look so fresh and springy, like pretty flowers ,and they lift your mood I think,Lovely! what is your thoughts on the floral one’s?? I don’t think I will go there, I do have printed pants but you are very limited in what you can wear with them.

    1. Lisa, I bought white jeans for the first time ever in the US … Keeping it Real post coming! And re floral pants … it’s not a look that works for my legs. I need streamlined down the bottom unfortunately. Can do florals up top!

  18. Everyone needs to try on the Kmart $15 colored jeans………so awesome and look better than the $100 Levi’s I bought last week!!!

    Ps Loving your blog Nikki 🙂

  19. I have a lovely tangerine pair from winter, but I also have a WLane 3/4 pink pair from a couple of seasons ago, like teaming it with white or pale aqua. I am on the lookout for a nice aqua pair for spring now!

  20. Aaaah looove my daughter’ semeron ones and am so kicking myself that I didn’t get a couple for moi. Ha will be in Sydney next week for a state Athletics meet for daughter, so will source some for self in Aqua and orange! But I am also going to check out some onlines sources.

  21. I love the coloured jeans you wear Nikki, specially the red ones. I like coloured jeans too. I’ve just bought some skinny leg turqoise and some burgundy jeans at a factory outlet in Devon, UK. I’m going to see if they are all the rage in the nearest big town to my Mum’s – Barnstaple, on Friday. Retail therapy is good with the UK pound to the Aussie dollar 🙂

  22. After B (from BBeingCool) wrote her coloured jeans post I made her come shopping with me and advise me ;o) Now I have cobalt blue and emerald green – and I get loads of comments when I wear them!

  23. Ooh I like coloured jeans! I have turquoise and lavender. They make me happy and they also catch the attention of boys in pubs.
    As mentioned in my email, I love coloured pants too and would love to see a real girl post about how to style them.

    1. Love the photo of your turquoise ones! And yes, that happy feeling is spot on! And re floral pants … I don’t own any but will see how it goes when I try some on in store. The structured jean style is much better for my body shape!

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