keeping it real 60th birthday outfit

Keeping it Real: the 60th birthday coloured jeans outfit

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If you live in south-east Queensland you would be aware that last weekend’s weather was not the kindest. I’m talking rain. Rain of gigantor proportions.

Rain that could only be described as relentless.

On that rain-soaked Friday night, I sat there one glass in hand, one on my iPad’s rain radar app (geek I am) and started to outfit plan, in hindsight an incredibly self-indulgent and trivial act when unbeknown to me communities nearby were getting inundated by water.

The next day was my step-mum’s 60th birthday. Now, my parents do not do things by halves … or sedately for that matter. They have always been BIG birthday celebrators. And when it comes to a birthday ending in “0”, well …  hold on for the ride.

This particular ride involved the party starting at lunch time and then heading on a bus to Brisbane’s South Bank precinct. On a treasure hunt. A mini Amazing Race if you like. This is not the first of these that my parents have organised. They’ve been doing them since Expo ’88.  As I said, NOT low-key celebrators.

Anyhoo, back to the outfit plan. It was potentially going to be still raining and cool.

Hello, new red NYDJ coloured jeans that make me feel like I’ve got a body for jeans when I don’t. Oh, yes. I see you winking at me from my wardrobe. You’re coming out to play.

I worked the jeans back with black and white neutrals, threw on a trilby hat and sunnies and entered into the spirit of the afternoon. Our team actually came second, which was pretty good going because I can tell you once I got as far as the new Stokehouse bar and restaurant, those red jeans really, really wanted a cocktail and a sit down.

Dad, can you please plan that into the quiz for next time? That is all.

keeping it real 60th birthday outfit

NYDJ (click on the stockists tab on the left of the Facebook page) | ghd  | Estee Lauder | Metalicus | Morrison | Natasha (ooh, just found them here still available and on sale!)

PS. More on the marvellous ghd Air later in the week. Let’s just say I’m very impressed.

PPS. Disclosure: NYDJ Australia is sponsoring me to attend and speak at the Digital Parents Conference in Melbourne on March 30. Hurrah! Yes, I’ll be rocking those red jeans which they gifted to me … with something else. Most probably leopard print heels. And a top. And a jacket. Can’t wait.

With autumn starting tomorrow, how’s your weekend wardrobe looking for the change of seasons? Can you remember what’s in there that you wore last autumn?

  • Absolutely NOTHING wrong with red jeans. I have a pair which I have literally grown out of (by gaining weight) but would love to be able to fit into again. I’d also love to have turquoise, hot pink and green. Pretty much what skinny chics get to wear by way of the skinny jeans that are out at the moment for skinny chics and not us normal sized women that might actually want to wear coloured jeans.

    I hate stores that don’t give us what we want instead of what they think we should wear! UGH!!!!!!!!

    • I think looking to overseas stores is best for those colours and the ranges coming in store now have more of a winter colour look to them. Good luck with your search!

  • Love those red jeans! So fun. We’re still raining here, too.

    • Oh, Sharon – that’s not good about the rain. Hope it stops soon!

  • Loving those jeans on you Nikki!

  • Bec

    Hi Nikki

    Did you buy your red jeans on the Sunny Coast? If so, where from? I love them and would really like to try them on before buying!!! Thanks

    • Hi Bec, the jeans were gifted to me by NYDJ as part of my sponsorship but Zambezee at Mooloolaba sells NYDJ – other stockists can be found on the tab on their Facebook page. The great thing is with this label – once I’ve got my size, I’ve just been able to order the same size in other cuts and know that they fit!

  • I have those jeans in red and the royal blue and have worn them and worn them ……got my eye on the new pastel colours now!

    • Oh, good to know – yes, I feel I will be adding to the rainbow soon!

  • Love the outfit Nikki, especially the red jeans.

    I have neglected my jeans for far too long, in favour of my black ponte leggings.

    Now, I want coloured jeans!!

    • You NEED coloured jeans – a whole rainbow of colours 😉

  • Love the red jeans, you look fabulous. And what a fun birthday party idea. I love the idea of a birthday treasure hunt.

    • It was fun … just needed a scheduled cocktail stop 😉

  • Antoinette

    Ditto to all the comments above – love the red jeans on you!! Loved them since you first featured red jeans on your blog last August!! You sure know how to pick the long-lasting trends!! I think I’m all set for autumn. I’ve got the red jeans and leopard print shoes – just waiting to find the right (priced) black lace cardigan to wear over an LBD for an instant lace dress or to wear with two aforementioned items!! Witchery has one, but I was hoping for a Big W/Target version. Maybe you could hint to Emerson to make some!! Can’t wait to see more of your Autumn must-haves!!

    • Thanks Antoinette … I had a feeling about coloured jeans. Such an easy way to lift a dull winter wardrobe. When a trend is easy it’s a stayer.

  • Kat

    Love red jeans!! (they look fab on you btw.)
    I am on the hunt for a reasonably priced pair, as my wardrobe seems to consist of lots of pairs of denim jeans and needs a lift!
    I think the ones at Big W are not the right red, but yours are perfect!

    • Keep hunting … the all the stores will be selling a range of colours this season. Hot fashion property!

    • Nic

      Kat, I saw some in KMart yesterday, they were a gorgeous red…

    • Pagan

      Kat I found some great red jeans (pretty much exactly the same as Nikki’s) in Cotton On – paid full price (which I NEVER do) as they fit, were comfy (bit of elastane) and cheap at $39.95. That was probably a month ago but they might still have them. Good luck!

      • Thanks Nic and Pagan … my shopping sleuths!

      • Kat

        Thanks girls for those hot tips. I will check both stores out 🙂
        Nikki, what else can I add bottoms wise to my autumn/winter sahm wardrobe which mainly consists of blue denim jeans, black jeans and a pair of navy skinny cargo’s please??

        • I do a lot of black leggings and tunic style dresses when the weather gets colder – as an alternative to jeans. Pop on boots or ballet flats and good to go!

          • Kat

            Great idea, although you are taking me out of my comfort zone here 🙂
            Any suggestions as to where to start looking for a budget priced tunic style dress please?
            Gee I wish I had found your site ages ago!! 🙂

            • I’ll be blogging more about that style as the season progresses – too hot at the moment!

  • I am loving my red jeans. I have to say it’s something I prefer to neutralise, maybe because the red is so bold. I don’t mind colour blocking with my green jeans but my red one’s need some bringing back letting them be the statement.

    • There’s something about red, I agree Miss Pink … but you never know I might do a hot pink with them 😉 … or not 😉

      • I love love love hot pink and red together. Adore it.
        But I used to get teased in high school for matching the two. Apparently you’re not supposed to? Meh, it didn’t stop me.

  • Vicky

    Looking good Nikki.

    Did you see Emerson on today tonight last night? Think it was that one.

    My land line and consequently net access got washed out in the deluge on the weekend… Having blog withdrawals. Thank god for free wifi at the library!!

    • Oh Vicky – I was thinking of you as I wrote this post – was your house ok?

  • I’m loving those red jeans on you. I may have to invest in a pair of NYDJ. Do they make them for shorties like me though?

    • The ones I’m wearing are a cropped style – these would be your best bet. Might need to take them up a bit too but that’s the case with most people and jeans buying!

  • Loving those jeans, Nikki.

  • I loved coloured jeans when they were last in (showing age) and I will back them again.

    Thanks Nikki – super effort! NYDJ will be the go for me too and I love your top advice as yesterday I did tuckshop duty and guess what…my arms were the tuckshoppiest there! xx

    • Lol Kylie! And yes I did coloured jeans back in the day too – first pair red; second pair lemon yellow!

  • Can’t wait to hear more about the Air, I am dying to get my hands on it! (Mr keeps saying ‘why do you need another hair dryer?’)

    By the way – red jeans and leopard print shoes are two of my favourite things!


    • Just send Mr my way. I’ve been super impressed with the Air. I’ve got a thick head of hair and it makes easy work of it – and cuts down the frizzies.
      With you on the red and leopard print … yes, indeed!

  • I like the coloured jeans, just not sure which colour I will start with.

    • I couldn’t go past red, Claire. But I’ve also got my eye on cobalt blue!

  • Oh my! I LOVE that red!!! Yes, still have yet to find my perfect red skinnies. Have not checked out Zara yet, and might have to check out NYDJ too, from the looks of it. Also…your ensemble is very nautical Nikki. Nice! 🙂

    • I haven’t checked out Zara yet – as it would involved a plane fare 😉 Maybe while I’m in Melbourne for DPCon12?! Thanks Norlin. x