Before and After Trinny London Everyday Makeup routine

My Trinny London everyday makeup routine

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I’ve been buying Trinny London products for about a year now and have had many requests for a rundown on the products I love, so I thought I’d share with you my Trinny London everyday makeup routine.

For an updated post about Trinny London, head HERE.

Before and After Trinny London Everyday Makeup routine

I’m SO on board the Trinny London makeup train. Like fully on board with a First Class ticket. If you’ve been hiding under a makeup rock, Trinny London is the brainchild of Trinny Woodall (yes, THE Trinny from Trinny and Susannah style makeover fame). I’d been following Trinny on Instagram for some time before she launched Trinny London and that’s how I first found out about the makeup brand. The products are housed in small 4g tubs that all click together to create “stacks”. 

I became a lurker, did the Match2Me survey, but didn’t buy anything until I was lured in by the bestselling product, Miracle Blur. Let’s just say it’s been a slippery slope ever since, because I’ve become obsessed at creating my everyday makeup stack. I’ve shared a few of those purchases in my Journal blog posts along the way but I finally got around to creating a video to show what I’m using and how.

Trinny is all about using cream products on our faces – particularly as we age. I must admit, I still reach for a dusting/highlighting powder some days on top of what I’ve featured. I’m not fully there with solely using cream products … yet. She’s also very much about a less-is-more approach to how we do our faces. And something that I’ve always been on about – we’re lead to believe that it’s wrinkles that make us look less youthful but it’s actually uneven complexions. For me, that’s redness and the reason why I’m still sticking to a CC cream or foundation with more coverage. I feel fresher – and my complexion is even out – when wearing these.

There is now a Trinny London Australian site (buy in Aussie $ with free shipping when spending more than  $150. Postage is super quick. Most of my orders arrive in three days) and Australian Trinny Tribe Facebook Groups you can join to discuss your stacks, so let’s just say I’ve been availing myself of this development. You might have seen Trinny pop up in Australia on her promotional tour for the new Australian site? Sadly, she didn’t come round to do my makeup but I hope she’s happy with my stack choices.

The tub and stack concept behind Trinny London is genius for space saving and simplicity but I also love that, as a 52-year-old woman, I can go to a makeup website and not just be marketed to by 20-year-olds with perfectly flawless skin. A bit like we do with Styling You The Label, Trinny knows that we want to connect and feel connected with the brands we’re buying from. We want to see people who look like us wearing the products being sold to us!

As for the products, they are quality. They feel amazingly luxe on your skin and they last the day. I do top up eye and cheek colour in the evening if going out. And those tubs of eye and lip product go a very long way. The products I go through most and have re-ordered is the BFF Cream and BFF Eye. Everything else, I can see me getting months out of. 

Disclaimer: in the video below (click HERE if you can’t see it), I’m also using some non-Trinny products. I’ve listed those products as well as my Trinny London stacks below.

Trinny London products used

Complexion stack: 

BFF Cream SPF 30 skin perfector (light-medium)

BFF Eye serum/concealer (reda)

Miracle Blur – for blurring fine lines

Face Finish – a mattifying balm to use instead of powder

Cheek stack:

Lip2Cheek (veebee)

Sunlight – used as a highlighter 

Jensta – used as a bronzer

Eye stack:

Justice – used on from lash line to brow

Desire – used across lid for contouring


T-Kit (great for applying eye makeup if you’re not keen to use your fingers!)

Trinny London Everyday Makeup look - Styling You's Nikki Parkinson

Other products

CC Cream: I’m still a huge fan of IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream (Medium). Awesome coverage and SPF 50+

Mascara: I love this Paintbox mascara so much, we stock it in our online store. It’s a tubular mascara so no panda eyes!

Eyeliner: Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner (espresso) … again, doesn’t budge or drop down off my eyes.

Eyebrow gel: Erin Bigg Cosmetics brow ink gel (blonde)

Lip liner: Flower Beauty Petal Pout Lip Colour Nude ($5 for the best nude lip liner!)

Lip gloss: Smith & Cult Fade The Sun (bought at Atelier Christian Alexander)

So, tell me, are you fully on board the Trinny London Train? Thinking of creating a stack for yourself? My next stack is for a beach holiday after Christmas. I want to feel beachy but be minimal. 

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      1. Hi I am in Sydney and I like to buy some of Trinny London makeup ,can you please tell me we’re can I found them? Thank you Effie

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  1. Good morning , Nikki, loved your video, on Trinny London products, I need advice on what to order Iam 71years old, & love what I see , on the videos , what would you suggest. Is the product sold in Australia.

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  2. I decided to buy the BFF cream after watching your video.
    From what I can understand from when I was trying to place an order is that postage is 20 English pounds of an order is under $150.
    I am afraid that is too expensive sadly.

  3. May I ask what Just a Touch foundation/concealer the Match2Me survey suggested for you? My skin is similar to yours.

  4. I really enjoyed that your video. I’m 53 and could relate to everything you said. And would love to have a simple routine that is easy to pack when travelling. Love your work !!!

  5. I checked out the website and remembered Trinny from the Trinny & Susannah «what not to wear» program which I loved. I then bought the Miracle Blur and it is fabulous and does what it says it will. I am 72 years old and live in the US. I ordered it online and had it delivered to my place in 3 days via DHL. Fantastic service. I will check out additional products as I feel confident that the other products will be of equally high quality as the Miracle Blur b

  6. Thanks so much for this Nikki. I too had sat on my Match2Me profile and not done anything about it – but your video did the trick. I’m in Brisbane and ordered at 11:55am Friday 3 January and the parcel arrived from UK at 3pm yesterday (Sunday 5 Jan). I can’t believe it – no postage to pay and so fast. So I’m back at work today looking fine!!

  7. Enjoyed your make up video. Went out and bought make up sponges on your advice. At 74 yrs old I have just discovered how wonderful they are. Thanks Niki.

  8. Thanks Nikki,
    I’ve been looking at these products for some time but unsure what to buy first, now I know where to start.Great video.

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  9. I’ve only bought the Mircle Blur from Trinny & love it. Looking to buy some more soon. Thanks for your tutorial on this. Very helpful!

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