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Where to start with Trinny London makeup products

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I’ve been buying and using Trinny London makeup products since 2018 – since before there was a dedicated Australian website – and rarely a day goes by that I’m not asked about where to start with Trinny London products, closely followed by “can you buy them in store in Australia?” and “are they worth it?”

The answer to the second question is no you can’t. They’re only available to buy online, with mostly ok shipping times and the backup of a super helpful online beauty and makeup artist team to help you get it right. I did my first order in 2018 just based on my Match2Me survey, long before virtual appointments were possible. I did one of those after they were introduced too. 

If you’ve landed here wanting my top tips for where to start with Trinny London, I’d strongly suggest you do you two virtual appointments: one to go through your Match2Me survey with a professional makeup artist to get your started with some products specific to you; then once the products arrive, have another appointment booked to get guidance on how to use them. Each appointment is redeemable on product, just as if you were going in store to a beauty counter.

The other top tip is that you need to let go of all the preconceived notions you might have had about makeup. Trinny London’s mantra is “re-think your routine”, something that I very much encourage in all parts of your life as you get older, wiser and more sure of yourself.

For me, that re-think has been letting go of the need to have a full coverage of makeup every day. The Trinny London way is all about enhancing your (healthy) skin through a less-is-more approach. Yes, I do reach for a full coverage foundation for events, occasions and photoshoots – and particularly sticky Queensland summer days – but 80% of the time, I reach for my TL stacks and quickly and easily layer a cream-based look that feels fresh and glowy. And more like me.

I keep coming back to try new colours and products. Some stay on my must-have list; others drop off or I pass on to friends. I’m not a huge fan of the lip colours because they don’t have the staying power that I like in a lip colour and applying throughout the day with your fingers isn’t always practical. Give me an easy stick gloss or balm that I can pop in my handbag any day. And I don’t always get it right with eye colour selections – what looks one way on someone else’s skin tone isn’t necessarily going to look the same on you. What I do love about the eye colours that I do love is that they are foolproof. I mostly use my fingers to apply and blend. You can’t really stuff it up.

When it comes to packing up my makeup kit for going away, the stack system is so, so handy and compact. I usually create a holiday “stack” and just take away the same colours for the trip.

Another big plus – and why I continue to be a customer of Trinny London – is that, as a 54-year-old woman, I can go to a makeup website and not just be marketed to by 20-year-olds with perfectly flawless skin. A bit like we do with Styling You The Label, Trinny knows that we want to connect and feel connected with the brands we’re buying from. We want to see people who look like us wearing the products being sold to us!

You can also join a Trinny Tribe Facebook Groups to discuss your stacks. Is it a cult? Maybe. HAH. Honestly, it’s definitely a community I’m very glad to be in because you do feel a part of it. 

Where to start with Trinny London makeup products

The products I suggest you start your Trinny London “journey” with are:

  • BFF SPF 30 Cream
  • BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum
  • BFF Eye Serum-Concealer 
  • Just a Touch Foundation-Concealer

Nail your correct “foundation” mix and you’ll be on the road to switching out old beliefs around foundation and coverage. You want to feel comfortable that you’ve got the right products on hand to create that fresh, glowy canvas ready for colour.

Then it’s time to play with the colours based on your Match2Me and/or your virtual appointment. I’d start with:

  • One cheek colour – Flush Blush
  • One highlight product – The Right Light
  • One eye colour – Eye2Eye

In the video, I take you through my everyday Trinny London high-rotation “foundation” products and a pinky mauve colour combination that I’ve had on high rotation of late.

Where to start with Trinny London makeup products | Styling You

Products in order of application

(in order of appearance – click each to see where to buy direct online)

Face (foundation products)

Trinny London BFF Cream SPF 30 in Medium

Trinny London BFF De-Stress in Leslie

BFF Eye in Rhianna

Trinny London Just a Touch foundation/concealer in Amelia

Cheeks and highlighters

Trinny London Golden Glow bronzer in Gaia

Trinny London Flush Blush in Wiggs

Trinny London The Right Light Highlighter in Candlelight


Trinny London Eye2Eye in Vision

Trinny London Eye2Eye in Chance

Trinny London Eye2Eye in Strength


Trinny London Miracle Blur

Trinny London Lip Luxe in Eugenie

Where to start with Trinny London makeup products | Styling You

Editor’s note: from time to time, the PR company for Trinny London in Australia sends me products to try. Mostly, I’m just a regular customer re-stocking on the things I can no longer live without in my makeup kit!

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  1. I am 66 and just received my or from Trinny London in 4 days. I love the look and feel of these cosmetics and am now a convert. I too am in Queensland.

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  2. Hi Nikki,
    When you changed to the medium BFF cream, did you end up also changing the shade of the BFF eye and de stress?
    I also ended up changing to the medium after receiving a sample, and found it better on me but have not changed the others. I know I really need to do the virtual appt but just curious if you did change them also.

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      Hi Catherine, I’d changed the BFF shade before the BFF Eye and De Stress had been introduced. When they were introduced, I went for the shades suggested if you wore Medium. If what you have is working for you then it’s probably ok.

  3. In the ‘after’ photo your eyebrows look more defined. Is that a Trinny product and if so, which one please?

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