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The SY Journal January 2020

Nikki ParkinsonLife 9 Comments

HELLO 2020. It’s so nice to be getting stuck into you after what felt like a staggered start in January. I don’t know about you but I feel like we can finally get on with …

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Journal November 2019

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We’re here … the end of the year is nigh; school has wrapped up for us and I spend each business day swinging between getting immediate things ticked off the list and planning for 2020. …

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Journal October 2019

Nikki ParkinsonLife 3 Comments

I was chatting to a friend this week about how I mentally and physically prepared for the month just gone. October 2019 was my biggest work month to date since starting my business. I know …

Styling You The Label Spring/Summer 2019 - on-set crew

Journal September 2019

Nikki ParkinsonLife 3 Comments

The fact that it’s now a week into October and I’m only getting the September 2019 journal to you now probably says as much about the state of my life right now. This has been …

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Journal August 2019

Nikki ParkinsonLife 5 Comments

Spring has definitely sprung in my neck of the woods. I’m ready to attack messy cupboards and put away the winter woolies. And I’m very ready to enjoy relaxing on weekend afternoon beside our renovated …

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Journal July 2019

Nikki ParkinsonLife 10 Comments

I was out walking yesterday during the middle of the day and I felt it … the end of winter. I knew it’s a bit of a tease because the night before I could not …

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Journal June 2019

Nikki ParkinsonLife 14 Comments

Forgive me, dear Stylers, it’s four days since the mighty month of June ended and I got so caught up in my holiday (a highly recommended thing) that I forgot to put fingers to the …

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Journal May 2019

Nikki ParkinsonLife 4 Comments

Dear Stylers Winter IS here, which means it’s my birthday month and that brings me great joy. I fear not the arrival of another year on this planet. Quite the contrary. I celebrate it with …

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Journal April 2019

Nikki ParkinsonLife 6 Comments

Dear Stylers May is here, winter IS coming. There is something quite satisfying in sharing all the ins and outs of happenings for the past month. Read on for a little taste of April 2019. …

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Journal March 2019

Nikki ParkinsonLife 6 Comments

Dear Stylers It’s somehow the end of March and I thought it was time for an overdue check-in and a catch up. Every day on Instagram or Facebook I (over) share bits and pieces happening …

Bloggers are journalists

Bloggers ARE journalists

Nikki ParkinsonLife 56 Comments

I’m calling it. Bloggers are journalists. What’s prompted this seemingly outrageous outburst on my behalf? I’m so glad you asked. A couple of things really. The first was reading about Eden Riley’s account of the …