Styling You Top Beauty Products 2012

Styling You’s 2012 top 5 beauty products

Nikki Parkinson Beauty 12 Comments

I take my job very seriously. I do.

Sorry, let me get my tongue out of its firmly lodged position in my left cheek.

Now, where was I? Not solving the world’s food crisis or coming up with a peace plan for the Middle East.

No, I’m hopping on here on this last day of 2012 after a quick scout of my bathroom cabinet with a look at my top 5 beauty products of the year.

To make my top 5 list, they have to be products that I’m still using long after the initial trial period.

They’re also products that I’ve either already re-purchased or plan to.

In short, these five are the BUSINESS. For me and my crazy lifestyle, anyway.

… without further ado … here they are:

Styling You Top 5 Beauty Products 2012


… clockwise from left

Maybelline New York Master Precise Liquid Liner

To be honest, liquid liner used to scare me. I do like Benefit’s Magic Ink but when this one arrived in my goody bag ahead of Australian Fashion Week this year, I was hooked from first application. It’s almost impossible to stuff up (use small feather strokes) and has amazing staying power. I featured it here in this smokey eye blog post.

Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream

This has been THE year of the BB in Australia. I quick look in my cabinet and I counted six on the go, including two I bought in the US and a Korean one my girlfriend gave me for Christmas. Of the Australian releases, it’s this one from Jane Iredale that I love the most. It’s closest in consistency and results to the Asian-style BBs and you really only need such a little amount to achieve BB goodness. I first blogged about it here.

NIVEA Sensitive Protect Deodorant

I know, I know … it’s a deodorant. What’s to get excited about? Well, this one is for those who are easily irritated. Sorry, those whose skin is easily irritated. It contains no alcohol, colourants and preservatives, which is a big winner in many people’s books. You can read more about it here.

Ella Bache Great 50+ Sportsbloc

A late entry but a good one with Australian standards just last month allowing SPF 50+ sunscreens to be labelled as such and sold in Australia. I cannot do summer at the beach without Ella Bache’s Great 30+ Sportsbloc so when they released it in 50+, I jumped on that band wagon. Quick. Smart. It’s the same consistency as the 30+. Some may find this too thick … I certainly wouldn’t use this as an everyday but it’s a must for me and my love of a surf swim. You can read more here.

ghd air hairdryer

Never have I been excited about a hairdryer … until this one. It’s quiet, powerful and seriously cuts my hair drying time in half, which as you know with my lazy-girl beauty ways is extremely handy around these parts. Oh, and as for frizz management? It’s the BUSINESS. Worth every cent. Want more details? Check out this post.

… there is, of course, another hair product that is on my top product list – the L’Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod – it’s really come into its own over the humidity of summer – but more on that later today on the blog.

There you have it. Are any of these in your bathroom cabinet?

Have you made a beauty purchase this year that you can’t stop using? Share in the comments below. 

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  1. Love this post Nikki! I’m in constant need of quality sunscreen advice as this non-sun-damaged Canadian face doesn’t want to be looking like a leatherback turtle as a result of my move down under! My stand out beauty product of the year has to be Estee Lauder advanced night repair. It calms blemishes, gives my skin an even tone and texture. Wouldn’t want to be without it! Happy New Year Nikki! x Catherine @ The Spring

  2. I love serums and found an amazing new one this year – Kerstin Florian Hyaluronic Serum. It’s not cheap but it’s like liquid silk and feels amazing on your skin. Perfect for tired or *ahem* mature skin.

      1. Damn! The mere mention of that hairdryer on sale has me straight to the website and purchasing in record time. Picked up a brush while I was there. Need the complete package really… Thanks for the tip ladies.

  3. Love all your choices Nikki,but I have not tried the BB cream you are using, mine would have to be the Skin79 BB cream with caviar and lots of other goodies but it is an asian one,a little goes a long way,hmm Dermalogica everything now but my fave has to be the skin hydrating masque that you put me on to,and Lancome hydra calm Night cream is a firm favourite now and Grown handcream ……Love I am a bit of a handream absuser but with this one it is heaven and you only need a little bit and it smells devine.I do hope your shoulder is ok and your resting I know what pain does to you and it’s not nice.Thanks for sharing your fave things i will get that deoderant when I run out :)have a nice last day of the year.

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