Does your skin share your secrets?

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Last week I met Dr Nina. Not the television character on Offspring one but a real live Dr Nina … a practising dermatologist from Sydney. Dr Nina Wines.

Not surprisingly this Dr Nina had VERY GOOD skin.

When Dr Nina said she could tell all our secrets from just looking at our skin, I may have attempted to cover mine with my table napkin.

After all, she was addressing a room full of beauty editors whose collective skins positively glowed. And here I was, a *ahhemm* mature blogger who’d been up since 5am to make her flight and hear the good doctor speak.

If Dr Nina could “read” people’s faces and work out how stressed they were, whether they smoked or ate too much processed food, I bet Dr Nina could work that out from my less-than-glowing complexion that I was a tad sleep deprived.

I may have even slunk further into my chair when she said that the best thing we can do for our skin is seek out a work-life balance.

A good work-life balance has the largest influence on our inner health and our skin.

She said many of us – and there are lots of us – suffer from sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is a subjective word but many of our sensitivities are triggered by our lifestyles.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

According to NIVEA, 50% of women say they suffer from some form of skin sensitivity and that people with sensitive skin tend to have sensitive underarm skin.

On this particular day, NIVEA was launching its new range of sensitive deodorants – Sensitive Protect (priced from $3.78 and in store later this month). A range that contains no alcohol, colourants and preservatives but still aims to keep you smelling fresh as a daisy for up to 48 hours … not that I’m going to go 48 hours without a shower to test that 😉 I am dedicated, dear Stylers, but not that dedicated. It did last me from one morning shower to the next though.

NIVEA Sensitive Protect deodorants

There are two key ingredients working hand-in-hand in these new deodorants … avocado oil to moisturise and prevent irritation; chamomile extract to heal existing rashes and irritations.

Chamomile extract and avocado oil ... two key ingredients in the new deodorant range from NIVEA

Would you say you have sensitive skin? Sensitive under-arm skin? What have you found best works for you?

PS. Here are some more photos from the launch. I was a bit taken with the chandeliers made from baby’s breath, feathers and daisies.

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  1. I have in the past had shockingly sensitive skin. I now find a good thing and stick to it forever. I am very lucky my Gp is also a derm doctor and all other things beauty! She has developed her own range of skin care, with of course physician strength serums etc. So I now use her cleanser and serums (not every day) and some neostrata and of course I love the Garnier BB cream and my soothing Ella Bache which I have used for 25 years. For many years anything with any alpha hydroxy or scrubs would send me into welts and later scabs! It does seem to have slowed down and normalised after having kiddos.
    Gotta say though that I have never had any issue with my armpits, but have always used roll on due to spray deodorant induced asthma/coughing fits- and always in the baby powder scent, Coo coo. Will happily try this new one. Is there a baby powder scented roll on?

    1. Oh yeah, I think I am the only person( well i know of another- my brother) on the planet who is allergic to aloe vera. I get a rash all over and blisters from the gel/juice in the plant. Imagine what I thought of the aloe vera undies that I saw in the shops! I chech everything so very carefully to make sure there is none in the product, sometimes I even contact the manufacturer.

      1. Oh boy those undies could bring on untold discomfort. Eek. I’ve got a thing with zinc – if I use daily on face and chest, I come up in welts. Invisible Zinc seems to be ok but other zinc products … eek!!

  2. OOh I love those baby’s breath chanderliers, so beautiful,Yes I do have sensitive skin,i have been using a roll on in the natural range of tea tree ,can’t remember the name ,It’s funny you should say that if you have sensitive underarm skin that your whole body will be the same ,I wish I knew that before as myskin reacts when I don’t think it will,my diet is good ,I don’t drink much and I probably don’t get enough sleep either,and ahem** I’m menopausal and on the wrong side of 40 ,but I will give them a try when they come out ,Thankyou Nikki..

    1. I think hormonal changes play a huge part Lisa … I’ve been doing a hormonal homeopathic detox and my skin has been on a rollercoaster ride – hope it’s going to come out the other end all sorted though!

      1. I hope it does too,but your skin always looks amazing,so what will it look like when you have finished your detox,WOW I think x
        P.s Yes the dermalogica salon said hormones play a huge part of skin problems and you have a 7 year cycle ,so I must be in a new one now!!

  3. You do have gorgeous skin…it always seems to glow. That can’t be just BB cream! It must be your alcohol-free, low cal, high exercise lifestyle 🙂

    I can’t wear most deodorants because my skin reacts to them and it hurts! I usually go to the Mitchum unscented, but would give the Nivea one a shot. Full marks to them for recognising there’s a market for this kind of product.
    I use a lot of Moo Goo products for my sensitive skin and they’re a God send. I use the ‘Full Cream’ as my moisturiser, and I love it. They’ve even brought out a fake tan that I’m not allergic to. Happy days.

      1. Thanks so much for letting me know. I’d have tried the spray first, because i really miss spray deodorant. I need to get out more, obviously.

        Roll on it is 🙂

  4. I just want to meet Dr Nina, my face needs an overhaul and I’d love to know what’s wrong with it. I’ve got combination skin and have had since puberty so it really needs some proper doctorial care. As for underarms, not sure what it would be, I suppose we’re all sensitive under there with shaving/waxing/spraying on a daily basis.

      1. I’ve seen a dermatologist out where I live in SA, and he sent me to a clinic in Adelaide but they couldn’t help me either. I don’t think SA has the kind of dermatologists that Melbourne and Sydney seem to have with their fancy machines and offices. Adelaide is a bit behind in that regard. And I still have my skin issues. I’d love a good deep peel though!

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