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How to create a super simple smokey eye

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Up until a few weeks ago I would have left the creation of a smokey eye makeup look to the professionals.

It was not in my makeup repertoire … unless, of course, you count the accidental smokey eye that happens should the night be big enough that even my trusty face wipes do not make it anywhere near my face at the end of it. Ummm … not a good look.

Anyway, it was following an afternoon’s lesson with the girls from The Foundation that I felt like I was born again … in the eye makeup department.

I cannot get enough of a statement eye.

Maybe you’ve been scared to do this look too?

Well, come on in to my bathroom. I can’t promise you that my effort at recreating The Foundation’s look is perfect but the general effect is there – and it’s simple to achieve.

Yes. You can do it.

What I used:

1. The Foundation Evening Palette $60: Now, you could probably hunt down a similar palette or single colours to suit but for me, this palette was the key to getting over my smokey eye fears. The dark coppery brown colour on the left is perfect if you’re worried about black being a little too Morticia-like and the middle darker colour isn’t too dark that I felt like a teenager in need of an eyeliner lesson. Then the darkest colour on the right is used to define both colours around the lash line.

2. MAC Cosmetics eye shadow in Vanilla $33: As you can tell from my pot, I use this colour. A lot. It’s a perfect base eye colour for my colouring.

3. Assorted brushes: I use a flat large eye show brush to do my full lid with the Vanilla; a small eye shadow brush to press the eye colour into my lids; an angled brush to press the darker colour into my lash line; and a blending brush to (you guessed it) blend the colour so that it blurs any distinct lines.

4. Maybelline New York Illegal Length Mascara $18.50: This one is in store from July but I’ve been lucky enough to play with it in my makeup kit since Fashion Week. Let me tell you, it’s perfect for completing a smokey eye. My eyes are deceptively longer thanks to fibres in the formulation and the brush, which has six contact points meeting each lash to best coat them with those fibres.

5. The Foundation Eye Primer $35: This is another genius product from The Foundation and one that will remain in my kit forever more. It preps the eye area like no other and creates a bright eye canvas that is good enough to leave without colour. In this situation, this primer ensures that your colour sticks where it’s needed.

6. Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-up Corrector Pen $11.99: Oh, this is my new best makeup friend. Yes, you should always do your smokey eye after your foundation to make the clean-up all the easier but that clean-up is oh-so easy with this pen. Imagine a face wipe that is disguised conveniently as a thin felt-tip pen. That’s what you have here.

7. Maybelline NY Master Precise Liquid Liner $13.95: I find this form of liquid liner (it’s a fine brush) really easy to use and works well for me when creating this statement eye look. Plus, it doesn’t budge. Kind of important when I’m piling so much eye makeup on.

The finished result:

So, who’s now not afraid of the smokey eye makeup look? Are you already a pro? Got any more tips for us?

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