Styling You top 20 beauty products 2016

Styling You’s top 20 beauty products 2016

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It’s here. The Styling You top 20 beauty products 2016.

This list features products that were released on to the market in 2016.

Most of the products below come from the posts I featured each month up in my monthly beauty favourites posts. Others have come from themed posts and sponsored posts.

The big test for their inclusion here was based on whether I was still using them and in some cases had re-purchased once and twice after the original sample had finished.

In most cases I was initially sent the sample to trial and possibly share with you. In other cases I bought the product. For a product to even to be featured on my blog, it has to have some kind of difference or special appeal that warrants a trial and then I have to be blown away during that trial.

With sponsored posts, yes I’m paid to write about those products featured, but I think it’s the ultimate test if long after that job has finished that I’m still using and buying that product because it was as effective and useful as I initially found it.

The top 20 appear below in no particular order but they are grouped in beauty product “type”.

I’ve also included online links to where you can buy the product or contact someone via online to find a stockist near you.

So, with the disclaimers out of the way, let’s roll on with my top 20 beauty products for 2016.

The VERY GOOD news is that one lucky SY reader and beauty lover is going to have a chance to win all 20 products. That’s one big beauty haul. Read on for details on how to enter.

Styling You top 20 beauty products 2016


1. NIVEA 4 in 1 Firming Body Oil ($14.95): If you’ve been put off body oils because they feel like a greasy alternative to a lotion, then take note, this one is worth a go on your skin this spring. Not only does it quickly absorb but it it does more than hydrate. The Q10 formula works to give the skin on your body a boost by helping even out skin tone, reduce visibility of stretch marks and firm up skin (much as the Q10 does in NIVEA face products). The lightly fragranced formula is free from mineral oils. It includes avocado, macadamia and cottonseed oils to nourish. I was totally surprised by how much I liked this product – great for post-shower and no problems about being able to dress straight away.

2. Twenty8 Rosa Damascena Flower Water ($19.95): I call this a fragrance with benefits. This 100% organic hydrosol is produced using organic Bulgarian roses. You can use it as a fragrance, as a face toner in your skincare routine or a hydrator throughout the day. I also love to spritz it around my work zone – it works to keep me focussed on the task at hand as well as making my general desk area smell pretty damn good. Twenty8 is a 100% natural range, free from all synthetic chemicals, preservatives and fragrances. (Not tested on animals)

3. Banana Boat SunComfort SPF 50+ sunscreen spray ($16.99): This sunscreen had me at “sand easily brushes off”. I love the beach but … THE SAND … not my favourite bit. On a recent beach day I gave this a try on me and my son. And guess what, it worked. The sand didn’t stick so I could easily give it the flick off my legs. It’s going to have a permanent spot in my beach bag. Other benefits – the high SPF, four-hour water resistance and it hydrates your skin. Available at supermarkets and pharmacies.

4. Sodashi Arabian Oud Body Oil ($159): Oh MY. There are body oils and there ARE body oils. This new offering from luxury, chemical-free skincare brand, Sodashi, is self-care in a bottle. Oud is the most prized “wood” in aromatherapy and helps to release stored emotions and calm nerves – the perfect anecdote to tiredness and stress. In this product the Oud sits as a beautiful fragrant layer alongside frankincense, sandalwood and rose. Apply on damp skin after a shower or bath and your skin will also thank you for the hydrating benefits that come from cold-pressed macadamia, almond, apricot kernel and jojoba oils. Not tested on animals.


5. bhave super nova leave-in elixir ($41.95): I’ve been a huge fan of the bhave range of products since having my first bhave Smoothe treatment almost two years ago. This is the latest styling product in the range and has quickly risen to my favourite. You wash and condition your hair as normal and then spray on towel-dried hair. It nourishes, helps prevents frizz, protects from UV rays, leaving hair feeling oh, so soft and glossy and so much more. Warning: it will be addictive. (Not tested on animals, free from parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride)

6. Kevin Murphy Re.Store Repairing Cleansing Treatment ($55): My beautiful hairdresser Nadine at Cheveux Design and Espresso handed me this product a couple of weeks ago as I walked out all salon-fresh from her handiwork. My inner lazy-girl beauty was intrigued. This was a treatment that also cleansed your hair. How does that even work? Does it work? OH YES IT DOES. It’s a bit out-of-the-box in terms up application: you wet your hair and then apply this to your hair and scalp as you would your shampoo. BUT, it doesn’t lather up. You leave it on a few minutes and rinse. Your hair feels immediately soft and smooth but, YES, it’s cleansed as well. It’s sulphate and paraben-free and chock full of proteins and amino acids to rebuild and restore your hair. I’m packing it for my trip to Bali next week because packing one hair product instead of two is a great idea. Available at Adore Beauty and in Kevin Murphy salons.


7. Rimmel #InstaFlawless ($13.95):  I often joke that it would be ever so lovely to be able to walk around with an Instagram filter on my face. It would certainly save a lot of faffing about with a full face of makeup. This product won’t replace a full face but for some it might be enough to enhance and brighten without adding a foundation on top. It’s a moisturiser with a SPF15 and it sure does give a radiant glow to the face. I need a bit more coverage for when I’m out and about but I’ve been popping this on over a primer and under a foundation for a little extra oomph. Rimmel does call it a primer but I need my primers to have a velcro-like effect between my foundation and my skin. Available in two shades – Light/Medium and Medium/Dark at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Kmart, Big W, selected pharmacies and selected Coles and Woolworths.

8. OZK.O Makeup Glasses ($19.95): No matter which way I look at it, I’m not getting any younger … and my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be, which is why I think these glasses are genius. Apply your eye makeup on one eye with the lens magnifying through the other. Then simply switch the lens across for the other eye’s application. Suddenly my eyeliner application is exactly where it should be. Available at selected pharmacies. Email OZK.O via the contact page for a stockist near you. 

9. YSL Vernis a Levres Vinyl Cream ($55): I’m a long-time fan of YSL hybrid lip products and this particular one is my new fave way of getting a colour pop on the lips. The applicator brush is the same genius angled brush that I love on my Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain but it’s the formula that gets so many big ticks for me. For maximum colour pop, apply one coat and let dry. Then apply the next. The formula is such that it operates at a skincare level first – with ceramide-like ingredients to work with the skin on the lips for comfort and hydration. The second part of the formula is all about the mix of pigments. They are bright and long-lasting. There is some lip transfer to a glass but not excessively so. My lips don’t dry out at all wearing this. The shade pictured is an orange-red (Rouge Remix – 402) and it goes on my darker lips like a deeper red. Available at David Jones and Mecca.

10. Go-To Skincare (Pinky-Nudey) Lips! ($17): Golly gosh that Zoe Foster Blake always knows what we need in our beauty kit. This product answers the nudey-pinky lip call for all of us looking for a nourishing lip balm product that also looks good for the every day. My lips are a pretty dark pink so this gives a slight, kind-of-perfect-but-not-to-obvious tint. It’s a handbag and desk no-brainer for me. (not tested on animals, no artificial fragrances, petroleum, PEGs, mineral oil, sulphates)

11. Erin Bigg Cosmetics Pressed Pigment Quad in Dusky Orchid ($75): Erin Bigg is a Brisbane-based makeup artist who first did my hair and makeup the spring-summer FRANKiE4 Footwear campaign. The end result was AMAZING and she arrived next time with samples from her makeup range for me to play with. You know how I love a good eye palette? Well, this is my new favourite. The four colours are me to a tee and the pigmentation is incredibly high, with a gorgeous shine finish on application.  I use the vanilla as a brow highlight; the copper across the lid and the two darker browns in the corner and crease of my eyelids.

12. Mecca Cosmetica In a Great Light Compact $60 (refills $42): This baby slipped into my carry-on bag on a trip to Sydney (damn you Mecca and your Brisbane Airport-convenient-shopping-location). I’ll admit I was seduced by the pretty packaging and the promise of SPF-packed luminous coverage but since we’ve gotten to know each other at home, it’s been love. This product is known as cushion makeup. I only know that it’s called cushion makeup on account of receiving a David Jones email alert last week, telling me it was so and that there were six others I could be choosing from. Not surprisingly, it’s a trend that’s evolved from Asia (specifically South Korea) as it is the collective quest of the women in these countries to have blemish-free, even-toned skin. Hence, why we have BB creams. Cushion makeup works by dispersing just the right amount of liquid foundation on to the accompanying sponge and then you dab the sponge on your face for even coverage. This Mecca one provides a light to medium coverage that is buildable and perfect for my every day – plus the SPF is a spectacular bonus. I’m wearing Fair. (Made in Australia)

13. NEEK Skin Organics lipstick ($28): I first introduced you to this lipstick brand last year. I loved it then but there’s more to love now as the formula has been tweaked with the addition of avocado oil for moisturising your lips. The tubes are now bamboo with a copper inner. What is still the same is the availability of the same shades – my fave is the pictured nude/pink Sweet About Me. This is a natural, vegan lipstick and the shades are achieved through a mixture of natural micas and pigments. It’s the perfect everyday lippie for lip care and subtle colour. Stockists here. (Not tested on animals)

14. Sarah Jean Three Piece Lash Kit ($57): I LOVE false eyelashes – and the effect they have on a makeup look for events or photography. But I also love someone else putting them on. I basically sucked at doing them myself. Not any more. Sarah Baker (aka the woman behind Sarah Jean Lashes)challenged me to give her kit a go. She started her business because she thought there had to be an easier way to apply lashes. The genius of her method of application is that you apply the adhesive first on to your lashes like you would mascara – it’s even applied with a mascara brush – then you add a little more along the base line of the false lash before applying and press it into place using the tweezer applicator tool. I worked with a black adhesive, which kind of got a bit messy on my fingers (rookie situation) but you get a very defined eye with the black. There is also a clear adhesive version. The lashes themselves are wonderfully light in weight. You can see the results on me here. There are plenty of tips on how to apply here (vegan friendly, cruelty free)

15. MUD Make-Up Design lip pencil in Nude ($6): I first talked about MUD makeup products in 2015 – quality makeup you can pick up while doing your groceries at Woolies. Eleven new products have recently been added to the range, including a primer for $10 and nail colour for $3. It’s the lip pencil I’m featuring today because everyone needs a nude lip pencil in their kit. Use it as your lip colour (with clear gloss over the top) or use it to line the lips before applying another colour. I use Nude even when wearing a red lip as a clean outline to the main event. Lining your lips with this creamy texture means you’re preventing colour bleeding but avoiding any dryness.


16. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream ($48.99): Remember when I introduced you to the Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo last year? Have you continued to use the product? (I have – in between trialling others as part of this job) The missing piece in the skincare puzzle for the range launched this year. The Micro-Sculpting Night Cream has been formulated to work on your skin while you sleep – this works with the normal repair rhythm of your skin. What I love about this night cream is that it’s different from traditional, rich and heavy night creams. It has a gel-like texture that absorbs fast and goes to work on helping your skin cells renew and repair. If you’re still loving the Miracle Duo, add this one and make it a Miracle Trio. Available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

17. Ultraceuticals Ultra Red-Action mosituriser ($79): I’ve been having regular Ultraceuticals facials at Beauty on Latrobe since I wrote this post about LED light facials. I’m getting great results with my skin and one of the reasons why is that my therapist, Clare, has been targeting the redness/sensitivity in my skin, strengthening my skin and treating this particular concern. This moisturiser is very much supporting at home what’s being achieved in the salon. It’s bringing down the redness – there is a visible difference and my makeup is not having to work as hard for an even complexion but it’s been a fabulously hydrating formula as well. At the moment I’m using it night and day but with a sunscreen over the top in the day. (not tested on animals, paraben and synthetic fragrance free)

18. PuraSonic ViVA ($69):  What I love about cleansing using the PuraSonic ViVA is that you skin seriously feels softer after just a few uses. I love that my skin feels and looks clean but not so that it feels like all the natural oils have been stripped from it. I need this kind of anti-ageing help. I’m not getting any younger and my skin cells no longer have their former self-renewing super powers. A big bonus … I’ve noticed that the serum and moisturiser I use following my twice-daily cleanse are working more effectively. Hello holding back the years.

19. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water in oil ($14.99): If you fell in love with Garnier Micellar water a couple of years ago, and long-lasting makeup is very much a part of your daily beauty kit, then you’re going to love this. I have been using a separate eye makeup cleanser as well as Micellar water but this does the job of both. Winning. It’s so gentle on your skin because it dissolves makeup without rubbing. And don’t panic, the argon oil doesn’t make your skin feel oily. Available at supermarkets, discount department stores and pharmacies.

20. Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer SPF15 ($70): While this may not be the most inexpensive primers on the market, if you suffer from sensitive or sensitised skin like me, then you are always on the search for holy grail products that disguise the redness. This is a product I’ve continued to buy long after the first tube finished. It does offer a skin smoothing and velcro-like property that I require in a primer but then I get the added benefit of the sheer green tint to help neutralise my red zones before I apply makeup. Apart from the cosmetic bonuses, it also is a product that will help calm redness over time thanks to the inclusion of yeast, oat and oat kernel oil.


ONE Styling You reader will win a beauty haul containing each of these 20 products. This hamper of beauty goodies is valued at $921.72 and will have you glowing well into 2016.

To enter, simply answer the question below in the comments on this blog post:

Name the one beauty product YOU’VE tried and tested in 2016 that you’ve fallen in love with … and why?

Entries open Wednesday, December 14 at 4.30am (AEST) and close Wednesday, December 21 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. The prize will be sent to the winner mid-January 2017. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

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  1. I tried Australis’ Contour kit… wonderful because I finally have a put-together and sculptured look rather than an “I’m trying to hide my spots because I’m going out” appearance 🙂

  2. I have tried & tested a gorgeous body cream called ‘Let’s Be Honest – Salvation ‘, It is all natural and can be used all over the body and is so good for my super-dry skin….I’d recommend to anyone.

  3. Wow love this round up. Very intrigued by the Kevin Murphy cleansing treatment and the Mecca compact and Dermalogica primer both sound great too. My greatest find this year has been La Roche-Posay Anthelios nutritive oil spf50. It’s great on arms and legs and is a beautiful moisturising oil which has softened my skin while protecting it from the sun. The high spf, lovely texture and fake tan enhancing sheen has made me reach for it each morning in preference to traditional sunscreen. Whilst I’ve long been really good with sunscreen on my face I’ve been a little less diligent with protecting my arms and legs on days where I’m popping in and out and therefore getting incidental sun exposure. This is such a pleasure to use It has fast become part of my daily routine. Goes to prove that the best protection – physical or chemical – is the one you will reach for everyday!

  4. Maybelline Fit Me dewy and smooth foundation, the best coverage and colour foundation i have ever used, makes my skin look flawless and gives me a much better skin tone. Have had loads of comments when i wear it, which never happens.

  5. As recommended on the Styling You forum, I tried (and love) Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk. Awesome product that gradually tans and smells divine (cocoa butter scent). Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  6. I’ve tried the Sukin Micellar Makeup Remover and it is lovely! So smooth on the skin and a lovely smell. Almost makes me want to wear makeup more often 🙂

  7. Haven’t tried yet but will, your no 8 – makeup glasses. They are an answer to my prayers. I to, hate to admit I need to wear glasses and have been wishing there was such a product. I am so thrilled there is and I may even have matching eyes now when applying makeup.

  8. My favourite product I have discovered this year is MODELco More
    Brows, it has been a lifesaver. I have never been one to really care too much about following the trend with brows. I just keep mine simple and natural. Around about August I discovered I had lost about two thirds of my brow. Was freaking out and didn’t know if this was permanent. I started trying out brow pencils, but was finding the shades were not for me.

    I started googling brow products online and discovered ModelCo “More Brows” had good reviews and was one of their best selling products. The colour matched perfectly. Best part I can buy from Woolworths for $14.95 and when they have 40% is around just under $9.

    I was literally panicking thinking I wouldn’t be able to create a
    matching brow, the medium/dark is a perfect match to my other brow.
    (mine almost look black and this colour is not like a orange/red brown)
    It is so easy to apply, light strokes, small brush just like a mini mascara.
    There is also a “Light to Medium” shade.

    I have attached some pics I quickly took today. (Quality of pics not great)
    Left pic is before applying “More Brows” and the right pic is with a few strokes of apply “More Brows”

    I hope this helps others looking to try a darker shaded brow product

    [email protected]

  9. Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 I used the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970 for about 4 weeks. In that time, my skin’s texture visibly improved, I love this product and wont be without it now

  10. Having just healed from my first Sun Cancer surgery on my face, I would definitely nominate Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen SPF50+ – Light, non-greasy & perfect to apply under makeup or barefaced every day – All the beauty products in the world won’t repair the damage the sun can do to your skin!

  11. The most important product is SPF. I’ve many I rotate but this year sampled Mecca Cosmetica 50 + and was surprised at how good it was. Not only for vital protection but as a primer it was smoothing and velvety.

  12. My hairdresser recently introduced me to a fabulous new life changing product – L’Oreal Hair Touch Up Spray. All I have to do is to apply one quick spray along my part line and temples, wait a minute and brush it through and my grey hairs have “vanished”! It is not sticky like hair mascara is, lasts until shampooed out and doesn’t rub off on hands or clothes. The small spray is under $20 and comes in four different shades.

    Now I don’t have to be self-conscious about my grey regrowth and I can get an extra week or two out of my (do-it-yourself) hair colour – saving both time and money – WIN/WIN – LOVE IT!

    PS – Didn’t realize how grey I was until this before and after close-up photo – haha !! Really must do my hair colour tomorrow before Christmas visitors arrive……

  13. I started using Maybelline Eraser Dark Circles and I’m just loving it. It is fantastic to illuminate the dark cirlcles under your eyes and also for the odd red area or spot that might not cover properly with your foundation. I thought at first just another gimmick but I was surprised to see it really works well

  14. I’ve discovered Matrix Moisture Me Rich 2-Phase leave-in treatment. It’s a lightweight 2-part moisturiser that you shake to combine, then spray on damp hair before styling. It’s really made a difference to my naturally dry curly hair, leaving it softer and less frizzy, and doesn’t leave my hair sticky or tacky.

  15. I love Jane Iredale’s Hydration spray. Its so perfect for the hot humid Queensland climate. It keeps my makeup looking great all day and if I know my makeup’s looking good then I have more confidence and can relax and enjoy my day.

  16. I’ve switched from a foaming cleanser to a cream cleanser, at my maturing age of 59, I’ve found this is gentler and more moisturising on my skin, the one I’m using is Dr Lewinn’s Gentle Cream Cleanser, the ingredients include Apricot and Avocado oils, I’m loving the way it leaves my face and neck soft and moisturised.
    It’s not overly expensive and a little bit goes a long way, win win all round.

  17. You did a beauty post and one of the products was a nail/skin/hair vitamin from Suisse. I gave this a month to work and much to my surprise, it did and I have been completely sold ever since. My nails have never looked better. I may even paint them for Christmas. And I bought Ultraceuticals SPF Moisturising cream and it has been sensational. The Elle bache SPF cream is great as a primer under makeup but for everyday running around town, you can’t beat Ultraceuticals. it rocks.

  18. My killer product discovery for 2016 was Hylamide Vit C booster. I know the same company have now released The Ordinary range at a cheaper price but I’m sticking with what works for me. I love how it has made my skin look!

  19. I’m sad to say that I haven’t tried a new product this year that I’ve fallen in love with – and I have tried many! Thanks to your recommendation I’m going to try the Mecca Cosmetica In a Great Light Compact next, it sounds like a keeper!

  20. Blissoma Awake. It is an amzing skin lotion for the morning. Its an all natural product. My skin has never been so clear and now glows.

  21. The best product I’ve tried and fallen in love with in 2016 is SkynIceland Pure Cloud Cleanser. A lovely soothing cream cleanser with the scent of fresh oranges, it cleans my face thoroughly but gently, easing away makeup, SPF and the grime of the day. I’m a cleanser junkie but wouldn’t be without this one.

  22. My personal best product this year vote goes to Schwarzkopf Pump-Up Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

    As someone with fine hair which stubbornly lies flat to my head this product is a game changer. The volume of my hair is doubled and best of all it does not look greasy or feel heavy.
    It is the one product I would grab before all else and I regularly stock up
    when it’s on promotion.

  23. I’ve recently started using NeoStrata Sheer Triple Protection Moisturiser 50+. It’s lightweight and is quickly absorbed into my skin. Not only does it protect me from the sun but the Vitamins E and B3 seem to be helping with my pigmentation. It has a lovely natural sheer tint too. 🙂

  24. After discussing how I had gone out not knowing one eye looked like I had been punched my gorgeous 91 year old Dad bought me makeup glasses for Xmas!!

  25. Nivea Moisturising Creme… it is so smooth and easy to apply, and does the job of moisturising perfectly. I especially like it in the nice round white tubs.

  26. My fave product for the year is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All in 1, suitable for all skin types and perfect for my skin. Have found cleansing wipes either dry my skin or I end up with a rash. This little beauty in a bottle is my most treasured product and was disappointed when it was taken off me at Zurich International Airport because you couldn’t take any liquid on the plane.

  27. Olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream!
    SPF 30, and goes on like a dream.
    Light, but not too matte.
    Means I don’t HAVE to wear a hat.
    Fights the wrinkles and dry skin
    Go throw all your sunscreens in the bin!
    Cassie ([email protected])

  28. Hi Nikki, my fave product this year has been the Face of Australia High Definition primer that you recommended last year. It is just as good, if not better than the more expensive leading brands. I apply a small amount before my foundation for a beautiful, even, matte finish. I find I need to use less foundation, and my makeup stays put all day/evening with no need for touch ups. Merry Christmas x

  29. Avene Eau thermale Spring water spray which I spritz on my face gives me that fresh hydrated feeling anytime of the day

  30. My go to this year has been Nude By Nature mineral powder. I know it’s not a new product to the market in 2016 but I had a baby last year and this gets me out of the house looking semi decent when I don’t have time or the freedom to do anything else. The powder evens out my reddish skin tone and combined a swish of mascara makes me feel fit to face the world.

  31. BB cream. On suggestion I tried the Rimmel one and it has become my go to every day makeup. I use to wear a similar formula however this is fantastic and gives me all the extra benefits of the BB cream.

  32. Ok so my product isn’t a glamorous beauty product but it helps keep my skin youngish so here goes!! Cancer Council sport SPF 50+ sunscreen. I work on a cattle station in the middle of no where and in what most days feels like the temperature hell would be constantly set at!! My outdoor lifestyle and choice of where I live mean I’m in the hot sun most days. I naturally have pale skin (sooo annoying) so I need a strong sunscreen that won’t sweat off in the first hour of working in up to 46 degrees. Now let me tell you I reckon I’ve tried every sunscreen on the market and this is the only one I’ve found that doesn’t make my skin greasy is easily absorbed and doesn’t make me ten times hotter by not letting my skin breath. Also my skin can be prone to breakouts from some sunscreens -not this one and best of all it stops me getting fried all day! So if your looking for a sunscreen that will actually work and stops you looking like a dried piece of leather this is it ladys!

  33. Nivea creme – the old favourite that comes in a dark blue tub. I’d heard if it before, but never tried it. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant, and for months now my skin has been very dry, with my normal body lotion just not cutting it! So I bought a small tub of Nivea Creme at the supermarket one day, I figured it might help and if not I’d try something higher-end. And it’s been a life saver on my itchy dry skin & taut baby bump! Just goes to show that our Mums & Grandmas knew their stuff, the classics are still around for a reason!

  34. As I actively move into my early 40’s I focus more on my skin as it starts to show signs of fine lines and pigmentation. I have tried a number of different products and keep returning to Dr Brandt microdermabrasion . I love this product as I only need to use it 1-2 a week and it works ! The Microdermabrasion exfoliating face cream is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade crystals, lactic acid and soothing botanicals that polishe away dead skin cells which in turn smooths skin’s texture and reveals radiance. It is designed to mimic an in-office procedure and provides maximum results in minimal time. I love a product that most importantly works and is easy to use. This product consistently remains in my beauty cupboard . Available from Mecca .

  35. I have completely fallen in love with the delicious-smelling Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub from their Christmas Collection. It’s a beautiful pink-hued, sugary concoction that you rub on you lips to gently exfoliate and it leaves lips soft and smooth afterwards, creating an improved base for lipstick application. It contains caster sugar, organic jojoba oil and sweet wild orange oil, but the best part is it tastes like juicy blackcurrants! It’s natural, vegan-friendly and completely safe to eat. I’m smitten!

    Di Childs [email protected]

  36. My post-menopausal facial skin has been intolerably dry and although many products gave relief temporarily, none have been as effective, nor as lovely to use, as Palmers Multi-effect Perfecting Facial Oil. I had tried rose-hip oil but found the smell very disagreeable so the idea that there may be an oil for my dry skin had waned until I tried this product. I love the smoothness the facial oil creates, without excessive oiliness and the long lasting hydration is a great result for me. This is now my favourite moisturiser for night time use.

  37. Lash Sensational! from maybelline i found the older ive gotten the less lashes i have this helps me look like i have thicker lashes and makes my lashes look good

  38. MUD lip pencils are better than any other dearer contester I have tried! I have also purchased their lipsticks and other colours because I was that impressed and couldnt believe the price…!

  39. Well, if we don’t count sleep now that my nine year old is FINALLY sleeping through, I’d have to say Doterra essential oils. I use them as perfume alternatives, with sweet almond oil as body lotion, I diffuse them, I smell them just because they’re so lovely, and I drool over my growing collection of tiny bottles.

  40. Rational skin care is ah-maze-ing! My Dr put me on to this aussie made range when I presented with dermatitis around my mouth that looked like horrible pash rash… as a student primary teacher it wasn’t the ideal look! The niacinamide in the serum (#5) had such a calming and anti inflammatory effect. Like magic really. I’m saving up for the foaming cleanser.

  41. unfortunately, being a dairy farmers wife I haven’t been able to try new things.. money has been tight and sacrifices have had to be made due to the dairy crisis crippling the industry atm.. but I sure would love to win this prize pack and share it with some friends in the same boat 😉 have an awesome festive season and continue to look forward to your blog

    1. I hope you win. I hear that it is a tough time for the dairy industry. It is important to take care of yourself too even if it is simply the feel-good factor.

  42. My tried and tested beauty product for 2016 has escaped me the last few years however, I was lucky to find it earlier this year. I enjoyed the sample so much I purchased the full size version. It is incredibly cost effective and fixed more than just my beauty problems. I found it readily available with very simple instructions and sometimes the assistance of essential oils would make the experience even more beneficial.
    Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. Beautiful, unbroken, deep sleep, in a bed without young children for company. Hard to find for some, but worth your trouble.
    Aside from the obvious, my skin (in particular the area under my eyes) looks far better after a good application.
    Oh, it is also tested on animals……….

  43. 2016 introduced me to SKIN FOOD by Weleda! An intense and very rich body moisturizer. Quite a thick consistency but especially useful for dry skin on elbows/feet. I dont even need to apply daily as my skin still feels soft and moisturised the next day! Have tested it as a weekly night moisturizer too and noticed dryness and redness minimizing. Recently also introduced it into my makeup as a highlighter for a soft glow on cheeks and nose. Amazing product ❤✔

  44. The GARNIER Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water. It ticks all of the boxes. It removes every last trace of make-up – TICK! It’s so gentle on sensitive and redness-prone skin – TICK! It doesn’t leave a gross residue – TICK! Best of all, it’s great value for money – TICK!

  45. I absolutely love my designer brand firming foundation .The product is great ,love all the prices ..give it a try .my skin loves it too .

  46. Sunbrella invisible super spray SPF 50+ From Mecca. When you are a busy working mum of 2, 1 special needs it needs to be quick and easy. this product you can use under your makeup or over the top just a quick spray, if forget, running late or just end up outside with kids. It is excellent and easy use for my fair skin

  47. The beauty chef – probiotic skin refiner, it literally changed my skin in 2 days..I had dull patchy winter skin….it is such a wonderful product. I have had many compliments on my skin since using it.
    It is a must have! Love it!

  48. I have decluttered my old, cheap makeup product this year and re-evaluated bathroom product use, including ditching my overpriced face wash and body wash products and replacing them with a home-made mix of basic bicarb soda and water. My skin is so much happier, my pores smaller, and I am saving some money to spend on other things (like better quality makeup items to wear now my skin isn’t dry and horrible all the time).

  49. L’Oreal Elnett Satin Volume Heat Spray. At first I was sceptical that it would be able to provide both heat protection and lock out flyaways and humidity but I was excited to give it a go.

    I love the stylish look of the bottle and the locking button on the lid is a great safety mechanism for children.

    How I used it

    My hair is really curly and fine but there is a lot of it and I am constantly looking for products to tame it straight but still give me some amount of volume.

    Since the product is heat activated I decided it was best to use it on wet hair. After washing and combing my hair I applied it into the roots and around my head by lifting up sections of hair and spraying. I then blow dried and styled my hair straight with a round brush to get some volume.

    The result was a light and airy feel with no claggy or pasty feeling and my hair did not feel weighed down at all. It gave me just the right amount of volume from the roots and a little texture which I like.

    As for its claim of “three days” volume I would have to say I only got two days out of it but I do toss a lot at night and my hair is really unruly so other people may find they get three.

    Overall I am really happy with this product and it exceeded my expectations. It is an enjoyable and easy to use product and it will certainly be replacing my regular mousse.

  50. The Olay Regenerist Night Cream is my favourite. I am a huge fan of Olay and this product makes me face feel so smooth! Love that gel like consistency, and it’s great for Summer because it’s not too thick and oily, which is the last thing you need when you are sweating in bed!

  51. I love the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream. I’ve noticed a difference in my appearance since using it and I love that it does all the hard work while I’m sleeping.

  52. I found Olay Regenerist Revitalising UV Lotion with SPF15 sunscreen and have been hooked! It’s light weight, doesn’t make my face feel greasy and the sunscreen works. Added bonus, it seems to fill in those small laugh lines I now have in my 40’s! They may be character lines now but soon they’ll be called old fashioned wrinkles!

  53. My beauty blender because it allow me to get a light, evenly distributed natural looking foundation coverage in not time at all.

  54. The Garnier skin active micellar water in oil.-i love this product my skin is sensitive and everything i used felt like i was having to go over my eyes again and again to get the make up off,i’m happy to put make up on knowing that getting it off is as gentle as a soft cotton wall ball gliding over my skin.leaves my skin soft,oil free and no after effects like rosacea.My mircale for 2016 and beyond.

  55. Revlon Photoready Primer – amazing how much difference it has made to the way my makeup lasts. It’s not the only miracle this year, for the 1st time in my life I know how to apply it properly (aged 41 I’m a late learner…) and how to look after my skin

  56. Where to start, where to start…? Disclaimer, I’m a skin care and make up junkie always looking for my next fix! Is it Maybelline Brow Drama that shapes and defines my brows? Is it Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mousse applied with their mit for a golden, streak free tan? No, it would HAVE to be Go-To Exceptionoil that I smooth on my face every evening for that “aaahhhh” moment. It glides on to my skin and is quickly absorbed. It’s evened out my skin tone and has the most delightful fragrance, my new favourite smell, and now my favourite time each day. Go-To Exceptionoil for the win!!

  57. I’ve found QV gentle face cleanser to be just as it’s name says. Gentle and effective for everyday cleansing. It’s inexpensive so great for my budget. It allows me to spend a bit more in my favourite makeup products.

  58. My favourite product I have discovered this year is ModelCo More Brows, it has literally been a lifesaver. I have never been one to really care too much about following the trend with brows. I just keep mine simple and natural. Around about August I discovered I had lost about two thirds of my brow. Was freaking out and didn’t know if this was permanent. I started trying out brow pencils, but was finding the colours were wrong.

    I started googling brow products online and discovered ModelCo “More Brows” had good reviews and was one of their best selling products. The colour matches perfectly. Best part I can buy from Woolworths for $14.95 and when they have 40% is around just under $9.

    I was literally panicking thinking I wouldn’t be able to create a
    matching brow, the medium/dark is a perfect match to my right brow.
    (mine almost look black and this colour is not like a orange/red brown)
    It is so easy to apply, light strokes, small brush. I have bought
    another already.

    I hope this helps others looking to try a darker shaded brow product. There is also a “Light to Medium” shade. I have attached some pics, you can apply to however dark you want the brows to be.

  59. Mac prep and prime lips – my lipstick actually stays on , doesnt bleed into the old lady cracks on my lips and dont need to rob a bank to buy it !!

  60. Thank You for this Fabulous Giveaway Nikki…….just fantastic! My favourite product this year would have to be Loccitane Hair Repair Shampoo….it totally tames my wavy hair!

  61. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream
    it does work while i dream
    makes lines softer and less deep
    works for me while i sleep
    i was surprised i must say
    how this reasonable priced night cream comes into play

  62. Lacura Souffle Foundation SPF 20 from Aldi
    Works wonders for me.
    Best selling affordable skincare in Europe you see.
    Easy to apply, removes facial distresses,
    Easy glamour is what Lacura expresses!

  63. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil for hair performs miracles with my hair. My fine hair has a tendency to frizz at the slightest hint of humidity or moisture in the air so is terrible when we travel to warm tropical climates. I now take this everywhere with me when we travel & always apply just a few drops to almost dry hair then spread with my fingers, before heat styling & it adds shine, smooth sleek finish & best of all tames the frizz!

  64. Glamglow – super clearing mud mask treatment – perfect for my large pores and blackheads! Best discovery I have ever made, not just this year!

  65. SunSense Anti-aging Face SPF50 I love this stuff my skin’s protected and with benefits of AHA I really adore this ad will never be without it on my face, neck and backs of hands .

  66. I have discovered the joys of using a primer – my favourite by far is Napoleon’s Radiance Boosting Primer – – not only does my foundation last all day, but it’s also lasting twice as long as I’m using so much less…

  67. Sukin Natural Deoderant – I’ve tried other natural deoderant and end up with bad body odour, this leaves me fresh and confident.

  68. Himalayan charcoal mask (Body Shop), great as a mask, even better as a face scrub. I am seriously addicted to it, and hope like hell they never take it off the market (like always seems to happen when I fall head over heels in love with a product). Since I started using it earlier this year my skin has been radiating a happy, healthy glow.
    Link for those interested:

  69. I have quite a few new products that I have really loved this year, thank you for your regular blogs, I find them really useful for finding out about new products that I may not have heard of. I’d have to say that after reading about Go-To Skincare Face hero last year, it has become a real favourite, making my skin look wonderful and evening out my complexion. But I have also loovveeedd Modelco lash and Line Superlash mascara and eyeliner – it is incredibly long lasting and so handy for travelling.

  70. My eyes are big and bright and catch the sunlight.
    My eyes laugh as you smile back at me.
    My eye lashes flutter as you stutter.
    You’ve seen me in different places and on different faces and yet I have the same name.
    My eyes can confirm I am the beautiful Sarah Jean.

  71. Ummm, this is a tough one as I tried a few new products this year. But the one I am continuing to purchase is the Le Tan gradual tanning lotion. It has argan oil to nourish your skin, no awful fake tan smell, it’s buildable which helps when you want a deeper tan and it leave your skin glowing. I feel like it gives my skin this healthy golden glow without looking fake or orange.

  72. what an awesome prize!! this year I discovered Garnier BB cream for combination skin! I love it – it adds just the right amount of coverage, feels light and matt and just makes everything look even and better!

  73. I have completely fallen in love with the Skinstitut range of products!! After having pigmentation laser removal performed on my face, their serums, scrubs and masks help to maintain the laser results! Hello brand new complexion!!

  74. 2016 is the year I discovered primer! I had no idea how much difference it made until I received a Benefit Porefessional sample. I won’t leave home without it now!

  75. La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-light 50+ facial sunscreen for sensitive skin is my new crush. I purchased this for around $20 on sale at Priceline when I couldn’t afford my usual Sisheido sunscreen. It’s light, non-greasy, easy to apply. Perfect for every single day protection from our harsh sun. Oh … Garnier Micellar Water a very close second!

  76. La Roche Posay Tinted BB Melt-in Cream has been a morning game changer for me! With SPF50, and a colour that can transition with my pale skin to wearing a fake tan. This BB cream got my sensitive skin through Bali, and is saving me in Adelaide’s dry, hot summer. I wear number 2 as the yellow base hides so many skin imperfections. Love it!!

  77. Lancome Hypnose Mascara – was contemplating eyelash extensions until I tried this mascara. It is a pure miracle and my eyelashes are truly lush, elongated and fuller than before.

  78. My “tried, tested, fell in love with” in 2016 product is definitely the Lacura Beauty Face Primer 3 in 1. I came across it thanks to my hubby who actually bought it for me by mistake thinking it was a moisturiser. I had never tried a make-up primer before but gave it a go and absolutely love it. It seems to smooth out my skin texture and then my BB cream or foundation goes on easily and evenly over the top and STAYS on all day! It even contains sunscreen and the 50ml tube lasts for ages, too. It is sold at Aldi – an amazing product but still very affordable. LOVE IT 🙂

  79. I tried Complete Care hand cream and it is fantastic because it makes my nails and cuticles stronger. My nails have grown from using it and it doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s rich in vitamins and the best value for money going around.

  80. I tried Neutrimetics Activateur Dehydration, my skin feels like it is having a big drink of water it absorbs it so quickly and it feels so amazing afterwards (in my head i look younger since using it lol).

  81. Natio Pure Mineral Dark Circle Correcter has been a lifesaver for me – years of wearing contacts and pulling at the skin around my eyes has left it somewhat “loose” and a bit baggy! Concealers usually sit in the creases and make the skin feel drier but this one has a different consistency – it leaves my skin feeling like velvet and never gets into the grooves, as it were! This definitely gets my vote!

  82. Hi Nikki, I like what you have put together. This year’s new product for me has been PURE FIJI creme scrub and body butter. Lovely subtle fragrances and a lovely feel with them.

  83. I have absolutely fallen in love with Napoleon Perdis eyeshadow. I never tried to brand before for some reason until my mum gave me her old eyeshadow palette and I was amazed with the pigment and lasting power of these shadows!

  84. I first gave the new Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Foam a whirl at the start of the Spring season, when the fear of getting my pale Winter legs out is real, and what a keeper it turned out to be. So light, so quick drying, goes on so evenly and develops to just a nice natural shade. Love it! Now we are further along into Summer I am still using it to extend the glow of my Bondi Sands Liquid Gold self tanning dry oil. Brilliant!

  85. Love the recommendations! It’s not a new product this year, but new to me: I now use a Clinique’s ‘even better’ foundation. I discovered it by accident when I forgot to take make-up to ProBlogger and borrowed some from someone else. Love how easily it applies, how quickly you don’t even notice you’re wearing it, and that it evens my tone without looking like a mask. The ol’ Kmart cheap stuff is gone, gone, gone!

  86. Completely fell in love with the Napoleon cream highlighter palette after the Napoleon girls gave me a free mini-makeover one day (which everyone should do…so fun!). It has about 6 different creams that can be used as highlighter on cheeks, or as eyeshadow/blusher…pretty colours, so fab and can carry it in my handbag!

  87. IT Cosmetics in particular the waterproof concealer and BB cream. Unbelievable staying power and melts to your skin like a second skin.

  88. Jo bazz hair colour remover! I was astounded by the results, and not using bleach has really helped my hair, taking it from black to natural strawberry blonde and its now in the best condition it’s ever been in.

  89. Chanel Rouge Allure lip ink in Amoureux, perfect nude, perfect packaging, perfect little Chanel bag with the white ribbon.
    Merry Christmas

  90. Jergens Natural Glow – gradual tanner! Finally a gradual tanner that never builds up, absolutely NO stink & total olivey colour perfection.

  91. I was really happy with my beauty find this year – I needed some face masks so I picked up a pack of “Dr. Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Complex High Potency Treatment Masks” and WOW! I’m totally addicted, they are really the best treatment masks I have ever used at home. They are now a weekly treat which I’m really happy about as my skin has been neglected over the last 10 years from 3 babies and working 🙂 Thank you! Monique Nickalls ((moniquechina at hotmail dot com))

  92. I finally found out what the BB, in BB cream stands for !! I tried the Burts Bees brand,(another BB) and it is a light, subtle skin “cover up and masker” that suits my skin that wears very little makeup. No one knows Im wearing it, and compliment me on my youthful skin.

  93. Garnier Micellar water is the ducks guts!!! One wipe across my eyes and all traces of mascara, eyeliner and the occasional eye shadow is gone. It’s well priced and a must in my bathroom… must be awesome because even my teenager has started using it (for when her eyebrows are like sisters, not twins…..yup her words hahaha)

  94. Go-To pinkey nudey lips – so good!!!
    I’ve not worn a nude lip colour before and I’m converted. Love this product and it has a built in sunscreen 🙂

  95. I have fallen hard for my Face Of Australia Face Base Primer 3 in 1. Its a lightweight, cream style primer that goes on so smoothly and dries quickly so I’m not wasting precious time in the morning rush. Living in Nth Qld the SPF factor and moisturiser included are a huge plus, and despite the humidity it keeps my foundation looking schmick all day long… plus It’s a cheap and cheerful $12.95. I’ve found it’s almost a perfect dupe for that well known primer that mentions Pilots 😉 A real winner.

  96. Thanks for the new tips Nikki – my scalp has benefited so much in the past from your posts on the best cleansers to use to avoid Scalp Psoriasis (never a fun topic or one I’ve discussed with my girlfriends), you have my trust, bless you and merry Christmas 🙂

  97. Hi Nikki, I was feeling in a bit of a rut beauty product wise, (think same makeup routine for 30 years!) so feeling a bit vulnerable I wandered into my local Mecca store, they perked me up instantly & totally rejuvenated my routine & how I felt about myself! They introduced me to the Hourglass “Lighting Palatte” which is basically powder in 3 neutral shades which work miracles. They managed to teach this old dog some new tricks, I adore the “incandescent light” which gives me a bit of a glow & the other 2 hide & highlight. I love it because its easy to apply & most importantly makes me look fresher & feel great.

  98. La Roche Posay’s sunscreen range – all the products I’ve tried are incredible. My two young boys (aged 5 months and 3 years) and I all have very pale skin and with both my parents having skin cancers and pre-cancers painfully removed recently, I’m not taking any chances!

    I use the Uvidea XL BB cream SPF50+ each morning on my face and the Anthelios XL Ultra-Light SPF 50+ fluid everywhere else. The boys get a layer of the Dermo-Paediatrics SPF 50+ product before going outside and I toss the fluid bottle into my bag for re-application on all of us throughout the day as needed.

    All the products absorb straight away and leave the skin feeling fresh, not sticky or smelly. We all have a bit of eczema and sensitivity and these products don’t create any irritation. Plus the BB cream disguises all manner of ills and makes me look look much fresher than I really am. Winning!

  99. I have fallen in love with BONDI SANDS TAN, it gives you such a natural glow, no more ompa lompa orange tan!! It smells nice and is perfect for making you look great for any occasion. There are so many different products depending on your colour and what you use it for, there is a gradual lotion for everyday use or a dark mousse for a more darker colour. They have a product to suit everyone. I LVOE IT and would recommended it to everyone if you want a natural looking tan!

  100. Suratt eyelash curlers for sure! I have tried other eyelash curlers and ended up with a balding lashline! Not cute at all. The suratt ones are longer and fit all of my flat lashes in and curls them in a way to stays all day. Because of this they have made their way into my everyday makeup routine. And if I have had a lash tint, I don’t even need mascara which is such a win!

  101. I have been loving in Burt’s Bee’s BB cream since being on maternity leave. It gives a nice cover without being too heavy on my hormone irritated skin! Love how natural it is and with SPF and affordable it’s up there with some of the more expensive BB creams.

  102. L’oreal Magic Retouch – Sprays away the greys! Has everything that makes a product FABULOUS! It does what it says, it takes about 1 minute to see the result and it stays on and it works! Truly is magic! This ;product has saved me both money as I can hold out before visiting the salon for about an extra 2 weeks, saves me time and also saves me looking like a grey old hag!!!!!!! Loving it sick!!! Fiona Wypych.

  103. Jane Iredale Mineral Quad Bronzer- Moonglow…your skin becomes luminescent, blossom and blooming with health and happiness.

  104. Being pregnant for what feels like most of 2016 my beauty routine was thrown out the window in favour of pregnancy safe products. I started using rose hip oil and haven’t looked back. It nourishes skin, aids in regeneration of skins appearance and heals and fades scars and redness.

  105. My favourite beauty product I’ve tried this year is Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. It is perfect coverage for me not too heavy and contains SPF20. I have tried several brands but I always go back to this foundation.

  106. So products here that I would like to try. I feel like I’ve been in a beauty rut for way too long. I did see the post on the Nivea body oil and while I couldn’t find it the day I went, it did inspire me to buy another Nivea moisturiser to get myself back in the habit of moisturising my body every day. The other product I’ve rediscovered which makes me look forward to taking of my make-up is Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment – a few drops in my regular night cream smells amazing and is really improving my skin. I’d love to win this pack and discover some more new products

  107. Curly girls rejoice! My absolute fave this year is the amazing Spiralicious styling gel by Jessicurl. Scrunch it into sopping wet hair, air dry and BOOM! Frizz be gone, curls defined, humidity defeated! Total game changer for me this year.

  108. Kevin Murphy Re.Store is a godsend! It has given me that a la Cindy Crawford look, beautiful brown shiny hair and it makes me feel so va va voom! Here I come 2017, look out!

  109. For me the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water in oil has been a godsend to my late night /early mornings getting home too tired to do a full regime until the next morning. An effortless product that works amazingly well and at a good price point, no one should go without! Xmas celebrations after work and I use it to remove the days load, and refresh with new make up… LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. I was lucky enough to be chosen to trial a product which is now been released. Skin Physics Nature’s Superoil.
    It is literally like liquid gold. My skin looks and feels amazing. I will definately be purchasing once my trial supply finishes.

  111. Love my Batiste dry shampoo – the one called beautiful brunette. As well as giving me another day between shampoo and blow drys, it helps to hide a bit of grey regrowth. Double winner!!

  112. I love Benefit Puff Off – great for refreshing your eyes after cleaning and visibly reduces puffiness making you feel much more ready for the day!

  113. It would have to be Garnier’s Micellar Water – a total game changer for me when it comes to makeup removal. I used to use makeup removing wipes but they always smelt very ‘chemically’ and left my skin feeling dry and tight. Micellar water feels and smells natural and does a really thorough job of whisking away all traces of makeup and dirt. So quick and easy to use, especially on those nights where I am so tired and just want to crawl into bed (white sheet alert).

  114. I have been converted to Ethique products, natural, NZ made and bottle free. Their shampoo and conditioner bars are amazing, and I’ve just received my order of deodorant, moisturiser and a few other goodies (tanning bar). My hair is looking better than it’s ever been, and my soul is thanking me for reducing landfill one bottle at a time.

  115. My favourite new product for 2016 – is the Cetaphil baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo, and yes, I use it on myself. Subtle fragrance and 0% Paraben, Mineral Oils, Animal Origin Ingredients. It’s a winner folks.

  116. I am in love with the Body Shop Japanese Camellia Cream for a body moisturiser. It has a beautiful texture and the most wonderful gentle fragrance and makes my skin feel soft and yummy for hours.

  117. Its look and feel ,

    Has that calming appeal,

    Comfort it brings,

    With no attached strings,

    Nivea Sun delivers zest,

    Keeping my family protected, simply the best..

  118. I have found Milkshake’s Incredible milk leave in conditioner great for protecting my hair (the colour, from UV rays), giving my hair great shine, and making my curls much less frizzy. On top of all that, this hair treatment smells like caramel! You can’t get much better than that.

  119. I bought the Garnier Miracle Skin cream after Nikki’s recommendation…It’s great to use on it’s own if you don’t want to wear makeup – smoothes everything out & gives a light coverage. Also great as a base under makeup!! An all round fantastic product. Love hearing about all you recommendations – gives me ideas on what to try & what would be best for my skin & lifestyle!! Thanks so much Nikki

  120. The one product I have fallen in love wih this year is my La Roach Posay Anthelios dry touch sunscreen. Despite getting older I am still an oily/combination skin girl & this sunscreen saves me from becoming an oily mess

  121. The one beauty product I’ve loved this year is Killer Curls by Kevin Murphy. This is great for my natural curls, it gives them definition without the crunchy look/feel I get from other products I have tried over the years. Wish I’d found it sooner.

  122. I have started using the ultracueticals ultra uv protective daily moisturiser spf 30 daily as part of my skin care and make up regime. It is such a great product. It is lightweight and non greasy and works brilliantly at protecting my skin. Even on a really hot day it doesn’t melt of my face. Best face product I have ever bought.

  123. I’ve recently discovered Andalou naturals skincare and particularly love the pumpkin honey glycolic mask in their brightening range. I love how it leaves my skin perfectly exfoliated and prepped for serum and moisturiser to absorb. My skin has never looked better since using this product and added bonus that the whole range is good value for money.

  124. My favorite product from 2016 is Face Hero from the Go-to skincare range by the hilarious Zoe Foster-Blake. It smells gorgeous, and I feel pampered each time I put it on. I’ve tried other face oils but this is my absolute keeper, it’s just glorious.

  125. What a great list of products. Even greater to be given a chance to win them all. My favourite product this year has been the Rimmel # Insta Flawless. I read about it when it was first released and thought…why not give it a go. Omg, I ❤️ It. What a difference it makes to your face and look. I’m not a big makeup user, have my standard foundation, bronzer, highlighter and mascara & lipgloss for work each day, but for those times around the house, or popping out for a quick coffee…this is your go to product for that quick ‘need a face on’ fix and not wanting to put a full face of makeup on. I’ve even given a tube to a friend who lived in London, who now is a convert. Thanks again Nikki. #instaflawless #instagoodlooking

  126. I really love the go to skincare lips but everything go to has amazing benefits for my skin and soul ( Zoe foster Blake is a genius who makes me laugh)

  127. My hair has always been half way down my back and tended to be frizzy and knotty. I tried so many hair products over the years. I then switched to organic hair products and discovered organic castor oil from Naked Press. Omg! The change in my hair has been amazing. It’s soft, shiny, healthy, tangle free and has grown almost to my bottom. I get so many compliments and friends asking me what I’m using. I also use it on my brows and thining eyelashes and they have grown amazingly too. I’m in love!

  128. Two Insta finds in a year – starting to log my #everydaystyle pics on Instagram and after Nikki’s recommendation on her monthly beauty faves – discovering Rimmell’s #Insta Flawless. Just love the light coverage that really evens out my skin tone. I may have bought 8 tubes on a recent Priceline sale!!!!

  129. Hi Nikki i love the benefit gimme brow product which i discovered this year. So easy to apply & looks great. Wishing you & your loved ones a Merry Christmas x Amy

  130. Dr Lewinns Day Cream, I had a test pot and I loved it so much I have bought two full size pots since then, proof that marketing and free samples do work!

  131. Im absolutely loving the Twenty 8 skin care range so gorgeous to use, the Rosa flower water is divine so handy to carry around for a little pick me up x

  132. I teach high school girls and am shocked at the severe, squared off way they paint their eyebrows. I was looking for a product that would fill in my patchy eyebrows with a more natural look. I had seen GIMME BROW online. Originally bought it in Singapore at Sephora and since have brought a second one at Sephora in Melbourne for my daughter’s Christmas stocking. It is 0.3 g of voluminous gel applied with a tiny mascara like brush. $37. It is an amazing product and I love it….. I was also very impressed when my students commented my brows were on fleek !

  133. I popped out today to hunt down some Rimmel #Insta Flawless..on your suggestion, and I must say, my ageing drab face certainly loved it #instantly! But I also picked up some Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco, dry styling oil. ($14.24 today at Target)
    Sprayed on my freshly washed hair, and then again on my dried hair before running the ghd through it, my course thick hair feels soft sleek and shiny! ( similar to a keratin treatment just $200 plus dollars cheaper!) I don’t know myself this evening! Pity I’m home alone cooking dinner not glamming it up for a night out! Definitely calls for a celebratory wine! Do yourself a favour!

  134. My face is similar to a dried prune due to the harshness of the Northern Territory sun and not looking after it when I was young – note to daughter – look after your skin. I have discovered Bio-Oil which makes my skin feel silky soft and rehydrated.

  135. Dry shampoo! I never realised I could use this as a styling spray for loose curls. And it doesn’t feel like you have any product in your hair.

  136. I have sparse eyebrows so I’ve tested Yuva brow dust ’00’ and comes with cool eyebrow applicator. My brows appear full and defined. I love it!

  137. With my naturally curly hair that can be prone to frizz and frazzle, my best beauty find for 2016 is TIGI curl cream which helps me control my curls into a manageable dazzle! I would highly recommend to all my curly sisters and this product remains a firm staple in my my beauty box of tricks.

  138. L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch spray for hair. Nikki you recommended this on your blog and it’s been my emergency go to for my ‘grey roots’ many times since! Its a great product – blends well and doesn’t dull the hair. Very convenient and easy to use when life gets in the way of hair colour treatments. Keeps me looking good!

  139. My favourite beauty find for 2016 is Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream. I bought and trialed this body cream upon Nikki’s recommendation and I love it. It truly gives my skin a gorgeous glow and has a pleasant smell. I have just returned from Bali quite tanned and have been using this cream to extend my tan and give my skin a luminous glow. I love this product and its a keeper for me!

  140. My skin saviour after a particularly long-haul, drama-filled flight in May was Origins “Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask”. What I originally purchased to combat jet-lagged skin, has now become a twice-weekly part of my nightly skincare regime. It’s a fantastic mask you use after cleansing each evening – it’s left on all night for your skin to slurp up all the moisture to get back to glowing! Available at Mecca Cosmetica (in two sizes – one perfect for carry-on!).

  141. My fave product of 2016 – Sukin Botanical Hydration Booster. It’s an oil-based serum but it’s so light and my skin feels like velvet afterwards (especially if I cleanse and apply it at night). And LUK lip balms. All natural, and they smell AMAZING.

  142. I love a product that does double duty – am loving Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate. I used to use separate eye products for wrinkle prevention or puffiness but this little beauty combines both – winning!

  143. Ultraceuticals Ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum. It’s the best!
    A week after I started using it I was stopped by somebody while I was mid-sentence to tell me they’d never seen my skin look so great and that I was glowing!

  144. My all time favourite this year has to be Go-To Skincare’s Properly Clean Cleanser. I have oily/ combination and irritable skin and this cleanser has been amazing. Clean, fresh and doesn’t cause blemishes or on the flip side, doesn’t dry out my skin whilst trying to keep the oil at bay. Highly recommended!

  145. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this fabulous competition. The product I have loved this year is a lipstick by Modelco in the colour of Kitty. The case has a built in mirror! I love it as no need for a compact mirror as well.

  146. I love my PuraSonic!
    It’s my skin’s latest tonic!
    my skin is now clearer (and clean!) –
    with PuraSonic my skin,
    allows serums sink in!
    What a bonus! Thanks Nikki and team!

    Had to post twice as email wasn’t registered and auto text issues! apologies!

  147. I love my clairsonic!
    It’s my skin’s latest tonic!
    my skin is now clearer (and clean) –
    with clairsonic my skin
    allows serums sink in
    What a bonus! Thanks Nikki and team!

  148. Hi! Love this competition and thanks for the great product reviews!! I’ve gone for a shorter haircut this year and found this fantastic spray wax by De Lorenzo -ELEMENTS SANDSTORM Dry Texture Spray with certified organic rice & Rooibos leaf extracts….I buy it from Hairhouse Warehouse for $23.50 – I have thick strong hair and most wax gets too sticky & greasy looking so this one works the same way but goes on like a hairspray…..I love it – attached pic of the product & my hair….still learning to take selfies…merry Xmas!!!!!!

  149. In 2016 I fell in love with UberZinc by Synergie. I’m fair skinned and with a history of skin cancer in the family I need to protect my skin when I’m out and about. It contains pure zinc oxide, which is non-irritating and anti-inflammatory, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin and I don’t have worry about any nasty chemicals or toxins. I also use it as a primer for my make-up and also as my night moisturiser. It’s my one pot wonder!

  150. My fave find this year has been L’Oreal Nutri Lift Gold Anti-Aging Foundation. I am 50 and was finding that my previous foundation was settling into fine lines (even with a good primer) and it was aging me. I tried this foundation as it is a serum/foundation combo and I love it. Good coverage, dewy finish, feels light as a feather on and it looks like my skin only better 🙂
    PS: the wonderful thing about this post (apart from all your fantastic shares) is all of the other products that are recommended in the comments. Saving this post!

  151. Chi Chi’s Super CC Cream – Such fantastic coverage (I would say it is a medium to even a full coverage), buildable if you need, but even better it’s moisturising on my normal/sensitive skin (so much so that I don’t need to put a moisturiser on before hand) and it is SPF 30. Looks great when you just use your hands to blend it in. All up it’s a fantastic simple all-rounder that I can wear daily.

  152. I trialled the Go-To range this year. I love the cleanser and moisturiser but the one that stands out for me is the Face Hero. I get what I assume is some sort of hormonal and stress related dry skin, the sort that nothing can fix and the skin on my T-zone flake continuously till it clears up, very attractive and does wonders for your self esteem… Face Hero is the one product that I have used over the last couple of years that works the best. When my skin is behaving Face Hero is just part of my normal routine, a little in the morning with moisturiser and a little bit more at night. I love it. I think the fact that I was prepared to run out of the other products yet re-purchased what I wanted once Face Hero was running low was an indicator of what I loved most in the range.

  153. Urban Decay Nakeds. I have the eye and cheek palates. The packaging is gorgeous, the product is fabulous and fool proof. Minimum effort for maximum effect.

  154. My latest find is Covergirl’s aquasmooth compact – great for the humid weather with good coverage for my redness, plus it has a titanium dioxide sunscreen. It goes on like a wet compact but dries to a matte finish that lasts all day with minimal touch ups. Winner all round!

    I’ve also discovered Go-To Very Useful Face Cream this year and re-purchased it – it soaks into my skin and doesn’t make it feel clogged or slide off in the humid Qld weather. Love the Go-To range.

  155. Definitely like Mecca Cosmetica. I have never learned to apply makeup properly and the only people that have have been professional makeup artists I have used for special events and one used this product. Would love to practise more by having it in my beauty drawer.

  156. Palmers CC Cream. I never got the hype about BB creams, they always felt heavy & were too matte for the finish i like. This is like a tinted moisturiser on steroids! great coverage, not sticky or heavy & has spf – it’s my new fave. Just wish it wasn’t so hard to find

  157. The Go-To pinky nudey lips and the Kevin Murphy Re.Store are essentials in my kit now! I have been using the Kevin Murphy hair products from Nadine for awhile but this one is the best! Especially if you spend a lot of time travelling like I do.

  158. I have very sensitive aging skin which sometimes was prone to eczema breakouts and inflammation. I have tried alot of skincare which didnt help the situation or made my skin worse. I had a visit to my local beauty salon and noticed they had a product on their shelves Ive never heard of and asked about it. This brand OCosmedics has saved my skin, it is amazing. It has natural ingredients and is an Australian product. My skin has never looked better, it is glowing, firmer and no more eczema. I highly recommend this product. You can only purchase it from Beauty salons.

  159. My new favourite item is BB cream, have loved Garnier and have now discovered a nice one by the cancer council with an SPF 50. I have always had a low maintenance beauty regime( I.e fairly non existent!) but as I passed 40 my skin needed a bit of help/coverage but I didn’t want a full made up look so love what the BB creams do. Thanks Nikki for all your wonderful tips, I would be lost without them!!

  160. I’m a massive fan of Rimmel’s Instaflawless, it’s become my one must-have in my beauty bag. I can wear it to work, or to the beach, or add a little bronzer and pressed powder and my skin is completely done for an evening out!

  161. I’m thrilled to read that the Suncomfort sunscreen delivers on it’s promises and I love Nivea body products so I’ll put one of each in my trolley next trip.

    The beauty product I’ve tried and tested this year is Model Co’s Fibre Lash Mascara. It wound up in my trolley because the box promised brush on false eyelashes and it really delivers. I’m not coordinated enough to apply falsies myself so this mascara is a great alternative.

  162. Hi Nikki,
    I’m completely sold by a product you recommended earlier in the year: Curtin Collection naked glow CC cream. It is pure magic! Out of the tube it is a cream/white color but changes to your skin color as you apply, leaving a beautiful smooth and even skin tone. Perfect for me as I have oily skin and can’t take a lot of product of my face. I even bought some for my sisters, I’m so impressed. Thanks for your many inspirational idea.

  163. The bhave Super Nova is incredible
    Since you raved about the bhave treatment thats all I use.
    Love the no frizz look when letting my hair dry naturally.
    Highly recommend the bhave range.
    Australian company no sulfates or parabens.

  164. The absolute number one beauty product I have tried in 2016 is CONFIDENCE and I cannot recommend it highly enough! At 42 I have finally embraced my ageing face and body and have never felt so good about myself. It’s easy to think that as a middle aged mum with school aged children, I’m invisible, no one notices me, so why should I bother. But in 2016 I decided I don’t want to live like that. I decided to use the Styling You expertise that arrives in my Facebook feed every day, to tweak what I’ve got, play to my strengths, learn some beauty tricks (thanks ladies) and make people notice me. Confidence is available 24/7 and what I love most is the price…it’s absolutely free!! Go out and get yourself some ladies!

  165. Mine would have to be lipsense – put it on and it lasts anywhere from 4-18 hours – I was a sceptic at first, but it really works! Heaps of colours and then different glosses depending on what finish you want. Yes it is a party plan or buy from a distributor kind of product, but luckily the distributor I buy off is not pushy at all – with party plans I’m always “a goer, not a thrower”, so I always flat out say no to having one. The lippy has blown my mind though!

  166. I am loving Clinique superprimer and even better foundation. I was needing some extra coverage as I “matured” and this sorted me out for my budget.

  167. I stopped cleansing my face at night (way to long ago now) I know at almost 60 I should be taking better care of what I have left, but after reading your blog on Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream I thought I’d give it a go as I use the Olay regenerist SPF15 Moisturiser daily, happy to say my face is looking fresher, I have 6 months till I’m 60 so bammm I’m gonna look amazing if I keep this up LOL 🙂

  168. I read your winter beauty blog and tried the Palmolive oil infusions body moisturiser, I’ve been using it since as it stopped the wintery dried out skin i usually suffer from here in Melbourne. Quick and easy to use and I can buy it in the supermarket! Thanks x

  169. I have two! Everyday I get out of the car and spray my arms and legs with Banana Boat so I’m all set for a day of playground duty! And I’ve also fallen for Neutrogena hydro-boost gel. It’s water based and so light.

  170. I don’t use full makeup everyday but being over 60 I need a ‘little’ help for my everyday face. Bobbi Brown Brow kit fills in my uneven brows and helps frame my face. It’s $75 but lasts and lasts.

  171. OMG! Makeup glasses!! I’m so there…. Love the list Nikki..So my makeup regime up to age 47 has been fairly basic(it came from my mother not teaching me anything and me”making it up”(pardon the pun) as I went along… Eyeshadow consisted of a blue (yes always blue) line on my eyelid… My daughter introduced me to Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($28) to keep your eyeshadow on And it works… needless to say my daughter then introduced me to eyeshadow pallets and now I have different shades above my eye, and I contour and I blend…(who am I, learning at 47!).. And I love that the shdaows stay on all day…xoxo(love it so much my daughter and I are giving it to nieces for xmas, every year we share with them a beauty product we have found and want to share)

  172. Nivea moisturising sunscreen. It absorbs, leaving my skin soft and protects my English rose skin from the harsh Australian sun with no white sheen

  173. My favourite for the year left it until November to make the big reveal: Appelles Willow Bark Hand and Body Wash $39.95 500ml.
    I was lucky enough to try travel sizes of many items from their body care range during my journey around Tasmania recently.
    This wash left my skin feeling clean and soft but not tight like some body washes can. The very subtle scent of cedarwood was invigorating and also won over my BF (who is usually quite neutral about such things) so we ordered some for home…before we even arrived home!
    Their website has loads of information on the ingredients of each of their products (if you keenly try to avoid certain ingredients, as I do) and their benefits (the active ingredient in willow bark is reported to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Winning!!)
    An Australian owned company.

  174. My product of the year is a men’s shaving balm..Nivea Men sensitive post shave a primer! Overseas beauty bloggers then Kylie Jenner were raving about it, I tried it and agree it works better than my expensive primers and doesn’t smell overly ”boy”. During the year it sold out in chemists and supermarkets!

  175. I have adored The Body Shops’s Drops of Youth hydrating oil. The name made me giggle when I bought it as I’m approaching 40 and I’m nearing the tipping point of needing all the help I can get.

  176. My absolute favourite of 2016….. meet matt(e) Hughes the balm liquid lipstick (set of 6 mini lipsticks). Truly amazing! Super long lasting whilst not drying (even better when using with urban decay ultimate ozone lip primer). And to top it off it tastes EXACTLY like a mint slice!!!!

  177. My find of the year is Garnier BB cream. I require a quick bueatiful routine in the morning and as I have just have just gone through a career change and now spend the majority of the outside I find that this gives me great coverage as well as offers protection from the elements

  178. Garner Michelle water – for the first time in my life I’m cleaning my skin morning and night. It is soooooo easy to use that there is no excuse not to.

  179. I absolutely ❤️ Go- to skincare, Pinkey Nudey Lips. I love the colour and the feel of my lips throughout the day. This is definitely my “Go to” lip product.

  180. My absolute favourite beauty product this year has been my magnesium ugly bits stick bought from flora and fauna! I pop it on darker freckles to lighten them, blemishes, sun spots, you name it! My kids use it, my husband uses it and now my friends are buying it too! (I would also die without my maybelline mascara!)

  181. This is a fabulous competition! On your recommendation I tried the Nivea 4 in 1 Firming Body Oil and it is the bomb. While I believe I take good care of my face, I am super slack with hydrating the skin on my body and I find this product really quick easy to use. And isn’t that what we all desire in beauty products? Minimal effort with incredible results. Thanks Nikki, I have enjoyed following your pages this year. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  182. Poni cosmetics brow magic brow pencil product ever invented! Goes on light and is buildable. Looks natural and perfect every dang time. Love it so much I brought one for my best friend 😉

  183. This year I’ve received so many good ideas from Nikki and the SY community. I tried a BB cream, Garnier, and I’ve been using it as a light coverage option over Clarins Beauty Flash for daytime casual makeup. I have invested in a medium shade to match my summer tan.
    Cheers for all the great advice!!

  184. My one product is for my hair Nikki my hair is mostly grey even though it looks blonde I only get roots done not ends so I was having horrible dry hair problem! Not anymore I have been using the Organic Care Dry Nourish shampoo and conditioner range for a few months,it is now soft and not as dry,it’s made such a difference to my hair and at the price I’ve even said my husband can use it (usually he is NOT allowed to touch my shampoo)

    Thank You Nikki for the amazing giveaway Xx

  185. Good Morning Nikki, what a list! I must try the Twenty8 Rosa Damascena Flower Water, sounds beautiful. My favourite products for the year have been Silver Screen Ice Blonde Conditioner for my foils, it’s one of those purple conditioners. My hairdresser recommended it, and I love it. My hair feels so soft and it keeps my foils looking fresh. And Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face sunscreen, it’s 50SPF and I wear it every single day. I absolutely love it. The Mecca store at Brisbane airport caught me a few months ago, I saw it and thought I would just pop in for a quick look, there’s no such thing as a quick look at Mecca it’s like time stops haha! I love their own range of products, they are getting better and better. Thanks for another great competition, I would love to win – two weeks off over Christmas to play with it all! x

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