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(Editor’s note: This post was first published in May, 2014 and I have continued to get these treatments on my hair ever since.)

My hair is no stranger to all kinds of in-salon treatments designed to bring it under some kind of manageable control.

Chemical straightening? Yes, I’ve been on the receiving end of that. Had it done a couple of times about a decade ago and used to marvel at how I’d wash it and it would dry as if someone had snuck in and ironed it with styling irons while I wasn’t looking. Not so good when it started to grow out and you’d have a boofy bit up top and straight towards the ends. Also not so good for long-term hair health.

Then keratin treatments came along. I jumped on board that hair-taming train as quickly as my salon got its hands on it. Jumped off just as quickly when it was revealed the main system in circulation in Australia at the time contained formaldehyde.

So when I rocked up three months ago to put my hair on the line to experience an Australian in-salon, keratin hair taming treatment that didn’t contain any nasties, I did so with open and highly excited mind and hair cuticles.

You see, I loved the results of treatments I’d received in the past – they made my life easier. I just didn’t want to sacrifice my hair or potential health in the process.

So if there was now a treatment available that meant I didn’t have to sacrifice anything for more manageable hair then I wanted in.

And in is what I got with bhave Smoothe.

About bhave Smoothe

1. bhave is NOT a straightening treatment. Yes, at the end of the in-salon process and until your first hair wash it will be straight because of the process involved (more on that below) but it doesn’t restructure the hair cuticle. It infuses it with keratin. Curls are softened, waves are smoothed. Hair retains movement and body. All is right in your hair world.

2. bhave improves the health of your hair. My hair is fine but there is lots of it. It easily dries out so it “drinks” up this kind of treatment. The Smoothe formulation employs innovative amino cell rebuild technology that improves and restores every hair strand with keratin, argan oil, collagen and silk amino acids.

3. bhave smoothe is free of chemical nasties and not tested on animals. It’s formaldehyde-free and doesn’t contain parabens, sulphates or sodium chloride (salt, which affects coloured and keratin-treated hair). It’s not tested on animals.

The process

before bhave smoothe keratin treatment

I’m no stranger to spending quality time in the salon chair. All up this treatment took just under three hours on my shoulder-length, thick head of hair.

If you colour your hair using bleach highlights, it’s suggested that you have your colour freshened up a couple of weeks BEFORE this treatment. For brunettes and redheads, it’s recommended that you have a colour touch-up one week or two to three washes AFTER treatment.

First your hair is shampooed with a special shampoo designed to open up the hair shaft ready for the keratin. It will feel scratchy and straw like. Just go with it.

It’s then fully dried off with a blow dryer before the Smoothe system is applied with a brush and comb to 1cm sections of hair – much like you would apply a semi-permanent colour. The formula smells like a banana paddle pop so pleasantly devoid of any chemical-type odour.

bhave smoothe keratin treatment

My hair “drunk” in the formula. Couldn’t get enough of it.

Any residue of product not absorbed by the hair was rinsed off before being blow dried again to 100% dry. You can still feel the product in the hair as the hair cuticle is still open.

Closing the hair cuticle happens with a styling iron working on ironing 1cm sections of the hair. Leaving you with a poker straight finish as you walk out of the salon.

after bhave smoothe keratin treatment


For 48 hours after your treatment, there are steps you need to take to ensure your treatment does just what it should for your hair.

Don’t shampoo or use styling products in your hair during this time.

Don’t use clips or hair ties to avoid bends in the hair forming. If hair becomes wet (in the shower do use a shower cap!) or bends do form, then the section of hair affected should be blow dried straight and straightened with a flat iron as soon as possible.

It’s not overly restrictive but does require a bit of planning to make sure your hair fits in with your life for a couple of days.

Two days later I washed my hair and let it dry naturally. And this was the result. I was impressed. That’s my natural wave at the back “tamed”, my hair is shining and there is a distinct lack of frizz … with zero styling on my behalf.

bhave smoothe keratin treatment first wash after letting dry naturally

How long will it last?

bhave Smoothe will last up to four months. This depends on your hair type, how you care for your hair and how often you wash it. At the three month mark, I’m now starting to see and feel the ends of the hair not being as manageable as they were but the overall hair health is still vastly improved.

To ensure you get maximum benefits from the Smoothe treatment, use care and styling products that are free from sulphates and sodium chloride as these chemicals will pull the keratin that has bonded to the cuticle layer of the hair.

bhave has its own range of products that your hair will get benefits from even without a Smoothe treatment. It’s also paraben-free. I’ve been consistently using the Scalp shampoo (very good on my dodgy scalp), interspersed with Bombshell Blonde shampoo and then finishing with either the Rescue Intense Repair conditioner or Deep Intense Conditioning Masque.

bhave home care and styling products

When it comes to styling, my number one go-to bhave product has been the Leave-In creme. It leaves my hair incredibly soft and even easier to style. Now, I find that Fresh Ends is a real help with the drier ends of hair that are starting to want something more as my treatment nears the end of its effect on my hair.

You should also protect your hair before swimming in sea or pool water – this is as easy as applying the Leave-In Creme before swimming.

I also take all my care and styling products along with me if having a salon blow dry or colour at a salon that doesn’t stock bhave. Doing this keeps consistency in my after-care and longevity in the treatment.

The cost of bhave Smoothe is dependent on individual hair length and density but starts from $199. For my hair it would be about $250.

The benefits

For about $60 a month (based on lasting about four months) I’ve been able to devote significantly less time to styling my hair.

I don’t wear my “busy” status as a badge of honour, more as a matter of fact. And I know many of you are in the same boat.

It’s the nature of what I do that I aim to look presentable most days. Good hair also makes me feel good and if I can achieve good hair with less effort on my part then all my lazy-girl beauty prayers have been answered.

The bhave Smoothe treatment reduced blow drying time because you don’t have to work so hard at getting a smooth finish with brushes but the big time saver for me is at the styling iron stage. It takes a lot less time to achieve a styled look when hair is already smooth, shiny and frizz-free.

Even when I had my first professional blow dry after the treatment, my stylist commented how much easier it was to wrangle my thick mop.

So, even though I was a guest of bhave three months ago and they wanted to work with me on this post, I fully intend to book in for another Smoothe treatment soon and continue getting these treatments as part of my hair management/wrangling plan.

Anything that makes my beauty life easier and improves my hair health at the same time gets a big tick from me.

I now have my bhave treatments done at the same salon that does my cut and colour – Cheveux Design and Espresso – after convincing them to take on the treatment!

To find a salon near you that offers the bhave Smoothe treatment, phone 1300 40 20 64 or visit the bhave website and fill in the salon locator form.

bhave smoothe before and after


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  1. I don’t know how I missed this post last year, but just had this done. So so glad. Like Bella, Mine was “ironed in” and left for 48 hours. If you have thin hair it looks disgusting like you haven’t washed your hair for a week, and you can’t put it behind your ears or anything. So tried not to go anywhere…
    No smell at all on mine.
    Washed it this morning and very happy. It’s has meant I can keep my hair just shoulder length for the first time in about 12 years. It fixed the crappy little thin bits on the end, (that otherwise I keep having to cut off) and definitely makes a difference when blow drying.

    I went to LHD hairdressers – they have salons in both chatswood and Freshwater Sydney. Expensive but worth it.

  2. Nicki, I had this done on Friday but my salon left the product on and ironed it in. I asked as I had seen this post and watched the video where its rinsed off before blow drying and ironing, but was told that’s what they do as they weren’t getting as good a result as when they did iron it on. 48 hours later I was allowed to wash it but it has a yucky smell and there it still has that same smell only much more dimished after washing. Did you notice a smell at the salon or upon washing it at home? Any help or response would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Bella, this is not normal protocol for applying bhave. We would like to discuss your experience one on one. Please message me with your contact details and I’ll be in touch a.s.a.p. You can either email me at [email protected] or call 1300 40 20 64 x

  3. Returning life to my golden hues,

    Would be a hair rescue,

    And to rehydrate,

    To give me glistening highlights,

    Would be a transformation consideration!

  4. I have been deciding whether to share as I am pretty embarrassed but in a few weeks time I will be having a state of the art spinal surgery which will leave me for 5 weeks not being allowed to shower/wash or wet my hair unless I want to get electrocuted. I have been in and out of hospital since last year so my hair is already struggling. I am only 27 and my hair down to my waist so I can only imagine what a month without any love is going to do it, this would certainly put a smile on my face and heart during this challenging time, the great part is I will hopefully soon be able to not be in crippling pain 24 hrs a day. (Happy to share a photo of the journey)

  5. All my life I had this mass of frizzy curls that does whatever it wants to do, for once I’d like to use a product that helped me make my hair do what I wanted it to.

  6. I’ve spent years loving my curly hair. Long or short, coloured it natural, I’ve always been known by my tangle of curls. I loved that they were wash and wear & a good cut was my friend, a bad my new look but only enemy. Now I look in the mirror & see long straight hair and I’ve a new friend called ghd. Breastfeeding took my curls away and a bad hair colour has made me too blonde. My new hair seems to be curly so I sport a reverse perm! I’d love to return to the wash & wear days if only I could hair would bhave

  7. I have wild and adventurous hair that needs taming.
    I am approaching 40 and have never colored my hair as it has so many colors built in. I am lucky in this regard but keeping it healthy and manageable is tricky as I like to keep it long. These products are very exciting. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  8. I am SO excited to hear there is a new kid on the keratin treatment block! I tried a keratin treatment a few years ago, after they removed the formaldehyde, but basically kept the same formulation other than that. Unfortunately it did not work on my hair as my frizz halo was too stubborn to tame! I have attached a picture of what my hair looked like after having what was essentially just a treatment – as you can see, my frizz was nowhere near banished…

    My (now ex) boyfriend used to call me the frizz haired monster after I let my hair naturally dry – while not super flattering, it is definitely accurate! My GHD and I are very close, and although I believe it may be hard for my straightener to hear, I would very much love to find another way to banish the frizzies… Fresh Ends sounds like an amazing product, and my super dry ends would absolutely drink up the moisture! I am now busily looking up salons where I can have the Bhave treatment done, as it sounds very affordable and who wouldn’t want banana paddle pop scented hair? And with a recommendation from Styling You and the incomparable Zoe Foster, I know I’m going to love it.

  9. My hair was awesome in the 80’s! I have very naturally curly hair and I have a LOT of it too. I wear my hair up in a ponytail every single day because I don’t know what to do with it. I haven’t looked after it, but i just turned 40, (and your supposed to be fabulous in your 40’s aren’t you?) i would like to treat my hair and get it sorted out so i can wear it down.
    [email protected]

  10. I’d love to win this for my 17 year old daughter. She’s tried a lot of products both expencise and cheap to try and tame her hair. But for really no change. As soon as we get a little humidity or rain “poof” back to frizzy lizzy. I can smell her burning/straighting her hair each night then quickly in the morning before school but now with all her hours of study for the HSC her hair can only be thrown into a high bun and forgotton about. If this product can last for that long it may be her saving grace for the next 5 to 6 months until she is HSC free and back to a normal day. Thank you for this chance!!!

  11. Firefighters turn their hoses on a blazing house. The family cat gets wet, and angrily shoots up a tree. After the blaze is out, the firefighters turn to rescuing the cat, now dry but fuzzy, with hair sticking up in unappeased rage. I wish my hair looked as good as the cat’s. I wish I could get rescued by a gorgeous firefighter, but I know a bhave rescue would help my hair more 🙂

  12. After the birth of my son recently my hair is dry and drab, combined with the excessive hair loss from the hormones and the anesthetic, it’s not bhaving whatsoever. My hair is screaming to be rescued!

  13. Bhave sounds awesome and your photos speak for themselves. I might look at investing in this type of treatment for my hair when I have more cash. I’d love to have gorgeous straight hair with minimal fuss when I’ve had my baby!

    1. I think you should win Lynne! There’s a gorgeous smiling face under there just waiting to be seen. Good luck!

  14. I have long hair that gets curlier as it gets longer. In winter this means it also gets ‘the frizzy halo’. If you show me a product that works, I’ll show you a person eternally in your debt.

  15. Actually for my sister as she spends so much time looking after her family. She deserves a beauty treatment for her wild curly thick hair, to tame it into soft pretty waves and feel pampered, taking some well deserved time for herself.

  16. I have very course red hair which I love but can be very hard to get that smooth silky soft healthy look that I love.

  17. My hair would so love a rescue .During these cold winter months my hair needs so much more attention. Love to try products that can help improve the hydration and condition of my hair.

  18. In desperate need of rescue!..
    Untamed mess that causes me stress, have no time to make it shine, boof and frizz, I have two kids, something’s gotta give….
    ‘Bhave’ I pray, unruly hair go away… Rescue me, with love!…

  19. I’m a 42yr old grandma and my girls and granddaughters are constantly reminding me how beautiful my hair was only a few yrs ago, long, wavy luscious locks that bounced whenever I moved my head, but now due to ‘age’ I’ve lost that look n feel to my hair and would do anything for it back: Email- [email protected]

  20. With all the in home colour experiments and heat styling, my hair has become dry, damaged and frizzy. Juggling myself between home and work, I don’t get enough time to look after them and salon treatments are too expensive. Definitely in dire need of this divine pack!

  21. Frizz free? Please pick me!!! Mums like me are so time-poor yet are the most in need of hair rescuing.

  22. My hair is in excellent condition, thanks to my new pixie cut. But my mum could really use some help! She’s dismayed that it’s dry and uncontrollable, but doesn’t seem to put time (and money) aside to treat herself. She won’t take help from me, but maybe a little help from Nikki will get her on track?

  23. My hair is in excellent condition, thanks to my new pixie cut. But my mum could really use some help! She’s dismayed that it’s dry and uncontrollable, but doesn’t seem to put time (and money) aside to treat herself. She won’t take help from me, but maybe a little help from Nikki will get her on track?

  24. I have long hair past my butt, hate getting it cut, colour it every 4 -5 weeks and it’s very dry, so, there are heaps of split ends even though I regularly condition, would be fantastic to be rescued with the ‘bhave’ products

  25. After years of colouring my fine hair really could do with some tlc, especially as it is prone to dryness and tangling

  26. My hair is naturally curly, naturally grey (I do colour it though) and naturally messy, but I find that the weather and air conditioning dry my hair out so much. These products will hopefully make my hair “Bhave” 🙂

  27. As a Mum who only visits the hairdresser once a year Bhave’s range of chemical free Hair smoothing range sounds heavenly to me. I had always believed by best feature was my long mane of auburn hair. Sadly my crowning glory is no longer my proud signature. My dry, greying, undernourished and uncontrollable mass is constantly tied in a messy ponytail as it’s so thick and boofy I simply have no clue on how to manage or style it. My kids even call me “baa baa” because its so fluffy and wooly! I avoid washing it as it makes no difference whether I blow dry it or let it dry naturally either result it depressing. This rescue remedy trio would certainly boost my confidence and make me proud to have long hair instead of feeling like its a curse every morning.

    Skye Tiernan
    [email protected]

  28. Living on Horn Island the heat and the sea wind is being naughty to my long curls it needs bhave to stop all the frizz

  29. If the product is going to work easily then that’s my idea of excellent being a new mum I have let my hair go and haven’t the time for spending a lot of time taming it

  30. No time anymore to give to hair styling and I am
    Sooooo not able to blow dry my hair properly- very uncoordinated so this would be a lifesaver!!!!!

  31. Mine’s a hairy situation and my long hair is hair to stay! I just need some bhave management for my locks. Smooth not smothering! Here here!

  32. Mine’s a hairy situation and my long hair is hair to stay! I just need some bhave management for my locks. Smooth not smothering! Here here!

  33. My hair is in dire need of a rescue! It’s thick, frizzy, and I’m in the one-year past having a baby stage where I’ve got fluffy little nothing bits of regrowth around the forehead. HAWT. Nawt.
    Please help me do something more with my hair than just throwing it in a ponytail with a headband over the front!

  34. Yes please! My hair is the last thing to get any attention and that involves a brush into a ponytail, and a wash a couple of times a week. I have tried various lotions and potions to ‘smooth’ the fuzzy flyaways with minimal effect and getting time to visit the hairdresser regularly just doesn’t happen.

  35. I’m trying to grow out what can only be described as an afro, caused by a hairdresser not realising that when you cut wavy/curly hair it gets even more curlyy and crazy. Add the freezing cold snow wind and my hair is in serious need of some love.

  36. Because at the moment, I look like a banshee with my crazy hair! The winter chill, heaters, colourings and wind have NOT been kind to my hair 🙁

  37. My hair is like a rebellious teenager that I have absolutely no control over what so ever. I have tried everything and have a bathroom full of failed products, so yes my hair (actually me!) needs rescuing.

  38. A few months ago I visited a new hair salon. I’ve been gradually getting more and more greys but I was at one with them and them with me! However, my new stylist waved his hands in the air at the sight of them announcing to the world, “Oh Darling, you’re too young for those signs of wisdom!” and convinced me to colour my hair.

    I HATE IT! It’s the wrong colour (although it has lightened – thank God),
    it feels dry and when I wake up in the morning every strand is separated from the other and they’re all sticking up and out in all directions, like I’ve been electrocuted during my sleep! I’m even too scared to use the hair dryer in case I make it even more brittle. I’m thinking of finding a new use for my hair dryer to cheer myself up by sitting in my parked car and pointing the hairdryer at passing cars to see if they slow down!! Ha, ha!

  39. Yes my hair definitely needs rescuing! It is sooo hard to tame, it looks like a lion’s mane at the best of times. It’s thick and wavy and needs some LOVE.

  40. Bhave seems like a new essential for this knotty frizzball….my last visit to the hairdressers saw them (4 stylists in the end) brush out my hair for 1 1/4 hours after doing a treatment that was meant to detangle and smooth my hair! Was still there in the chair when the Fri night cocktails started flowing in their instore after work bar!

  41. Hi my name is Amelia and I’m a hair colour addict. In the last 12 months my hair has gone from brown, blonder, silver/grey, purple to platinum and back to ombré blonde/brown. If that wasn’t enough my hair is naturally wavy/curly and is prone to frizz and craves moisture. Despite all my efforts (I’m a no sulphates, silicones or nasties kind of girl) and with winter looming my hair is in need of a little extra help.

  42. SOLD! Those pictures show me exactly why I need the Bhave treatment, so now to search for a hairdresser or tell mine to start stocking it. Why I need this pack? Because my hair is my number 1 time sucker each and everyday. Thick coarse hair in humidity is no fun.

  43. Yes, my hair is bright pink! But there’s a reason behind it. My cousin has just been diagnosed with cancer and I did it to support her. You’re most probably thinking so what, people get diagnosed with cancer every day. But you see my cousin isn’t just an ordinary person, she’s a quadriplegic. Let me tell you her story. At 19 my cousin Simone met and married the man of her dreams Gary. Thinks couldn’t have been better. A few days after getting married they headed off on their honey moo to our families small country town Lake Cargellico, when tragedy struck. There was an horrific car accident where their car rolled seven times leaving Gary badly injured and Simone a quadriplegic. Time went by and Gary recovered and then devoted his life to looking after his beautiful bride, Simone. A few years later, against all the odds and doctors advice, Simone became pregnant. She went on to have a beautiful daughter called Beth. At the time she was only the second quadriplegic to have a baby in Australia. Despite her disabilities, she was an amazing mother and wife. She learnt how to drive. She then put herself through university and obtained a degree in physcology to help others in the same situation as herself. She went on to build up several businesses and portfolios, so that when she did pass, quadriplegics usually only live into to their thirties, there would be financial security her husband and daughter. Well Simone lived beyond her thirties, in fact she turned 50 last year. Another amazing feat for an amazing woman. Throughout the years, there have been dozens and dozens of surgeries relating to complications with being wheelchair bound. She over came them all and never once dud we hear her complain. Last November she had to go in have major surgery, which the doctors did not believe she would survive, but without the surgery, she would surely die. So she took it on. And guess what. She came through it like a trooper. Recently at a checkup with her doctor, they discovered a mass in her abdomen, it was a tumour, a cancerous tumour. It was in-operatable, and they only gave her six months at the best. Well, once again she went after it lied a bull in a china shop and started aggressive chemo last week. You see, even though my hair is 18inches shorter, bleached and over processed and feels like straw, I don’t want the products for me. I want them for my cousin. Chemo causes hair to fall out but it does grow back, so when it does, I want her to have the best products, to make her healthy and look amazing. I think she really deserves it. Thanks 🙂 Nicole

  44. After a very poor choice of super-tjooshed, super-tight-bun party hairstyle for one of my Hens’ Nights (yes, there were multiple!), I have been left with a ring of broken hair around my head at the ‘high ponytail, high tide’ mark! That’s what my parents both call the 8-10cm long wisps all the way around my head that just will NOT stop splitting and fluffing, no matter the treatment, oil, masque or fancy placebo that I apply!

  45. My hair needs to be rescued from my own inattention. With thin, lacklustre hair I have lost all motivation to do anything with it.

  46. I have the THICK frizzy hair which takes soooooo long to blow dry and straighten that I nearly have a permanent messy bun! If it saves me from another hairdresser saying my hair looks great straightened but it took so long while rubbing THEIR shoulders it would be amazing!

  47. I wrote the book on boofy hair- in fact, I think yours and my hair are soul sisters conspiring to make our already busy lives hard!
    Even with the help of my GHD, it’s still extremely difficult to wrangle my hair, and my two young kids, every morning and be out the door by 7 am to drop off kids at OSHC and childcare.
    I’ve tried smoothing serums, chemical straightening, argon oil, etc, and I’m pretty sure I’m one hair wash away from a repetitive strain injury in my shoulder from trying to straighten my frizzy locks into submission!

  48. I too have hair with attitude (lots of thin, frizzy hair)! Which pretty much lives permanently in a pony tail because I don’t have the time each morning to sort it out! I would love to try something like this which may even encourage me to wear my hair down for a change!!

  49. Since having a baby I devoted less time to my hair and more time ot trying to function semi-normally! I recently did the big chop and got a long bob and started colouring it again. I have curly hair, fine and lots of it like yourself, and would love this to help keep it healthy and tame it a bit better.

  50. I moved towns last year and tried out a new hairdresser. I ended up trying Ombre in my beautiful long hair – and the hairdresser essentially murdered my hair. I’ve had to cut my mid-back length hair to above my shoulders to give it the chance to heal. My hair needs a rescue! I’m starting over and this would be an amazing way to bring health and life back to my hair!

  51. If I let my hair do what it wanted, I’d look like the crazy bag lady with waves and frizz going out in all directions. It needs to be tamed so I can reenter the world a normal human being (and not have my toddler tell me I have crazy funny mamma hair!!!)

    1. It doesn’t remove the curl because it doesn’t break the hair bonds – it will soften the curl. You will walk out of there with straight hair for 48 hours but after washing should return to curl. I’m told that some may experience straightening of their curls at least in the short term while the treatment settles.

  52. Looks like a great product Nikki ,it would be nice for my curls to be more defined when I leave it to dry naturally so this looks like a godsend for my fine flyaway hair!

  53. Thin, frizzy hair – the bane of my life. Too fragile for straightening treatments, I iron it within an inch of its life! Bhave looks incredible Nikki; I’d love to give it a try x

  54. I’m able to just pull out clumps at a time- that can’t be good! That and the flyaways, well i’m just a mess!

  55. looks like a good product to me nikki, I was a hairdresser in a previous life and those photos clearly show the difference! we used to give treatments probably with nasties … things have certainly changed for the better with awareness and people demanding natural alternatives! … I will tell some friends who have hair in need of repair. cheers m:)X

  56. oh yes. please. My hair is a disaster of late. I call it my menopausal hair as it has always been obedient previously. I’ve endured several bad haircuts of late just trying to tame it. Several colours have turned it into a dry spongey mess. This could well be the answer for me Nikki! I’d just like my hair to behave.

  57. This treatment sounds fantastic. Coming up to 6 months pregnant I haven’t even been in for a trim, I’m in desperate need of some fabulous products until I can get some colour and treatment happening in a salon!

  58. Colouring and styling have taken their toll!
    Flyaways run rampant ,split ends outta control!
    From frizz and unruliness,it needs to be saved
    A hair hero needed-please help it BHAVE!

  59. As a busy mum with no time to spend on my hair I SO need this! Smoother sleeker hair will make me feel a million dollars as I head out the door x

  60. Wow wow wow I have not heard of this before, you can see the difference with the before/after photo. My hair would benefit from using BHAVE to make it smoother and manageable as I have long hair and there is nothing worse then having long dry hair.

    1. At the moment all i can do with my hair is throw it in a pony tail. I have just had my 3rd baby six months ago so 3 under 4 and just dont have the time to tame my hair i have not been to the hairdressers in over a year as i dont have the 2 hours or the $ to spare. I would love to give back a bit of love and care to my hair.

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