LED light facials visibly improve your skin

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“You’re famous,” my 10-year-old son announced last week as I picked him and his mate up from school to head to swim squad.

“What makes you think that,” I asked, perplexed as to why this was his opening statement after six hours of learning between handball games.

“Everyone in my class has seen you on Youtube,” he clarified.


I filmed this back in February and it’s been popping up as an ad on every time his mates are wanting to view a new Minecraft video … because they’re logged into their mum’s accounts.

The shoot for this video came just after the holiday/festive season and I did briefly go into a mild panic about how my skin would show up on camera.

The mild panic was short-lived as I remembered I DID have a secret skin weapon up my sleeve.

I wasted not a moment more and promptly booked myself in for an LED light facial.

I’m a big believer in the power of regular facials in keeping your skin glowing (you can read my five reasons why here) but of all the facials I’ve ever had, the ones that have had the most visible results have been ones that include LED light therapy as part of treatment.

So three days before the video above was shot, I had a 40-minute treatment at the Brisbane Rationale Clinic.

It very much worked.

Rationale uses Low-Level Light Therapy with HEALITE in all its treatments. It can be used on its own but when combined with a facial it enhances the absorption of Rationale’s active formulas.

Last week, I was invited to Beauty on Latrobe to experience an Ultraceuticals facial, peel and HEALITE II LED therapy.

In just a few days, I’ve got that glowing feeling again. Why had I not continued with this super-charged version of a facial?

I do not know. What I do know is that I won’t be settling for anything less from this moment forward.

It’s not just me who has fallen hard for LED light facials.

My mate Mrs Woog wrote about how her skin has improved incredibly after a series of Omnilux light treatments.

So, what is it that lying under a bright light for 20 minutes actually does to your skin?

HEALITE II @ Beauty on Latrobe Paddington

For starters, there is no radiation emitted from the light. It might feel like you’re basking under the sun’s rays but you will not burn.

It’s even safe throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What the warming light does is power-boost your skin cells to rejuvenate and repair your skin.

“The Healite II panels contain over 1800 LED lights. Each individual LED is programmed to a set wavelength of light to be clinically proven to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin,” said Beauty on Latrobe’s Clare Lamberth.

“It’s the ideal skin treatment for super sensitive skins or when traditional facials aren’t your cup of tea but you still want to achieve incredible results and improve your skin’s condition and health,” she said.

Rationale’s Alexandra Zuban says that the energising – or boosting – of the skin cells with the infrared light enhances skin clarity, luminosity and texture.

“You’ll also see a reduction in fine lines, less inflammation and photo-aged skin will be improved,” she said.

For me, it’s the almost-immediate results. Yes, you can get plump, rejuvenated skin from a very good facial but LED light therapy takes glowing to a whole new level.

HEALITE II @ Beauty on Latrobe Paddington


The cost per LED treatment will vary from salon to salon. At Beauty on Latrobe, add $60 and 20 minutes on to any facial. Mine was combined with an anti-ageing enzyme peel treatment. A combination I plan to re-book before Christmas.

At Rationale, the LED therapy is incorporated into each of its three available treatments.

You’ll find that when this is an add-on, most therapists will massage your hands/feet or both.

I find that I’m incredibly relaxed during this time and tend to dose off.


Locating a salon near you

Rationale clinics are located around Australia. Enter your postcode here to find one near you.

For a salon offering Omnilux treatments, search here.

To find a salon offering HEALITE II light therapy, trying Googling your location and HEALITE II. In Brisbane? Contact Beauty on Latrobe.

Have you had LED light therapy as part of a facial treatment or on its own? What difference has it made to your skin?

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Nikki. It was such a pleasure looking after you and your beautiful skin. I’m thrilled you loved the results after your Ultraceuticals A-zyme peel & Healite II LED treatment with us. See you again very soon x Clare – Beauty on Latrobe

      1. Yes, that’s right Nikki. Mel, Healite stimulates collagen production. Your capillary walls & surrounding supporting dermal tissue are made of collagen. It’s a double action of support & strengthening. The result after just 1 month of regular Healite treatments is a calmer, stronger, visibly less red skin.

  2. Seems like I’ve been living under a beauty rock of sorts and had no idea about this. Is it recommended for older skin Nikki…or do the young go and get this as well? The hand and foot massage during the light treatment sounds like heaven. I’d be dozing off for sure!

  3. That sounds like the perfect therapy to add to a facial Nikki and your skin always looks amazing I will have to look into a salon near me…Thank you for your review,you’ve always been ” famous” to us Xx

  4. That was very interesting to read and funny. I’m loving the sound of LED light therapy quite a lot. These anti ageing creams and dragon potions aren’t doing the job for me. Really useful information to know. Thank you!

  5. I contacted Vanish Ink as apparently they do a similar facial so I’m off to try them this week. There is no Omnilux up here in Bundaberg so hopefully it’ll be just as good!

  6. I would love to try this! I find it almost impossible to get to the beautician with little kids, but sounds worth it!

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