Styling You's August-September 2016 beauty favourites

August-September 2016 beauty favourites

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Forgive me SY Beauties for I do not know what happened to August … or September for that matter. Can someone please point me in the direction of those missing weeks?

To make up for my accidentally forgetting to bring you my five beauty favourites in August, I have doubled the fun here with 10 favourites from across the two months.

If you’re new to the blog (*waves*), these regular posts are all about sharing with you the best of the beauty products that have landed in my bathroom and on my face/body/head.

To make the cut here, the product has to be pretty damn special.

What I feature may not work for you but I hope I can point you in a new direction if you’re looking to change things up in the makeup, skincare and hair care department.

I know each and every one of you have your own personal guidelines and budget restraints so, while I can’t be all things to all people with each product mentioned, I can offer a diverse mix in my top five each month.

In December, the year’s 50 products – plus any others I’ve included in beauty advice posts here on Styling You – will be up for a spot in my Top 20 beauty products for 2016. Here’s a look at what made the cut in 2015.

Styling You's August-September 2016 beauty favourites

1. Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream ($14.99): I’ve been banging on about BB creams for your face for about five years now. I can’t imagine a makeup kit without a BB cream in it. If you’re not on board the BB (or CC) train, basically these are tinted moisturisers with benefits. The benefits come in the form of complexion enhancers – something that is visible right away – and also through a formula that works over time to improve your skin. This product takes all those benefits to your body. I’ve been popping it on my legs for any photoshoots I’ve been doing – for that added luminosity. There is a mild fragrance so if that’s not your thing, this might not work for you. For others, this will be your legs’ new best friend and portable Instagram filter. Available at Priceline.

2. Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails ($26.95): There is no escaping the fact that as I get older the amount of collagen production happening decreases. I help that along by what I put on my skin, sleep and what I eat (or don’t eat!) but giving that topical treatment a little helping hand from within is a good thing too. I’m very impressed with this supplement because of the Vitamin C and silica it contains to help with collagen production but also Zinc for skin health and Biotin to strengthen nails. My nails cop a pounding most of the year on account of my gel-nail habit. I tell myself that this is helping to counteract that. Available here.

3. NEEK Skin Organics lipstick ($28): I first introduced you to this lipstick brand last year. I loved it then but there’s more to love now as the formula has been tweaked with the addition of avocado oil for moisturising your lips. The tubes are now bamboo with a copper inner. What is still the same is the availability of the same shades – my fave is the pictured nude/pink Sweet About Me. This is a natural, vegan lipstick and the shades are achieved through a mixture of natural micas and pigments. It’s the perfect everyday lippie for lip care and subtle colour. Stockists here. (Not tested on animals)

4. YSL Vernis a Levres Vinyl Cream ($55): I’m a long-time fan of YSL hybrid lip products and this particular one is my new fave way of getting a colour pop on the lips. The applicator brush is the same genius angled brush that I love on my Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain but it’s the formula that gets so many big ticks for me. For maximum colour pop, apply one coat and let dry. Then apply the next. The formula is such that it operates at a skincare level first – with ceramide-like ingredients to work with the skin on the lips for comfort and hydration. The second part of the formula is all about the mix of pigments. They are bright and long-lasting. There is some lip transfer to a glass but not excessively so. My lips don’t dry out at all wearing this. The shade pictured is an orange-red (Rouge Remix – 402) and it goes on my darker lips like a deeper red. Available at David Jones and Mecca.

5. BYS Oval Concealer Brush ($14.95): I’ve been getting a lot of pro makeup applications of late – for photoshoots and events – and I’m always curious if I spy anything new that the makeup artist might be using on my face. I recently spotted a little brush that looked a lot like this one (but probably more fancy in price) and I was immediately with all the questions. The photo makes it look like a little sponge but it’s actually an extremely dense brush made up of super-soft bristles. What this does with your concealer application is create a flawless, streak-free finish. You apply the concealer to the brush and glide across the skin, back and forth from the centre of the face. Genius. Also available at K-Mart, Gloss Accessories, Cosmetics Plus and selected pharmacies. (Against animal testing)

6. Ultraceuticals Ultra C23+ Firming Concentrate ($138): I’ve been having regular Ultraceuticals facials at Beauty on Latrobe for about 10 months now. Clare, my therapist has been working on strengthening my skin. Like sticking with a hair stylist, it’s so worth working with a beauty therapist on a plan for keeping your skin as healthy as it can be. I include microdermabrasion and a HEALITE II LED session each time but a key player in that strengthening has been the use of Vitamin C in the treatment – and it’s all working. This is a new product Clare alerted me to. I was already using a Vitamin C serum at home but this is next level. Your skin feels immediately smoother on application (thanks to the silicone in the formula making it feel like a “blur” cream or primer), then the 23% pure Vitamin C goes to work through a CSIRO-patented delivery system. It also contains MicroElastin for firming and MicroCollagen for helping maintain levels of collagen. Available at leading skin clinics and David Jones. (Not tested on animals)

7. Lottie London Blend and Snap Makeup Blending Sponge ($14): I’ve become a convert to using a blending sponge when applying my foundation. I picked up the original Beauty Blender in Hawaii on my little Sephora mission and haven’t stopped using it since. When this one landed on my desk I had to see if it stacked up … because … less than half the price. Lottie London is a UK brand now offering beauty accessories at affordable prices in Australia. Its marketing is pitched at the selfie generation and, with cool packaging and prices starting at $7, it won’t be long until it has a cult following here. But back to the sponge … it’s not as soft as the Beauty Blender but it does achieve what these sponges aim to – a flawless, creaseless foundation application. You wet the sponge and towel off any excess before dabbing foundation on to your face. Use the pointy end to work under the eyes and around the nose for greater precision in these areas. Available at Target and online. (Vegan friendly)

8. Olay Regenerist Mirco-Sculpting Night Cream ($48.99): Remember when I introduced you to the Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo last year? Have you continued to use the product? (I have – in between trialling others as part of this job) The missing piece in the skincare puzzle for the range launched a few months ago. The Micro-Sculpting Night Cream has been formulated to work on your skin while you sleep – this works with the normal repair rhythm of your skin. What I love about this night cream is that it’s different from traditional, rich and heavy night creams. It has a gel-like texture that absorbs fast and goes to work on helping your skin cells renew and repair. If you’re still loving the Miracle Duo, add this one and make it a Miracle Trio. Available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

9. BYS Illuminate Strobing Stick ($6.95): You know I’m all about illuminating the face, any which way and how? This stick had me intrigued. I’m familiar with strobing creams (one of my first MAC purchases back in the day) but what does the stick bring to the makeup party? Turns out it brings a highly pigmented, creamy precision to the situation. That means it’s great for applying to your cupids bow, the inner corner of your eyes and the arch under your brow bone. It works in all the other usual illuminating areas (cheekbones, centre of forehead, bridge of nose) but makes it so easy in the other areas. What you need to still do is BLEND. Use your fingers or blending sponge to blur out any lines. Also available at K-Mart, Gloss Accessories, Cosmetics Plus and selected pharmacies. (Against animal testing)

10. NIVEA 4 in 1 Firming Body Oil ($14.95): If you’ve been put off body oils because they feel like a greasy alternative to a lotion, then take note, this one is worth a go on your skin this spring. Not only does it quickly absorb but it it does more than hydrate. The Q10 formula works to give the skin on your body a boost by helping even out skin tone, reduce visibility of stretch marks and firm up skin (much as the Q10 does in NIVEA face products). The lightly fragranced formula is free from mineral oils. It includes avocado, macadamia and cottonseed oils to nourish. I was totally surprised by how much I liked this product – great for post-shower and no problems about being able to dress straight away.

PHEWW … that was a lot to take in, wasn’t it? So, it’s over to you … have you tried anything new that we need to hear about? Spill in the comments.

* Unless otherwise mentioned in the post, these products were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I’ve heard such great things about those make up brushes, I’m really interested to pick one up and give it a try! I’m love sponge make up application though, I’ve been doing it for years as it was the way I was taught when I studied make up, but all that was really available was those small triangle sponges. I’m off to check out the Lottie London site now, cause that’s a great looking sponge for a good price!!

  2. thankyou nikki!
    I love the swisse skin hair and nails tabs! have used them for years!
    I always apply my makeup with a sponge!
    must be working as whilst in a bag shop the woman serving me touched my face and said gosh you’ve got beautiful skin!
    made my day hun!
    don’t know where this year has gone with a few health challenges and trip to brassy etc
    who and where am I?
    have a good one! love m:)X

  3. I love these posts Nikki I love knowing what other people are loving and using and thank you for sharing!
    I also have bought a pink sponge I can’t remember the brand but I’m loving how nice the application of foundation is with it,very happy,I’ve also been using Swisse organic anti ageing night cream with hibiscus ! I’m liking that as well and last but not least a new brow product because I need help in that dept Brow Me by Essence,it is nearly the same as Benefit Gimme Brows and at $5.10 a fraction of the price,have a great day Nikki Xx

  4. I was thinking you weren’t doing these posts anymore, so super happy to see this! I started using the Jergens BB last summer, and I love it. Would love to try the Ultraceuticals product, and will definitely be looking for the Nivea oil next shopping day. I am loving all the oil products available! I bought OGX Coconut Curls shampoo recently, so far it’s lovely, I like their products. Also been using the Goodness range, love the Chia Oil. I did splurge on the AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel, love their range. x

    1. Ah, I’m so glad you are happy to see it! August ran away from me so I thought the best solution would be to combine the two months! The curls shampoo sounds fabulous. And how are you finding the AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel? x

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