How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

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New Nina and old Nina style collided last night.

It made me very happy to see her donning a kimono and jeans, even if she didn’t leave the house in said kimono situation. And it made me very happy to see her trot out a soft jacket, jeans and boots.

Don’t get me wrong, new Nina looked fabulous in another pair of belted pants, floral blouse and trench.

But old Nina? Old Nina still has my fashion heart.

In celebration of a glimpse of the old Nina, it’s that outfit that I’ve decided to recreate for you this week. And get excited, the jacket is AVAILABLE in store now. Run, don’t walk.

As you know, this is a very rare occurrence when it comes to Nina’s wardrobe – the pieces she wears can often be from past seasons or vintage.

You all went mad for the Flannel jacket last week for that same reason. Let me know if you did buy it and how you’re loving it?

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Series 6 Episode 4 | Styling You1. Tigerlily jacket $169.95 @ David Jones (exact match) – or direct from Tigerlily HERE

2. Top End boots $339.95 @ Styletread

3. Country Road bag $299 @ David Jones

4. Katies Smart Jean $35 (on sale) – Read all about these jeans that include a concealed smart phone pocket HERE

5. Papinelle tank $23.95 (on sale) @ Birdsnest

6. Bec Stern earrings $38 @ Birdsnest

7. Nicole Fendel necklace $89 (exact match)

Other looks

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman Kimono outift | Styling You

Vintage kimono silk top and mushroom Crossley silk pants

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Styling You

Silk printed Mes Demoiselles blouse | burgundy Nine in the Morning pleat 7/8 pant| antique seahorse pendant | Krista McRae silver bangle. 

More and Billie details HERE.

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

S6 Ep4 Billie and Mick reunited | How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Photo: Network Ten

“I’m not a 2am girl; I’m a nice restaurant girl,” declared Neens at the end of an episode that sadly did not include the object of her 2am desires – Franklin, Asher’s IRL husband.

Franklin was extremely cosy, post one-night stand, so cosy he felt it necessary to text Nina a photo of his assets. Meanwhile, Angus still looms as a future asset sharer.

The scriptwriters have only escalated – not lessened – the awkwardness and tension between them, which is a surefire TV romance scenario. Are we supposed to warm to his pants-man ways?

The man of the hour and the episode was not Angus. No. It was Mick.

Oh Mick, we’ve missed you but, really, is that all we’re going to get of your perfectly imperfect ways (see what I did there?). Will you return to London and the tour for the duration of the series?

Can I give you the hot tip if you do decide to return before the series is out? Book a hotel room. It will be worth it.

Meanwhile self-appointed, self-help guru Billie continues to offer up inspirational quotes and affirmations that really need to go viral on the internet. I’m going to be like a Teflon pan today, I AM.

Geraldine tried to make a run for it and flee to Amsterdam but only got as far as Will’s mum’s Marjorie’s place. Same-same, really.

As for Will, he’s done the dirty on accidental-Uber driver Jimmy but I think he’s the type of person who really can’t understand why his actions would hurt. Will, heads up, the Proudmans are about people, not just dollars. Get on board with your genetic programming.

Warrior woman Zara backed up her ideas-man husband, though. Can you see a food van in their near future? Something good has to come out of that caravan and it can’t be Jimmy sans pants.

S6 Ep4 Billie and Mick reunited | How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Photo: Network Ten

That’s it from me. Time for you to share your thoughts about Nina’s style this episode and the plot developments.

PS. We’ll also be chatting all things Neens and Offspring in the SY #everydaystyle community. Have you joined yet?

* This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something via one of these links I may receive a small commission. Full disclosure policy here. Photo credit: all scene photos are from Network Ten.

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  1. Another look for less option found for Nina’s Gucci vintage boots!! Almost an exact match and on sale at Witchery!!! Run don’t walk to grab the look for less!! Witchery Savannah boots in tan for $129.

  2. Nikki, I bought some of those Katies jeans this morning. They are so comfy. Like a cross between jeggings & real jeans! They look more like real jeans than a lot of denim style jeggings do. & a perfect length for me. First time ever that I have not had to adjust the length! Think they will become my favorite jeans to wear! I told the lady that I had not been to Katies for many years until you tempted me back in with these jeans. She was happy to hear that your posts are bringing in new customers or lapsed ones are returning! I was pleasantly surprised by some of their other clothes as well. Might order a top online that they didn’t have in my size. The click & collect option is a great idea too. Thanks so much for the heads up about the jeans & the special reduced price Nikki!

  3. Have you notice at the end of the episode when Nina is walking towards work and she is wearing a he bar necklace in large and the. When talking to clegg she is wearing the small.

  4. Hi thanks for clearing up the necklace, I thought she was wearing the discover your dreams necklace in smaller bar version.

    1. Josie Nina wore the discover your dreams necklace in season 5 and in Season 6 she wore different bat necklaces from Nicole Fendel. I work at a store who we sell Nicole Fendel and even the team at Nicole Fendel cannot confirm which bar necklaces she has worn as All the different bar necklaces and sizes were sent to the offspring team in the stylist department.

  5. I love how Asher’s husband IRL played the role as her fling – and here I was thinking how amazing their onscreen chemistry was – no wonder!!!! Lol!!!!

  6. I’m going for a look at that TigerLily jacket IRL later today. I’m not sure whether my arms and shoulders will fit comfortably in the size that fits the rest of me, as that’s an ongoing problem I have with fashion brands.

    Will report back afterwards!

      1. I tried both the 12 and 14, and ended up with the 12 as it just fit better on my shoulders and across my back.

  7. Had to laugh when Nina was trying to take a pic of her boobs. And sending the thumbs up to Angus! And I know it’s not the same, but Mick frequently appears on Play School these days. I am just saying.

  8. Wow. those katies smart jeans are cheap atm. I had best run straight to Katies to try some on before they sell out at that price! Do you know price & where to buy Silk printed Mes Demoiselles blouse Nikki? Reminded me of a top of mine from the early 80’s that I used to love! i could only find their European website.

          1. Thanks Anna, might just do that. I guess people might list similar items to cash in on the current fashion trends i n the show (which is what i am considering doing with my son’s old Pokemon toys with the current craze!)

    1. There are a few boutiques in Australia if you google Mes Demoiselles online 🙂 Also – I just picked up two of their blouses (very Nina) on Net-a-porter on sale!!! So excited! 🙂

      1. Great. Thanks Jess. I had googled Mes Demoiselles & came up with Shopstyle but will also check out Net-a-porter now

    2. I really covet the Mes Demoiselles blouse, but after a few hours of Internet searching it was nowhere to be found, so it must be sold out. I did manage to pick up this Mes Demoiselles Vera blouse from for a not unreasonable price. I’m so thrilled to be able to find something that’s so different from the plain stuff I usually wear. And in my size (14). I just hope it’s long enough! At 183cm (6′) finding stuff that’s long enough can be a struggle. Fingers crossed…

  9. “That went so much better in my head!” was my favourite line of last night’s episode. Happens to me all the time too!

  10. thanks nikki!
    I have not been on board this season and last week even forgot it was on!!! so I binge watched last weeks on ten play and then watched last nights and i’m back with lots of one liners and loving Geraldine with friend who blows the whistle into the phone and dancing the night away
    and showing women are really good for each other! and still very ok when they are getting older! love it!
    outfits are ok but i’m not into bo ho but I liked her soft jacket!
    anyhoo i’m still giggling over some of the moments and that is a good thing! enjoy your day! love m:)X

  11. Loved all Nina’s outfits Nikki especially the Tigerlily jacket ans so agree about the food van,thank you for the fashion wrap up Xx

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