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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Styling You community is the best thing to come out of this blogging business.

Yes, YOU. You make it so much fun to be here.

It’s not just about me broadcasting my thoughts to the world, it’s about starting a conversation and inviting you into that conversation – for a coffee or glass of champers (depending on the time of day).

We’ve taken that conversation up a notch.

For about two and half years now I’ve been sharing my daily outfits with the #everydaystyle hashtag on Instagram and a beautiful community has sprung up around that. That will still continue.


Many of you are not so keen to share your outfits so publicly – or ask style questions. I understand that. Many have also said they’d like to participate in my monthly #everydaystyle challenges but don’t have a public Instagram account.

To make this so easy, offer even more style advice and to make the conversation so much more fun, I’ve created the Styling You #everydaystyle Facebook group just for you.

If you are an #everydaystyle Instagram poster, we’d love you to join the Facebook group as well – we’d love your expertise.

The SY #everydaystyle Facebook group is a closed group but it’s free and open to anyone who is already a subscriber to the Styling You weekly email newsletter – SIGN UP HERE.

What can you expect in the group?

The aim of this group is to lift each other up, help each other out and have fun, discussing a shared love of a fashion. We will keep you up to date with all things Styling You and #everydaystyle. There will be competitions, challenges and extras exclusive to this group.

Join the SY everydaystyle community | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch


Do I have to be a part of the #everydaystyle community on Instagram to be involved?

No, this group is for all women with an interest in style, fashion and confidence. In fact, one of the reasons this group exists is to create a more private space for people to share their style pics. We know not everyone is comfortable about posting their outfit pics publicly to Instagram.

Can I share a change room pic when I’m trying to decide between a couple of outfits and get advice from the community?

Please do! That’s exactly what this group is for.

I found some fantastic bargains today – can I share with group?

Of course – we are very fond of bargains. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to brag about your bargain prowess or whether it’s a public service announcement.

Will my photos be used in any public arenas?

We will be running competitions and challenges through this page. If you post a photo in response to that competition or challenge, your photo might be shared on the Styling You blog and social media channels. If you’d rather that didn’t happen, please make that clear in your post. Outfit posts outside of competitions and challenges will not be shared without your express permission.

I know Nikki, but who is Robyna and Kirsten?

Robyna and Kirsten are the SY community managers. They help you out with a bit of style advice and will me keep this group running smoothly. Robyna and Kirsten are active member of the #everydaystyle community and keen lovers of fashion. Robyna blogs at The Mummy and the Minx; Kirsten blogs at Kirsten and Co.

Can I post photos of clothes that I no longer wear and would like to give away/swap?

Please do. We all know the importance of a good wardrobe edit. The group will not facilitate SELLING of clothes, but swaps and give-aways are fine. The logistics of finalising the swap/give-away are up to you.

Can I post outfit pics here?

Yes, we’d love you to do that. Every week we’ll have a post in the group where you can add your photos to. Each week, someone posting an outfit to the group will win a copy of my book, Unlock Your Style.

Can I ask for style advice?

That’s what we are here for! We will try to help out as best we can. There is no such thing as a silly question.

Can I reply to people asking for style advice?

Please do. We really want this to be a community where we share our collective knowledge and experience. We all have something to offer — you don’t have to be a stylist or a style blogger to contribute.

I want to post something but I’m not sure if it contravenes the guidelines – what should I do?

Just email [email protected] and Robyna or Kirsten will get back to you as to whether it’s appropriate.

How do I join up?

Subscribe here and you’ll receive the link to join the group.

Our community managers will then accept your request to join the Facebook Group. There is a Facebook Groups app you can download to your smartphone or tablet to make participating in any group all the easier.

If you haven’t been accepted into the group within three business days, please email [email protected] and we’ll get that sorted STAT.


So, are you in? Can’t wait for you to join the conversation and share more style tips with you.

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  1. This is a fantastic way to start hump day! Can’t wait to get my email so I can see what it’s all about. Also, as a fellow queenslander, thanks for the consideration of doing your live video at 7.30 tonight…that will mean I don’t need to sit through all of the commentary nonsense for the hour before State of Origin tonight!

  2. Fabulous news Nikki, sounds fun. Loving the new hairstyle. Would you believe I have the same cut…. How do you create those gorgeous waves? A tutorial of sorts would be appreciated. Sx

  3. Great idea, thanks Nikki. Count me onboard. I was hesitant to post outfit pics in any of the challenges because I am a totally average photographer. Will try and brush up my skills! xx

  4. What a great idea Nikki!
    I’m blessed to already be part of a similar private group with my vintage gals and guys, so I can attest to how wonderfully supportive an environment like this can be 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. There is so much pressure on all of us to have a ‘Pinterest worthy” life these days (even I feel it from well meaning non-vintage friends), that a space where you can be open and honest about your concerns and questions, is the best way to combat it!

  5. I love the sound of this! I always read and enjoy your blog, but rarely comment, am not into instagram and feel a little shy about posting pics of myself. This sounds like something I could really embrace! Thanks for thinking of those of us a bit like me.

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