Two new pairs of jeans that fit, flatter and offer comfort

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Jeans and I were not always the best of change room friends. Not many ever made it from the change room to my wardrobe, such was the disconnect between my body shape and the jeans styles commonly available for most of my adult life.

Now, it’s a very different story.

Jeans are very much my friend, thanks to major advances in the technology being incorporated into the denim used in jeans.

There is also a greater understanding by jeans designers that women come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Amen to that.

The biggest advance that has been to my benefit has been the advent of stretch denim jeans.

Stretch in denim means comfort but, when done well, also adds a magical leg-shaping-and-lengthening power to a pair of jeans.

I’m not backward in coming forward to harness any kind of wardrobe super power that gives your natural assets an … enhancement.

Yes, a good pair of jeans can do for your legs what a good bra does for your girls.

I have talked at length here on the blog about my favourite comfortable jeans and on that list was a pair of Katies 360° Memory stretch pair.

Today I’m excited to share with you two newly released jeans styles from Katies – both incorporating the 360°  Memory stretch technology. that have made themselves very much at home on my legs and in my jeans-robe.

What I love – and you love – about Katies is that they consistently deliver us on-trend styles for less.

They also offer a size range of 8-20; you can buy in store and online; or buy online and opt to click and collect. Makes it a no-brainer really.

360° Memory Stretch denim features in both styles I’m wearing below. It sounds super technical but you don’t need to worry too much about how it works, just know that it does.

What this denim does is sculpt the body in a flattering way, while retaining its shape and not becoming saggy and baggy after an hour of wearing.

It’s not all about good looks though – this denim is ridiculously comfortable.

Katies 7/8 360° Memory Stretch Jean

The 7/8 length is an ideal trans-seasonal length for those of us with longer legs but it’s also perfect for those with shorter legs looking for a full-length jean and not wanting to have the length altered. This is a pull-on style, which I know isn’t for everyone, but it really does have benefits when it comes to working it back with tops. This style minimises and streamlines your shape without any zips or buttons showing through. It’s also a fab travel pant for the comfort that comes with not having a button at your waist.  What I love is that the shape really does stay while you’re wearing them so you don’t lose the line of the garment that might otherwise happen.

Katies 360° Memory Stretch Denim jeans | the technology in the fabric helps to keep the jeans' shape

Style tip: buy down at least one size. I’m wearing the size 14 and I’m normally a 16 in denim jeans. Pop on a cotton/cashmere knit, a scarf and loafers and you’re good to go with an early spring (or Queensland winter) look.

Also available in: indigo and black denim

Katies 360° Memory Stretch Denim 7/8 jeans | Katies Cotton Cashmere V-Neck | Katies scarf

Katies 7/8 Memory Stretch jean $59.95 | Katies Cotton Cashmere V-Neck $49.95 (I’m wearing size 1XL) | Katies Diamond Jacquard Scarf $29.95

Katies Smart Jean

My inner geek girl got very excited about this development. These are full-length, zip-front (for those who love their zips and can’t do jeans without) jeans in the same 360° Memory Stretch fabric as the 7/8 ones above. But it’s in the bootie of these denims that things get a little sneaky. Included in the design is a hidden pocket to hide your phone. It will fit a smaller smartphone, like an iPhone 6, and it really is amazing that you can’t see it when it’s in the pocket.

Katies Smart jean has a concealed back pocket for your smartphone

Style tip: as above, do buy down at least one size. I’m wearing the size 14 and I’m normally a 16 in denim jeans. This is a dressier style, especially in the black or indigo, so work them back with boots or a block heel … and why not double up on the denim? It was a no brainer for me when I clocked this new lightweight ¾ sleeve Lyocell shirt in store.

Also available in: mid-wash and black denim

Katies 3/4 sleeve Lyocell shirt | Katies Smart Jean

Katies ¾ sleeve lyocell shirt $59.95 (I’m wearing size 16) | Katies Smart Jean $59.95

Katies trans-seasonal denim range is available in store and online now.

(PS. Talking all things new at Katies and denim, this is a community service for all those who missed out on the autumn-winter version of the denim shirt dress. It’s now available in a trans-seasonal lyocell version.)

Let’s talk denim jeans. Have you secured a pair that do all sorts of magical things to your legs? Have you tried these new styles on at Katies? Still searching for YOUR holy grail of denim?

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  1. wow I love both these jeans will have to check them out, especially love the 7/8 memory Stretch as that length is perfect on me to the ankle x

  2. Thanks Nikki! Just pressed on the Katie’s link and they have them on special for $35 each or an extra 20% off when you buy two! Sheesh Best Buy ever!

  3. They look great and I certainly will be investigating but not sure as I have larger thighs. Any chance on investigating jeans that are more bootleg to slim the legs down and are still comfortable?

  4. after following you for a long time, I bought some katies jeans, and OMG, they are the only ones that fit my hourglass shape! Thank you

  5. I love the new look Katie’s, but as a petite size 4-6, the majority of their clothes just swamp me. Any chance you could talk to them about smaller sizes, Nikki?! It would be great if they started their tops in XS, and their jeans/pants in a 4.

  6. Nikki thanks for uploading. Would you say the waist bands come up high over the tummy to eliminate muffin exposure? I want to order online, can’t try on unfortunately and really want a more high waisted jean to hold my previous baby incubator in 🙂

  7. I am 5’11 and sadly Katie’s jeans are just not long enough. At least if you are short you can get jeans cut off but adding to them is an impossible task!

    1. I hear you Jo. I have also tried Nikki’s other suggestions of Jeanswest Prima Bostyn Curve embracer and NYDJ Alina leggings but they are also too short. Need some flattering jean suggestions for taller gals.

    2. Same here, I don’t even bother with the ‘high st’ retailers for jeans…. And as for 7/8th length- look ridiculously like your jeans are just too short…
      I have found Mavi jeans are great. 32″ length seems more like 34. And Lee jeans have some ‘supa skinny’ longer styles. Good luck if you can find any under $120…

  8. 7/8 length was designed for me! I am so short and the 7/8 hit ankle perfectly, meaning they look on trend for the ankle-grazer phase but pass as “full length” with certain shoes/boots as well. I have always liked Katies’ pull-on jeans – comfy and they sit nice and flat, in fact better than zip ups. I only wore jeans when I was young bc I could, but between the age of 30-35 I hated jeans bc couldn’t match to my (new) body shape. At one stage I had to wear jeans 2 sizes larger than my actual size simply bc of the shape/design. But certainly have seen changes for the better in recent years with jeans – and thanks to you, I don’t miss any of them!

    1. i have same problem with length as Andrea so will def. be trying these jeans on if it means that they are the right length without having to cut off several inches

  9. You look amazing as always, popping into the shops today for the daughter but will have to make a detour by Katies 😉 and where did you get those loafers they are exactly what I’m looking for?? x

  10. they look great on you thanks nikki!
    I’ve always liked how katies jeans fit my body type! … perfect!
    love the shirt too!
    just rethinking my packing! I have a small case and you would be mighty impressed! who am I???
    love m:)X

  11. Thank you Nikki,I will have to go I store and have a try on of these new jeans,they look wonderful on you Xx

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