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I tell you all is now right in my world. I had major FOMO while on holidays overseas and unable to access episodes one and two of Offspring series six.

Major FOMO.

But I’ve put that all behind me and got straight in with the first of the how to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman outfit posts for the series.

We’ve covered off on her new style direction here with costume designer Michael Chisholm but do re-visit that post if you’re still wondering why Nina’s swapped her skinny jeans for culottes and front-pleated pants.

I will admit I’m struggling with it – only because this style of pant is not one that in any way shape or form suits me – but I do understand that her style needs to evolve as the character does.

Oh that’s right, if you’ve landed here for the first time and thought Offspring was just a US punk band originating in the ’80s, I need to be upfront and tell you that we’re not discussing band style, nor are we actually discussing the style of a real person.

Nina – or Neens – is a fictitious character on Australian television screens. A character that we’ve ridden a giant emotional rollercoaster with over five previous seasons.

What many have also discussed about Nina’s style evolution is that she appears to be wearing more high-end designer labels than previous seasons. That might seem the case but in reality, Nina has always “shopped” high with a smattering of low offerings.

What I aim to do with these posts is link to the featured garments or accessories – if they’re currently available (remember much of what has been sourced is from previous or upcoming seasons or is vintage or even specifically made for Nina) and take one look from the show and endeavour to find similar pieces available right now that will help you adapt the look and make it your own.

Remember, it’s great to be inspired by others – real or fictitious – but it’s important to put your own style spin on a look. And don’t think that you have to buy all new things. Look at the suggested pieces and see if you already have similar in your wardrobe.

Let’s get stuck into this episode’s chosen look. This is very much a look that you could adapt and make your own. Me? I’d swap out the pants for indigo skinny jeans because they suit my shape better.

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Series 6 Episode 3 | photo Network Ten

Nina wears:  Isabel Marant top; Alexander Wang teal, wool silk pleat trousers and vintage tan belt, Nicole Fendel earrings, Krista McRae silver geometric bangle, brown suede Repetto ankle boots, vintage pendant necklace, Primness silk duster coat and scarf from Becksondergaard.

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Styling You

{The bag and the earrings are a match – the rest I’ve chosen because they offer a similar look. Finding a pair of similar pants is quite tricky. This style is just not around at the moment.}

1. ASOS trench coat $143

2. Katies scarf $29.95

3. Katies top $29.95

4. Nicole Fendel earrings $69

5. Birdkeepers belt $59.95 @ Birdsnest

6. Rock Finders Keepers necklace $149 

7. Siren boots $142.47 (on sale) @ Styletread

8. Bird Keepers pant $89.95 @ Birdsnest

9. Oran leather bag $74.95 (on sale) @ Bag Heaven (or find other stockists here)

The other look that caught my eye was Nina’s “date” look at the end. The pants are black sass and bide elastic ankle evening pants … but that jacket? Wasn’t it something else?

How to dress like Nina Proudman date outfit | Series 6 Episode 3 | Flannel jacket | Styling You

It’s by Flannel and available here. Flex those credit cards 🙂 The pants are black sass and bide elastic ankle evening pants and brown Repetto ankle boot

More looks …

How to dress like Offspring's Nina Proudman | Styling You | Photo: Network Ten

Nina wears Rozae Nichols stripe sailor jersey, linen/silk pleat culottes made in-house, vintage tan belt and Gucci brown suede boots.

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Offspring Season 6 Episode 3 | Photo: Network Ten | Nina Proudman

Any episode of Offspring that opens with a Nina dream sequence you know is going to be a good one. And when it involves Clegg and some very yoga-esque-type sex moves … in a lift … with the staff watching, you know that Nina’s headspace is going to unleash for us a particularly good episode.

Let’s stick with Nina for now … and Dr Angus. Good try Angus. Don’t give us your “one shot at life … collision in space” line. We don’t want to hear it. Don’t go all emo over a very vivid birth scene, which admittedly had me squirming with post-traumatic birth syndrome, and then thump the sink in jubilation that you’d finally won over our Neens.

Thank goodness your pantsman ways couldn’t be put on hold for the five minutes Nina took to go to the loo because boy oh boy did she get the “release” she was craving (with her in-real-life husband – Vincent Fantauzzo) without having to deal with the aftershock at work the next morning.

Mind you the boy she went home with does work with her sort-of-brother Will so maybe we might see him again? I think he was probably a means to an end, if you get my drift. Something to stop the Clegg sex/work dreams.

As for the rest of the family, I think we’re in for a bit of a ride. Jimmy selling his Tacorea (did you catch the cameo by the Katering Company’s Kate McCartney? … saw her on stage on Tuesday night and a little of this may have been hinted … and do you think Will might have bought it?) and buying a caravan has me very much on Zara’s side. Her line, “Alfie, go inside, there’s going to some screaming” epitomised all that I’ve ever loved about her character. Cool exterior. Warrior woman interior.

The Billie-Brody storyline is a bit out of left field or is it part of what makes Billie so loveable. She is an unconventional mother hen but with a massive heart.

Meanwhile Brody might be what they all need with Geraldine spitting the dummy about being the chief day care provider and swapping a lemon juice cleanse for lime juice with “mint, sugar and a dash of white rum”. (Yes, Jimmy that is a mojito.)

I think at the crux of it, everyone (particularly Geraldine, Will, Jimmy, Ray and Cherie) is still reeling from Darcy’s passing. I don’t feel I have closure either. I don’t understand why he had to go or why he didn’t get to make an appearance at all this season. It’s all very sad.

Anyhoo, that’s me, over and out for this week. Time for you to share your thoughts about Nina’s style this episode and the unfolding plot.

PS. We’ll also be chatting all things Neens and Offspring in the SY #everydaystyle community. Have you joined yet?

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Cherie wore this Boho Bird (Birdsnest) kimono in episode two

Nina’s new home – kid-proofed but still stylish

Like last season, there are a lot of clothes featured on Zoe that come from childrenswear label Oishi-m

* This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something via one of these links I may receive a small commission. Full disclosure policy here. Photo credit: all scene photos are from Network Ten.

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  1. I have been looking high and low for the cream blouse that Nina wore in Episode 3 I think it’s a Isabel Marana but I can’t find it anywhere….can anyone help??

  2. Another Nina look…so many options & I love this character’s boho style!! So easy to throw an outfit together!

  3. Hi ,everyone ,I have been searching everywhere for the Rozae Nichols stripey top to no avail ! Can anyone find a link please ?

    1. Thank you Nikki-yes not the best outfit to suit all shapes!!! Am excited to go into the draw for Nina’s wardrobe…thank you for creating this forum!!! Xx

  4. Ooh I’m enjoying these posts even more now I actually watch the series! I used to just focus on the fashion, but now I’m enjoying the debriefs. Yes I’m missing the maxi skirts, but did love the top & scarf. On another note how good was the steamy romp with random hot guy?! (Great idea to use her husband!)

  5. Still a bit up in the air about how this season is going… I do hope its just all a bit confusing because it is so early on and will get better as the storylines develop. The Clegg thing was just weird with him crying in the office and I am not a fan of the whole Will story either but I am confident and very hopeful it will improve!! On another note I am loving all of Nina’s style this season, even if it is hard for most women to pull off!

  6. Ooh the jacket is gorgeous- lucky I already have something similar. I agree Nikki I am thinking Will might be the buyer too! Happy Offspring watching xx

  7. I wonder if the bag Nina is wearing this season will be popular as the Noosa as it took me almost 4 months to be able to purchase the bag.

  8. The scarf is actually YAYA Digital Deer Print Scarf, it is actually a deer print on the scarf. I own the scarf and it is really beautiful and lovely to wear.

  9. That flannel top/jacket thingy had me pacing all day today waiting for your update!! That look also made me thinking about wearing black pants out more often! I like the culottes, not for everyone, probably not me, but I think we’ll be seeing more flared jeans in the shops very soon!

  10. I didn’t love the first two episodes but this one feels like they’re getting back into the Offspring vibe. Not keen on Angus – where did he come from?! Jimmy, Zara, Billy and Geraldine seem a bit more like their old selves. Like most people here I’m not a fan of the culottes – I miss her maxi skirts and skinny jeans, always in a perfect denim wash. Also, I was already impressed with Random Hot Guy, but now I know it’s her real life husband – GO NINA! I’m bored of the Will subplot already. First he was nice and seemed to have a Thing with Nina and now they all seem to have forgotten about it. And I would have liked to see Darcy at least for a few minutes before they killed him off. At least some flashbacks? And obviously I want some Shirtless Man With Bearskin fantasies from Nina. Obviously.

  11. I loved that Flannel jacket with the black pants. I know the neckline and extra width I’d get from the tassels on the jacket would do me no favours at all. On the other hand I have some lively similar pants and need to wear those instead of jeans for dinner adn drinks.
    As for the plot I feel like Nina’s treading water, but life’s like that sometimes, isn’t it? I agree the pressure to sell the Tacoria quickly made me feel like it’s part of a bigger plot line with Will turning out to be the purchaser who somewhat ripped Jimmy off. While Zara and Billie are the warrior women, Jimmy just seems a bit immature and lost at the moment.

  12. loved the episode. I think Jimmy should turn the caravan into a mobile taqueria. I agree with Carla I don’t like where Geraldine is headed. I love the wide legged pants. Might have to start wearing belts again. Just when I got used to the soft pant! Thanks for the discussion 🙂

  13. Loved the eyelet top she was wearing for the first part of the episode, does anyone know where that is from?

  14. Love the gorgeous clothes but have found the writing this season confusing. Darcy’s death covered virtually in one episode, I did love Jimmy’s scene with Ray last night. I don’t like what is happening to Geraldine’s character.

  15. It was a great night seeing Those Two Girls and the Kates- fun to see one of the Kates pop up in last night’s episode. I’m enjoying catching up on the Katering Show, such a laugh. Ooh love that jacket- almost sold out already!

  16. I hear you in the pants department and I’ve also got to say I didn’t love it last night (Dr Angus makes me squirm) until the last five minutes. That Jacket and the loitering Hot Guy changed everything. Both fabulous and worth waiting for ha! x

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