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So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 20)

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Welcome to Nina Thursday.

If you’re new here, WELCOME, we’re a friendly bunch.

We gather here weekly and sometimes more often if there are more first world problems to discuss, like Nina’s hair and makeup.

Who’s Nina, you ask?

Nina is the lead character in an Australian TV drama series, Offspring.

It’s not the most-watched show on TV in Australia but its followers are, shall we say, a passionate bunch.

Myself included.

We’re sucked in weekly by the antics, the highs, the lows, the laughs and the cries generated by a mixed-up and lovingly dysfunctional family.

And if you’ve landed here via a Google search then you’ve probably been sucked in by the wardrobe on the show too … specifically Nina Proudman’s timeless bo-ho style.

Nina is pregnant in this series and this week’s episode ruled a line between the “is she or isn’t she?” to the “she definitely is” maternity style.

Her bump is front and centre – it’s vying for more accessory attention than the trademark tan leather bag slung over her shoulder.

And in this episode we saw a real departure from Nina’s usual tunic style. I’m sure that style will be back but I also think that the wardrobe stylists are wanting to let the bump do the talking if you get my drift.

After all, this is where maternity style has THANKFULLY gone in recent times. Those tent-like smock dresses of previous generations were just awful.

Here’s a close up look of Nina in her new maternity look.

Nina Proudman maternity style

… and some shopping inspiration for you. The exact top can be found and bought here.

The idea with my shopping inspiration is that the outfit on the show is a starting point. I would love you to then pull elements and pieces from that outfit that you can make your own – if it’s your style. It’s not about being a slave to the inspiration.

Nina Proudman maternity style

1. Mavi maternity jeans $139.99 | 2. Sussan tee $59.95 | 3. Samantha Wills necklace $150 | 4. Dotti denim vest $59.95 | 5. Verite necklace $199 @ Myer |  6. Billini boots $69.95 @ The Iconic | 

Oh, and I know you would have also loved the classic Nina outfit she wore to meet Patrick’s dad.

OS4 Ep7 Patrick Reid (Matthew Le Nevez) and Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) 4

It was very similar (minus the belt) to what Nina wore in an episode last season when she wasn’t pregnant, don’t you think?  I’m totally in love with the sheer lace shirt she’s wearing over the green tank top. It looks like a vintage piece but if anyone has any clues as to its origins, let us know in the comments below. Ditto with the orange short-sleeve maxi that Nina wore in her dream-movie-trailer-sequence at the start of the show.

Not to sideline Billie. We love Billie’s style. And if you loved her yellow dress in that final office scene, you may be lucky to still pick it up here. It’s by Karen Millen, a label that features regularly on the show.

Tell me your favourite part of last night’s show? What do you think of Nina’s casual maternity style?

PS. On a personal note, it’s 18 years today since I gave birth to my first maternity “bump”. I’m officially a mum of an adult son. Scary how time disappears. I’m taking him out for lunch today so he can buy me a drink for a job well done 🙂


Offspring photos: Channel TEN

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    1. Good spotting – that’s US dollars too – they’re about $300ish here but the fabric and cut is where the value is. Look out for boho chic at Tree of Life but also in jeans stores as we come into spring. Online, ASOS is a good source.

  1. Oh Nikki, how I look forward to opening my laptop every Thursday!! I’m so pleased that I found you. THANKS TO YOU I have discovered some amazing pieces, not to mention the confidence to embrace the style I love.

    Anyway, the episode? Poor Nina. Patrick was being a total douche-bag and very unreasonable. Favourite fashion? ADORE the lace jacket. I scoured the comments below to try and find a link to where I could put my little hands on one, then decided to do my own Googling. I found quite a few gorgeous bits on ASOS that fit the bill, including this little beauty:

    I am pleased to say that I have ordered myself one, along with a couple of other kimono jackets to try. I sadly missed out on the Binny maxi skirt so I wasn’t going to hesitate on this one!

  2. Oh Nina, Nina, darling Nina . . . at least she stood up for herself a bit in this episode! What a sad episode it was though – I felt sorry for all of them. Not as many laughs as usual. Patrick’s father – ugh!! Even my husband was saying “Just tell him to eff off” to Nina out loud which I thought was hilarious. And no rugby to interfere with my Nina-Night. Bonus! Meanwhile, love seeing my favourite turquoise boots. Hankering!!

  3. The lace top is stunning. I found something similar with sequins in a light blue on eBay. Has huge sleeves though which I’m tempted to cut back and make 3/4 sleeves. Cost under $20 I think 🙂 On a side note – I did splurge on the Binny skirt (naughty overspend!) but it was well worth every penny. It’s STUNNING!

  4. I am so so glad that maternity fashion has changed when I was pregnant with my son all there was to wear was tents,horrid things and they made you look fat! I loved Nina’s sheer jacket/ top too,that is something that I would wear,I will keep my eyes peeled to see what I can find.I actually prefer the Sussan top to the one on the show ,I like the colouring better.Billie’s dress was Hot I loved it.
    My favourite part of the show last night was when Phillip was stoned so funny!
    I actually missed the opening 10 minutes cause my daughter and her BF were here talking to me ,so I didn’t see the maxi I will have to have a look online.I said to her “It is Nina night you know ” that’s how much I enjoy watching Offspring in peace,maybe I have a problem 🙂 Nikki don’t forget about the layering of the fine jewellery post please, I really want to try that!
    PS I wish your son a Very happy 18th Birthday,I hope all his dreams come true and he is happy and healthy.Is he having a party? x

    1. Phillip getting stoned was hilarious. The actor who plays Mick tweeted last night that it was the most fun he’s ever had shooting scene! And no party at home for Ben – he will do that when he’s back at uni with his mates!

      1. Well I hope Ben has a lovely Birthday and a fun Party back at Uni with his friends and enjoy that drink he will buy you !

  5. Nina was at her awky best. Patrick’s dad was vile. Philip was adorable. When will Billie catch a trick???
    Love the lacy white jacket!
    Cilla xx

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